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Audiofeed 2017

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Hometown, Illinois - 06/20/2017
Need a ride down on Sat after 1pm. Possibly need seats. Also will need ride home on Sun to Chicago area.
Palm Bay, Florida - 06/16/2017
Hello, I am an ex cornerstone festival attendee and would like to make it to Audiofeed this year. I can assist with gas money and stories. If anyone has room for one from Florida, let me know.
Zip: 98502 - 06/11/2017
I would love a ride to or from the fest, could also meet in Spokane, WA. Otherwise I'm taking the train :(
Chicago, Illinois - 06/09/2017
I will be needing a ride back to Nashville AFTER the festival. Would like to leave Monday after the morning worship service. Just need 1 seat for myself, and I will only have a backpack with me.
Waupaca, Wisconsin - 06/07/2017
We're leaving Wednesday afternoon

Heading home Sunday

We have a free seat
Chicago, Illinois - 06/07/2017
nashville, tn - 06/07/2017
I have room for 2-3 people in my car. Leaving on Thursday June 29th and returning on Monday July 3rd.
Zip: 90806 - 06/07/2017
I'm going to Audiofeed from Southern California to be a vendor. I have room for 1 more person, hopefully someone who can help with the drive. We are leaving on the evening of Tuesday, June 27 to go Audiofeed, and then leaving early on June 3 to come back. Our plan is to drive straight through by taking turns driving both going up there and coming back.
Columbia, Missouri - 06/07/2017
I'll be heading out very early Friday morning.let me know if you're along my route. I'm going I-70 EAST to EFFINGHAM, IL, then straight up to Audiofeed!
Knoxville, Tennessee - 06/07/2017
Me and friend need a ride to and from audiofeed. We are shipping our gear to other friends who are leaving from separate locations so we will have just a bag each. Willing to pay for gas, convenience fee. We are also incredibly funny and you will regret nothing. I'll give you food too.
Carrollton, Georgia - 06/07/2017
Looking to go to audiofeed! Have room for a few passengers and would love to save some gas money. I drive a 2002 Chrysler Sebring Sedan, it's comfortable, safe, and we could play some great music the whole way there!