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Symbiosis Gathering 2016 - STAFF

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Portland - 08/09/2017
Hi guys coming all the way from rainy London,would love a ride.

It's me and my partner and two suitcases freash off the plan from Portland about 4.30pm on the 16th if August.

Can provide banter and petrol money and plenty gratitude.

Peace and love

Oakdale, California - 09/25/2016
Looking for a ride to SF or Arcata area on the 2nd or 3rd of October from SITE. I have two medium side suitcases and a backpacking bag. Will pitch in for gas.
Zip: 94621 - 09/22/2016
Offering rides from Bay Area and Oakland Friday around noon :)
Oakland, California - 09/21/2016
Hey :)

We're 2 people from Berlin with backpacks currently staying in Oakland /sam Francisco ...we have normal entry tix so for us it would be perfect to go Thursday morning ...please let me know if we can come with you :)

Cheers Alina and Jens
Zip: 94609 - 09/21/2016
Gotta get to festival by 4 pm today Wednesday the 21st, thinking about renting a car to Modesto for $120 and will do if I can get a few folks to split the cost.
Portland, Oregon - 09/20/2016
Leaving around 6am Wednesday morning and have one more spot in the car. Driving back up either Mon or Tues depending on if they need us to work.

If you wanna hang with some dudes and pitch in to the commonwealth, hit me up and climb aboard! We will pick up anyone along the way as well.

text (661)476-6898
Santa Cruz - 09/20/2016
Leaving Santa Cruz at 7 p.m. on Tuesday night if anybody needs a ride have space
Portland - 09/20/2016
Looking for a co-pilot to leave Portland Wed 9/21 evening and sleep/drive sleep to arrive on Thursday midday. Sprinter van with comfy bed in back. Room for a little stuff.
San Francisco, California - 09/19/2016
Hi there, my original travel plans for tomorrow (tuesday) fell through because the friend who was supposed to pick me up from the airport with my car decided to head out today and told me to deal. Any help finding a ride tomorrow anytime out to site so I can be there for build with the Grand Artique would be greatly appreciated. My flight gets in at 10:40 am and I only have two small bags.


Zip: 95060 - 09/19/2016
Heya!! I am leaving from Santa Cruz on Thursday mornin. Have room for someone in my honda civic!
Sacramento Airport - 09/19/2016
Rental car offering a ride / wanna chip in for gas to The symbiosis festival!!!! We arrive on Wednesday at 2 PM /2:30 departing
Ashland, Oregon - 09/19/2016
Headed south in the early morn' to arrive on-site mid-afternoon on Tuesday the 20th. If you packed light and need a ride (max. 2 ppl), holler-- text 4049410146
Fremont, California - 09/19/2016
Hi I'm offering a ride. Still looking? ::

Leaving from Castro Valley/Hayward, but I can Pick Up from Oakland/Berk to Fremont. Sept. 22, 2016, 8:30 a.m. (flexible). Return trip, returning Sept. 26, 2016, noon. Split Driving Costs (around $20 but could be less depending on number of passengers). Call or text 360-830-7448.
Fremont, California - 09/19/2016
Hi I'm offering a ride. Still looking? ::

Leaving from Castro Valley/Hayward, but I can Pick Up from Oakland/Berk to Fremont OK

Sept. 22, 2016, 8:30 a.m. (flexible)

Available seats:

3 seat(s) there

3 seat(s) back

Return trip, returning Sept. 26, 2016, noon

Split Driving Costs (around $20 but could be less depending on number of passengers). Call or text 360-830-7448.
Oakdale, California - 09/19/2016
Hey there, I'm working site utilities through Tues Sept 27th, and I'm looking for a ride on Wednesday Sept 28th, on the earlier side of the day, from the site to San Francisco Airport or close to there... I'm booking a flight for that afternoon/evening and trusting there will be a number of people heading that way... Not much stuff, I have gas $ of course... Bless, Leon
Zip: 94702 - 09/19/2016
Hey, I'm going to be leaving Berkeley at 4 PM on Thursday for anyone who needs a ride. Got potentially 3 seats in the car. I'm working as staff, so when I get onsite I'll need to move through the line as quick as possible, which may mean having to go a different route than anybody who is not staff. Anyway, happy to give a ride to anyone who wants.
Zip: 95928 - 09/19/2016
I will be leaving early in the morning on Thursday
San Francisco, California - 09/18/2016
Hey Guys, looking to share my ride for a guaranteed ride to Symbiosis from SFO, and back again. Round trip is 85 dollars. No smoking in car, no drugs in car. Looking for happy vibes and friendly faces! *Must pack lightly, as there will be a car full of people and their bags. Let the journey begin!
San Francisco, California - 09/18/2016
Hi there! Seeking a ride to symbiosis from San Francisco on Saturday the 23rd. Have hugs, gas $$, and all the good vibes. Thanks for your consideration!
San Francisco Airport - 09/18/2016
hey! to whomever is reading : )

my girlfriend & I will be flying into San Fran airport from FL @ 10:40 a.m. would LOVE to catch a ride in with someone heading to symbiosis on Tuesday morning, as well.

please contact me : 954-702-4027
Oakland Airport - 09/17/2016
I need a Ride from Oakland Airport to Symbiosis on Wednesday the 21st, as early in the am as someone is heading.
Zip: 94110 - 09/17/2016
Looking for a ride for 1-3 people from SFO or Bay Area to Symbiosis on 9/20 ... thanks !
Zip: 95945 - 09/16/2016
Riding up from Grass Valley on Monday the 19th with space for one, maybe two more people. Passing through Sacramento on the way.
San Francisco, California - 09/16/2016
Hola Amig@s !!

Looking for a ride this sunday, Im coming all the way from the caribbean to be part of this magical symbiosis crew , I could contribute with gas , and I brought some coca leaves from home that we could share on the way, see u guys on the way , thank u!!
San Diego, California - 09/15/2016

I'm looking for a ride from Symbiosis to SF airport or close by Sunday afternoon. Is anyone leaving early by chance? Thanks!
Sacramento Airport - 09/15/2016
Hey everyone!

I'm looking for a ride from the Sacramento Airport anytime after 12pm on Sunday! Anyone up for a shared adventure! :-)

Much love!

Oakland Airport - 09/15/2016
Hello! I need a ride from Oakland Airport or anywhere in that vicinity on Thursday the 22nd to Symbiosis. Will share gas costs of course!
Santa Rosa, California - 09/14/2016
Hello fellow Symbiosian!

I'll be leaving from Santa Rosa/Sonoma County Tuesday (9/20) afternoon (probably by 2pm). I have room for at least 1-2 people depending on how much gear you have. I plan on driving back to Sonoma County by Monday afternoon. :) Throw a few bucks down for gas and we're off!
San Francisco, California - 09/13/2016
Greetings! Looking for a ride for 3 from the San Francisco airport on the 20th to Symbiosis. All 3 of us will be working in the MOVA art Gallery during the event. Any leads or help would be greatly appreciated. Big love
Zip: 92107 - 09/13/2016
Looking for a ride for my boyfriend and I. We want to leave for symbiosis thursday night and come back home monday.
San Francisco, California - 09/13/2016
Looking for a ride for two from San Francisco or Oakland to symbiosis.
San Francisco, California - 09/12/2016
hello guys im an artist from peru...i will need a ride from SF to the festival on 21 ...please i can share gas and good company...with love and appreciation.andy
Victoria, British Columbia - 09/11/2016
I'm looking for a ride for two people to site from San Francisco on Monday, Sept 19! Working in Enterprises and Marketing.

Zip: 94111 - 09/11/2016
Need a ride on Monday the 12th

to symbiosis.

Only have 1 small bag.
San Francisco, California - 09/09/2016
Looking for a ride on the 17th from San Francisco. Will have camping stuff and two suitcases. Also looking for a ride back on the 28th to San Francisco.

Happy to contribute and all that jazz. I'm working and don't live in California and would prefer to avoid renting a car that will be parked for 12 days! Hope to hear from you. Thanks, Laney
Sherwood, Oregon - 09/09/2016
Leaving for symbiosis on the 12th, stopping in Humboldt first a night, arrive late on the 13th
Zip: 94107 - 09/09/2016
Need to be on site Monday the 14th to set up production compound showers and child care. Leaving from San Francisco. Can entertain you with wild takes and wiley riddles.
Zip: 94621 - 09/08/2016
I'm driving from Oakland airport to Symbiosis on the 21st for early entry. Depending on the situation I may be willing to drive someone there on the 22nd as well, very flexible and good at organizing everything for a nice and smooth ride to and from the event, most of all looking for great people to meet, mahalo, thanks for reading
Oakdale, California - 09/08/2016
Offering rides from the event on the 26th and 27th for staff
Long Beach, California - 09/07/2016
Hi there! Im a super friendly and fun person in need of a ride from Long Beach Ca, although Im willing to meet in Los Angeles or Santa Clarita if that's more convenient.

Im Looking for some wonderful people to journey along side with to Symbiosis. If all goes well maybe we can camp together (I have a easy up I can share).

You of course will be compensated for your good work, and I can drive for a bit too if that helps. I have minimal baggage with just a tent easy up and small suitcase. The earlier we can arrive the better!

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Love, McKenna
Portland, Oregon - 09/07/2016
leaving oregon on the 12th/13th looking to be on site the 15th.
Oakland - 09/06/2016
Hey guys, Im flying to Oakland from Europe at the 19th. I will do photography in the festival. i need a way to get there or to stay for 3 nights before an official ride.

Will appreciate much :) Amir Weiss
Yucca Valley, California - 09/05/2016
Howdy, seeking a ride from Joshua Tree or SoCal on the 17th or 18th of September to Symbiosis. Need one seat and room for a backpacking tent and a couple duffle bags. One way only. Willing to pay 50% or more of gas for a non gas hog.
Sacramento Airport - 09/04/2016
I'm going to be flying in on the 12th of September around 10 PM. Would love a ride to the festival site.
Gerlach, Nevada - 09/03/2016
Wrapping up DPW season would love a ride to symbiosis site