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What The Festival 2016

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Shreveport, Louisiana - 10/06/2016
Try to get to Austin for ACL...
Pompano Beach, Florida - 09/19/2016
Hey there! I know this is probably super unlikely but I just had to move to Ft. Lauderdale from Baton Rouge but still want to go to Voodoo. If anyones going that way I can offer some moneys and only mildly awkward conversation(:
The Dalles, Oregon - 06/18/2016
One way ride to whathefestival
Portland Airport - 06/18/2016
Need a ride some time tomorrow
Eugene, Oregon - 06/17/2016
TWO PEOPLE :) looking for a carpool pass for what the fest! Hit me up if you have a pass and no ride and we Weill swoop ya! peace and love Katie
Portland, Oregon - 06/17/2016
any stragglers looking for a ride still? hoping to leave around 6pm, (90 minutes). Or stoke me out with a last minute ride so i dont have to drive!
Portland - 06/17/2016
Driving down from seattle. Car has 2 spots and light baggage room. Any last min riders hit me up
PDX AIRPORT - 06/17/2016
My flight got delayed until 2 pm. I will arrive at 2 and should available at 2:15.

I have one suit case and a backpack.

Thank you in advanced
Portland, Oregon - 06/17/2016
Got a last minute invite to attend on Friday! Leaving in the am if anyone needs a ride!
Salem, Oregon - 06/16/2016

We are a young couple excited for WTF and extra room in our car! We would love to pick someone up on the way and meet some new people. :) you can text me at 503.269.0719. Leaving Friday morning

Spokane, Washington - 06/16/2016
Headed out early Friday morning, passing through Kennewick as well. I have room for one more and a decent amount of cargo space. If you can throw on gas cool if not no worries. No shadies though
Zip: 97218 - 06/16/2016
Can give ride to 1-2 (maybe 3) and a camping back each from Portland to WTF. Leaving Friday morning, returning to Portland Monday morning. (Could take you back to Seattle even if you are willing to wait until the evening.)
Portland, Oregon - 06/16/2016
We have room for 1 - 2 people with gear! Planning to leave before 10 am on Friday and return early Monday
The Dalles, Oregon - 06/16/2016
Need a kind soul with a car camping pass, we got room for you!
Portland, Oregon - 06/16/2016
I will be leaving around 8-9am Friday morning and departing WTF early Sunday morning to drive back to NE Portland. 2009 Ford Escape with roof top box, room for 3. None smoking drive. Helping with gas and parking fee would be appreciated, but I understand if you cannot.

Thanks! Happy travels!

Zip: 97404 - 06/16/2016
Eugene to WTF!?! (Dufur, OR) via Portland & a stop in White Salmon on the way. Leaving Saturday morning. Driving straight back to Eugene on Sunday. Biodiesel truck. Lots of room for gear. Jeremiah 541.55four.3795
Portland, Oregon - 06/16/2016
Hi! We have room for up to 1-2 people and luggage traveling for Early Entry today. We will be leaving at 4pm from downtown (near PSU) and will make a quick stop in The Dalles for a couple of provisions. You don't need to contribute gas, we're just looking for some good company :) We are heading back on Monday if you need a ride back too.
Zip: 97405 - 06/16/2016
I am looking for two passengers who travel light and would like to leave today, Thursday around 10am-noon. If this is you, please contact me! Fun times for all :) I am working at Get Fried Rice so you'll also get a bowl of Fried rice on me :)
Zip: 97219 - 06/16/2016
Hey everyone! Im looking for a ride back to Portland from what the fest. I have a ride there, just need a ride back to Portland sometime Monday morning. I'll help pay for gas! Im a student at U of O and my name is Andres Mullen. My number is 5034225492. Thanks a lot!!'
Portland - 06/16/2016
Leaving around 1:30 on 5/16 for early entry on Thursday. We have room for one more if anyone is interested!
Portland, Oregon - 06/16/2016
Hello. Does anyone need a ride to the festival late Friday night or early Saturday morning? I can't leave until 9:30 from Portland on Friday, but if you aren't in a rush I am down to drive and split the parking. Please let me know as I would love to cut down on the costs!

Zip: 97206 - 06/16/2016
I'm leaving Thurs at around 3pm,I can take 1 or 2 people
Portland, Oregon - 06/15/2016
Leaving Thursday morning. Looking for 1 more for one way their. Unless they don't mind leaving late Monday night.
Issaquah, Washington - 06/15/2016
Leaving Thursday from Bellevue about midday for an 8pm volunteer shift. Not driving back to Seattle but can give a lift back to Portland Monday
Portland - 06/15/2016
looking for 1 or 2 people to leave with us around noon or early afternoon out to WTFEST TOMORROW THURSDAY...that way we can all just pay a few bucks for parking...10 dollars for gas will be good!!! PLllleeeasssse. help us out (((:
Zip: 97403 - 06/15/2016
Hey everyone! I'm looking for a ride back to Eugene after what the fest! I have a ride there but unfortunately not one back. Also could take a ride to Portland ! Thanks! My name is Andres Mullen and my number is 5934225492. I'm a student at UO.
Sequim, Washington - 06/15/2016
Hello. Mark/34/male leaving Thursday. New to Washington and would love to meet some folks from seattle or the peninsula and enjoy a drive through this beautiful country. Help w/gas appreciated.

4 door honda civic would like to leave early as possible thursday coming back Monday. I LOVE me some camping! (440)554-4468 just give me a call!
Sequim, Washington - 06/15/2016


leaving Thursday. New to Washington and would love to meet some folks from seattle or the peninsula and enjoy a drive through this beautiful country. Help w/gas appreciated.

4 door honda civic would like to leave early as possible thursday coming back Monday. I LOVE me some camping! (440)554-4468 just give me a call on my old school flip phone! WTF
Beaverton, Oregon - 06/15/2016
Room for one packing light to WTF. Leaving Friday around 2:30-3. Coming back Monday
Portland, Oregon - 06/15/2016
My fiancé and I had our third person cancel on us, so we have extra room in the car we'd like to offer up so we can still use our carpool pass! We're leaving Friday morning and hoping to be there around 10 or 11. Assuming you live in the Portland area, or on the way to the festival, we would be happy to pick you up! We can accommodate up to two people!
Eugene, Oregon - 06/15/2016
Hey guys! my friend and I are looking for a ride to Portland or Eugene on the 19th. Our final destination is Eugene (I have class that begins Monday) but would be very appreciative of a ride to Portland as well. 541-727-1249
Portland, Oregon - 06/15/2016
Hello all,

I just purchased my ticket to the festival but I can't leave until relatively late on Friday due to a show I doing at the beginning of the evening. I am also down to head up early on Saturday if anyone is willing. I can meet wherever it is convenient and would be more than happy to chip in for gas. I am also willing to drive my car if need be! Just let me know whatever is easiest if your schedule aligns with mine.

Zip: 92182 - 06/14/2016
2 gals looking for a ride from San Diego on Friday. And to return preferably on Monday. Can pitch in for gas :)
Portland, Oregon - 06/14/2016
Looking to leave for WTF early Friday but need to get back on Saturday. Want to see if anyone might need a ride, and if so, let's chat.
Portland, Oregon - 06/14/2016
I am looking for a ride to WTF leaving Friday and returning Saturday or Sunday. I have limited gear - backpack, hammock and that's about it. Happy to help with gas, etc. Can connect with y'all wherever it works for you as long as it's accessible via public transportation.
San Jose, California - 06/14/2016
2 gals looking for a ride from anywhere from San Diego to San Francisco on Friday. And to return preferably on Monday. Can pitch in for gas :)
Los Angeles, California - 06/14/2016
2 gals looking for a ride from anywhere from San Diego to San Francisco on Friday. And to return preferably on Monday. Can pitch in for gas :)
Portland, Oregon - 06/14/2016
Hello! Working the festival and need to get up there as soon as possible. Hoping to leave today (the 14th) and catch another vendor/early worker that would like gas. Got $50 on it, oneven person, 1.5 bags and a cooler.

Portland, Oregon - 06/14/2016
Hey friends,

I land at PDX (portland) at 8:30 am on Friday. If you have extra room/want company I'd be stoked to help out on gas. Gonna pack light, meeting friends at the festival, don't need a ride out after the weekend. Thanks in advance!

Zac (26 male)
Portland, Oregon - 06/14/2016
Hey everyone! I am headed to WTF on Thursday around noon and I need one more person for my car! Let me know if you need a ride or a campsite and let's boogie! I'll pick you up from wherever you are!
Eugene, Oregon - 06/14/2016
Hello Brothers and Sisters. Car troubles.. Looking for a ride on Wednesday or Thursday Morning from Eugene! Party of 2, we can offer food, gas pitch or fun guys .We're also pretty funny.. looking.

Let us know thank you (-:
Portland, Oregon - 06/14/2016
Hey All! I am offering a ride to/from WTF.

Goal is to leave Thursday, June 16th around 6pm-ish. Will return late on Sunday, June 19th (leaving the festival around 8pm-ish).

I work in SW (John's Landing) and live in NE (Montavilla) so using either of these as a meeting point is fine for me. I have plenty of room in the ol' station wagon for all your stuffs and can put the roof top box on if needed.

I would love to give 2 others a ride to try to take advantage of the carpool parking rate. Seeing how the festival is so soon, I would also love to get this all figured out by Wednesday so let me know if you need a ride and we can make arrangements!

Have a great day!
Spokane, Washington - 06/14/2016
Chill guy, I can match you on gas, hoping to leave Thursday night and head back Monday morning!
Portland - 06/14/2016
I'll be leaving with my friend for what the festival on the morning of the 17th from Portland. Please contact me if you're interested :)
Zip: 98034 - 06/14/2016
Leaving early Thursday morning to be by the festival on Thursday noon or so. We are a couple, looking for a 3rd one to evade bad parking fees. We can pick you up from Seattle or surrounding areas. Just need a little money for gas, and have some space in the car.
Tualatin, Oregon - 06/14/2016
I'm leaving for WTF from Tualatin, Friday at 2:00 with room for one female. $20 to share gas/ parking pass. I'm returning on Sunday and can give a return ride or you could find another to party a little longer
Tualatin, Oregon - 06/14/2016
I'm leaving for What the Fest on Friday at 2:00 with room for one female. $20 to help with gas/ parking pass. I'm leaving on Sunday and could give a ride back or you could arrange another.
Hood River, Oregon - 06/14/2016
Looking for two more people to carpool, I can't leave until Friday around 8:00pm.
Portland, Oregon - 06/13/2016
Leaving around 1-2 p.m. Friday and coming back late Sunday. Have space for 2-3 people in my car!

Trying to split gas and make friends to camp with! Send an email if you'd like to join!
Zip: 97218 - 06/13/2016
2-3 spots open in my car for anyone looking for a ride from Portland/Vancouver area! Leaving around 1-2 p.m. and coming back Sunday around midnight.

I was planning on going solo but would like to split gas money and camp with some cool folks.

Let me know if you're interested!
Portland, Oregon - 06/13/2016
Will be leaving early Friday AM from Portland SE. Should have room for one or two with gear.
Bothell, Washington - 06/13/2016
Driving down from Seattle area around 10am friday. Have an empty Volvo s40, big trunk. Coming back Monday whenever. Got room for at least 2 people maybe 3 depending on gear. I have car camping as well incase you want to join, the more the merrier right.

Love and light

Hood River, Oregon - 06/13/2016
Hey there! We've got room for one more coming from Portland or Hood River. We'll be pretty packed so you'll need to be packing light. We're leaving Thursday afternoon so you'll need early entry as well. Thanks :) Lexi
Portland, Oregon - 06/13/2016
I've got a Subaru with room for one more, maybe two and light gear. Will be leaving Friday am from Portland.
Zip: 97214 - 06/13/2016
Looking for a ride to WTF on riday evening after 6 pm. I will have just a backpack, gas money, and carpool pass money. Let's get funky!
PDX - 06/13/2016
Hello! Need a ride for 2 from Portland on Friday 1-2pm. Please let me know! Thank you!
Weaverville, California - 06/12/2016
Room for one maybe two Thursday morning early
Oregon, United States - 06/12/2016
I just need a ride back to Bellingham, WA 98225, the Monday morning after What the Festival!
Portland, Oregon - 06/12/2016
Hey! Offering up two spots in my car for Friday evening. Can leave anytime between 3-5 pm. I can't give anyone rides back, so that being said, I don't need gas money or anything.
California, United States - 06/11/2016
Hey! I need a ride up to what the fest! I get off work at 6 and im tryin to hit the road! Please contact me if you have space, easygoing dude, hard to offend.. packs light and has ga$$
Vancouver, Washington - 06/11/2016
Hey there, I'm a festival photographer looking to join a crew and carpool! Is anyone leaving for the festival around 1-2pm on Friday from the Portland/Vancouver area and coming back late Sunday? Will contribute gas money, snacks, etc!
Zip: 97206 - 06/10/2016
Hey there! Leaving at 8 or 8:30pm on Thursday night. Want a ride? I can fit one person and offer good tunes and company PLUR Erin
Surrey, British Columbia - 06/10/2016
Hello :) I am hoping to not make this drive alone! I plan on leaving early Friday morning (possibly Thursday evening) and coming home sometime Monday. Let's start the weekend out right!
Zip: 94118 - 06/09/2016
Hi Everyone! I'm currently in SF need a ride to what the festival Thursday after 5pm please let me know if I can ride with you! Love Abby
Zip: 97223 - 06/09/2016
Hi there, in need of a ride from portland to wtf on thursday, I am traveling light and can provide gas pitch!
Zip: 97210 - 06/08/2016
Hey there! I will be leaving on Thursday and I'm looking to put 2 people in my car so that I can just purchase the car pool voucher. I am pretty flexible about pick-up location, and I have all the good vibes :)
Zip: 98105 - 06/08/2016
Hi! I have extra room in my car for WTF. I'm leaving Seattle around 10pm on Thursday and would love some friendly passengers.

Male, 27, loving life

I probably be hanging in Portland for a few days after the fest so a return ride is not guaranteed.
Nelson, British Columbia - 06/08/2016
Driving my station wagon from Nelson, BC to WTF on Tues June 14 or Weds, June 15. Hit me up if you want to hop in along the way!
Vancouver, Washington - 06/07/2016
Hello! One gal needing a ride to the Fest from Vancouver! I will bring edible goodies, gas money and charm! I work at a dispensary here in Vancouver so let me know if you need me to pick you up anything.
Aurora, Colorado - 06/07/2016
Like riddles and podcasts? Friendly, extroverted 26 year old looking for a ride from the Denver area! I'll pay for gas and keep you from dying in a sleep deprived car crash. Great at manual. I just need a ride there, my ride back is covered.
Bellingham, Washington - 06/06/2016
Loving passenger with good vibes and fun stories looking for a ride from Bellingham Thursday. Volunteering.
Zip: 97005 - 06/06/2016
Looking for a ride to WTF & back. I live in Beaverton but am flexible as to where to meet to get picked up. It's been so long since I've been to a festival! I need to make it there! I purchased the OMG pass so leaving Thursday is preferred. Please let me know!
Beaverton, Oregon - 06/06/2016
Hello! I am in need of a ride on Friday there and Sunday back! I can meet you at any time and leave whenever. I can pay for gas and snacks! Please help if you can, just a rad guy looking for rad vibes!
Vancouver, Washington - 06/03/2016
Offering a ride for 1 to 2 people. Leaving Thursday afternoon or Friday morning, still TBD. I am flexible with times, but want to get an early start on Friday if leaving Friday.

I can pick up in Portland & Surrounding cities as far north as Woodland, WA and as far east as Washougal WA on Washington Side.

If you can chip in a little for gas, that would be awesome, probably about $10.
Portland, Oregon - 06/02/2016
I need a ride to site on Wednesday the 15th. I'm traveling light and need to volunteer on 16th on the site. Anybody looking for a cool dude to share has and good vibes with ?
Portland, Oregon - 06/02/2016
In need to and fro ride from Portland. I can start Friday evening after 5 PM after work and come back on Sunday any time in evening. If anyone is leaving , We can share the drive. that would be grateful.
Zip: 97219 - 06/01/2016
Hello! I am need of a ride from Portland sometime after 5 on Friday - orientation for new job means I can't call in sick! I have a car so can meet you wherever is easy. Hit me up and let me know if this works with you thank you!
Toronto, Ontario - 05/31/2016
Hi there! I will be flying into Oregon on Wend 25th and looking for a ride up to WTF on Thursday. Let me know if you have room! I will be packing light :) Mario
Seattle, Washington - 05/29/2016
Passenger with amazing vibes looking for a ride Thursday night/Friday morning out to What The Festival and hoping to return Monday! Happy to compensate for share of gas and parking pass, not to mention awesome vibes as well
Zip: 97210 - 05/28/2016
In need of a ride home from wtf early Sunday morning so se Portland. If anyone is leaving I would gratefully appreciate it. I can pitch or however much gas you need. Single rider with no more than a backpack or two.
Zip: 97215 - 05/28/2016
Hello Fellow Festie's! I'm looking for 2 people to ride with me for the carpool voucher (preferably females, but I'm open, no creepers need not The hitch is....I have to work until 5 pm on Friday , and have to be back Sunday night. I'm okay with getting home late Sunday, so we can catch some evening sets.

I'm meeting my boyfriend there, so he will have all my gear, which means I will have an empty car to carry everyone's gear.

If interested, shoot me an email and we can chat details :)!

Portland, Oregon - 05/25/2016

I am looking for two riders. I am leaving the Milwaukie area early thursday morning and coming back monday. I will be driving either my VW van or my toyota truck. There should be a fair amount of room for gear but if I take my truck the back seat is a jump seat.
Zip: 92672 - 05/25/2016
Hey Hey fellow festivals friends! will be taking a school bus from colorado to what the fest will have room for about 8 people costing 20$ a person! Let me know if your looking for a ride!
Zip: 97223 - 05/24/2016
Hello there! :) Me & my boyfriend are looking for a ride to WTFestival, we would like to head up on Friday and head home on Monday. We will definitely contribute gas money & would be very greatful if you can help us out with a ride :) .If this works for you hit me up so we can discuss details! Thank you.
Zip: 98133 - 05/23/2016
Have room for up to 2 more passengers fair warning you will be riding in jump seats (legal with seat belts) as I drive a small pickup. Need at least 1 more for a carpool pass. Plan leaving early Friday and returning Monday.
Portland, Oregon - 05/23/2016
We need a ride back to Portland on Sunday. We will already be at the festival. Will to pay for gas or whatever. There are two of us. We have a flight out of Portland Airport at 3PM so would need to leave with that in mind. If your going back to Portland and leaving Sunday from WTF we would love a ride.

Please feel free to call me at 949.233.4734.
Spokane, Washington - 05/19/2016
Hello out there!

Heading down to be onsite very early thursday.

have a truck with room for one maybe two more.

Very laid back, easy going guy.

Music lover for sure

heres my email if ya wanna discuss this more
Zip: 98122 - 05/12/2016
I am a post Volunteer will be there till the 22nd of June and need a ride back to Seattlle or even just to Portland would be great .

Victoria, British Columbia - 05/12/2016
hello! i am looking for a ride from vancouver BC or portland (ill just be taking the bus from van to portland) to arrive at wtf on thursday afternoon! also looking to get a ride back leaving on monday :) i am volunteering and packing light so i won't take up much room. will provide gas money and giggles!

ps. i'll be starting my journey leaving from victoria BC so if anyone is going from there lemme know too!!

Zip: 98225 - 04/30/2016
I need a ride to the festival! I am in Bellingham, Washington, but I would be able to bus to Seattle if needed, and of course am willing to contribute gas money!
Portland, Oregon - 04/10/2016
Hey! I am leaving early on thursday! and coming back monday! Anyone need a ride? Ive got two seats available!
Portland, Oregon - 04/08/2016
I work Friday and want to leave the second I'm off to get to WTFestival! If anyone is leaving Friday evening or Saturday morning I'd love to offer some funds to get us there together! *I offer mad yet flexible dj skills and can navigate so hard. Also great snack distributer.* Thanks!
Portland - 03/27/2016
I am leaving at noon on the 16th if anyone needs a ride to WTF. I need 2 ppl too ride for my carpool voucher. I dont have a lot of room available so please pack light!
Zip: 98122 - 03/02/2016
I'm in Seattle and would love a ride to the festival. Willing to chip in for gas and whatever. I could also drive to portland if need be to catch the ride. The only clincher is that I'd like to be back home by Sunday night.
Bend, Oregon - 02/29/2016
Hey everyone, I will be driving to WTF on Thursday the 16th from bend, OR and will be driving home Mon 20th. I have a 2005 Toyota Sienna mini van. Right now there's just two of us carpooling. But I can fit 5 people in the back, 4 comfortably and lot of space for luggage. lol I even have a built in dvd player for watching movies on the ride to and from!! :)


Zip: 97702 - 02/21/2016
Hey hey! I'm leaving Bend, OR on Thursday the 16th. I'll (probably) be heading back Monday June 20th. I drive a 1992 Honda accord wagon. So far it's just me. For a cozy ride we could squeeze four more people in there. For a comfortable ride we could get three more people in there. Shoot me an email and let us talk about getting to WTF!

Stay beautiful,

Missoula, Montana - 02/17/2016
Don't know if any other UM students or people from the great town of Missoula are going to WTF, but if you have an extra seat, I'd love to join and pitch in whatever amount for gas!
Hillsboro, Oregon - 02/04/2016
I am so amped to attend WTFest and meet new people in this new state. Contact me if you have a seat in your vehicle and I'll offer up some cash $$