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Rye, Colorado - 06/17/2023
Leaving Sunday at 7pm back to Denver
Denver - 06/17/2023
Leaving at 9am
Durango, Colorado - 06/15/2023
Looking for a potential ride on Sunday morning/afternoon from the fest to Durango, CO. Will pay! Thanks!
Fort Collins, Colorado - 06/14/2023
Would love a ride after 1 pm Thursday to get to bloom
Colorado Springs, Colorado - 06/14/2023
1 male rider looking to head over there either Friday afternoon/evening or Saturday morning/afternoon. Coming back Sunday. Happy to help cover gas + can provide camping tips! email is
Ogden, Utah - 06/14/2023
I had a problem with my ride and hoping to still make it. I can meet in SLC or Evanston. Would mean the world.
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - 06/14/2023
Looking to get to sonic Bloom. Flying in from philly and arriving to Denver airport at 8 AM. Will throw cash.
Rye, Colorado - 06/14/2023
Need a ride for 2 from Sonic Bloom to Pueblo or Colorado Springs Sunday, will toss cash! Cheers!
Littleton, Colorado - 06/14/2023
Need a ride from Littleton and volunteering. Please help. Need ride asap to bloom
Zip: 80465 - 06/14/2023
Heading out Thursday @ 9am w/ room for 3-4 people from my spot!

Driving a truck so plenty of space for anything.

Must pitch on gas + pay $25/person for the car pass.
Silverthorne, Colorado - 06/13/2023
Trying to head out Thursday or Friday am. Making last min plans
Silverthorne, Colorado - 06/13/2023
Trying to leave Thursday possibly Friday morning.
Boulder, Colorado - 06/13/2023
Boulder, Colorado - 06/13/2023
Boulder 80301
Zip: 80465 - 06/13/2023
Leaving around 9am on Thursday w/ room for 3-4 people!

Driving a truck so I will have space for all your camping supplies.

Must contribute gas and $25/person towards the car camping pass!

Lakewood, California - 06/13/2023
Volunteering so leaving at 11am on Wednesday! They still need more volunteers if interested :)
Lakewood, California - 06/13/2023
Volunteering at the festival and leaving Wednesday around 11am! If you want to do the same they’re still looking for volunteers :)
Zip: 80465 - 06/13/2023
Leaving at ~9am Thursday! Must cover gas.

Have room for 3-4 people.

Driving a large truck with room for all your camping stuff.

Will also move supplies for a car camping pass.
Denver, Colorado - 06/13/2023
Offering ride to any staff/volunteer. Driving my van down Wednesday evening. Room for 1 plus your kit.
San Francisco, California - 06/13/2023
2 of us (Searra + Willow) - we’re volunteering for the harm reduction team

posted Tuesday 6/13
Walsenburg, Colorado - 06/13/2023
I am needing to get to hummingbird ranch Wednesday as I will be volunteering starting Thursday am, if anyone is going that way Wednesday..

Denver - 06/13/2023
Starting from Denver around 1-2 PM.

Going back Sunday morning.

Can take 3-4 people.
Timpas, Colorado - 06/13/2023
1 male adult rider
Timpas, Colorado - 06/13/2023
1 male adult needing a ride to Colorado City, Colorado, nearby Hummingbird Ranch
Colorado Springs, Colorado - 06/12/2023
Looking for a ride from Colorado springs airport to Gardner, CO for permaculture action day! Will gladly pay for gas
Zip: 81623 - 06/12/2023
Coming from glenwood springs area, need a ride!

I can throw down. Good vibes. just a backpack
El Prado, New Mexico - 06/12/2023
I'm leaving Taos tomorrow Tuesday going to Longmont and Wednesday going to the permaculture action day and then Thursday morning going to the festival.
Taos, New Mexico - 06/12/2023
Going from Taos tomorrow Tuesday to Longmont CO then heading to permaculture action day on Wednesday then heading to the festival early Thursday morning.
Walsenburg, Colorado - 06/12/2023
My business associate and I need a ride up,Thursday and come back Sunday

Phone number is 719.458.0553
Denver - 06/12/2023
Starting from Denver around 1-2 pm Friday. Driving back Sunday morning. Can take 3-4 people
St Louis - 06/11/2023
Colorado Springs, Colorado - 06/11/2023
Need a ride for me and one other person. Will pay for gas! Flight lands at Colorado springs Airport at 930am on Thursday
Gardena, California - 06/10/2023
Trying to get from Denver Airport to event by 4pm on Wednesday, June 14th. Running the harm reduction space. Please help!
Highlands Ranch, Colorado - 06/09/2023
Need a ride Thursday after 2pm will supply gas money
Zip: 74103 - 06/09/2023
Driving from Tulsa to Sonic Bloom
Rye, Colorado - 06/07/2023
I’m looking for a ride to the Denver airport on Sunday to catch my flight! I will pay. Please let me know if you have any extra space - I’m packing lightly so I won’t take up too much room :)
Rye, Colorado - 06/07/2023
Hi there! I’m looking for a ride from Sonic Bloom to the Denver airport on Sunday. I need to leave on sun to get to work on Monday. Please let me know if you have space for an extra!
Irvine, California - 06/06/2023
My name is Annastasia, & I'm coordinating the harm reduction & sanctuary space at Sonic Bloom. We need your help!

We're looking for a ONEWAY ride for a 27gal storage bin (14in. x 30in. x 20in.) that contains condoms, earplugs, brochures, & table decor. Not a person, just a bin with harm reduction supplies.

Pick up in Irvine, CA (anytime). Drop off at Sonic Bloom.

Pick Up: The bin is at Harm Reduction Circle HQ in Irvine & someone there there can have it ready for pick up. There is no specific date, you can pick anytime.

Drop Off: I'm flying out a few days before the event to help with preparations for the sanctuary, so I will be ready to meet at Sonic Bloom.

Thank you in advance! Harm Reduction Saves Lives!
Rye, Colorado - 06/06/2023
Hi! Looking for a ride from sonic bloom in Rye, CO to the Denver airport on Mon Jun 19 (early evening) or Tuesday Jun 20 (early morning). Thanks!
Zip: 80209 - 06/06/2023
I’d love to leave Thursday so we can get a quality camping spot
Denver - 06/05/2023

I land in Denver at 7am on Thursday the 15th and would love a ride to Sonic Bloom.

I can meet up in a convenient location anytime after 8am.

I will contribute with gas money and postive energy!

Denver, Colorado - 06/03/2023
There and back needed!
Glendale, Colorado - 06/03/2023
There and back plz
Glendale, Colorado - 06/03/2023
Would need a ride there and back
Greer, South Carolina - 06/02/2023
Need a ride for 2 Thursday morning from Ember Hostel, and a ride to Colorado Springs after the festival on Monday
Denver - 06/01/2023
I can't get off work Thursday so I'm looking for anyone who is riding out on Friday and coming back Sunday or early monday! I will pay for all gas and ride doesn't have to be two ways.
Westminster, Colorado - 06/01/2023
Have 2/3 spots available in my van leaving Thursday morning from the front range
Colorado, United States - 05/30/2023
My friend bailed last minute so I am now Looking for ride to bloom from denver on Wednesday or Thursday willing to pay for gas/food/favors. This is my second bloom and have been to plenty of fests.
Colorado, United States - 05/30/2023
willing to help with gas if not pay for all of it to get there. Can help with food or party favors as well bringing positive and fun vibes .This my second bloom and have plenty fest experience
Denver - 05/19/2023
Looking to ride with someone going to Sonic Bloom, I can help throw on expenses! Flying in on June 15th at around 9AM LMK if anyone can accommodate
Sandy, Utah - 05/09/2023
Leaving Thursday night and arriving Friday morning. Heading back monday
Sandy, Utah - 05/09/2023
Leaving Thursday night and aiming to get there Friday morning. Heading back monday
Sandy, Utah - 05/09/2023
Leaving from SLC on Thursday evening and planning to get there Friday morning.
Denver - 05/07/2023
Hi! We're 2 people flying in on Wed 14th, want to spend the day in Denver and leave for the festival on Thursday morning preferably. Looking for a ride/ ride share options/ renting and sharing a car from Denver to the venue on Thursday. This is our first festival - really excited but could use some help & tips :) also open to figuring out things together!
Zip: 84101 - 05/01/2023
I’m leaving on Wednesday night for the first 5 hours of the drive then will finish up on Thursday. Definitely down to meet up with some cool cats to vibe and camp with

I can take 3!
Zip: 84101 - 04/30/2023
Headed out from SLC on Wednesday evening. Can seat 3 more!
Denver - 04/26/2023
Hello beautiful people. I am looking for a ride to the venue on Thursday from Denver. I will be flying in from NYC on Wednesday and can't wait to experience my first bloom.

Light and love,

Denver - 04/26/2023
I am looking to either ride share or rent from Turo and split costs. I will be flying into DEN on Wed/Thurs, flying out probably Mon/Tues. 33 yo female, queer, poly, experienced festival go-er. I have a small tent I can sleep in solo, or I am open to sharing a tent with others. I enjoy cooking for my campmates. Hoping to find a crew who likes to boogie hard, but also cool with periods of solo adventure time. Hit me up!
Denver - 04/18/2023
Looking for a ride for 2 from Denver to the Venue on Thursday, ideally in the morning. We’ll be working and camping with the Healing Hub. Still trying to figure out flights so timing might be flexible.
Aurora, Colorado - 04/04/2023
I got a 2017 Subaru Impreza and I have a 720wh River pro for changing and a big JBL party box 310 for music. I was thinking about getting a huge tent for 4 people.
Asheville, North Carolina - 03/19/2023
My partner and I are arriving to the Colorado springs Airport on Thursday at 1140am and were trying to get a ride. We are willing to pay for gas or whatever is needed
Mack, Colorado - 01/15/2023
Seats 5 looking for a group to voyage and camp with