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The Site:

Welcome to RickyRides, the one-of-a-kind carpooling tool for events that puts you in control of your ride-sharing experience. RickyRides believes that carpooling should be at the forefront of transportation, especially given the gas crises our culture has been burdened with. As a new generation of environmentally-conscious commuters consider this crises, inexpensive and easily accessible carpooling options need to be made readily available.

RickyRides offers its users a comprehensive, interactive and Google Maps integrated web application as a cost-free solution to this problem. The application was initially created to connect festival attendees searching tirelessly for carpools online, while reducing the amount of harmful pollutants entering the atmosphere. With the user input option, RickyRides can be used to find transportation to virtually any event worldwide.

The Creators:

RickyRides was conceived in 2009 by Rochester, N.Y. natives Ricky Keirsbilck and Nick Schwarz, who grew up together as best friends and neighbors. The two music lovers began attending music and arts festivals in 2007 while attending the Rochester institute of Technology. Struggling to find rides to such festivals as Bonnaroo and Coachella, they contemplated creating a website that would accommodate not only their needs, but also the needs of the thousands of people attempting to navigate the problematic "forum atmosphere" of online carpool searches. After graduation, the two moved to San Diego, California and turned Ricky's senior project into what they hoped would become the No. 1 choice for those seeking carpools online.


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