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Spirit Weavers Moon Session 2023

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Eugene, Oregon - 06/21/2023
Hi loves! My name is Olivia. I will be in Eugene, OR on Thursday morning, and would love a ride to the land for anyone leaving from nearby or passing through. I'm more than happy to contribute happy times + $ for gas :)
Medford, Oregon - 06/20/2023
Hello! I am looking for a ride to spirit weavers from MFR in exchange for lunch or gas! My flight arrives in medford at 12:00 pm on the 22nd.
Bellingham, WA - 06/19/2023
Hi there! I’m looking for a ride from moon session Monday morning to Bellingham! Happy to pay for gas and lunch! Thank you!
Medford, Oregon - 06/16/2023
Hello! I am seeking a ride to SWG from Medford Airport. My flight lands on June 21st at 11:30am.
Los Angeles, California - 06/16/2023
Hi all, I'm looking to carpool with someone to and from the gathering to split the cost of gas and to have some company on the long drive. I would love to share music and podcast recommendations and I'm always open to hearing about new ones as well. I am planning to drive my vehicle, which is a Subaru Forester, so I have plenty of room for gear and I have pretty good gas mileage. I will be leaving from Westchester in Los Angeles and will likely take the 5 for both ways. I am happy to swoop anyone along the way who is more north of me as well. I am planning to leave on Wednesday morning. As for the return trip, I'd like to be home by Monday night so I'll plan to leave the gathering Monday morning. Please reach out if you are interested in carpooling. Thanks so much! :)
Renton, Washington - 06/16/2023
I am somewhat flexible in when I’m leaving, but hoping for Sunday pm or Monday morning (6/18, 6/19). I would like to be on the land for the end of Sun session (I have tickets to both sessions) and maybe you’re in a similar situation or would like to arrive early for moon and camp nearby. Would love help with gas! I have 1 seat in my van.
Cave Junction, Oregon - 06/14/2023
Looking for a ride to medford airport on Sunday afternoon.
Zip: 97202 - 06/11/2023
I am looking for a ride from Spirit Weavers Moon session to Portland on the 26th of June. I’m happy to split gas $ and offer help with driving if wanted.

Looking forward to gathering with you :)
Cave Junction, Oregon - 06/09/2023
I need a ride from the Spiritweavers gathering on Monday, June 26th between the hours of 9am-12pm to the Medford airport.

Huntington Beach, California - 06/09/2023
From SoCal to Cave Junction. Need to arrive by Wednesday noon, June 21st, for Seva orientation.
Portland Oregon - 05/24/2023
We are two meows seeking a ride to and from Portland Oregon to Spirit Weavers. We offer gas money, snacks, lively conversation or restfull silence to the trip. We both can also take turns driving if you wish


Ciana Anita Kalokomaika'imaikalanimai



Jessica Marie Cardenas Olave

Forestville, California - 05/19/2023
hoping to find a ride up to cedar bloom for moon session. need to land by the evening of 6/21 (wednesday). have valid driver's license so would be glad to drive part of the way and contribute to gas. i'm in forestville (CA) though can get to surrounding areas within a reasonable distance. i don't have my own car so i would need to figure out transportation to meet you outside of forestville, if need be. sebastopol or santa rosa (or somewhere equidistant north) would be ideal.

i also need ride back down on monday 6/26 so if you can swoop me in either or both directions please reach out
San Diego, California - 05/15/2023
Hello I’m driving from downtown San Diego Monday evening and spending the night in oceanside at my mom’s and to drop off my dog. There is parking at my moms if you’d want to meet me there or you’re welcome to spend the night there in the spare bedroom. I plan to leave at 6a Tuesday morning. I think I will take the 5 on the way up and the 101 on the way back. I would like to arrive a bit before the gate opens on Thursday, like 8a. I have an Outback and a good amount of space. I usually sleep in my car at night and am happy to park at a hotel so you can stay there while I sleep in my car and/or split a room with two beds. I’m a clean, organized, relaxed, and typically upbeat travel companion and have made this treck dozens of times.
Vancouver, British Columbia - 05/10/2023

I would love to get a ride down with someone, however, if I find enough folks to fill my truck, I’d be happy to take us down for moon session. Need support with gas :)
Ashland, Oregon - 05/08/2023
Moon session- morning of June 22- looking for a ride to the land :)
Medford, Oregon - 04/29/2023
Looking for ride from and to Medford airport to SWG
Medford, Oregon - 03/30/2023
Looking for a ride to and from the airport for Spirit weavers moon session, can provide good tunes and some gas money.
Olympia, Washington - 03/27/2023
My wife and I will be driving down to spirit weavers from Olympia WA and can bring 2 others.

We have a Subaru with a hatchback :)

The ride should take about 6hrs from Olympia.
Bellingham, WA - 03/21/2023
I’m hoping to catch a ride with someone coming from up north as it would be nice to leave the car with my husband and son.
Eugene, Oregon - 03/21/2023
Hello! I am looking for a ride from Eugene to the Moon session. Please let me know if you have space for one person + camping supplies, if you are also coming from Eugene or further north and will be traveling down the 1-5. Happy to contribute with gas, snacks, and chats :)
Medford, Oregon - 01/21/2023
I would love a ride from the Rogue Valley Medford International Airport to Spirit Weavers Moon Session!