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WildFire Retreat Spring 2018

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Belmont, Massachusetts - 05/10/2019
Hi there! Hoping to leave the Belmont/Cambridge area Friday midday, and return Monday morning. I'm happy to pitch in for gas.

Thanks, Andrea
Bangor, Maine - 05/22/2018
Hi, my name is Jessica and I'm looking for a ride to wildfire this weekend!
West Warwick, Rhode Island - 05/22/2018
To wildfire and beyond! Thursday to Monday.
Zip: 11743 - 05/20/2018
Im going to Spring Wf and have room, but probably cant leave till Sat Am, coming back Mon. if that helps someone...
boston - 05/20/2018
Dresden here! Instructor/performer flying in Friday morning, flying out Monday afternoon. Only a backpack and a staff bag in terms of gear. Happy to cover gas and/or bring you treats from California.
Troy, New York - 05/15/2018
I need a ride
Cambridge, Massachusetts - 05/10/2018
2 old WF vets coming back after some years away. Looking for a ride for 2 + bags from Boston/Cambridge. Can also take bus/train somewhere closer to you if needed. Happy to fill your tank. Can leave Thurs night or anytime Friday, need to return Sun night (ideally). Thanks!
Belmont, Massachusetts - 04/29/2018
Hi hi! 2nd WildFire for me, first for my co-rider. I'm looking for a ride Thursday night or Friday morning (still sorting out return times), for 2 of us. Willing to chip in on gas. :) Thanks in advance - Andrea