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Same Same But Different Music Festival 2022

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Zip: 95482 - 09/27/2023
Hi! Hoping to catch a ride one-way to the fest on Thursday. Happy to chip in gas money and good vibes. I'm laid back and I pack light. Hmu if interested!


Portland, Oregon - 08/25/2023
Hey friends!

Volunteering at SSBD! I fly in on Wednesday morning and will need a ride to the venue at Lake Perris. I'm also in search of a ride back to LA on Sunday (any time) and hopefully a place to stay for the night and a ride to the airport on Monday morning. Gas $ provided of course, and happy to treat to a meal!
Portland, Oregon - 07/20/2023
Hey friends! I'm considering volunteering at ssbd this year. If I go, I'll be flying in on Tuesday and will need to carpool with someone into the fest and back to the airport on Monday. Also looking for any folks that want to link up and hang during the weekend, as I'll be going solo :)
San Diego, California - 07/18/2023
Coming solo! I’m very flexible about driving in and leaving.

27 male and chill!
California, United States - 09/09/2022
Hey just looking if anyone is heading to SD after the festival. I don’t have a way back, my buddy bailed on me. Also not entirely sure how this works, but I try to share a ride :)
Santa Monica, California - 09/09/2022

Need a ride for 2 for Saturday we can be very flexible where to meet!


California, United States - 09/09/2022
Need a ride after Griz set from the fest back to LA. Need to be in LA by 7am but can leave after the set too.
Zip: 92107 - 09/09/2022
2017 Lincoln mkz. 1 person with gear and a gold camping pass. Caravaning with two other cars with two ppl in each car. One car is a couple and the other is two sisters. We are all in our 30s.

The girl that was riding with me just started a new coffee shop management job and is in training.

If you're not interested in this ride, she bought early bird tickets with us and is trying to recoup anything she can.
Zip: 94107 - 09/08/2022
Hey there looking for a ride either late Friday night or early Sat morning from the bay. Have a Saturday ticket only to see tipper and can contribute ) thanks. 34/m
Ontario, California - 09/08/2022
Hey everyone! I am looking for a ride to SSBD from Ontario on Thursday. My original ride bailed and I am willing to exchange a upper gold lot parking pass for a ride or cash! It’s just me (with a carry on, smaller suitcase and backpack + 3 hoops). Any leads or help would be greatly appreciated
Ontario, California - 09/08/2022
Ontario, California - 09/08/2022
Arriving at the Ontario airport around 3:30-4:00. Down to split an Uber/lyft to festival
Lakeside, California - 09/07/2022
Hi! Looking for a ride from San Diego. I have a ride back, but just need a ride there. Wanting to get there thursday before 5pm. :)
Long Beach, California - 09/07/2022
hey all i’m planning on attending just sunday for the day. looking to split a ride to save on gas/parking!

also willing to ride with others and share gas/parking fees.


Ontario, California - 09/07/2022
My flight lands at 11:15 Saturday morning and I'm looking for a ride to Same Same But Different in Perris
Ontario Airport - 09/07/2022
Need a ride from ontario airport to the festival! Im vending with some friends. Waiting to buy my flight to see what time would work best. Hoping to arrive thursday day or evening.
Los Angeles, California - 09/06/2022
I am in need of a ride to the music festival Same Same but Different! I arrive at the Lax airport at 8:30AM and can help with gas money!
El Paso, Texas - 09/06/2022
Driving alone so the other 3 seats are available
long beach - 09/06/2022
Need a ride from long beach/ LA area. Have lots of gas money but I also have a bit of large canvases I need to bring with me to display my art. Roof rack preferred. Other than that I have a 65l hiking bag
Ontario, California - 08/31/2022
A friend and I are looking for a ride on Thursday around 11:30 am to ssbd, we both will only have one bag with us and can provide gas $$$ :)
Los Angeles, California - 08/31/2022
Hi guys, I'm gonna ride my 22 years old Honda to the festival on Thursday afternoon. I'm flexible, should fit at least 1 or 2 ppl :)

dm me on instagram: Pawel.czarakcziew
Ontario Airport - 08/28/2022
Hi! Need a ride for 2 people with 4 bags from Ontario Airport on Thursday Sep 8th at 12:00pm.

Any help would be great!!
Ontario Airport - 08/16/2022
I haven't booked a flight yet so I'm flexible on arrival and departure.

Curious if anyone could scoop me, perhaps Thursday afternoon or Friday morning to head into festival?

Thank you.

Zip: 95060 - 08/10/2022
Good vibes.

I will do a work trade - possibly stay until Tuesday after the festival to break it down.

Portland, Oregon - 08/05/2022
Looking for a road trip buddy down the coast to SSBD!
San Diego, California - 08/01/2022
Looking for a ride for just me and a small amount of camping stuff from downtown sd to ssbd!

Laaate Thursday or early Friday would be ideal, returning monday.

San Diego, California - 08/01/2022
2 fun ladies flying into San Diego before the festival ( Santa Fe and Denver )

Want to arrive Thursday for good spots!
McKinleyville, California - 07/19/2022
anybody want a ride? just help pitch in for gas. must be super chilled and okay with smoking.
Zip: 95521 - 07/19/2022
looking for chilled people or person to ride with. will help with gas and put in my half for parking. i could drive but figured it would be fun to roadtrip with someone. i am a smoker, might drink a couple white claws, love drum and base along with some old 90 hip hop and 80/90's country!
Las Vegas, NV - 07/10/2022
Bakersfield, California - 06/23/2022