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What The Festival 2015

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Sarasota, Florida - 10/19/2015
Ride to Hullaween
Washington, District of Columbia - 08/25/2015
Looking for room for 1 to Lockn' leaving the DC area on Thursday evening, Sept 10. Will pay your gas and meals along the way.
Zip: 97212 - 06/20/2015
Leaving today (Saturday) around 11am. Anyone who can help out with gas and good vibes are welcome!
Portland, Oregon - 06/19/2015
Needing a ride to the festival on Saturday the 19th after 4 PM. Willing to pay/provide snacks!
Portland Oregon - 06/19/2015
Hey lookin to give some rides today Friday June 19. We are not going to what the festival but we know the are we used to live in dufur we have a 2006 Ford fusion with an empty back seat were looking to give rides today if you can cover gas email me if interested
Seattle, Washington - 06/19/2015
I'm looking for a ride from Seattle to WTFestival, It's me and my friend, we are 420 friendly and have cash for gas and lots of good tunes to bump on the way there!

Please email ASAP, were coming into seattle at 4pm today!
Zip: 97206 - 06/18/2015
RIDE TO WHAT THE FESTIVAL, leaving tomorrow around 2:30pm if your interested there's space for 2 possibly 3
Portland, Oregon - 06/18/2015
Hey Im Rob. I have one more open seat for a new friend/festie bud. My friend Maggie and I just wanna help out and save money on a parking pass. If your down im leaving kind of early cause i have to meet other friends at 8 AM in tigard area. But i can meet up with you anywhere on the east side. Happy travels!
Seattle - 06/18/2015
Hey ya'll

I still have room in my car, leaving tomorrow AM and coming back Monday AM. Let me know! I can pick someone up on the way if necessary.

Portland, Oregon - 06/18/2015
Hello my name is Darryl and I'm looking for a ride anytime after 4 on Friday. I'm super laid back and a great passenger :) I've only got myself and a small backpack to bring. I've got cash and cold beer at the festival to offer. Cheers.
Hood River, Oregon - 06/18/2015
This girl needs a ride! I'm flying solo meeting some friends there so I do have a few things but I'm not overloaded with crap. I'm in hood river which is off the 84- youll pass it coming from portland, Seattle, Bay Area... Hook a sister up! :) aloha
Seattle, Washington - 06/18/2015
I have 2-3 more seats available. Leaving Friday morning around 8-9. Pitch in for gas and let's go have some fun. Chill dude, 23. Txt me 206.265.0766
Seattle, Washington - 06/18/2015
I have 2-3 more seats available if anyone needs a ride. Friends bailed but I'm still going anyway! Friendly dude 23. Let's rage
Portland - 06/18/2015
We are leaving Portland tonight (thursday night) hopefully around 6:30ish, and would love a third person in our car so we can get a cheap camping pass.
Portland, Oregon - 06/18/2015
Hi! I am looking for a ride Friday afternoon, or early Sat morning. Also, ride back to Portland Sunday evening. I will have two small bags and a sleeping bag. I will help with gas.


Zip: 97206 - 06/18/2015
Looking for ride to and from WTF from SE Portland, can leave anytime Friday and return Monday. Can help drive, and have snacks, good tunes and cash monies
Portland, Oregon - 06/18/2015
Really need a ride from PDX -> WTF on Friday (6/19) after 5pm or Saturday (6/20) anytime.

Willing to pay/bring snacks/beatbox for entertainment.

Portland - 06/18/2015
Leaving at 8am Friday
Portland, Oregon - 06/18/2015
Have room for 1 more person & bags in a ride leaving from SE Portland at about 1pm Friday. (This replaces my ad from 6/17 for 2 people) -Trevor
Zip: 97202 - 06/18/2015
Leaving PDX for What The Festival on Thursday around 3ish. Can take 1-2 peeps. Returning on Monday.
Portland OR - 06/18/2015
My friend and I will be leaving Inner North Portland to What the festival around 7 am Friday Morning and returning early afternoon on Monday. We have two seats in the back of an extended cab pickup available and extra room in the bed for gear.
Seattle - 06/18/2015
Hey all! I'm looking for a ride on Sunday back to seattle! I'll pitch in for gas and all that good stuff. Lmk 2069490609. I have work 8am Monday. Dont mind leaving at 4am monday just need to be in the office! Thanks!!
Seattle - 06/17/2015
Leaving Seattle tomorrow at 4pm. Have room for one more! Just pitch in for some gas..
Berkeley, California - 06/17/2015
looking for a one way ride to the Bend, OR area or as close as I can get to it. It is directly on the route from the bay to WTFest so anyone heading there with extra room, I can bring minimal gear as I'm trying meeting up with my lady there and head to the fest. Hoping to leave tomorrow, Thursday 6/18

Thank you, thank you!

Tahoe City, California - 06/17/2015
My girlfriend and I are planning on headed up thru Reno 395N then back cutty way up on the 97 thru Bend OR (NOT DRIVING THE I-5) we plan on leaving Thurs evening and driving the 10-12 hrs thru the night and arriving early Friday morn. Subaru Legacy Room for two.
Zip: 97405 - 06/17/2015
Am driving from Eugene to What the Fest on Thursday. Have room for one more person to rideshare with.

Needing another passenger for the 3-person rideshare-discount :)
Vashon, Washington - 06/17/2015
I will be heading south from Tacoma tomorrow.

If your on my way and you need a ride shoot me a text. We will see what we can make happen.

420 friendly .

24 year old male.


Dufur, Oregon - 06/17/2015

My name is Ric.

I am working the festival and looking for a ride from the festival grounds to San Francisco/Bay Area. I cannot leave until Monday at 3pm. Can anyone help me out? I will pay for gas all the way home.

Portland, Oregon - 06/17/2015
Hey there. I am going to be arriving at the PDX airport Friday afternoon at 330pm and looking for a ride into the festival if anyone has room. I am happy to compensate for gas :)
Portland, Oregon - 06/17/2015
Me and my 3 friends are looking to go up to WTFestival on Thursday or Friday! We can of course split the parking fee and gas and provide other things :) Email me if you have space, we can squish too!

- Josiah
Zip: 95521 - 06/17/2015
Hello! Need a ride from Arcata (or surrounding area)

Much appreciated! I'm easy, breezy, and everything in-betweeny

*love LOve*
Portland - 06/17/2015
Two seats & room for bags (& coolers, possibly) available. Leaving from Portland about 1pm Friday.

Seattle - 06/17/2015
I'm looking for a RIDE BACK from WTF to Seattle (or Portland) leaving sometime Saturday early or late evening (Cash for Gas)... Text or call 2066077988

I know, why go if you have to leave Saturday. I have family obligations Sunday. Trying to do it all! I have a ride there with another volunteer who is staying post cleanup.
Port Orford, Oregon - 06/17/2015
Heya! Have two seats available in a compact/hatchback car. Destination What The Festival! E-mail me if your interested.
Troutsdale, United Kingdom - 06/17/2015
Kyle here; one male one back pack on foot looking to hitch a ride, text if you have a seat:) 604 302 5815
Vancouver, Washington - 06/17/2015
Hey guys I live right off exit 5 of the I-5 in Vancouver and am looking for rides to What The Fest either Thursday night or Friday morning. I would also need a ride back on Sunday. Please message me if you can provide either and you'll be totally awesome.
Seattle, Washington - 06/17/2015
Hi Guys!

I am able to give 2 people a ride to WTF, leaving friday AM and returning monday AM/ early afternoon. The two people I was carpooling with just backed out last minute, so I do have room available.

Let me know! Should be an awesome weekend!
Novato, California - 06/16/2015
Leaving for Ashland on Wed.

Sleeping in Portland on Thursday and leaving on Friday am at 8

2 fun pixies

We are organic vegetarians

Zip: 97212 - 06/16/2015
Hi friends

I'm offering a ride from pdx Thursday leaving around 3pm. I can also offer a ride back on Monday. Hoping for gas split!!!

Email me !

Zip: 95945 - 06/16/2015
2 fun pixies looking to contribute to a ride :) mahalo (thank you)
Zip: 94704 - 06/16/2015
Would love to go! Packing treats and good vibes. Berkeley
Portland - 06/16/2015
arriving Wednesday morning by bus and need a ride to wtfest anytime Wednesday or Thursday morning to volunteer. I wont have data so pleas text kyle @ 604 302 5815 thanks
Zip: 98502 - 06/15/2015
Hello, I am one person in Olympia. I can help out with Gas, snacks or anything. I am looking to leave thursday evening and return early monday. please send me an email or text me at 360-584-2865
Portland, Oregon - 06/15/2015
Hi there, need a ride for 2 from Portland Thursday night at around 10pm, will be arriving from Vancouver by bus at 10pm and really need help getting over to dufur, thanks so much! We can chip in for gas and what not!
Zip: 94610 - 06/15/2015
2 pixies need another rider or so.

We are leaving Thursday am, most likely.

We also like the idea of breaking the trip up and staying in Portland for a night, but tbt for sure.
Oakland - 06/15/2015
2 fun pixies looking to contribute to a ride, mahalo (thank you)
Portland - 06/14/2015
Leaving Tuesday night to volunteer from Portland, can take a person or two with me.
Zip: 97214 - 06/12/2015
PDX -------> WTF

Ride offered for 1 to 3 (depends on amount of possessions/extent of disorganization) humans in a beautiful Toyota Camry (V6!!!) heading from the city of Portland to What the Festival (somewhere east) on the evening of Friday, 6/19.

Will be leaving in the window of 6-9pm.

Hoping to make good on the carpool pass. Hit me up if interested, only condition of riding along is please don't be uptight.

Heading back sometime Sunday so it can be a round-trip gig if you're so inclined.

Nelson, British Columbia - 06/12/2015
Hoping to arrive on Thursday. I may be able to come meet you in Kelowna, Spokane, or somewhere like that. I don't have a lot of stuff and I'm easy company. I have a Nexus card and so no problems crossing the border.
Eugene, Oregon - 06/12/2015
Helloo! I need a ride on thursday to make sure I'm there before my friday morning shift. I can either meet you in portland or eugene whatever is easier! I got gas $$ and good vibes!
Zip: 97212 - 06/11/2015
Hey fellow festies!

I am looking for a couple people to fill into my subaru outback and head up to the festival on Friday morn. I'll probably be leaving casually on Monday morn as well. I've got room for your stuff and your bodies. Let me know if you're interested and we can split gas/ the parking fee.

Eugene, Oregon - 06/11/2015
I'm in need for a ride to What The Festival next week, either Thursday or Friday, I'm flexible. I can provide gas money of course and I won't take up much space. I'd be so grateful.
Zip: 98221 - 06/10/2015
Looking to offer a ride from anywhere up north on Tuesday for prefest. Or I would love to ride with someone if you've got an open space and can get me there by Tuesday night. I've got room for gear in my car or gas money to throw down if you'd rather be the driver.
Concord, California - 06/10/2015
Looking to hitch a ride to What The Festival. I am meeting some friends up there who love to party and meet new people, and they will be taking me home with them post festival to Seattle. Willing to split gas and stuff on the way there. Can't wait! Hit me up!
Zip: 98004 - 06/09/2015
Hey guys! I'm looking for a ride down to WTF anytime between Thursday and Friday, and would prefer to head back early Monday morning. I'm not much to look at, but I'm a nice dude! And I'm happy to help out in any way I can. Gimme a call! (208)-571-9188 ~Ben
Bothell, Washington - 06/08/2015
Need a ride to and from WTF, very flexible on time. Can pitch in on gas and road trip snacks. This is my first festival so looking to get down and mabye even camp with some awesome people. laid back 28 year old guy.
Portland, Oregon - 06/04/2015
I am offering a ride for up to three other people and their gear.

Contribution towards gas and WTF carpool pass required. [$20/person estimated]

No smoking, alcohol, or drugs in vehicle.

I will be leaving from the NE Alberta Arts District of Portland, Zip Code 97211, on Friday morning, 19 June 2015 @ 10am.

There is the option to leave the afternoon prior and camp in the Mt.Hood National Forest the night prior.

I will be returning to Portland on Monday, 22 June 2015.
Portland - 06/03/2015
Hi WTFers!

I'm looking for 1 or 2 riders to share parking/gas cost.

I'm planning to leave early Friday and return Sunday evening.

Please message me if interested.



Portland - 06/03/2015
Hi Folks,

I'm looking for a ride from Portland. I want to leave early on Friday and return sometime on Sunday, preferrably in the evening.

I'm willing to split all gas/parking costs.

Please contact me if you need a rider.



Zip: 97210 - 06/02/2015
Hey everyone! I'm looking for a ride to the festival on Friday after work from downtown Portland. Help me get to the grounds for this awesome weekend! :) willing to pitch in for gas! Thanks!
Zip: 97222 - 05/28/2015
Hi, my name is Austin, and I am a student at PSU! I am looking for a ride out to WTF 6/19-6/22. Please message me for logistics!

Portland Airport - 05/28/2015
Hi All!

A Friend and I would need a ride Friday evening from Portland Airport to the festival. We are two young ladies from the Bay Area who are pretty chill and fun company. We would of course be so down to save you money and pitch in for gas/parking ect!

Also, if anyone is leaving Sunday evening from the festival, she would need a ride back to Portland. Either is appreciated!

So excited!

Iowa City, Iowa - 05/14/2015
Need a ride to Waka. I have cash and my own camping spot All I need is the ride.
Zip: 94121 - 05/08/2015
My friend and I are volunteering there.

I have a 2-door Honda, which means I have 2-3 seats in the back. Welcome to join the journey!
Zip: 91724 - 05/06/2015
Going to What the Festival 2015! Looking for other people in Los Angeles/San Gabriel Valley Area who are down. Would also love to make some new friends to hang out with at the festival!
San Francisco, California - 05/05/2015
I am volunteering at What The Festival and need a ride from San Francisco! Will have gas money and snacks of course!
Portland, Oregon - 04/22/2015
My friend and I are meeting up in portland and need a ride from the airport to what the festival that friday morning. We would be glad to help with gas. We are very easy going young ladies. This is our first time to Oregon and we are extremely excited!!!
Kolkata, West Bengal - 04/17/2015
Need a ride
Zip: 97202 - 04/15/2015
My husband and I would love a ride Monday night to volunteer pre-festival, and back to Portland the following Monday, whenever you are coming back :) We're laid back and fun to be around, it's our third WTFest and we are SO excited!! (we'll obviously chip in for gas! and buy you coffee for the ride)
San Diego, California - 04/09/2015
I have an open seat in my 2000 ford explorer if anyone needs a ride to lucidity Festival.
Dallas, Texas - 02/02/2015
Mardi Gras Festival