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Sonic Bloom 2019

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Zip: 80301 - 05/24/2019
We're leaving Boulder Friday morning (June 21st) and should be at Sonic Bloom around lunch. Ready to take two people with us.
Monterey, California - 05/23/2019
Leaving early for academy series! Planning on driving through AZ & NM on the way, leaving around 6/13ish. Have to be there 6/16.
California, United States - 05/21/2019
Leaving from Southern California for the festival and will have room for 3 people :) Willing to pick any one up who’s along the route or in Colorado!
Cedar City, Utah - 05/20/2019
I work at the Bryce Canyon national park lodge and can get a ride to cedar city if anyone is coming from Vegas I’m sure you’d pass through
Albuquerque, New Mexico - 05/18/2019
heading to SonicBloom on Wday we have room for 1 or 2, large SUV/cargo trailer/ dope crew
Zip: 80487 - 05/16/2019
Heading to bloom on weds or thurs morning early. Have room for 1 or 2. Looking to split cost of parking/fuel. I have a mini van
Denver, Colorado - 05/15/2019
Hi fellow Sonic Bloomers! I'm going to be flying into Colorado Airport either Tuesday June 19th or 20th, early in the AM, trying to get into the fest for early arrival.

Let me know if you can help! I'm happy to contribute, thank you :) Mario
Colorado, United States - 05/09/2019
I need a ride FROM THE FESTIVAL to the Denver airport, on Sunday, the 23rd. My flight leaves at 8 pm. I will provide compensation and will be so grateful. Please help!
Colorado, United States - 05/09/2019
I need a ride to the Denver airport on Sunday the 23rd. My flight is at 8 pm that evening. I’m happy to pay compensation and will be truly grateful!
East Longmeadow, Massachusetts - 05/07/2019
2 female passengers with minimal luggage.
Pueblo, Colorado - 04/30/2019
Im from out of state and looking for a ride from either Denver Airport or Pueblo, CO (for others convenience) to the Sonic Bloom festival. I HAVE A CAR PARKING /CAMPING PASS! Unfortunately my situation right now has let me unable to commute myself via car from the airport to the actual venue. I am willing to pitch in for gas, and obviously share my camp/parking spot (i have no car + you dont have to pay for a parking/camp pass). Please contact me ASAP.

Thank you.
Zip: 60622 - 04/04/2019
Looking for a one-way ride to Sonic Bloom 6/20– have $$, valid drivers license, and lots of snacks.
Dubuque, Iowa - 03/26/2019
Just me and my best friend, Kaylee. We have our tickets secured but our ride situation is shaky. If you’re passing through we’d appreciate the lift
Denver, Colorado - 03/21/2019
Looking for a ride down the 19th for VIP! Can pitch for gas money and good vibes!
Denver - 03/15/2019
Hey there!

I'm looking for a ride from Denver to HummingBird Ranch either on Wednesday or Thursday, before the festival. I'll be more than happy to cover any expenses for the ride! Looking forward to hearing from you!
Zionsville, Indiana - 03/15/2019
Hey there!

I'm looking for a ride from Denver to HummingBird Ranch either on Wednesday or Thursday, before the festival. I'll be more than happy to cover any expenses for the ride! Looking forward to hearing from you!
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - 03/11/2019
in search of a ride, either from the airport to the ranch or from philadelphia. i will gladly match you on any expense
Greenwood, Indiana - 03/11/2019
Hello, my namn is Clint, I will be leaving Indiana for Sonic Bloom!!!! Unfortunately I will be driving by myself and would welcome the company. I am planning on leaving a few days early as I will be bringing my fishing kayak and trailer. If you have a kayak..... it will fit!!
Denver, Colorado - 03/09/2019
Looking for a ride down on the 19th for VIP!
Zip: 33602 - 03/04/2019
I'm planning on renting a car from Denver Intl on Wednesday, June 19 around 1:30pm (want to be at SB by 4:20 for early entry and will need to make a dispensary stop on the way). Will be returning to Denver Intl by 1:30pm on Monday, June 24. If anyone would like to share a ride there and back let me know. Trump supporters need not reply ;-)...Have 3 seats open at this time and will update as seats fill.
Eugene, Oregon - 03/02/2019
Couple looking for a ride to the party! All our friends are backing out and we don't k ow anybody planning on going yet!
Big Chimney, West Virginia - 03/01/2019
Unknown yet. Getting a rent a car. Wi update
Denver - 02/18/2019
Overland Park, Kansas - 02/17/2019
Looking for a ride to Springdale 72762
Durango, Colorado - 02/15/2019
I've got a SUV with room for you! Likely there will be 2-3 spots open, leaving from Durango, CO. Cost of parking pass will be split amongst riders.
Denver, Colorado - 02/13/2019
I need two seats to Sonic bloom. We can discuss pick up and I can meet you closer to your location. We can also discuss compensation one on one.
Seattle - 02/12/2019