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Providence, Rhode Island - 08/09/2019
I will be leaving the Providence area on Wednesday, the 14th of August at 10:30am to head up to the mountain for Wild Woman Festival. I would LOVE some company and maybe a little bit of gas money if anyone is in need of a ride to/and or from the festival and lives in Providence area, Worcester area, or Springfield area. Please email me if interested. Thanks!
Albany, New York - 06/29/2019

I live in Charlottesville, Virginia.

I'm looking to fly into Albany.

Anyone able to carpool from the airport in Albany to the mountain?

For arrival & departure.

Happy to help w gas et al.

Thanks in advance.
New York, United States - 08/08/2018
Hello! I live in the NYC-metro-area and I am looking for a carpool to Wild Woman Fest 2018 on 08/22/18 and back to the NYC-metro-area on 08/26/18. I will help with the travel expenses and so on. Thank you in advance!
Springfield, Massachusetts - 08/01/2018
Looking for a ride to the Wild woman festival August 22nd!

I'll be flying into Hartford and staying in Springfield MA the night before. I am prepared to split the cost.
New Lebanon, New York - 07/25/2017

I'm looking for a ride back to Manhattan on 8/6. I would be happy to pay for gas and be all around amazing!
boston - 07/22/2017
Hi friend! I am renting a car to drive from from the festival to Boston after the first session, leaving around noon on Aug 6. Would you be interested in riding together there? I would just ask for $50 pitch in :) Im driving from NYC to the festival so it would just be coming back :)
New York, United States - 07/22/2017
Hi friends! I am renting a car to drive from NYC (Brooklyn) to the festival for the first session, arriving at the festival at 1pm on Aug 2. I'm looking for 2-3 people to ride with me! I would just ask for $50 pitch in :) Im driving to Boston after the festival so it would just be the way there :)
New York, United States - 07/21/2017
Friends, wanted to know how many of you are willing to take the amtrak train from Grand Central Station to ALbany on Aug 2nd. It leaves at 11:30 AM and arrives Albany at 1:15 PM. Thn we hire a cab (am tld it costs $75). If we are 3-4 of us, it will be way cheaper. Please message me if this works for you.
Ashburn, Virginia - 07/20/2017
I'm driving up from Northern Va. for the 2nd session.
New York, United States - 07/20/2017
I am coming from India to NY for the fest. I am looking for a ride to the fest on the 2nd of August and coming back on the 13th of August. Will contribute my share. Please do let me know if anyone has seats
New York, United States - 07/19/2017

I would like to share a ride from NYC to the waxing session: 8/2 - 8/6. I'm happy to help with costs.
Zip: 11205 - 07/19/2017
Hi, I am looking for a ride to the 2nd session from the NYC/Brooklyn area please!
New York, United States - 07/17/2017
I'm willing to pay.
New York, United States - 07/06/2017
Need a ride to wild woman fest. Second session.please :)
Washington, District of Columbia - 07/05/2017
Hi, I am attending the Waning Session [9/9-9/13]. I am so excited about the retreat and would love to split the costs of a car ride and gas. I work in Washington, DC but I may opt to take a train to Albany, NY. Please let me know if you are interested. I would like to make a decision soon.
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - 07/01/2017
Looking for some Pittsburgh and surroundings ladies to ride with to the WWFest 17. Waxing session (2-6 Aug). I would like to join but can take my car as well.
Ottawa, Ontario - 05/24/2017
Hi , I'm looking for a ride, but I'm also willing to rent a car and split the cost with someone.
New York, United States - 05/13/2017
Hi, I am looking for a ride from NYC to the Wild Woman Fest on August 9th.
New York City - 04/02/2017
Hi! Im looking for a ride from NYC to the Wild Women Fest on August 2! I can pitch in for gas/etc! :)
Toronto, Ontario - 03/28/2017
Looking for a ride for two ladies from Toronto, we're both happy to share driving and chip in for gas, thanks!
New York, United States - 07/27/2016
Looking for a ride for me and my mother on Wednesday evening. Happy to split gas, snacks and massage.
New York, United States - 07/20/2016
There is still space in the wild woman wagon if anyone needs a ride!
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - 07/11/2016
ride from pittsburgh, pa!
New York, United States - 07/11/2016
I am also looking for a ride to and from Wild Woman Fest 2016 from La Guardia to New Lebanon, NY.
New York, United States - 07/10/2016
I'm looking to carpool to and from the Wild Woman Fest 2016 from Queens to New Lebanon NY.