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Pemberton Music Festival 2014

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Vancouver, Washington - 07/08/2016
hey all!!!

3 awesome humans working the festival needing a ride up for the 12th. Earlier the better. Able to offer gas fund, and the company of three charismatic people.
Vancouver, BC - 07/15/2015
Hello Ashley and Greg need a ride.

Where to Pemberton festival.

When anytime after 3pm on thursday July 16th.

We are willing to help out with gas.

also need a ride home on Sunday after festival.
Vancouver, British Columbia - 08/01/2014
Friendly Irish lady Needs a lift to Squamish music festival around 10 on wed aug 6th. Will pay cash!!
Vancouver, British Columbia - 07/20/2014
Ride available LATE sunday /EARLY monday. Need to catch a 8:30 am flight monday morning, leaving late as possible Sunday night (3am?). text 805-231-6396. Need to make it back to the airport and return car/get thru customs get a 8:30am international flight. Hit me up and we can work out the details. Help keep me awake/trade driving duties and it's a free ride.
Pemberton Township, New Jersey - 07/20/2014
Ride from Pemberton Festival to Vancouver

Monday, July 21

$50 a person

226 344 7797
Pemberton Township, New Jersey - 07/20/2014
28M Looking for a ride to East Van after the festival. I'll be staying for Frank Ocean so I can be ready to go anytime after about 1am. Will also accept a ride to Edmonton. Am travelling with a cooler, backpack, guitar case. Will pitch for gas, split driving, and bring a great attitude.

Text 7807214724. Thanks in advance.
Pemberton Township, New Jersey - 07/20/2014

I'm looking for a SAFE ride for my chilling and friendly girlfriend back to Vancouver Sunday evening/night. She can pitch in for gas and needs to get to either East Van/commercial area or dropped off anywhere along Broadway. Txt me 6046497425 and I will be on my phone all day checking messages.
Vancouver, British Columbia - 07/20/2014
Ride available LATE sunday /EARLY monday. Need to catch a 6:30 am flight monday morning, leaving late as possible Sunday night (1am?). text 805-231-6396. Need to make it back to the airport and return car/get thru customs get a 6:30 international flight. Hit me up and we can work out the details. Help keep me awake/trade driving duties and it's a free ride.
Pemberton Township, New Jersey - 07/19/2014
Hi there!

Looking for a ride to van either Sunday night or early Monday morning. Will pay for gas and snacks!

Text me at 778 836 1132

Many thanks!
Pemberton Township, New Jersey - 07/19/2014
Hello there I am in search of a lift back to Vancouver anytime Sunday from pemberton music fest. Will chip in for gas :)
Vancouver - 07/19/2014
I'm working the Festival and my ride up is leaving too early for me. Would like to catch a ride to Vancouver (Granville Island area) anytime Monday. I don't have too much stuff... Thanks! :)
West Vancouver, British Columbia - 07/18/2014
Anyone heading to Pemberton tonight- Friday PM??!!
Vancouver - 07/18/2014
Offering ride from Vancouver to Pemberton Music Festival

$50 per person

leave anytime

text 226 344 7797
Illinois, United States - 07/18/2014
offering ride from Vancouver to the Pemberton Music Festival today

Friday July 18.

$50 per person

text 226 344 7797
Illinois, United States - 07/18/2014
Vancouver to the Pemberton Festival

Anytime now

$50 per person

ride directly to the festival

text 226 344 7797
Burnaby, British Columbia - 07/18/2014
mike again, i also have a full DL, and am willing to drive if that helps.
Burnaby, British Columbia - 07/18/2014
Hi, my name's Mike. im looking for a ride to pemberton anytime Friday. Earlier the better. Im in Burnaby but depending on where you are i can probably come to you. I have pitch.
Halland, Sweden - 07/18/2014
Hey!, I'm David, a Colombian guy looking for a ride after 5pm from Vancouver to the pemby festival. Not much gear, great company and of-course will be happy to chip in for gas. 7788617769 :)!
Lower Austria, Austria - 07/18/2014
Description of the Ride: Hi, I need a ride Friday afternoon to the Pemberton music fest. Message me please or text 604-355-9282
Vancouver - 07/18/2014
Im heading up to the festival Friday after work and want to have my 6 cylinder beast ON THE ROAD by 1:30pm. If you want a ride, let me know.
Vancouver, British Columbia - 07/18/2014
Hi, I would like to get to pemberton for around 5PM Friday or earlier. Returning to Van Monday. Let me know if you want someone to pitch in on gas!
Vancouver, British Columbia - 07/17/2014
My name is Eva- I am an Irish lady in need of a ride from Vancouver to Pemberton at any time tomorrow. Willing to chip in for gas :) Can be picked up anywhere in the Vancouver area
North Vancouver, British Columbia - 07/17/2014
Leaving Sunday night after Outkast? Need a ride back to Van with responsible driver. Willing to pay for gas! Let me know! Love Outkast, but gotta be back for work.
Victoria, British Columbia - 07/17/2014
Need a ride from Victoria friday morning , although I can also meet you at the ferry. Mainly need ride from Vancouver up to Pemberton. I will pay gas money. Please let me know by email or text! 250-208-9238
Whistler, British Columbia - 07/17/2014

Looking for a ride anytime Thursday evening upto Pemby Fest. Will pay for all the gas.

Ready to go now. Text 604-698-5448


Richmond, British Columbia - 07/17/2014
Looking to get to whistler ASAP. Anytime after 6 pm Friday.

Will pay more then my share.

Need to make it for Matt Mays! :-)
Richmond, British Columbia - 07/17/2014
Vancouver YVR airport to Pemberton. Tonight!
Whistler, British Columbia - 07/17/2014
Hey my name is Marina, I need a ride to the festy any time after 5:00pm! I am willing to give more than my share for gas money :) please email me if your able to give me a ride
Calgary - 07/17/2014

Me and my friend are arriving in vancouver at 6:30 am on Friday and need a way to the festival. It's just the two of us, we have minimal luggage! Let us know if you can help us out!!!!!

Vancouver, British Columbia - 07/17/2014
Hi there,

I couldn't get Thursday off work and missed my ride with friends.

Hoping to hitch a ride tomorrow (Friday) to Pemberton.

I have a valid drivers licence, and won't be bringing much gear, as my friends are set up there already.

Vancouver - 07/17/2014
Looking for a ride up this Friday any time after 4PM.

I would also appreciate a ride back on Sunday any time after my volunteer shift (5:30pm).
Vancouver, BC - 07/17/2014
3 seats open ill be leaving vancouver around 10 am Friday. Lemme know if you need a ride. I'm comin from Washington state
Pemberton Township, New Jersey - 07/17/2014
Looking for a ride back to Vancouver from the festival Sunday night after Modest Mouse!
Abbotsford, British Columbia - 07/17/2014
Hi, Looking for a ride from abbotsford Friday afternoonish. I have little to none baggage as my friends will already be there with my belongings.

Thank You
Bellingham, Washington - 07/17/2014
Passing through Bellingham to Canada 1, then onto Pemberton. Leaving Van about 4, have room for one.

Text me

Vancouver, British Columbia - 07/17/2014
Going Up To Pemperton TONIGHT Afterwork (7pm) If You Got Gas Lets Talk! Room For 2 Must Love Listening To Hip Hop / Top 40 On The Way Up!
Vancouver, British Columbia - 07/17/2014
Looking for a ride BACK to vancouver on saturday afternoon from I want to attend only the friday shows! I am a lovely mermaid haired girl who is a great passenger :) lemme know! Xx
Coquitlam, British Columbia - 07/17/2014
I am offering a ride with 4 spaces from Vancouver.

I am ready to leave at anytime.

My number is 226 344 7797.

Edmonton - 07/17/2014
I'm heading out extremely early Friday a.m. from Edmonton, anyone looking to leave that late/need a ride? I have a car, could take up to four people...
Vancouver, British Columbia - 07/17/2014

Looking for a ride to Pemberton on Friday around noon.

Would be happy to chip in for gas!

Let me know: 604-802-8048
Vancouver, British Columbia - 07/17/2014
Hi kind stranger,

I was hoping someone was heading up to Pemberton Friday midday or after work like myself! I just need a ride there. I am willing to pay gas money and or switch out driving if you want. I've done the drive up to whistler before and have my full License. Will be packing lightly.

Hope to hear from you Cheers!
Vancouver - 07/17/2014
Looking for a ride back from Pemby to Vancouver on Sunday day/night.

Will split gas cost!!
Vancouver, BC - 07/17/2014

I really need a ride home Sunday night (doesn't matter how late) to get to work on time for Monday morning.

Will pitch in for gas etc.

Vancouver, British Columbia - 07/17/2014
Hey Hey!

Need a ride for 2 to Pemberton musicfest today! We have gas money, highfives, and gypsy eyes.

Surrey, British Columbia - 07/17/2014

I really need a ride Friday morning or afternoon to Pemberton music festival!

willing to pitch in for gas.

Please contact me asap
Vancouver, British Columbia - 07/17/2014
One gal looking to get a ride after work on friday (Around 3). Will pitch for gas. Please contact me :)
Vancouver, Washington - 07/17/2014

I am getting to Vancouver from Portland sometime on Thursday evening and would love to share a ride with someone up to Pemberton. I am happy to split gas costs and I am good company!

You can email call or text me, my phone number is 1510-219-7217


British Columbia, Canada - 07/17/2014
Looking to catch a ride Thursday evenings will pitch in gas money snacks whatever it takes to get me there plz and thank you
Spokane, Washington - 07/17/2014
LEaving thursday night at 11. Lemme know if you want a ride to go there. Also makin a stop in Little Amsterdam in Vancouver. only two of us in the car so far.
Whistler, British Columbia - 07/17/2014

I'd greatly appreciate a ride from Whistler Village Thursday afternoon.

Much thanks.

Richmond, British Columbia - 07/17/2014
Hi my name is Vincent I need a ride on Saturday morning to the eveny
Vancouver - 07/17/2014
I'm flying into Vancouver airport, I land 10:10am friday morning and will be renting a car and then driving to Whistler village, checking into hotel/meeting up with group, then heading to festival. You're welcome to ride with me, either to Whistler village where you can then catch a shuttle if you don't want to wait, or, if you are flexible, and don't mind waiting while I drop stuff off and check in (should be pretty quick) all the way to the festival. I'm easy going and flexible. Return Sunday afternoon. Daily round trips Whistler -> Festival. Gas $$ appreciated, not required. Someone who would trade off driving duties would be a HUGE HUGE bonus.
Surrey, British Columbia - 07/17/2014

I need a ride from Surrey to Pemberton Friday morning and a ride back home to Surrey Sunday night!

Willing to split the gas money and super friendly!
Burnaby, British Columbia - 07/16/2014
Have room for 2. Leaving tomorrow (Thursday) morning. Not sure time yet but leave your number and I'll let you know by midnight.

Looking to help split gas.

Furthest I can pick up is Commercial Dr.

Burnaby, British Columbia - 07/16/2014
hey there, im riding up solo, since i was unlucky to be the odd man out, but we are still driving as a squad, text me at 778-998-0944... we will be leaving around 7am on friday, would appreciate $30 for gas, will pick up at brentwood skytrain/ or any bus loops that are in north burnaby or closer to the hyway (420 friendly)
West Vancouver, British Columbia - 07/16/2014
leaving for Pemberton thurs afternooon, coming back Monday. I have room for max 2 with gear. I'll be at horseshoe bay ferry arriving from Nanaimo on 12:50 ferry so in Van at about 3 pm. My name is Aliya, text me at 250-266-1894. last minute is fine - i'm last minute. throw me some money for gas i'll be happy
Vancouver, BC - 07/16/2014
Need a ride either Thursday or early Friday. I packed light - a tent, cooler, backpack, guitar case. Would be happy to drive, and will definitely pitch for gas. 420 friendly. M28.
Whistler, British Columbia - 07/16/2014
Ride for 1 needed from Whistler Village to Pemberton.

Hello. I'm in need of a ride to the festival from Whistler Village on Friday afternoon. I'll be taking the bus arriving and it arrives at about 3:40pm.

If anybody can give me a lift the rest of the way to the festival so I don't have to hitch and miss Soundgarden, I would be super grateful! I will have just 1 backpack with me, so I won't take up much room, and of course I'm willing to contribute $$.


Richmond, British Columbia - 07/16/2014
Ride available to/from Vancouver airport! Ride available from Vancouver airport Friday morning - I land around 10:10 and driving to Whistler where I have a hotel. Possible ride share to/from festival on all days, not sure on that. Return from Whistler to Vancouver airport Sunday afternoon for 7pm return flight. Renting a car, but looking for good company! Email me if you need a ride! Gas contributions welcome but not required.
Richmond, British Columbia - 07/16/2014
Just posted for myself and two buddies we get in Thursday at 9 great company will split on gas and car rental if need be! Thanks a million you can text me at 778 220 1530
Richmond, British Columbia - 07/16/2014
Hey looking for a ride with myself and two buddies will split on gas and car rental if that's what needs to happen! Land at 9 great company will bring munchies! Hit

Me up on my email or shoot me a text 778 2201530 thank you thank you
Pemberton Township, New Jersey - 07/16/2014
Need a ride to pemberton music festival from the Pemberton valley lodge . Please help have one very heavy bag
Kelowna, British Columbia - 07/16/2014
I need a ride to Pemberton on Friday any time if anyone is going from Kelowna or passing through and could pick me up. I have just me an a backpack will not take up much room :)

Victoria, British Columbia - 07/16/2014
Heading up to pemberton on Friday morning from Victoria. Taking the first ferry to Tswassan if anyone is still looking for a ride, I have two extra seats!
North Vancouver, British Columbia - 07/16/2014
Desperately need a ride for 3 people our truck broke down. We live in north van but could meet downtown if it is easier. We have minimal camping gear and have no problem paying for the gas. Please contact me even if you only have 1 or 2 spots as we are willing to split up. would like to leave thursday night or friday morning.
Vancouver, British Columbia - 07/16/2014
Need to bum a ride from Pemberton on Sunday morning/Saturday night late - need to be back in Vancouver by 11:30am. Anyone heading down at that point?
North Vancouver, British Columbia - 07/16/2014
Heading up Thursday morning-ish, camping there and coming back early Sunday morning to North Vancouver.
Zip: 98105 - 07/16/2014
Hey! My ride fell through last minute and I would really appreciate getting a ride to Pemberton from Seattle. I can pitch in for gas, food, road trip supplies, etc. I don't have a license but I promise to be good company and can provide good road trip tunes!
Victoria, British Columbia - 07/16/2014

I'm bartending at the festival and looking for a ride to the gates by 2 pm Thursday. My ride somewhat fell through (festy problems right). I will be coming from Vic on the 7 am or 8 am ferry so I can either meet somewhere in Vancouver or catch a ride from the island if someone has room. I'll also have to stop really quickly in Whis to grab my wristband. Fire me a text if you have something that might work! 250-532-3362


Vancouver, British Columbia - 07/16/2014

I'm heading up to Pemberton on Thursday morning and coming back to Vancouver on Monday morning with space for 2-3 ppl. I'm asking for $15 one way or $25 both way per person.

Let me know if interested.

Pemberton Township, New Jersey - 07/16/2014
Hey friendly Canadians!

I'm looking for a ride from Pemberton to Kelowna on Monday. Figured I should spend a few days recovering at the lake before returning to work. I will leave at whatever time suits you... Help a pal out?
vancouver bc - 07/16/2014
Hey lovelies!

My initial ride fell through and I am now looking for a way to Pemberton on Thursday - preferably around 3 pm. If you have room heading back to Van on Sunday eve/Monday morning, that'd be excellent as well! If you have 2 spots open, I have another friend who would be interested, as well.

I'm happy to split gas, provide snacks, entertain you with conversation (or not), and share music.

Please contact me via email or text 306-260-0916 if you have room for me!


Vancouver, British Columbia - 07/16/2014
Hey there, My friend is looking for a ride to pemberton on thursday! Shes stuck at work all day today and is going to have a tough time getting a hold of people. She needs a ride there and back for her and her stuff.

Any last minute cancelations out there?
Vancouver, British Columbia - 07/16/2014

Me and my boyfriend are hoping to head to the festival friday morning and we need to be back sunday night for work monday morning but I CANNOT miss Outkast so want to leave late sunday night!

We will have our camping gear.

Will give Gas money and booze if anyone is available to give us a ride!

Vancouver, British Columbia - 07/16/2014
Looking for a ride for two from Vancouver to Pemberton! Ideally we're hoping to head up early on Friday morning so there's time to set up our tents and still check out the first bands. We will, of course, split gas.

It would be much appreciated if someone could help us out. Thanks!
Vancouver - 07/16/2014
Leave from Burrard Station at 6:40 sharp~Today !!

Wednesday July 16th

One more spot left in my car !! ~

Last min. Only $20 for gas one way,

Even last minute notice ok
Vancouver - 07/16/2014
Offering up to 3 rides home in my car, this Sunday ...morning or early afternoon
West Vancouver, British Columbia - 07/16/2014
hi! just need a ride for 1. I'm coming over weds morning to drop stuff off to a friend, so i can meet whenever or wherever, park royal, north van, or downtown. whichever is easier! I am camping so a ride back (sunday evening or monday morning) whichever works, it would be much appreciated! Can split gas of course! (I also need to stop at whistler box office to get my festival wristband)

thank you!
Vancouver, British Columbia - 07/16/2014
Hi all,

Just looking for a ride for 2 people. We're just going for a day so hoping someone else is doing the same. We are down to leave early morning and return anytime Saturday night or Sunday early morning.

Cheers all,

Vancouver - 07/16/2014
Hi! Looking for a ride for 1 person back to Van on Sunday night (anytime after 9:30pm) - need to work early Monday morning. Friends will have all my gear, just need to get myself back to the city. Will of course help with gas. Let me know - thanks!
Vancouver - 07/16/2014
Looking for a ride back on Sunday night, male student in Vancouver... have class the next day (monday). Willing to split gas, let me know!!
Squamish, British Columbia - 07/16/2014

I am looking for a ride back to Squamish Sunday night!

Is anyone heading back Sunday night?

Vancouver - 07/16/2014
Hi my friend and I are in need of a ride from Vancouver to Pemberton on Friday Morning or afternoon. Our friends can drive up our camping gear so just looking for room for two ladies. Thanks so much!!
North Vancouver, British Columbia - 07/15/2014
hey. i had 4 spots but am now down to one. leaving wednesday morning and back on monday. message me for details. 420 freindly. awsome party poeple munchies gas money and a mix cd are things im looking.

cheers Liam
Vancouver, British Columbia - 07/15/2014
Looking for 1-3 people to share a ride to Pemberton and back in a rental vehicle.

- Hoping for at least 1 person to be over 25 / valid license / good driving record so they can be registered as a 2nd driver

- Cost = $70-$100 per person for the car + $15-30 per person for gas (depends on how many passengers total)

- Car pickup is at 4pm Thursday, and leaving ASAP once it's picked up and packed

- Car is due back by 4pm Monday, so we'll likely leave Pemberton shortly before noon

- Prefer people living nearby, I'm near Commercial Drive
Whistler, British Columbia - 07/15/2014
Looking for a ride to and from the festival from Whistler! Will pay per person.
West Vancouver, British Columbia - 07/15/2014
Ride needed. Thursday, Horseshoe Bay to Pemberton. Ready when you are! Gas $ + super friendly.

Bri 250-318-4090.
Summerland, British Columbia - 07/15/2014
I have room for 3 in a comfy Air Conditioned Kia. Call me asap, i'm leaving first thing in the morning, two five zero four nine four four zero three five. Peace!!
North Vancouver, British Columbia - 07/15/2014
Hey guys!

I'm in desperate need of a ride on Friday afternoon anytime after 5. It's kind of an odd time but a girl's gotta work. Im also in search of a ride back to North Vancouver anytime on Monday. I will supply a good amount of gas money if not all of it, smiles, and road snacks. Please let me through text (250-351-4129) if you're able to help with either of these as i'd rather not take the greyhound and miss kendrick! Thanks a ton!
Kelowna, British Columbia - 07/15/2014
$50 Ride to Pemberton, $100 round-trip.

Leaving tomorrow afternoon (Wednesday), departing Monday morning. Pick-up anywhere between Kelowna and the festival. Call 778-676-5253 ASAP to make arrangements. Thanks. Jake.
Burnaby, British Columbia - 07/15/2014
Looking for a pick up from Pemberton proper. GF and I are greyhounding it there, but we still need a ride 5km to the festival site on Friday at about 12:30pm. We have minimal gear and can definitely throw $10 your way.
Vancouver, British Columbia - 07/15/2014
Hey there! My two amazing lovely lady friends and I are still looking for one person that would be willing to drive us all up in my car (four people and gear in total) to and from the festival, leaving thursday (flexible hours) and returning monday (flexible hours). Gas and snacks are on us, as is camping space and amazing festival company! text me at 604-720-7910 if interested!
Vancouver - 07/15/2014
Hey Pemby heads! Want some gas money? I'm looking for a ride up from Vancouver on Thursday. I'm sending my gear up in another car so it'll just be me! Anyone have room for one more? :)
Richmond, British Columbia - 07/15/2014
Hey landing in Van Thursday at 9:00 if anyone as room for myself and one other we would love a ride up and are happy to pitch in on gas
Vancouver - 07/15/2014
Vancouver to Pemberton tonight in a motorhome!

Two seats available! Will be driving right into festival site when gates open tomorrow. Going early to get in line.
Vancouver - 07/14/2014

My friend and I are looking for a ride from Vancouver to Pemberton for this weekend. We are more than happy to pitch in for gas and any other road trip supplies (jerky, trail mix, coconut name it we'll buy it within a budget of $10). Only kidding about the budget, but seriously we will pay for gas and any other necessities. We are two girls with basic camping gear looking for super fun, happy times up to pemby.

Please get in touch if you have room for us in your vehicle.


Leah and Alice
Vancouver, British Columbia - 07/14/2014
Hey there!

I am a volunteer for Pemberton and am looking for a ride up on Thursday morning.

I will be good company and can bring snacks and pitch in for gas!

I'm a chill 22 yr old who loves volunteering at all music festivals

Vancouver - 07/14/2014
Vancouver to Pemberton in a RV

Heading up to pemby fest in a motorhome Tuesday eve so I can be early to get a good spot when gates open on Wednesday since I have an RV pass! Have seat belts for 3 extra people.
Vancouver - 07/14/2014

My friend and I are looking for a ride from Vancouver to Whistler or Pemberton on Thursday evening. If you have some extra space it would be greatly appreciated and we can contribute gas money and high quality entertainment.


Victoria, British Columbia - 07/14/2014
Leaving for Pemberton from Victoria on Thursday morning, and will catch the Nanaimo boat. Still not exactly what time but will sort that out soon. I'll be traveling solo and and have room for 1 maybe 2 depending on gear and such. Let me know


Vancouver, British Columbia - 07/14/2014
Hello everybody!!

We are two people, guy and gal both 25yrs... do you have any extra space!!!??

I will be working at pemberton with the medical team and my partner will be volunteering. We will need to arrive at the Festival before 3:00pm on Wednesday to begin shift, also need to make a quick stop in Whistler to pick up wristbands!

We can meet you anywhere in vancouver and dont mind splitting gas! Easy going, love dancing music and, well, fo00od haha. feel free to call or text me :)

with love,


Vancouver, British Columbia - 07/14/2014
Hey there! My friends and I are looking for one person with a valid BC drivers license and minimal gear to drive us up to Pemberton and back, leaving thursday morning (flexible) and returning monday, also flexible. Basically we have a car but my license is only a learners and we need someone with a full license to be behind the wheel to drive. We are incredibly awesome people and are totally down with sharing camp and partying throughout the festival, please message me asap if this works for you!
North Vancouver, British Columbia - 07/14/2014
23y.o. male looking for a ride up on Thursday night (ready to leave any time after 6:30), and back Sunday after the music winds down. Will not have any camping gear, only a backpack and a case of beer (friends are taking all my gear up for me, but they are leaving Thursday morning and I cannot take 2 days off work in a row).

Will pitch for gas.

Text me at 604-889-9056. Matt.
Richmond, British Columbia - 07/14/2014
Festival go-ers!

Im looking for a ride from Richmond(ish) area on Friday afternoon. I got stuck having to work, but should be good to go by 3 or 4pm...anybody have space for one more? I can't guarantee knee slapping jokes, but I can certainly pitch for gas!

Let me know,

Vancouver, British Columbia - 07/14/2014
Hey there! My friends and I are looking for one person 25+ with a valid BC drivers license and minimal gear to drive us up to Pemberton and back, leaving thursday morning (flexible) and returning monday, also flexible. Basically we have a car but my license is only a learners and we need someone with a full license to be behind the wheel to drive. We are incredibly awesome people and are totally down with sharing camp and partying throughout the festival, please message me asap if this works for you!
Vancouver, British Columbia - 07/14/2014

I am volunteering at the festival this year and am looking for a ride up on Friday. Leaving early would be best and I have to be there for sure by 4 pm to work my first shift. I'll have a backpack/tent and possibly a canvas to make a piece of art while I'm there but nothing that wouldn't fit in the trunk of a regular car.

Please e-mail or call me if you can help!



West Vancouver, British Columbia - 07/14/2014
Hey- for Thursday July 17- we are two friends from Calgary who will be meeting at the Horseshoe Bay Terminal (at the passenger pickup/dropoff location) and we have two spots in our car for some buds to help split the costs!

It's 2 hours or less from there to Pemb (we are camping). Send me an email!
Vancouver, British Columbia - 07/14/2014

I'm looking for a ride down to Pemby Friday any time close to after work!

I have a ride back, my crew is heading down Thursday though. If you'd like company on the way back on Sunday, I'm down with that too!

I'm a friendly dude, I'm definitely down to pitch for gas and I can bring some good snacks!

Text me, Nik, at 613-868-2409!
North Vancouver, British Columbia - 07/14/2014

If you have three spots for some lovely ladies please let me no! will supply smiles , laughter and pitch on the gas!! Wanting to leave Thursday morning and come back Monday!

thanks in advance!!

Vancouver - 07/14/2014
Looking for a ride back to Vancouver sometime Sunday night as I have to work Monday morning. Greatly appreciated!
Vancouver, British Columbia - 07/14/2014
Hi, flying solo to Pemberton Fri to see NIN.

Wondering if anyone out there is coming back to Van after the show Fri evening? Willing to pay for gas. Thanks!!
Burnaby, British Columbia - 07/14/2014
Hey, got a full 5-seat car to myself as my co-worker gave too short notice to get time off work so he bailed, so I'm not going with anyone, but I will be meeting up with my other friends up there who are driving themselves. But I will basically be camping by myself beside them.

Leaving on Wednesday evening after class and will probably leave Pemby on Monday morning or earlier (as I have class again on Monday).

Looking for people to help split gas if possible!

Prefer girls (I'm a guy) since my friends that I'll be with are two couples! So basically heavy third-wheeling times two, even though it's my best friend haha, but it'd be a nice to have a female companion to chill with too so it's not as awkward lol!

Good luck!
Coquitlam, British Columbia - 07/13/2014
Hey! me and my friend need a ride up to Pemberton on Thursday! Will pitch some gas money and we insure we are a good time! We need a ride for a minimum of 2 people but if you some how had 4 seats that would be more efficiant. We are willing to meet somewhere outside of coquitlam.

if you can help us get a ride up to Pemberton Music Festival please text or call me at 604 999 5851.

Vancouver, British Columbia - 07/13/2014
Description of the Ride:

Hi! Two friends (m+f) looking for a ride on Thursday 17th evening and/or Sunday 20th to get back for work on Monday. We're Irish and Ontario(ite?), so organising our own car is a bit awkward.

Can split costs etc. 6479099872 or email

Vancouver, British Columbia - 07/13/2014
Hey there, I'm looking for a One Way Ride to Pemberton on Thursday July 17th some time in the afternoon. Will pitch for gas money.

I'm a 23 year old male who Skateboards and works in the video game industry. Help would be appreciated!

Ipswich, South Dakota - 07/13/2014

I am volunteering at Pemberton, my first shift starts Thursday at 4pm.

Looking for a ride Thursday morning! I am easy going and can pitch for gas.


North Vancouver, British Columbia - 07/13/2014
1 guy and girl (19) looking for a ride up and back and willing to split gas costs. We are camping so we have a tent. Call Adam at 604 619 4976 or email.

Vancouver, British Columbia - 07/13/2014
Me and a friend are leaving about 5.30/6 pm on Thursday from Davie x Denman. We are renting a car and will have room for one person and bags or 2 people with no bags. Planning on returning to Van (after a stop in Whistler) on Monday and a to be back in the city for about 5pm. Hope to split the rental cost...$120 ono
Vancouver - 07/13/2014
Hi friends! Heading up to Pemberton on Friday aft/evening? Have an extra spot?

I have a pretty strict work schedule, so I'm looking for someone who is heading up sometime a bit later on Friday, and/or coming back Sunday night. I would be forever grateful for a ride! My friends have all the camping equipment in another vehicle so I wouldn't take up too much room.

Nelson, British Columbia - 07/13/2014
So my two pemberton teammates just had to cancel last minute. So I've got room for a couple people if anyone wants a ride. Leaving from Nelson early on Thursday morning, driving through Vernon, Kamloops, and on hwy 99 into the site. Leaving early on Monday morning. shoot me an email if you want to pool it in.
Vancouver, British Columbia - 07/13/2014
Hey, looking for a ride to and from pemby. Will obviously split the gas bill. I live in east van on commercial drive. I am available to head up wednesday night, or anytime thursday. I am packing light, just the essentials

Thank you

vancouver bc - 07/12/2014
Hey guys! I will be at Pemberton festival this weekend and am looking for a ride home sunday. Unfortunately I work at 630 on Monday morning in Vancouver and would love to squeeze in a couple hours of sleep before. If anyone is leaving sunday and would be able to bring me along I would be forever grateful and would love to contribute to your tank and provide some company! If your leaving around 10 or 11 that would be ideal. Please let me know!
Vancouver - 07/12/2014

My friend and I need a ride from Pemberton to Vancouver after the festival on Sunday night as we have to be back in Vancouver on Monday morning to work!

A lift would be really appreciated. Will pay for gas + a worthwhile tip.


Surrey, British Columbia - 07/12/2014
Hey guys, im working the festival, and if anyone needs a ride up on thursday night I can lift ya up there for friday shift, coming back sunday!

23 year old girl - Summan kandola
Portland, Oregon - 07/12/2014
HEY! 6 people needing a ride to Pemberton! We are a fun bunch from Scotland looking to make our way up to Pemberton, hoping to do so on Wed or Thursday! Ready to start the celebrations! Thanks!
Vancouver, British Columbia - 07/12/2014
I originally had a friend to go to the fest with but for unforeseen circumstances he's no longer able to go. So here I am in the saddest situation ever. There's no way I'm not going but going by yourself doesn't sound too glamorous. Was kind of hoping I could give someone a ride up from Vancouver and join them or their group. Really only room for one I have a small car. Cool guy. Lots of Kendrick Lamar on the way up with a good sound system. Just shoot me a text don't call. 6047265194
Whistler, British Columbia - 07/11/2014
Hey hey! 2 girls would be super grateful for a ride to Pemberton late Thursday evening or early Friday morning! We will obviously chip in for gas, and sing, or not sing, along to the likes of Outkast on the ride up, and just be generally pleasant girls :)

Thanks! :)
Kelowna, British Columbia - 07/11/2014

My name is Jake. I am offering a ride to Pemberton Music festival, for up to 3 people with door-to-door service anywhere between Kelowna and the festival, including Vancouver, Merrit, Kamloops and even Vernon (though I will charge extra for the last two). I have a truck with air conditioning and a canopy so there should be plenty of room for you to stay cool and your camping gear to stay dry until you get set-up. I will have a mini-BBQ, camping burner and a mosquito tent to share if you are packing light. Passengers can choose the playlist if they want ;)

Departure is the morning of Wednesday July 16th, but I can leave on Thursday if need be. There are performances starting on Wednesday night so I want to try and catch them all! Leaving the festival the morning of Monday July 21.

I provide the transportation, passengers split the cost of filling up on gas which I have calculated at the price of 143.9 is $320.

This means for 3 PEOPLE round-trip from Kelowna, Merrit, or Vancouver it’ $100 each ($ 50 per person per way). This is cheaper than the bus from Vancouver, and I will be riving right into the festival.

If this sounds good to you please email me your details and I will call you to confirm everything.

Thanks, and enjoy the festival!
Kelowna, British Columbia - 07/11/2014

I'm heading to Pemby Fest from Kelowna on Thursday (July 17) afternoon if anyone wants a ride. I'm only going one way though as I'm travelling home to Squamish afterwards. Let's go have FUN
Stanwood, Washington - 07/11/2014
Was planning on going with my brother but doesn't look like he can attend, so looking for some rideshare buddies and possibly festival companions ;) I can pick anyone up along the way between my house and the festival anddd looks like i have an extra ticket for sale ….

425 501 5123
Vancouver, British Columbia - 07/10/2014
Permbertonians(?) who are looking for a ride:

My girlfriend and I have a bit of space in the car and can fit 2 lightly packed individuals. We are heading up from Vancouver Wednesday afternoon and coming back Monday. Split the gas, be awesome and you've got a ride!
Richmond, British Columbia - 07/10/2014
Hey everyone, I'm looking for a ride from YVR on Thursday evening up to Pemberton. Unfortunately, I don't get in until 6:40pm. I was looking at buses but my only options get me to Whister. Hoping maybe someone is leaving around then and has room for me?

Or worst case scenario a ride from Whistler to Pemberton at 10:30pm?? lol

Vancouver, BC - 07/10/2014
Greetings! I am looking for a ride up to pemberton on Thursday or Wednesday. I will contribute gas money, munchies, and an impenetrable wall of positive energy!

I can meet up anywhere in Van or North Van

I have a friend is also in need of a ride so if you have second spot that would be amazing!

Thanks =)


Edmonton, Ab - 07/10/2014
Hey fellow Pemby fest goers! I'm hoping to find a ride down to the fest on the Thursday, I'll pitch for gas and keep you company :)

Thanks for considering

Victoria, British Columbia - 07/10/2014
Travelling solo, could really use a lift.

Hey, so I am kinda stuck right now and need a ride to and from Pemberton.

Totally willing to help out with all expenses both ways.

Thanks in advance!
Victoria, BC - 07/09/2014
Hey, my man and I are looking for a ride up to the festival and back! We won't be packing too heavy and we would defs pitch in money, snacks, whatever's needed!

Get in touch!
Spokane, Washington - 07/09/2014
Hello I'm a fun outgoing 19 yr old female in Spokane, Washington and will be volunteering from the 17 to the 19th. I'm looking for a ride from anyone in the area or passing through. Like I said I'll be volunteering so I have to be there Thursday morning. If youre going to the festival this day/time it would save me a lot of money on transportation but I'd definitely help with gas money and snacks of course! :) please contact me if you can help!
Vancouver, British Columbia - 07/09/2014
Hey there,

I've rented a car for the Pemberton music festival. I'm planning to drive up Thurs and back monday, but im pretty flexible with times and days.

I've room for 2 people and luggage all I ask is for $50 per person each way. So if you want a return trip back to Vancouver it will be $100.

I can pick you up from anywhere in Vancouver.

Looking for fun, chill people. Shoot me an email with some info about yourself!

Vancouver - 07/09/2014

I am looking for two spots in a ride share to Pemberton for the festival. Idealy would be in Pemberton latest by 4PM on Thursday.

I am working and my friend is there to take the festival in all of it's glory.

We can definitely help with gas and food along the way!


Salmon Arm, British Columbia - 07/09/2014
Driving from Salmon Arm to Pemberton on Thursday morning! Two girls and myself driving, we have room for one or two more people if you don't have a tooonnn of stuff cuz the car will be quite full, but we're up for some new friends!
Burnaby, British Columbia - 07/08/2014
Hey people! I'm volunteering on Thurs and need a ride... also I'm coming BACK to VANCOUVER on FRIDAY to volunteer elsewhere and I need a ride back anytime friday please!!!! thank you

North Vancouver, British Columbia - 07/08/2014
hello. i have room for 4 four. leaving on Wednesday the 16 coming back on Monday the 21. message me for details. looking for amazing people who will provide great times for the best party of the summer. gas money munchies and a mix tape is always a plus. i will be camping.
Victoria, BC - 07/08/2014
Hey there!

I'm on the Med Staff team and heading up to Pemberton on Wednesday from Victoria, likely on a morning/early afternoon ferry (but I'm flexible as long as I get there for the evening).

I'd be stoked to have some copilots along for the ride with me! Shares in gas/ferry costs would be mucho appreciated, but if you can't swing it then that's okay too! Road trips are always better with good company.

My ipod is loaded up with awesome driving tunes and I'm really looking forward to the festival! I'll be there right till Monday.

Cheers :)
Vancouver - 07/08/2014
Hey folks! I'm looking to grab a ride up to Pemberton. I'm located in Surrey, but can skytrain to where ever to meet you. Down to earth, and easy to get a long with ^-^ Also, will obviously pitch for gas. HMU if you have a spot in your car~

Thank you! :)
Coquitlam, British Columbia - 07/07/2014
We're 2 volunteers that have a shift we need to make on Wednesday morning so leaving Vancouver area from Coquitlam at around 7am. We have 2 spaces available and will be back on Monday. Contribution to gas is appreciated.
Coquitlam, British Columbia - 07/07/2014
My 2 lovely girlfriends and I need a ride to Pemberton Music Festival! I was planning on getting my license just before, but unfortunately I will not have it in time. We wanted to be there for the night of the 17th and leave on the Monday at anytime. However, we are flexible as we don't have many options. We will help pay for gas of course, and offer any snacks/entertainment that you will need. We can meet anywhere in the lower mainland. Let me know the size of your car as well as how much room you will have for our stuff too! again, WE ARE 3 CHICKS LOOKING TO GO TO THE BIGGEST PARTY OF THE SUMMER !! PLEASE HELP US OUT :)
Vícov, Olomouc Region - 07/07/2014
Hey, my man and I are looking for a ride up to the festival and back! We won't be packing too heavy and we would defs pitch in money, snacks, whatever's needed!

Get in touch!

Victoria, British Columbia - 07/07/2014
Any Vic folk attending Pemberton music festival in need of some road trip companions (or know of anyone who would like some) ? Well you are in luck because I happen to know 2 cool cats in need of a hawt ride to that lil slice of paradise... AKA myself & my gal pal . In return we offer gas money , our joyous company*, and our amazing good looks* .

* satisfaction not guaranteed

- side note : we are volunteering for the event so we may or may not be able to pull some strings and let you touch frank oceans butt. *
Edmonton, Alberta - 07/07/2014
Looking for a ride to pemberton fest, I'm a sooper chill dude who will chip in for gas and provide snacks/DJing for the ride.
Coquitlam, British Columbia - 07/07/2014
Heading up Thursday around 1:00pm by myself. Have room for 1-2 more people. If anyone needs a ride. I'm a founder would be nice to meet some other founders. Also have friends coming up later so I'm not a total loner :) oh yeah leaving Monday morning
Whistler, British Columbia - 07/07/2014
Travelling solo to the festival! Looking for a ride Friday afternoon (finishing work at 3, will be ready to go!) Great vibes and happy to pitch some gas money! :)
Nelson, British Columbia - 07/07/2014
I have room for 1 more person leaving on July 16 early in the morning from Nelson BC. I am looking for a mature and clean person to share the ride and gas with.
Calgary - 07/07/2014
Hello folks!! I am looking fro a ride from Calgary, will split cost snacks and driving if needed! please get in touch!!

Pemberton Township, New Jersey - 07/05/2014
Need a ride to the gates from pemberton! I arrive at 1030pm in pemberton on the 15 and can head up On the 16th , friends can't make it until the 17th. If you can help that would be great
Vancouver - 07/04/2014
Looking for a ride up and back-will cover gas $! Me and my friend. Nice people.
Vancouver, British Columbia - 07/03/2014
My girlfriend and myself are looking for a ride up to the pemberton music festival. Will cover ALL gas costs from vancouver to pemberton and back. We will be ready to leave early Friday morning. Can meet at any skytrain station.
Zip: 95949 - 07/03/2014
Heading up from Sacramento California Area, making stops in Mt. Shasta, Portland, Seattle, Vancouver, and other places in between. Who Probably leaving around the 13th or 14th, room for 1-3, who wants to caravan with me? :)
Zip: 98122 - 07/03/2014
Anyone need a ride to Pemberton BC for the Pemberton music festival????

im heading up wed afternoon july 16th but am somewhat flexible and im heading back late sunday early monday!

If you can throw in on gas and the rental car and possibly have a drivers licence feel free to contact me asap!

I have room for up to 3 people plus gear!

call/text me at 404-563-9383

Comox, British Columbia - 07/03/2014
Hey everyone,

Name's Alex and am looking to hitch a ride from the Comox Valley on Vancouver Island preferably but flexible to meet elsewhere. Will pitch in for gas/ferry etc. Cheers!
Kelowna, British Columbia - 07/03/2014
Room for SEVEN from Interior BC, in my CAMPER VAN. I'm broke and am manifesting my way to Pemberton. If you buy me ONE ticket, I drive, you rent me and the van, in exchange for ONE ticket, and you pay the gas, both ways. I'm basically a driver for hire. Thanks!

You get to sleep in the camper too, i'll bring a tent.

Really NEED to see NIN, Sound Garden, Outkast, Metric, Modest Mouse... Snoop Dogg even?!?! Sounds too cool to miss!
Vancouver, British Columbia - 07/02/2014
Hello festival goers,

My friend Dylan and I (both 23) live in West End, Vancouver, BC. We have full festival passes + camping, but no ride as of yet.

We are looking for a ride to Pemberton either Wednesday July 16th or Thursday July 17th and a roundtrip would be great too!

Happy to coordinate a meeting spot on your way through Vancouver and pitch in for gas.

Thanks in advance and please fee free to text, call or email.

778 997 1852


- Dale
Vancouver, BC - 07/02/2014

My awesome friend and I need a ride from Vancouver on Wednesday afternoon/evening and back on Monday morning if at all possible! If there's no one with room for two cool chicks all the way from Vancouver, would anyone be willing to pick us up/drop us off at the Pemberton village Greyhound station?

We already have festival and camping tickets and we simply must find a way up there. We are happy to split for gas and bring mix cds and snacks and maybe a few jokes?

Thanks so much!
Kamloops, British Columbia - 07/02/2014
Room for SEVEN from Interior BC, in my CAMPER VAN. I'm broke and am manifesting my way to Pemberton. In exchange for ONE ticket, I drive, you rent me and the van, in exchange for ONE ticket, and you pay the gas, both ways. I'm basically a driver for hire. Thanks!

Really NEED to see NIN, Sound Garden, Outkast, Metric, Modest Mouse... Snoop Dogg even?!?! Sounds too cool to miss!
Eureka, California - 07/01/2014
Description of the Ride: Headed up to Port Townsend, WA from Eureka, CA. Gonna spend a night or two, pick up a friend, then off to Pemberton! Got room for one more person, need some help with gas. Helluva distance that with hopefully be right for someone :)
Zip: 80218 - 06/30/2014
Hellllo beautiful people,

My friend Taylor and I (both 23 year old females) are driving from Denver, Colorado and I know this is a long shot but if you or any of you know of anyone leaving Colorado and needs a ride OR has two spots in their car we would love to join!

We are both 420 friendly and great travel companions :)

Shoot me an email if you are interested!

CAN NOT WAIT this is one of the best lineups I have seen in years

Kamloops, British Columbia - 06/27/2014
Hello music lovers :) Me and my Brother are looking for a ride to the Pemberton Music Festival and then back to Kamloops again after it's over. We are 420 friendly, super chill and relaxed. We'll help with gas costs and we'll help make this the best Music Festival ever! Until Eminem comes to Squamish that is, lol. Thanks! Peace!
Vancouver, British Columbia - 06/26/2014
Me and my girlfriend are looking for a ride to and from Pemberton. We are going to see my girlfriend's uncle who is playing in The New Pornographers :) We will totally help pay for gas and would be so appreciative for the ride.


Edmonton, Alberta - 06/26/2014
Ride available to Pemby fest from Edmonton leaving thursday the 17th (maybe wednesday) with an easy going super chill dude coming back monday. I drive an 08 civic with room for 2 more ppl (maybe 3) with all the gear
Edmonton, Alberta - 06/25/2014
Ride available to Pemby from Edmonton with a radtastic easy going dude. Leaving on the 15, staying in Van city for the night and heading to the festi grounds on Wednesday. I'm staying in Van after the festival for a while so it's only a ride out there!
Vancouver - 06/25/2014
2 chill open minded humans looking for a ride to and from pemberton. leaving on thursday after 4 pm and back whenever monday.

feel free to message to hash out any details, or ask about any specifics. we'll be travelling moderately heavy but not to bad

pitch for gas/snacks
Vancouver, British Columbia - 06/24/2014
Looking for a ride to the Pemberton Music Festival. Im a chill guy into travel, sports and music. I have a camping pass and camping gear. But will be travelling very lightly. Happy to split gas, bring good conversation and lots of great snacks too!
Kamloops, British Columbia - 06/24/2014
need a ride to and from to pemberton music fest. for two. will split on gas.
Vernon, British Columbia - 06/23/2014
Traveling with 1 or 2 friends to Pemberton Music Festival near Whistler.

We are looking for a ride as our cars are not very reliable at this time.

We are very easy going and open-minded people. We are 1 guy (myself) and 2 girls from Vernon, BC. We have attended a few music festivals together in the past.

We are hoping to leave Thursday, July 17th and hope to return on Monday, July 21st. We will obviously pack as light as possible, but coolers and tents are essential.
Vancouver - 06/23/2014
Heyy, may be needing a ride into Vancouver after the festival on sunday night, one person, will chip in on gas!

Vancouver - 06/23/2014
Hey there! My friend and I need a ride from somewhere in the Vancouver area to Pemberton and preferably back!

We're two relaxed music lovers who both just got back from travelling and volunteering around the world. Will of course help with gas and laughs for the drive up!
Olympia, Washington - 06/23/2014
A longshot, I know, but mom says "It never hurts to ask."

Drug/drama-free, guy needing a ride to/from Olympia, WA for said fest. I can share gas costs. I am helpful, nice and queer-friendly.

Thanks for considering.
Humboldt, Saskatchewan - 06/23/2014
Driving from Saskatchewan to Pemberton BC, have a truck and wiling to pick up anyone on the way up, and split some fuel.
Vancouver, British Columbia - 06/22/2014
Looking for a ride up to pemberton music festival for two! Can pitch on gas and bring snacks. :)
Toronto, Ontario - 06/20/2014
2 People looking for a ride from the Pemberton Greyhound station to the Festival Site. Willing to pay $
Delta, British Columbia - 06/19/2014
can give one person a ride to the festival on the 16 and back on the 21st. 40$ round trip
Regina, Saskatchewan - 06/18/2014
hi! i will be arriving in vancouver in the morning of the 17th and would need a ride to whistler and back to vancouver on monday the 21st. just 1 person and obviously willing to split gas!
West Vancouver, British Columbia - 06/17/2014
Description of the Ride: Hi! I'm looking for a ride into the grounds (I have a camping pass) on Thursday 17th. I should be arriving at the Horshoebay Ferry terminal in Van in the late afternoon, but I am super flexible and can meet you somewhere easier, and at a specific time if need be! Feel free to email to feel out a schedule you were thinking! Super willing to pay for gas/goodtimes/laughs.
Burnaby, British Columbia - 06/15/2014

I need a ride to Pemberton campgrounds on the 16th and back on 20th after the shows from Burnaby or Vancouver. Please message me if you have a spot.

Nashville, Tennessee - 06/15/2014
If you need ride to airport we have transportation to airport and is $ 160:00 please call us at 615 707-4637
Vancouver - 06/13/2014
Hi! Looking for a ride for 2 people back to Vancouver on Sunday night. Can be from Pemberton or Whistler. Anyone?
Vancouver - 06/12/2014

I'm flying into YVR around 3pm on Fri 18th July am looking for a ride to Whistler. I'll be happy to chip in for gas, and can get transit to a pickup point in the city if necessary.
Pemberton, British Columbia - 06/12/2014
Parking available short distance to main gate PemFest

check the map:
North Vancouver, British Columbia - 06/11/2014
room for 2, heading there thursday evening. Gas is all I ask. message me about yourself.
Kelowna, British Columbia - 06/11/2014
Traveling from Kelowna to Whistler, leaving July 17 returning July 21. Room for one maybe two people if traveling light. Have to meet in person to see If i can spend 12 hours in a car with you.
Surrey, British Columbia - 06/11/2014
I have a car but only have my permit, need someone with a drivers license to ride with me. Can only take 1 person but won't charge you for gas. Must have your ID with you.
Edmonton - 06/11/2014
Driving from Edmonton to pemberton Via Jasper and Kamloops. Anyone is welcome I have a truck with lots of room
Surrey, British Columbia - 06/11/2014
Description of the Ride:

I can give you a ride all the way to Lillioet to Hope.

Cost is 40 to 50, short trips 10 to 30

plus gas and mileage and expenses

Call Carolyn 604 552 4419
Zip: 98122 - 06/10/2014
Would like a ride, or will rent a car and offer a ride, to and from Seattle. Leaving early morning June 18 - and leaving late-afternoon on June 20.
Vancouver - 06/09/2014
I'm volunteering at pemberton fest and i'm looking for a ride from Vancouver. The earlier the better!!
Prince George, British Columbia - 06/09/2014
I am offering a ride to and from the Pemberton Music festival. We have a Toyota Tacoma with room for 2 and your gear in the box.

Departing Prince George Tues, July 15 and returning Mon, July 21. You just need to assist with gas and clean up after yourself.
Merritt, British Columbia - 06/09/2014
Looking for a ride from Merritt (or close to Merritt) to and from the Pemberton Music Festival. Will happily provide gas money and a good laugh or two.
Vancouver - 06/09/2014
My friend & I need to find a way to Pemberton Festival from anywhere in the lower mainland, and need a way back as well. Willing to pay for gas :-) Please help! We are down to earth, music lovers
New Orleans, Louisiana - 06/09/2014
I'm a bit of a wunderlust and looking to road trip across the country for this fest. what a lineup. Anyone want to join me?