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Bear Creek Festival 2014

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Gulf Shores, Alabama - 11/12/2014
32 ur old male dragged looking for ride from gulf shores to bear creek fest!
Zip: 33701 - 11/11/2014
Looking for a ride to bear creek festival late this Friday from st. Pete. Ok on way back. Will provide gas money.
Lake City, Florida - 11/11/2014
Hey, I'm Makala. Looking for a ride from the nearby Lake City. Will be taking a greyhound in from JAX. I will, of course, throw down for gas.

(I get in to JAX around 11:30am, btw if you're coming from there. I'd love to forego my bus and get to the festival sooner.)

Birmingham, Alabama - 10/31/2014

Anyone going to the Bear Creek Festival in Florida?

I am in Birmingham, Alabama. The festival is about 7 hours away from here.

Happy to split the cost of gas :)

I am a 24-year old male who's willing to party ;)
Chicago, Illinois - 07/21/2014
Does anyone going to Bear Creek Music Festival have an extra car spot? I got gas money to spare and about a months worth of Umphrey's tunage. I can meet up anywhere in the Chicago area. Thanks