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Bear Creek Festival 2012

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Davie, Florida - 11/12/2013
Hi! need a ride from davie, fl to bear creek fest for thursday or friday! 9549375927

Zip: 33705 - 11/09/2013
leaving from St. Pete Thurs. afternoon, won't have ride back but willing to share ride to bearcreek
Zip: 33476 - 11/10/2012
I'm heading to Bear Creek at about 10AM from ocala. if you you want a ride, holla
JAX - 11/08/2012
Hello! I am flying into JAX tomorrow and need to somehow get from there to the fest. If anybody is passing through or near by and could help that would save me! Im coming in tomorrow morning I think. let me know!!
Zip: 32174 - 11/07/2012
need space for 1 rider. please help me out
Zip: 32174 - 11/07/2012
need space for 1 rider. please help me out
Zip: 32174 - 11/07/2012
need space for 1 rider. please help me out
Zip: 32174 - 11/07/2012
need space for 1 rider. please help me out
Zip: 30542 - 11/07/2012
We have room for 2 and a truck bed for storage; we will be leaving tonight (wednesday) or tomorrow am (thurs). Providing good vibes for some in return.
Jacksonville Airport - 11/07/2012
I am flying into JAX airport at 1000pm Wed night and need a ride to Bear Creek either Wed. or Thurs. am, please and thank you!!! Love and Light, Superhero Jo
Zip: 60012 - 11/07/2012
On my way from Illinois. Looking for gas riders and help driving in large van
Zip: 32313 - 11/04/2012
leaving to bear creek music fest thursday at 12:30. Im a chill guy looking for some people to go in on gas costs and such for road trippin. contact me asap. :)
Zip: 33133 - 11/03/2012
Leaving Friday 4 pm out of North Miami Beach- Looking for max 3 passengers. contact me if youre interested :) -T
Jacksonville Airport - 11/03/2012
Hi! My name is Jennie and I am traveling solo. I am flying in from CA to Jacksonville on Thursday. Can I hitch a ride with someone? Happy to chip in for very laid back with some brilliant road tripping music.
Zip: 27514 - 11/02/2012
Living in Carrboro/Chapel Hill NC, I need a ride to Live oak and bear creek! I'll pay for most of the gas on the way there!
Zip: 21209 - 11/01/2012
Live in Baltimore, got some last minute tickets but flights are crazy expensive, looking for a ride down to bear creek would throw in my share for gas and everything else
orlando - 11/01/2012
im heading out thursday at somepoint. most likely late morning. i got room for a few. let me know if you need the lift.
Zip: 39562 - 10/29/2012
Heyyyy :D My name is Wesley! I've been wanting to go to Bear creek for some time now and haven't been able to till now! It's just me going so far and i drive a four door truck so there is plenty of room! Let know if ya wanna ride :D
Zip: 28405 - 10/26/2012
Leaving for BC from Wilmington NC Wed night and coming back monday. I have plenty of room so hit me up if you have some gas $ and need a ride!
Zip: 30310 - 10/26/2012
Looking for a ride to and from Bear Creek. Will help pay for gas :)
Zip: 27577 - 10/24/2012
I need a ride FROM the fabulous Bear Creek to anywhere in North Carolina. Can ya help me out?
Zip: 33071 - 10/24/2012
We are 2 passengers looking for a ride to live oak...We will pay up to 250$ for gas. We're going to be primitive camping so we don't have a whole lot of stuff.
Zip: 32822 - 10/24/2012
I am in orlando just me my bag and tent. I would love to help out with gas.
Zip: 34655 - 10/23/2012
In New Port Richey, FL. Willing to travel to Tampa and throwdown gas$$$.. It's just me. I just need to get there! Thankyou! :)
Zip: 33897 - 10/23/2012
In the Orlando/Kissimmee area lookin to be at Bear Creek Thursday but if I don't make it til Friday I'd be content, I just need the good vibes. I'll split the cost of gas and try to ensure a great time for everyone. just me and my bags!
Zip: 20187 - 10/17/2012
Tryna get da funk down at Bear Creek.Seriously. Cmon. Jersus, this is going to be sick. will split gas/try to control the music or something....
Zip: 32060 - 10/12/2012
NEED RIDE MONDAY MORNING after fest TO JAX AIRPORT- flight at 1030 am...just my boyfriend and I and our backpacks, headed back to Colorado : )
72701 Fayetteville Arkansas - 10/08/2012
I Live in Northwest Arkansas and can drive to nearby locations to meet up (I don't trust my car to make it all the way to florida). Looking for some people to split gas with...gotta love the music
Zip: 95746 - 10/03/2012
25 year old male artist/filmmaker i love funknjam, jazz, groove music, SOUL MUSIC. looking for a ride to and from bear creek, from northern california --sacramento specifically. let me know !
Zip: 70116 - 10/01/2012
2 seats needed from new orleans
Zip: 34484 - 10/01/2012
Need a ride from central florida. Just me and my backpack. could meet in ocala, wildwood, or gainsville
Jacksonville, FL - 10/01/2012
Flying into Jacksonville Thursday morning. Looking to share a ride down to the fest thursday afternoon. Thought about even renting a cheap car to get down and would be willing to share with someone. Any other ideas?
Zip: 11565 - 09/30/2012
I will be driving down from Long Island New York, I'm looking for one or two heady festiers to make the trip and split the gas with, send me a message if you're interested!
Zip: 30582 - 09/30/2012
will be staying in Young Harris GA willing to throw down for gas. would really like to get down there this year heard its gonna be killer.
Zip: 20009 - 09/27/2012
Roanoke, VA - 09/26/2012
Will be staying in Virginia, would love to find a ride to bear creek! I have friends driving form Athens as well
Jacksonville, FL - 09/17/2012
Flying into Jacksonville - Need a ride from hotel close to the airport to the best on Wedsnesday
altimont springs fl - 09/11/2012
im looking to catch a ride to and from the festival. id love to go for thursday too, but i am flexible.