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Saskatoon Circle Gathering 2024

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Medina, Washington - 06/12/2024
Hey there,

My van just broke down a couple days ago and I'll have to leave it with a mechanic during Saskatoon... so as of now I am looking for a ride from Seattle area! I can have minimal gear and I can share gas money and driving. Please let me know if you have space, and thanks so much!

Seattle - 06/12/2024
We'll be a family of 3 (2 adults, 1 child who doesn't need a booster) with minimal luggage needing a ride from SeaTac on Friday night and back to Seatac the Sunday morning after the event. If we don't hear back soon, we'll be trying to rent a car and will probably have room for one additional person.
Vancouver - 06/08/2024
Hi! I am S├ębastien from Wisdom of the Earth wilderness school on Salt Spring Island (BC). I am looking for a drive from Vancouver area


WhatsApp: +33783453654
Seattle, Washington - 06/02/2024
I am coming from Seattle in a Prius. I will likely fill up the trunk but have room for another persons stuff on the back seat if your gear is fairly minimal. Would love to share the ride with someone!
Seattle, Washington - 05/23/2024
i am looking for a ride back to seattle on friday night or saturday morning. gratitude !
Seattle, Washington - 05/17/2024
would love to share a ride- looking into borrowing a car for the trip but would share gas & driving if you are driving...
Columbia Falls, Montana - 05/17/2024
Split the gas, have some fun convo and music share??
Seattle, Washington - 05/17/2024
Hi! I don't have a car and am coming from South Lake Union in Seattle. Have minimal gear with me. Thank you!