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WAYHOME Music Festival 2015

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Zip: 48220 - 06/30/2015
Hi! Just got home from Electric Forest and I'm really considering going to Wayhome if I can fill my truck with people to split the gas with.

It will probably be me and another friend or my girlfriend.
Toronto, Ontario - 06/30/2015
WAYHOME FESTIVAL RideShare -- Toronto to Barrie

Hello WayHomers! if you need a ride from Toronto to Barrie & back for WayHome 2015, do let me know! I’ve been to 3 Bonnaroos and am super excited for this one.

$25 each way, and you can camp with the car. We will have a canopy and coolers to share.

I will have a full itinerary for those interested.

Email me for more info.

Mario :)