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Reggae On The River 2015

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Arden-Arcade, California - 07/23/2016
My buddy and I are looking for a ride to and from ROTR and will be down to pay for gas and parking or trade. 420 friendly and plenty. Want to leave Possibly Wednesdy the 3rd and do 4-day, But open to anything. Bless up! -Alex
Zip: 94128 - 03/09/2016
I am booking a plane ticket soon and need a ride for 1-2 people on Thursday August 4th to head to R.O.T.R. Richardson Grove State Park. Willing to chip in for gas.
Garberville, California - 08/01/2015
Looking for a ride to Mount Shasta after the ROTR festival. Hoping to leave Monday morning.

Please text me or call Raquel 808-346-1514.

Can meet in Garberville Town or meet at the ROTR festival
San Francisco, California - 08/01/2015
Need a ride on August 1st from Sfo to Reggae on the River. I can help with gas money and getting in backstage to meet Stephen Marley
Los Angeles - 07/30/2015
what about after??? anyone heading towards los angeles???
Davis, California - 07/30/2015
looking for a ride today asap!!! I have gas $, funny stories, art, and good vibes :D
Arcata, California - 07/29/2015
Hey my girlfriend is in Arcata and needs a ride to reggae TONIGHT, she's working a booth and HAS to be there, but the bus dropped her off in Arcata, if anyone whos got good vibes and they are respectable and trustworthy would be down to get her out there that would be the most awesome thing ever!
Zip: 94609 - 07/29/2015
Would love a ride to ROTR, can chip in for gas! Haven't been to a fest all year, dying to go...

Can meet at a BART station if Oakland/Berkeley isn't on your way. 28 y/o woman. Chill, happy.
San Bruno, California - 07/29/2015
I will be driving up to Garberville Reggae on the River Friday morning from SF area if you need a ride I can take you if you want to chip in for gas yep $$$.
Reno, Nevada - 07/29/2015
Will be in the Sacramento area at 10:00 wed. Morning headed to Willits, just short of the show for the night. I'd be happy to pick up a rider or two and get you real close today. I'm sure you could hitch the last hour with no prob. Call me please as in getting on the road now. (310) 714-6660 -Scott
Concord, CA - 07/28/2015
Leaving concord at 11pm Wednesday night. I have 1 seat available. Shoot me a message if you need a ride.
Zip: 90814 - 07/28/2015
Drummer for Hirie, my band is leaving Saturday, and I wanna stay! Anyone driving back to LA/ Long Beach/ or really anywhere in So-Cal that may have an extra seat??? Thanks
Sacramento, California - 07/28/2015
Hi, my name is Jessica and I need a ride to Reggae from the Sacramento area! I can leave any time from Thursday night to Friday afternoon since I have the 3 day pass. If anyone can help out, I would be eternally grateful! Please message me at
Port Angeles, Washington - 07/28/2015
I'm leaving from Port Angeles,WA. on Thursday night to arrive by opening ceremony ideally. Have a medium size car with room for 1 and some gear. Peace 360-477-5968 (Jason)
Los Angeles, California - 07/27/2015
Reggae musician needs ride from dtla & back. I have tent & ga$ & Irie vibes..213 909 3119 Garland
Bend, Oregon - 07/27/2015
Leaving Bend Thursday night. Driving to Grants Pass camping out there and then heading out Friday Morning to ROTR. 2-3 seats available. Hit me up!
San Francisco, California - 07/27/2015
Hi people!!I'm Chiara,

I come from Italy and I'm by myself!! I'm gonna go to Reggae on the River where I'm gonna meet some italian friends, but I'm looking for a ride on Wednesday from SF to Humboldt!

If someone have a free seat, it would be very fun!

I can even help for the gas . thanks!!
Walnut Creek, California - 07/27/2015
leaving Wednesday late morning, have 3 seats available!
Napa, California - 07/27/2015
Leaving Friday morning from Napa! Plenty of room for passengers!
North Plains, Oregon - 07/26/2015
We will be heading South on the 101 Thursday morning early 4am. We have room for 2 more.
California, United States - 07/26/2015
Offering a ride Wednesday 7/29, leaving Novato in Marin County around 11 am. Can pick up people in Sonoma along 101 as well. Text 4158477677
Arcata, California - 07/26/2015
Hi, I'm leaving to Reggae on Tuesday. I have 4 seats available. If you can help pitch in for gas i'd be more than happy to give you a lift. :)
Arcata, California - 07/26/2015
Hi, I'm leaving to Reggae on Wednesday. I have 4 seats available. If you can help pitch in for gas i'd be more than happy to give you a lift. :)

Eugene, Oregon - 07/26/2015
Would love to go but need ride. I'll be ready Thursday by 1 pm and I'll need to be back sometime Monday ..but besides that I have weekend off & hoping I find a ride
Worcester, Massachusetts - 07/26/2015
Flying into San Francisco 7/30. Heading up to Fort Bragg, CA via scenic Route 1. Planning to explore glass beach and Mackerricher State Park before heading to ROTR on 7/31. Anyone interested?
Arcata, California - 07/26/2015
need a ride Wed. to Reggae. On the security crew. Please text me at (530)566-6859
Zip: 95521 - 07/26/2015
going to crew meeting on wednesday, not sure if staying through or coming back for fri-sun. smaller car, honda civic. good vibes
McKinleyville, California - 07/26/2015
Could take 1 on Mon 27
Zip: 94590 - 07/26/2015
i live in vallejo, ca. i need to leave tuesday 7/28 . i work there and am scheduled to start 7/29
Los Angeles, California - 07/25/2015
My 11 yr old son and I. Don't wanna miss out. Thanks everyone. One love.
Zip: 90028 - 07/24/2015
Hello. My name is Denise. I will be arriving in SF on Wed. July 29 and need a ride to the ROTR site. I am a volunteer and need to check in on July 30th, Thursday morning between 8am -10.