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Ricky Rides was awesome! I was able to find people with whom to share cabs both days of the Treasure Island music festival, and, in the end, it worked out better than my original plan (which was derailed by the BART strike) would have. Saved money and met cool people.- Treasure Island Music Festival 2013 Carpooler
Super easy, dude ended up being one of my best friend's college roomates- What The Festival Carpooler
my girlfriends car exploded the night before we left... epic fail, it had to strait to the mechanic with no hope of being fixed. the next morning when we were supposed to be on the road we had our heads in our hands with no way of making it from Ann Arbor Michigan to the place that used to be called Buckeye Lake. 3:35 min drive on the high ways. We tried everything from renting a car to guilt on our friends. We thought that people might be trying to car pool so we looked and found Ricky Rides. Although at that last minute we didn't find a ride on Ricky Rides we were able to keep the hope alive long enough with this site to find another way down. What Ricky Rides did for us was to keep us from giving up because failure was not an option lol. Thanks Ricky rides for being here and now that i found u I'm posting on it early next time. be good friends peace -Casey- All Good Festival 2013 Carpooler
Your site worked great, I changed plans at the last minute. I was able to delete my old markers, put my new plans up, and all this without a facebook acct. I actually drove out of my way an hour to pick up someone and bring him to his first festival. We all had a ball for the weekend. Thanks for your site, he said he wouldn't have made it to the festival without this site and finding me. Thanks again, Happy first time user- All Good Festival 2013 Carpooler
I had a good experience carpooling with 3 others.- Bonnaroo Music Festival 2013 Carpooler
I paid for all my gas from St Paul, MN to Bonnaroo by giving people rides! RickyRides helped a ton, thanks!- Bonnaroo Music Festival 2013 Carpooler
Rickyrides was so succesful on helping me find rides, that I continued to find people who were looking even after I had filled. I then helped to try and connect those people and even got a group together who also rented a car! I felt like with Ricky it was a great way to pull this all together!- Bonnaroo Music Festival 2013 Carpooler
Not only did I get a ride to Bonnaroo, but the guy who was driving happened to have an extra wristband, so my 3 day bracelet for Bonnaroo was free!!!- Bonnaroo Music Festival 2013 Carpooler
Thank you RR! Finding other runners to carpool with made easy! - Golden Gate Dirty 30 2013 Carpooler
I put up a post offering to drive to an event - at the same time I saw someone who needed a ride. Within 15 minutes we were all connected, carpooled, and had a great time!- Golden Gate Dirty 30 2013 Carpooler
Very easy to use, thank you!- Golden Gate Dirty 30 2013 Carpooler
Good people, good money, and good times! Thanks!! -Paul- Coachella Music Festival 2013 (Weekend 2) Carpooler
Looked for a ride. Ended up finding a sweet place to stay for a fraction of the cost of ANY hotel in the area. This was amazing!! - Coachella Music Festival 2013 (Weekend 1) Carpooler
Thanks !!!- Coachella Music Festival 2013 (Weekend 1) Carpooler
I volunteered to Grandma-sit cos I didn't think I had a ride, but I actually found one after I'd made other plans! Next time, I'll try to be more patient & keep the faith! Thanks!- All Good Festival 2012 Carpooler
I was looking for a ride to Bonnaroo on very late notice and I came to the site in desperation. A very friendly person e-mailed me and was my last hope. We drove 10 hours together and I had a blast at roo. We are now friends. If it weren't for this site and the kindness of a stranger I would have missed out on one of my favorite experiences. - Bonnaroo 2012 Carpooler
I was able to give three people a ride to bonnaroo and back and had a great time with them along the way.- Bonnaroo 2012 Carpooler
Looked for a ride. Found a great one. Had a great time. I'll be riding with Ricky again and again. Thanks for the great service!- Bonnaroo 2012 Carpooler
Met up with five strangers 4 from illinois and 1 from wisconsin and had a blast would definitely use ricky rides again- Bonnaroo 2012 Carpooler
Thanks so much! Had a great trip with some amazing people. Thanks for a terrific service.- Bonnaroo 2012 Carpooler
Posted my request needing a ride, got contacted by about 6 people, one of which was whom helped make one of my most memorable memories ever. If it weren't for this site, I would have missed out on an incredible experience. Thanks!- Bonnaroo 2012 Carpooler
I was given 3 different ride share sites and rickyrides was the best. The map feature works well and is easy. The communication was between riders and rides was also very easy. Lastly, I couldn't even use one of the other sites because they wanted me to login with my Twitter or Facebook account. Sorry, but I'm not going to let some third party have access to my FB/Twitter info. I know some people just let apps do that without any regard for the consequences, but it's a privacy issue for me and I will never use a site that doesn't allow me to create an independent account. Good job RickyRides! :)- SYMBIOSIS GATHERING 2012 Pyramid Eclipse Carpooler
Managed to get set up rides with some really cool peeps...- SYMBIOSIS GATHERING 2012 Pyramid Eclipse Carpooler
Ricky Rides saved my festival! :) I won tickets to Coachella but had no way to get to the venue as well as no where to camp when I got there (I was flying in from NYC). I happened to check the forums for possible rides and I found a link for Ricky Rides. I contacted a couple going on the second weekend who were looking for help splitting gas and camping costs. It turned out AMAZING! They were awesome people, we all had similar music taste, and we all hung out the entire time I was there. They were even able to accommodate my girlfriend when she decided to join us last minute. I can't image what I would have done without Ricky Rides! Thank you for creating this website!!! :)- Coachella 2012 (II) Carpooler
It was so great. I met this nice girl from San Diego. The thing was that I was asking about a ride to Coachella from San Diego because I flew from Mexico City to Tijuana and then a Shuttle to San Diego. Thanks a lot :)- Coachella 2012 (II) Carpooler
My experience was fantastic. My ride and I had so much in common that it was meant to be in every way. I cannot express my thanks to Ricky Rides for making our trip to Coachella weekend 2 possible. I hope others will have a similar successful story as mine. - Coachella 2012 (II) Carpooler
Was able to meet some great people to plan the logistics for Coachella 2012. Couldn't have done it without RickyRides!- Coachella 2012 (II) Carpooler
Its awesome to know that something like RickyRides gave me the opportunity to meet amazing people from all walks of life and share such an incredible experience!- Coachella 2012 (II) Carpooler
I drove up a fellow concert goer and she was super sweet. She wasn't from the U.S. and gave me a bracelet from her home country. I had a great experience! :)- Coachella 2012 (II) Carpooler
Had a great time and made some awesome new friends!! Thanks!!- Coachella 2012 (II) Carpooler
Was looking for a last minute ride to Coachella, since my friends were leaving later than I wanted to arrive. Found one in the area, contacted the person and left my number. Got a call back a few hours later. We chatted, had good vibes, she agreed to pick me up early in the morning. We rode out together and had a fantastic conversation. Fun times for all.- Coachella 2012 (I) Carpooler
Met some nice people, made the drive go very quickly with great convo - had an awesome time at the festival - thanks!- Coachella 2012 (I) Carpooler