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Beauty in the Backyard 2019

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Zip: 10029 - 09/30/2019
I'm looking for a ride from & back to NYC (or I can take a bus to philly chinatown). artist from last year helping with workshops. minimal gear. will help w/ gas. thanks.
Maryland, United States - 09/24/2019
I currently have four free seats and am leaving Adams Morgan, Washington DC, around 4:30pm, then headed to Wheaton to trade in the car (should be a quick turn around) and then continuing on to the festival. I may be returning to the DC metro area at noon or late evening on Sunday.
Silver Spring, Maryland - 09/17/2019
Will leave on Friday evening, after 5 pm. There's one free seat in the car
Philadelphia - 09/17/2019
Looking to leave by 10/1 or 10/2. Let me know if you’re heading my way.

Minimal gear and gas pitch. Thanks!
Lancaster, Pennsylvania - 09/04/2019
Help me out please! =D
Zip: 21230 - 09/04/2019
If anyone needs a ride (especially builders) I will be heading out on that Monday of the event from south west Baltimore area
Baltimore, Maryland - 08/26/2019
I have a few spaces available from Baltimore! :) Let me know!
Washington, District of Columbia - 05/15/2019
I can offer a couple rides up to the campgrounds on the week of, if you are willing to hang around and help!