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Spirit Weavers 2022 Sun Session

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Ashland - 06/04/2022
Looking for a ride to Spirit Weavers

Cave Junction, Oregon - 06/04/2022
Hey, I’m Gina René -facilitator of Sister+Sister Song Circle and Cipher (Freestyle Flow) here at SW seeking a ride to Ashland after SW on Monday. Willing to contribute gas $ or trade.

My cell: (310)704-6194
Medford, Oregon - 06/03/2022
We are gonna split a cab out to Cave Junction, leaving around 10:30am on Friday 6/3. Wanna join us and share costs?
Cave Junction, Oregon - 05/30/2022
We would love a ride from Cave Junction to Medford airport on Monday morning 6/6 at 10am. We will help with gas!

Medford, Oregon - 05/30/2022
Hello lovely ladies -

We need to go from Medford airport to cave Junction. Friday 6/3 at noon.

Two women. We will pay for gas money!
Corvallis, Oregon - 05/30/2022
I will be driving down from Corvallis on June 2 and happy to give a ride!
Eugene, Oregon - 05/30/2022
I am driving down from Corvallis on June 2 and could give a ride from Corvallis/Eugene/anywhere along the way!
Medford, Oregon - 05/29/2022
I am looking for a carpool from Medford airport anytime on June 2nd and back to the airport by 8:30am on the 6th. I gave a ride to folks from the airport to the gathering in 2018 (even though it wasn't really on my way) I just did it to help out - so I'm hoping the karma returns now that I'm flying! Thank you!
Sebastopol, California - 05/29/2022
Hello dear ones!

I am going to be leaving via my trusted keep liberty steed from Sebastopol either Monday evening or Tuesday morning (flexible if you need).

Planning on staying in Arcata area for Tuesday night (maybe looking for morels if time permits) and then riding to the site Wednesday morning!

If you are in Sebastopol, or Arcata area, or anywhere on the way, I am happy to give you a ride!

It’s currently only me in my car so let me know if you’d be interested in joining :)
Cave Junction, Oregon - 05/29/2022
Would love a ride from Cedar Bloom on June 6th to Medford airport. I’m finished with kitchen seva at 11 so anytime between 11-12 would be amazing! Mahalo!
Vancouver, Washington - 05/26/2022
hello lovely humans! i will be driving down from Vancouver Washington the morning of 5/31or the evening of 5/30 (flexibility on this). i have two empty seats if we squish and one empty seat with ease.

i am immunocompromised and ask that folks don't ride with me if they are going to large indoor unmasked gatherings the week before and either take a rapid test before sharing air or wear masks in the car. i am open to either. :)
Medford, Oregon - 05/26/2022
My sister and I need to get from Medford Airport to Spirit Weavers Gathering. We arrive at 12:15 , on June 2nd.
Eugene, Oregon - 05/25/2022
Hi, I'm an instructor...looking for a ride from the Eugene airport on the 29th and hoping to camp by the land until Wed!
Eugene, Oregon - 05/24/2022
Hi! Arriving Monday the 30th at 11 am (sun session seva) looking for a ride to the land! 2 + a baby . We are traveling light with one bag each and yes a car seat. Let me know if you have accommodations :)
Medford, Oregon - 05/23/2022
I would like to organize a shared Uber. I’ll leave the airport at 11am on the 31st. Would love to leave the area by 12pm to get there for camp site setup time
Arcata, California - 05/22/2022
Looking for a ride to Arcata after sun session. Can contribute for gas and share driving time!
Redding, California - 05/22/2022
Hello! After Sun Session, I'm looking for a ride on June 6th from Spirit Weavers to Redding, CA. It's along Highway 5 and would be right on the way for anyone driving to Sacramento or San Francisco areas. Please let me know! Of course would contribute gas money and good vibes. :)
Redding, California - 05/22/2022
Hello! After Sun Session, I'm looking for a ride on June 6th from Spirit Weavers to Redding, CA. It's right along Highway 5 and would be on the way for anyone driving to Sacramento or San Francisco areas. Please let me know! Of course would contribute gas money and good vibes. :)
Santa Cruz, California - 05/20/2022
Hello, I will be leaving from Santa Cruz to get to the land on 30th before 1pm. Most likely will leave in the 29th.
Medford, Oregon - 05/20/2022
Hi lovely people! I'm looking for a ride from the Medford airport either late (like 9:30 PM) on the 31st or from that area June 1st before the instructor gathering at 3 PM. I'm also looking for a ride BACK to Medford from the gathering on Mon June 6th--my flight leaves at 3. I won't have much on me, just personal camping supplies and would happily contribute $/snax/etc. Thanks
Durango, Colorado - 05/17/2022
Looking for ride up from the Four Corners area, but also willing to get myself to southern CA instead. I can give more than my share of gas and can help with the driving. I love conversation, music, or silence!
Medford, Oregon - 05/16/2022
Don't forget Uber and Lyft also will get you to the land from Medford if you want to split a ride with someone. This may be a good place to matchmake too!
Grass Valley, California - 05/15/2022
Hi! I am looking for a ride to attend the sun gathering from Grass Valley / Nevada City / Sacramento area.

Hope to travel June 1st

Happy to help with gas

Medford, Oregon - 05/15/2022
I need a ride from Medford airport to the gathering on 5/29. I’m arriving early for Seva, thank you for the help!
San Francisco, California - 05/14/2022
Looking for a ride from SF Bay area Monday eve or anytime Tuesday. Happy to help with driving and costs, of course! Dhuti: 707-292-9718
Bellingham, Washington - 05/05/2022
Hey there! Does anyone here have room for me in their car leaving the sun session on Monday to trek back to Washington? I live in Bellingham:)
Medford, Oregon - 05/01/2022
Looking for a ride from Medford airport to the land on May 31st, hoping to arrive by 1pm so set up before our 3pm Seva meeting.

I arrive at Medford airport at 11am

Thank you thank you
California, United States - 04/27/2022
I have a massage table and camping gear and need a ride north. For both sun and moon session.
Medford, Oregon - 04/26/2022
Flying in early May 30th for seva- Looking for seva or instructors that are available to ride share or possibly anyone also flying in that day who would want to share a ride?
Sisters, Oregon - 04/24/2022
I need a ride from Sisters/Bend to Spirit Weavers on May 29 or 30th
Grants Pass, Oregon - 04/10/2022
Hi! I’m taking a bus from Portland to Grant’s Pass on June 2. The bus will be arriving there around 1pm. Will anyone be traveling through Grants Pass between 1-2ish and would be willing to give me a ride to Spirit Weavers? I would be so grateful and would give gas money.
Cave Junction, Oregon - 03/19/2022
Looking for a ride back to Portland *after* Spirit Weavers ends on Mon 6/6! Happy to share gas and driving :)

x Victoria
Portland Oregon - 02/20/2022
I am a mama who will be traveling with an 8 month old. I am looking for someone who would want to ride along with us and share the driving responsibility. We have a van with a topper box. I would want to meet you in person before we travel together. Thank you, Laci