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Spirit Weavers Moon Session 2019

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Cave Junction, Oregon - 05/22/2019
I can hold space for a faerie to venture off the land with in my wagon. I am heading down to Southern California , Joshua Tree. Hoping to receive assistance with fuel ~ a long beautiful journey ahead ~ I look forward to meeting the divine sister that aligns on this journey ~ Blessings ~
Los Angeles - 05/22/2019
Hi friends!

I am traveling to the gathering from NYC, looking for a ride to the Village from LA! Thought it would be more fun to drive through the state with folks rather than skip all the landscapes by flying!

I am a 22 year old artist, herbalist and traveler living in Brooklyn, originally from Russia. Will be happy to chip in for gas and be a pleasant company :)

Cave Junction, Oregon - 05/21/2019
looking for a ride back to Utah (Salt Lake/Provo/Spanish Fork areas) on Mon. 6/17, preferably Tues. 6/18 *any other staff/instructors/Seva out there?* able to contribute towards gas as well as driving if your vehicle has an automatic transmission!
Hornbrook, California - 05/19/2019
Hi Spirit Weavers!

I can offer a ride from Ashland/Medford areas up to the Moon session June 13!

We can split fuel cost and carpool!
Arcata, California - 05/19/2019
Hi! Looking for a ride to Spiritweavers from Arcata on the 11th.
Cave Junction, Oregon - 05/19/2019
Will be driving back to San Francisco but will stay in Mount Shasta for the night of 17th unless you want help with driving!!
Zip: 97202 - 05/19/2019
Hi! Searching for a ride from Portland the 12th or early 13th of june. Flying all the way from Belgium, Europe for my first time Spiritweaversgathering :-). Can give cash for gas, belgian chocolate and lots of love and gratitude in return :-). Ann
Medford, Oregon - 05/18/2019
Need a ride to SpiritWeavers Gathering in Cave Junction, Oregon in June 11th and back to Medford Airport June 18th
Albuquerque, New Mexico - 05/17/2019
USE THIS ONE (the other one had a wrong email entered). I’m curious if anyone is driving through NM on their way to Spirit Weavers? I’d join the road trip.
New Mexico, United States - 05/17/2019
I’m curious if there’s anyone traveling from New Mexico, or through NM, on their way to Spirit Weavers? If so I’d be interested in roadtripping with you.
Missoula, Montana - 05/16/2019
Hi there! My name is Christina, I will be driving to the gathering from Missoula, MT Wednesday, June 12th and either camping that evening or stopping in Portland. If anyone is in coming from Montana or on my route and would like to join me, please feel free! Have a nice day!
Santa Ana, California - 05/15/2019
Hello Spirit Weaver sisters, looking to catch a ride for trade. Offering cash for gas, snacks and chill vibes. I am coming from Orange County and can meet you wherever you are.
Portland, Oregon - 05/15/2019
I will be arriving in Portland from upstate NY Wednesday evening at 11:45pm, I have rented a car and will be driving down to the gathering Thursday morning from Portland and back up to Portland on Monday after the gathering! Gas, snacks, or a place to crash Wednesday are great offerings! Thank you sisters, Kate :)
San Francisco, California - 05/14/2019
Hi Sisters,

I would love to share a ride back to San Francisco. I can help with snacks, gas and good vibes!
Medford, Oregon - 05/08/2019
My availability is very flexible and I'd love to get you to wherever your adventure takes you.

I have a Hyundai Sonata that has lots of leg and head room. If you're looking for friendly service, affordable travels rates and flexibility I'm your gal!
Medford, Oregon - 05/08/2019

I will be available to get to to and from Medford OR for 30% off what Uber or Lyft will charge one way.

June 5-6th

June 10th

June 12-13th

June 17th

Reservations required

Thank you

Fontana, California - 05/05/2019
Grand rising sisters , I will be departing to Oregon on the 1st of June , will be on the land until the end of Moon session , I am riding with my tribe who will be climbing / bouldering in Oregon but aren’t able to stay as long as I am . So I am searching for a ride back down to the Southern regions of California. I can figure out a ride from where you are located in SoCal . I just need a way down. I will have a teepee & two crates & gear . So hoping to align with someone with space in their vehicle. Blessings , so much love & excited to meet you!!
Santa Cruz - 05/04/2019
2003 Acura MDX

6 seater including driver! Hoping to have some room for everyone’s gear preferably only 3 passenger but totally willing to accommodate:) excited to meet you!
Los Angeles - 04/22/2019
Offering ride to stagecoach 2019 have room for 3 plus luggage
North Vancouver, British Columbia - 04/17/2019
Hello All!

I will be leaving from Vancouver, BC, Canada June 12th at 4:00pm (after I finish work). Staying a night close to Portland (either camping or staying with a friend in Hood River). So leaving from Portland early morning June 13th and getting to the gathering in the afternoon.

I will be leaving the gathering Monday afternoon and breaking up the drive again. So stopping around Portland on June 17th. And leaving to go back to Vancouver, BC, Canada, early morning June 18th.

Let me know if you have questions. If you are not from Vancouver, I can also pick up along the way.

I'm easy going and love tunes and car snacks.

Thank you,

Santa Cruz, California - 04/15/2019
Looking for a ride home after moon session! Would be stoked with anything close to Santa Cruz! Can pitch for gas!
Cave Junction, Oregon - 03/23/2019
Are you my diamond in the rough?

Looking for a driver with space to share! After moon, back to LA.

I am vending, and have a lot of stuff(!) (but live overseas, hence no car)... The uptick for you, is I am happy to pay for a large share of the gas! I prefer to make the long haul back to LA Monday night ideally...

I also am happy to share driving, and hold a valid CA drivers license. I'm pretty good company, and hope we can bask in the bliss of our moon session on the ride back!

Sound like a good fit? Hit me up!

Medford, Oregon - 03/23/2019
Aloha, I arrive at the Medford airport at 10:30 am and need a ride to the festival please.
Eugene, Oregon - 03/18/2019
Hello! I am travelling from Toronto and am looking for a ride to the gathering early on the 13th. I am flexible with the pick up site.

Thank you!
Berkeley, California - 01/14/2019
My fellow weavers, I live in the east bay and i am willing to meet you anywhere in the bay area if you are headed to Oregon. I am looking for a ride upto the gathering and hope to arrive by the afternoon of June 12th. I am willing to share the driving duties and split the gas money. I can also bring delicious snacks to make the drive more comfortable.