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Beloved Festival 2019

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Medford, Oregon - 08/13/2019
Looking to catch a ride to the Lake Almanor, Napa, or the Bay Area in California! We are a happy and relaxed couple from Hawaii traveling the West Coast and looking for a ride! Peace and Aloha!
Ashland, Oregon - 08/12/2019
In Ashland Trying to get back home to Shingletown! I’m hoping to find someone on there way south who can drop me off to be picked up by family in Redding, many blessings!
Cottage Grove, Oregon - 08/11/2019
Hi! Are you heading back to Nevada City next couple of days? I'd potentially share gas & the wheel! Thanks! Cat
Zip: 97211 - 08/10/2019
Hi, I'm looking for a ride to Beloved early Sunday. I purchased a Sunday only ticket. Look forward to meeting up. -Travis
Portland, Oregon - 08/09/2019
Hi! I have a van and space for one, but no parking pass! Please send me a message if you are ready, have a parking pass or want to risk riding down without one. I guess if worst comes to worst, we could park further and try to lyft/hitchike to the festival once in the area. I am ready to leave right now friday-3pm.
Zip: 97218 - 08/09/2019
Need a ride to:

Beloved Festival

Tidewater Falls

15918 Alsea Hwy

Tidewater, OR 97390

Form: Portland international airport


For one musician traveling alone, with a small bag and 1 guitar.
Zip: 97218 - 08/09/2019
Hey my friend and I got split up from our group and are stranded at PDX. We don’t have very much luggage (just our carry ons). Anyone leaving from Portland today?
Bend, Oregon - 08/09/2019
Looking for ride to beloved Friday afternoon. Got some gas $ for ya!
Ashland, Oregon - 08/09/2019
Hi! I am coming from Ashland with at Toyota Highlander. Looking for someone that has a parking pass so we can all ride in together. : )
Tidewater, Oregon - 08/09/2019
Driving to Portland airport on Monday from BELOVED. Leaving from Camelot parking lot at 11am. Have room in my van. 7028001299
Eugene, Oregon - 08/09/2019
I need a ride ! Help! Last minute Larry here...

Thanks johnny
Zip: 97211 - 08/09/2019
Hello beautiful beings, I am looking for a ride to Beloved Friday afternoon. I'll be home by 4/4:30 at the latest and ready to roll. I can be somewhat flexible on timing but would love to leave as close to that time as possible as to enjoy evening festivities. Thanks! ~ Grace
Portland, Oregon - 08/08/2019
I bought an eco shuttle ticket for the wrong day. I’m in need of a last minute ride to Beloved on Friday. Can leave anytime and can meet anywhere in Portland. Thanks!
Portland, Oregon - 08/08/2019
Hi folks, i am arriving in PDX @ 11;22am tomorrow (August 9th, 2019) & would be ever grateful for a safe way to Beloved festival. Be in touch here or we can connect on FB Messenger is best. Thank you xo
Eugene, Oregon - 08/08/2019
My partner and I are hoping to catch a ride from Eugene Friday morning. Traveling light. Can contribute gas money and snacks!
Portland - 08/08/2019
Need a ride to be at the festival by noon Saturday
Zip: 97701 - 08/08/2019
Need a ride tomorrow morning (Friday). I’m in Tumalo on highway 20 (on the way to Tidewater). Traveling light, just a backpack
Portland, Oregon - 08/08/2019
Hey! Anyone have room for 1 more to Beloved on friday? Let's have a mini road trip! I'll go half on gas and i can help with the drive if you'd like :)
Zip: 97211 - 08/08/2019
Anyone want to buy a weekend pass to Beloved?
Zip: 97211 - 08/08/2019
Hi all! I was planning to drive from Portland Friday morning, but didn't get a parking pass in enough time and they are sold out. Please let me know if A) you can sell me your parking pass, or B) you have room for me and camping. Thank you!
Portland, Oregon - 08/08/2019
Aloha! I need a ride, my rides plans fell through. I can meet anywhere trimet can go! So far I am looking at taking a bus to corvallis. Or if I can get a ride to Newport or Waldport where my family lives then I can get to Beloved from there. Mahalo!
Tidewater, Oregon - 08/08/2019
Hello dear ones,

I need a ride back on either Sunday evening or Monday back to the Nevada city area and would be so grateful if you could take me, along with backpack, tent, sleeping bag and pad. I’m happy to contribute in whatever way makes ride splendid:)
Sacramento, California - 08/08/2019
Looking for parking pass! Please help out!
Zip: 97404 - 08/08/2019
Ride needed for Friday to Beloved
Zip: 37404 - 08/08/2019
Zip: 97223 - 08/08/2019
Looking to leave the I-5 and 217 area around 7:30 no later then 8:00 am I have a spacious truck and room for gear. I am looking for a parking pass. Leaving late Sunday or early Monday. Please let me know.
Albany, Oregon - 08/08/2019
Hi! seeking a ride from Albany which Is on the way! pick up Friday can share fuel costs

Portland, Oregon - 08/08/2019
Hello hello! I'm leaving NE Portland early Friday morning and can give a ride to one or two people. I'm hoping to leave by 8am at the latest, contact me if you're in need of a ride!

I have an off site vehicle pass so we'll have to be shuttled in. I have a Honda Fit but I would love to make the most of the space I have to provide for anyone who needs transportation :)
Zip: 97214 - 08/08/2019
In need of a one way ride Friday, will provide money towards fuel!!Fun loving company and so much gratitude! Please reach out


Can public transport to make pick up easier
Portland - 08/08/2019
Hi loves!!

I’m looking for a ride to Beloved Friday morning for either myself and or also my friend at noon. My friend has a ride secured later that afternoon but I’d like to leave in the morning if possible. I can help with gas. I’m teaching a dancer workshop for teens and I’m traveling from Mexico. I only have a carry on and one personal bag.

Thank you!

Ix-Chel Sandivel

Emeryville, California - 08/08/2019
Hey y’all last minute miracle ride search!!! Any one in the Bay leaving Thursday night?

Zip: 97222 - 08/08/2019
Hello friends! I am looking for a ride to Beloved on Friday morning. I can provide gas money, snacks, and good vibes!
Zip: 97219 - 08/08/2019
Hi, I’m needing to catch a ride to Beloved either late tonight, or early tomorrow morning. I’m not fully sure how this works, but can pay gas money. I’d appreciate it!!


Portland - 08/08/2019
I am driving from Portland airport on Thursday/today, leaving around 4:30 ish. I rented a van, have room for a few more folks. 7028001299
Eugene, Oregon - 08/08/2019
Hello Beloveds! I am flying in from LA with my baby and Mom on Friday and renting a car but we need a parking pass. Please let us know if you come across one for sale. Blessings and have a magical weekend.

Zip: 97218 - 08/08/2019
Flying into PDX Portland Oregon Airport at 11:00am Thursday Morning for Early Entry. Would be so grateful if someone has space for me to ride share from the Airport to the Festival grounds. Would be available for pickup from 11:30am - 2:30pm if anyone is coming through Portland.
Eugene, Oregon - 08/08/2019
Flying into Eugene Airport at 11pm Thursday the 9th

Hoping to catch a ride and will happily share in gas, witty convo and perhaps a story
Zip: 97218 - 08/08/2019
We’re leaving at some point on Thursday afternoon, likely around 3-4pm. Might be a bit earlier or later. Should have room for two more people in our Forester depending on what they have.

If you were to ride with us, you would need an Early Entry pass and ideally to contribute towards gas. Hit me up on here or text to 6one7-8one6-5468.

Talent, Oregon - 08/08/2019
Need ride on Thursday late morning or afternoon to Beloved... Thank you
Portland - 08/08/2019
Saturday until Sunday if anyone is going I will pay what ever you like
Talent, Oregon - 08/08/2019
Can offer a ride from Ashland, Eugene or Portland in exchange for a parking pass! Early Friday entry preferably :)
Ashland - 08/08/2019
My partner and I and our 16 month old need a parking pass or ride to beloved! We're all set to go, didn't think off-site parking would sell out!!! Please and thank you!!!
Portland - 08/08/2019
Anyone/know anyone driving from Portland to Beloved Festival tomorrow morning that can please pick up flower donations at Trader Joe’s in Lake Oswego and Corvallis. Need to have room in your vehicle. This is for Nature’s Nest Crew. It’s not a crisis, It’s CrisNest. We really need them to make the nests pop with LOVE!
Portland, Oregon - 08/07/2019
Hello! my wife and I are looking for a ride on Friday from Portland to the fest! Thank you!

Chris & Marynes
Lake Oswego, Oregon - 08/07/2019
Natures Nest team needs flowers picked up from trader joes in Lake Oswego and Corvallis. Call them in the morning!

Calm me too, nature 775 303 5784
Portland, Oregon - 08/07/2019
looking for a one way ride to Beloved leaving Friday morning.

Good company and lots of gratitude!

Tidewater, Oregon - 08/07/2019
Hey there! Looking for a ride (for 2 people) from Beloved to PDX early Monday morning. Trying to make a 1pm flight back to Austin tx. Good vibes and friendly rides promised. And/Or we can also just be quiet which is equally cool.
Lake Oswego, Oregon - 08/07/2019
Driving down Friday but stopping in Newport to pick up my son on the way. Leaving about 10 am. Room for 1 or 2
Eugene, Oregon - 08/07/2019
offering a ride from eugene to beloved on friday (really early in the am only!!
Portland - 08/07/2019
Seeking for a ride Friday night or Saturday morning, I was traveling from NYC and my flight got canceled, I won't be able to catch my bus on Friday morning because there's not flight availability do to weather conditions of a thunderstorm. Me and my sister would really appreciate it, we can supply with money for gas, thank you!
Zip: 97405 - 08/07/2019
First time going to Beloved and now parking all sold out. Anyone leaving Saturday morning from Eugene that I can jump in with? Aiming to come back Sunday afternoon but can seek return ride at festival. Tony
Portland - 08/07/2019
We are a couple of French/Australian Angels arriving from heaven at Portland Airport on Thursday tomorrow around 5 pm . We d love a ride to the festival, we have early entry passes , we can contribute to the gaz . We have lots of good vibes and good massage skills .

With love Xavier and Joy
Zip: 97222 - 08/07/2019
Need a ride Friday morning. Can offer good company and gas money. Don’t have much stuff.

Philomath, Oregon - 08/07/2019
I’d love a ride from Philomath, which is on the way unless you are coming from the coast. Can pitch in gas money. Thanks!

Portland, Oregon - 08/07/2019
Hi there! I’m looking for a ride to Beloved Festival on Friday after I get off work at 3:30pm. I would be happy to share gas, snacks, and take turns driving if you’d like. I expect have 2 medium-sized pieces of luggage. Thank you!
Zip: 97212 - 08/07/2019
Namaste Beloveds :) I'll supply the ride and drive us from Portland and back if you supply the parking pass! I would like to leave Friday morning and return late Sunday or Monday morning.
California, United States - 08/07/2019
I have a van and can fit people inside but I do not have a parking pass or a car camping pass. Can anyone offer one in exchange of a ride and some money for it if you do not need it after all for some reason? Thank you
Eugene, Oregon - 08/07/2019
Leave from south Eugene Thursday afternoon.

Arrive back in south Eugene Sunday midday.

I can also catch a ride instead.

Eugene, Oregon - 08/07/2019
Leave from south Eugene Thursday afternoon.

Arrive back in south Eugene Sunday midday.

I can also offer a ride instead.

San Bruno, California - 08/07/2019
Ashland, Oregon - 08/07/2019
Leaving Thursday at 9am for Beloved from Ashland. I have 2 seats free !
Tidewater, Oregon - 08/07/2019
I need to get back to Eugene 5 pm on Sunday so I can see George Clinton and p-funk. I don’t have a big load of stuff to take back and I will pitch in for gas money. If someone could help me out that would be awesome
Zip: 97402 - 08/07/2019

I'd like a ride to Beloved sometime on Friday from Eugene, OR. (Then back to Eugene after the festival)


Nanaimo, British Columbia - 08/07/2019
Hey all! My ride has just realized she can't make it so I'm going to be taking my car and making the trip from BC early tomorrow morning! I have room for 1-2 people anywhere along the way from Port Angeles at 8 AM tomorrow and onward... *I still need to find a parking pass too*
Arcata, California - 08/07/2019
I'd love a ride up on Friday morning!

Thanks, Bobbi
Bend, Oregon - 08/07/2019
I have early entry pass for sale for THURS

offering ride to and from Bend Fri-Sun

If you know of anyone needing early entry pass, please send them my way. $70

Zip: 97212 - 08/07/2019
Hello! Seeking a ride from Pdx either Friday morning (after 9:30) or Saturday.

Can contribute $ to parking pass/gas + all the positive energy!


Portland - 08/07/2019

I am looking for a ride from NW Pdx to Beloved Saturday morning.

Many thanks,

Penticton, British Columbia - 08/07/2019
My girlfriend and I are hoping to get a ride the last little bit of the way to Beloved... we will be able to get to the little town (drop off at the local store right as you pass through town) and will be arriving for opening gate at 1/130pm on Thursday. Anyone have a bit of extra room for 2 ladies - we are carrying our stuff so not too much extra room is needed for our items. So much thanks if you can get us the rest of the way there! Thanks for considering :)
Boise, Idaho - 08/07/2019
Looking to share a ride to Beloved from Boise and happy ti share expenses.

- Trentamus

Zip: 95959 - 08/07/2019
Looking for a ride for me, my pack, yoga mat and tea kettle!
Gladstone, Oregon - 08/06/2019
Hi my name is Kody and I would love to find some kind hearted people to ride with to Beloved either Thursday or Friday. More than happy to pitch towards gas and good conversation! Hoping to return Monday. My number is 5035398907 and is the best way to reach me :)
Zip: 97008 - 08/06/2019
Hi there my name is Ashley! I am trying to find someone to ride with on friday down to the festival.I can contribute to gas!

i'm really hoping to meet some sweet people,

Thank you so much(:
Zip: 97203 - 08/06/2019
Looking for a ride from PDX Friday AM, and back on Monday. I can get to you in town no problem, happy to share gas/driving and can shower you in OG vegggggies if you're into that :)

Zip: 97223 - 08/06/2019
Hello~ I am looking for a ride on Saturday, at any time and can meet you anywhere in the Portland area at your chosen time! I am a lovely co-pilot and can offer assistance with gas, bring snacks, have great conversation, etc. Have my own ride home. Thanks!
Eugene, Oregon - 08/06/2019
Pickup at airport.
Phoenix, Oregon - 08/06/2019
Couple seeking ride from Ashland area Friday! Good vibes & gas $$
Zip: 97701 - 08/06/2019
Thinking of Leaving Bend Early Friday morning, but flexible. I have full event pass no parking yet. Big empty minivan, flexible on return date. Wanna ride share?
Portland - 08/06/2019
Have space for 1 or 2 either from Portland area or Newport. I do need a parking pass for priority of responders
Zip: 97218 - 08/06/2019
Need a ride from Portland Airport to Beloved Festival on Thursday Night or Friday Morning.
Portland, Oregon - 08/06/2019
I have a car so I can meet anyone anywhere for a ride but am trying to get there Thursday. I totally overlooked getting a parking pass. Thanks
Hillsboro, Oregon - 08/06/2019
Hey I have room for one person from Hillsboro/ Beaverton area- only going down not coming back
Eugene, Oregon - 08/06/2019
I have room in my car to take people from Eugene on Thursday afternoon!
Zip: 97266 - 08/06/2019
Hello All!

I am driving down to Beloved Thursday morning. Leaving at 9 AM from SE Portland. I have room for 2 fun and festive riders. Gas money appreciated but not essential.

Santa Rosa, California - 08/06/2019
I'm looking for a ride from Santa Rosa, Cali to the festival/Portland for tomorrow or Thursday or Friday. Would love to share the cost of the ride.
Eugene, Oregon - 08/06/2019
I need a ride to Beloved for Sunday only
Eugene, Oregon - 08/06/2019
I am going out for Sunday only. I just need a ride from Eugene to the event.
Zip: 97214 - 08/06/2019
We have one spot for a Friday ride, returning Monday. Spot is reserved for someone who can help us get a parking pass! Happy to pay you in full for the pass and cover gas.

We don’t have much space, so you’ll need to have not much gear.
Zip: 97212 - 08/06/2019
Hi there! I am looking for a ride Friday morning from Portland. Will pay for gas and contribute in any other way that I can :)
Portland, Oregon - 08/06/2019
Seeking a ride from Portland to tidewater (Beloved) on Thursday.
Eugene, Oregon - 08/06/2019
Heading over Wednesday morning. Hoping to find another volunteer to share ride with.
Portland - 08/06/2019
Hello beloveds. My dear sister and I are looking for a ride from the Portland airport Thursday. Will provide good vibes and energy exchange! Much Love !! Thank you in advance!
California, United States - 08/06/2019
Is anyone driving to Eugene airport on Monday that has space for 1 person? I will pay for gas and provide good vibes. Thanks!
Corvallis, Oregon - 08/06/2019
My partner and I need a ride from Corvallis to Beloved on Fri 8/9 afternoon. We are also considering taking a cab in case somebody wants to share... Let me know, thanks!!
Zip: 97218 - 08/05/2019
Greetings! Looking for a ride Wed evening or Thursday morning from Portland.

I just got accepted as a volunteer! I'm flying into PDX on Wed. at 6 pm.

Happy to share in gas costs and provide good vibes on the journey.



Zip: 04103 - 08/05/2019
Hi fam! looking for a ride from Portland on Friday morning. Just one gal with one bag
Zip: 94703 - 08/05/2019
Driving from Berkeley leaving Wed afternoon for Friday morning arrival, via Eugene. Can give 1-2 people ride in my VW camper van in exchange for a parking pass!! Or looking for a spare parking pass if anyone has one. thanks.
Zip: 97214 - 08/05/2019
Hello! I need a ride for 1 leaving Friday morning anytime. Won't need a return ride. I can meet anywhere in PDX that is most convenient. Thanks!
Ashland - 08/05/2019
I have 1 seat available

Leaving on Friday early morning
Portland - 08/05/2019
2 musicians need 2 seats with 3 suitcases from Portland airport to Beloved festival on Friday after 8AM
Zip: 97215 - 08/05/2019
Hi there! I still have a few seats available in a van driving from PDX to Beloved on Wednesday morning.
Arcata, California - 08/05/2019
Mother, Sister, Son seeking a ride on Thursday Morning! We all have early Thursday passes! Thank you for considering!
Portland - 08/05/2019
Hello beloveds!

I'm teaching Mystic Temple Dancer workshop for teens and I'm traveling from Mexico. I would love a ride on Thursday from Portland. I can meet you in Portland or at the Nike employee store. Can contribute with gas. Please call me at 442-278-8991. Thank you!! -Sandi
Portland - 08/05/2019
I have space for two people from Portland or Eugene, leaving Thursday morning. You can call 406-946-2467

Kevin Blue
Tidewater, Oregon - 08/05/2019
Post Event AHOD Volunteer needs ride from site to PDX.

Hello Beloved Family,

I am needing a ride either Wednesday night after shift or Thursday 8/16 morning sometime to PDX. Thank you!

Eugene, Oregon - 08/05/2019
I'm on Blissware volunteer crew so leaving Eugene Wednesday afternoon in a VW Bus. Have space for one more person - must arrive by 8pm for volunteer parking.
Portland - 08/05/2019
I can meet you at any public transport stop. Thursday or Friday would work. I have just my backpack and tent.

South Gate, California - 08/05/2019
Hey! Leaving early Wednesday morning to volunteer :) I have room in my car if anyone needs a ride
Portland - 08/05/2019
Looking for a ride to beloved on Friday morning the 9th of August. Also possible to go on thursday.
Oakland - 08/05/2019
Looking for a ride on Wednesday to the Venue.
Vancouver, British Columbia - 08/05/2019
Leaving Thursday evening, stopping at Seattle overnight, reaching Beloved Friday mid day. Returning Monday. can take medium luggage.
Zip: 97701 - 08/05/2019
I've got a parking pass and I'm driving a crew cab pickup. Lots of room for gear and at least three passengers. I can't leave Bend until Friday around noon, but would be happy to offer a lift to anyone who needs it. Planning to come back Sunday evening.
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma - 08/04/2019
One man, one bag, one handpan, lots of love and sweetness. Early entry so sometime, anytime, Thursday? :) Bee
Fairfax, California - 08/04/2019
I have a Toyota sienna van with a bed, so only have a seat for one. I would be open to going in another car, and using my hard parking pass for your car.

I Don't have early entry ( yet- i could get it) so for now i want to arrive friday early am. Leaving wednesday (could be thursday AM) from the bay. have a place to crash in Ashland halfway.

want fun company and to share gas $.

text me. 310 428 2942.
McMinnville, Oregon - 08/04/2019
I’ve got lots of room! Leaving about 6pm Thursday. Coming back Monday. Just bring smiles and good vibes
Zip: 97218 - 08/04/2019
Arriving PDX at 1pm inn Friday. Looking for a ride for 2 people. Happy to pay for gas :) thanks!! 415-847-4302
Talent, Oregon - 08/04/2019
Looking for a ride up on Thursday... Maybe Wends... I also Might Drive but have no parking passes...
Portland - 08/04/2019
Hello friends! I am volunteering this year so I will be driving to Beloved on Wednesday! I am planning on leaving early in the day. If you need a ride on Wednesday, let me know. :) I can pick you up from anywhere in Portland area
Portland - 08/04/2019
I have extra seats in my RV on the way down. I’m leaving from Portland on Thursday at noon. Minimal space for extra gear, but can accommodate some passengers and backpacks.
Vancouver - 08/04/2019
Looking for a ride for 1 from Vancouver, BC to Beloved! Can chip in for gas! Looking to leave on Thursday afternoon or evening and come back Monday!
Portland, Oregon - 08/04/2019
I've got an early entry pass and I'm looking for a ride leaving from Portland on Thursday, the earlier the better!

Leaving before 1pm is ideal.

Thank you!

Candler, North Carolina - 08/04/2019
Hey i am driving a prius all the way to tidewater falls leaving either on the 4th 5th or 6th, please let me know soon if you want a ride soon can bring up to 2 people. $60 per person or up for trades ( guitar,banjo,etc.) I am only planning on getting a sunday pass but could bring someone either days.
Candler, North Carolina - 08/04/2019
Hey i am driving a prius all the way to tidewater falls leaving either on the 4th 5th or 6th, please let me know soon if you want a ride soon can bring up to 2 people. $60 per person or up for trades ( guitar,banjo,etc.)
Zip: 97403 - 08/04/2019
HI! I am passing through Eugene on our way in from Reno. Happy to pick up a a beloved who has a parking permit and happy to split the cost of parking with you. Desiring to entry the festival early entry 2pm Thurday and leave Sunday morning. Let me know if this is you!
Grass Valley, California - 08/04/2019
I’m leaving grass valley Tuesday afternoon and staying in Ashland Tuesday night at the hot springs and getting to the event Wednesday afternoon. My wife and child will also be in the car on Wednesday from Ashland to the event
Zip: 94703 - 08/03/2019
Hi friends! I’m hoping to leave Berkeley Tuesday (8/6) night or early Wednesday 8/7) and arrive at Beloved by 10 am Thursday! Willing to go in on gas and foods!! Feel free to text if this might work for you! 5017790756
Sacramento, California - 08/03/2019
Looking for ride to beloved! If you are heading through sacramento please stop by would love to get a ride! Just me & my gear. Will be super easy! Could contribute some gas $
Portland, Oregon - 08/03/2019
Hey! My boyfriend and I need a ride from Portland to Beloved on Friday 8/9 after noon. Happy to pay gas money and provide good vibes! THANKS, much appreciated
Portland - 08/03/2019
I am renting a car and driving from Portland airport on Thursday. Will pick up the car around 6:30 pm. Leaving Beloved around 12pm on Monday for Portland airport. Have room for 2 with carry on luggage
90008 - 08/03/2019
Hi community! I am looking for a ride from LA on Wednesday! Have $ for gas and healthy snacks :) xx Can meet anywhere in the LA area.
Zip: 97206 - 08/03/2019
I have a parking pass in exchange for a ride to and from beloved from Portland, south east near Taber. 2 of us with gear. Thanks!
San Diego, California - 08/03/2019
Looking for a ride to Beloved from San Diego area not much gear. Will only need a ride to the festival
Zip: 97222 - 08/03/2019
Hi! My name is Sarah :-). I plan on leaving Thursday morning for early entry, and returning on Monday. My parking pass is offsite. I could fit one, (probably two if you're good at packing up a vehicle) with gear. Please include a name and phone number with any messages.

Hope to hear from you soon
Portland, Oregon - 08/03/2019
Hi everyone! I am leaving to do pre-festival volunteering sunday 8/4 from NE Portland, and have an extra spot if anyone would like to join. I'll be leaving late morning/early afternoon and can pick you up if you're somewhat on the way.
Vancouver, British Columbia - 08/03/2019
Ride to festival and possibly return for a female with medium level belongings. Thanks!
Ashland - 08/03/2019
Hi I’m looking for a ride from Ashland either Wednesday or Thursday.


Zip: 94619 - 08/03/2019
Leaving tomorrow (August 3rd) and will get on site by early morning the 5th. Have plenty of room. Bloom
Portland - 08/02/2019
hi loves! making a trip through nevada city shasta ashland eugene possibly portland , i dont have early entry but i could pick you up thursday and thinking of being in the tidewater area so that i can get into the festival really early on fri morning. let me know if these plans could align. leaving tuesday for all of this.
California, United States - 08/02/2019
Looking for a ride to and from bay area. Marin ideally. I can leave wednesday or thursday.

i could also drive my van and share the gas. but i don't have a parking pass at the moment, so i'd rather just ride up.

-amae love

310 428 2942
Zip: 97214 - 08/02/2019
I am actually looking for a ride back to Portland from Beloved!! Just me and some gear (a backpack).
Eugene, Oregon - 08/02/2019
I’ll be arriving Friday morning around 10-10:30 then would like to find a carpool to tidewater!

Anyone passing through Eugene?! And willing to make room for me in the car? I’ll have one M bag, one S bag.

I’ll help with cash! Thanks!
Ashland, Oregon - 08/02/2019
Hi Beloveds!

I will be headed up to the gathering on Friday morning from Ashland and need to head back down Sunday afternoon.. let me know if you are in need of a ride to or from the gathering on this route~


Portland, Oregon - 08/02/2019
To Beloved & back, Fri morn-mon, with camp gear. Would be much appreciated!
Portland, Oregon - 08/02/2019
Ride offered Thursday morning coming back Monday afternoon
Zip: 97210 - 08/02/2019
It is my first year and didn't realize parking would sell out so fast!

My offer: I have a subaru with roof rack AND a sprinter van that can sleep two.

If you have a parking pass (far mosqure preferably) we can take either of these to the festival. I even have a free early entry Thursday pass to throw in the mix and will pay you for your parking pass to share, at cost.

I'd like to leave thursday morning and return Sunday evening, but could push to early monday if need be. I am not good at driving at night so you'd need to drive if we leave late.


-L .
Zip: 97215 - 08/02/2019
Hi there!

I'm looking for a SUNDAY return ride to SE Portland, for myself and two children. Yeah, I know : ) Happy to pay for gas! No gear, we just need space (and seatbelts) for 3 bodies. Thank you.
Bend, Oregon - 08/02/2019

I will be leaving from Bend Thurs afternoon returning Sunday night. Happy to share ride and gas. I have large Toyota Sienna minivan with space. The only catch is I do not have parking pass and now they are sold out. Do you have parking pass? Please get in touch I would love to share ride and pass.
Fremont, California - 08/02/2019
Planning to festival from Friday to Monday
Zip: 97402 - 08/02/2019
My partner and I will be flying into Oregon Friday afternoon, at 12:00, landing either at Portland or Eugene airport depending on where a ride is available for 2 people heading to Beloved! Happy to share costs...Thanks!!
Williams, Oregon - 08/02/2019
Hello beauteous beings~

I am hoping to catch a ride up from southern Oregon! I have a Thursday entry pass and would like to head up on Thursday morning. I'll have a pack and a tote with me. I live in Williams but can meet you along the I-5 in either Ashland or Grants Pass. I am happy to contribute towards gas~


Zip: 97218 - 08/01/2019
Hey Beloved World!

I land to PDX Froday at 10:30am, looking for a ride to the festival from Portland anytime after then (from airport ideal, can also Lyft to you if needed)

I fly out Monday at 4:50pm, so looking for a ride back to airport at 3:45. LMK if you'd like to offer a ride, I am happy to share good music, gas $ and help drive if desired.

-Daniel from Oakland
Zip: 97222 - 08/01/2019
I am looking for a ride from Portland to Beloved for Friday early morning! All the blessings. Laci
Portland, Oregon - 08/01/2019
Going on Sunday only! Anyone else?

Will contribute to gas/driving!
Portland, Oregon - 08/01/2019
I have one spot available in my van, with plenty of room for stuff. The catch? I am leaving WED and I need a Forrest parking pass.

If you can provide that and are a volunteer, I've got you covered.
Eugene, Oregon - 08/01/2019
I have a full size van Chevy g20 van

I’m looking for a parking pass to bring my van Debbie into the festival
McKinleyville, California - 08/01/2019
Hey all,

I’m heading to beloved Wednesday around noon time. Got plenty of space for camping thangs n people. I’m volunteering so I’m specifically also looking for fellow volunteers, tho anyone is welcome :) thanks!! Merlin Ps. If anyone is driving thru arcata, I’d consider catching a ride instead, thx.
North District, Israel - 08/01/2019
I have room for two people leaving on Thursday by 11am. I would ask for $10 per person to contribute towards gas.
Portland - 08/01/2019
Leaving portland on friday around noon, i have room for 2 people.
Boise, Idaho - 08/01/2019
I'm driving from Boise, ID to Tidewater Wednesday. I'm volunteering so I have to get there a little earlier. If any one is hearing mely direction, let me know. I'd appreciate some help with travel expenses. I wont be able to take you back to boise after beloved. I will be going to Washington after. If you are interested please email me.

- Roxy
Portland, Oregon - 08/01/2019
Hey Friends,

Two of us need a ride from Portland to Beloved on Thursday morning(ish). We're happy to pay for alll the gas!!
Glendale, California - 07/31/2019
Looking for a ride from LA to beloved festival. Willing to chip in for gas!
Salem, Oregon - 07/31/2019
Leaving around 10 am on Thursday for early entry and returning Monday morning. I have room for one passenger plus gear.
Corvallis, Oregon - 07/31/2019
Pick up on Friday for the festival, can contribute gas money:)
Salem, Oregon - 07/31/2019
I have a parking pass and minimal gear, just looking to share a ride! I can also drive and pick you up if needed.
Salem, Oregon - 07/31/2019
Leaving Thursday around 10am and returning Monday morning. I have room for one passenger with gear!
California, United States - 07/31/2019
Looking to share a ride! Happy to contribute in drive time and gas. Text is best way to be in touch! 8187418314
Zip: 97218 - 07/31/2019
Hi! I'm looking for a one way trip to Beloved on Thursday, I can throw down on gas and only have 1 bag. Plus I'm great company
Portland - 07/31/2019
Aloha dear Beloved Ohana I’m looking for lift I arrive in Portland airport 8.8 from Europe ,3pm first time in this area and love to get lift to the fest!!please e-mail me you you got place mahalo blessings Aloha Miska
Detroit, Oregon - 07/31/2019
I have early arrival for Thursday. No parking pass. If you are driving from Bend or farther east I can accommodate camping at the hot springs on Wednesday evening. Happy to contribute funds toward gas expenses.
Zip: 97266 - 07/31/2019
Looking for a ride to Beloved on Friday later in the morning!
Portland, Oregon - 07/31/2019
In need of ride to Beloved! Thank you
Portland, Oregon - 07/31/2019
Hello Beloveds! I'm Morgan. Hailing from Portland's SW hills. I'm driving up to Beloved Friday am with my daughter. I have room for two! Possibly three if you have a little one. Carpooling seems the friendliest way to go! I am parking in True North. Travelling with plenty of good vibes. xo

If you reach out to me please include your name and number. Thank you!
Seattle, Washington - 07/30/2019
I need a ride from Seattle area, or summer meltdown on the 5th or 6th to make it to beloved for the 7th at night, volunteer check in. 504-330226O. One brother, one backpack and a tote bag. Much love!
Zip: 98201 - 07/30/2019
I need a ride from Seattle area, or summer meltdown on the 5th or 6th to make it to beloved for the 7th at night, volunteer check in. 504-330226O. One brother, one backpack and a tote bag. Much love.
Portland, Oregon - 07/30/2019
Volunteer leaving Wed morning and have room for one more and room for gear if someone needs that service. I am happy to pick you up anywhere between Portland and Tidewater as well.

Mama Jean
Seaside, Florida - 07/29/2019
Hi friends, I am looking for a ride on friday if someone is around seaside!
Cody, Wyoming - 07/28/2019
Looking for people who want a ride and can help pitch for gas I can offer room for 2 people with dogs got 2 of my own as well will be in a Chevy with a slide in camper
Portland, Oregon - 07/28/2019
Hi there! I am leaving Friday after work and coming back Sunday night. I have a Toyota Scion and can fit two more peeps!


Eugene, Oregon - 07/28/2019
Got space for another happy camper? I'll help with gas $. I'd love to go for early admission Thursday, but I'm flexible.
Loveland, Colorado - 07/28/2019
Hai dere!

My name is Joseph and I am super excited to experience my first year at Beloved.

Just a few days before I am finishing up a stage construction at the Arise music festival and would be living from my backpack.

I can help with gas and have lots of fun stories. If you want to meet me in Denver or someplace close I can be dropped off.

please let me know how You feel about it, I will be ready to leave the morning of the 6th.
Portland - 07/28/2019
Flying in from Louisiana, seeking a ride to/from the fest! I'd love to go for early entry and stay til the end. *fingers crossed* Beloved!
Portland, Oregon - 07/27/2019
Hi there!

Is anybody going down Friday evening and coming back Sunday night that would have room for one more?
Zip: 94612 - 07/27/2019
Ride offered from Oakland to Eugene and/or Beloved Fest & back.

Leaving Oakland around 10am Thursday Aug. 8th.
Portland - 07/27/2019
Flying into PDX Friday at 12:30 pm. Looking to catch a ride to fest site. Only need a lift one-way, as I have arranged a ride back on Monday.
Missoula, Montana - 07/27/2019
I’m looking for a carshare to the festival. Round trip. Any Montanans headed out?
Portland - 07/25/2019
We rented a mini van and have room to take two more peeps to the festival. We are going Friday morning and returning Monday afternoon. Just asking to share in the rental cost and gas - $85 per person
Seattle - 07/24/2019
Hey! if anyone heading to the festival from the area of Seattle - ill be happy to join!
Portland - 07/23/2019
Hi friends,

there are 2 of us flying into PDX from Alaska looking for a ride on Thursday. will help with whateves. 907-314-0864. Thanks!!
Portland - 07/23/2019
Looking for a ride for two of us Friday morning, returning Monday morning. Happy to help with gas cost and driving! We are flying in so our camping gear is minimal.
Portland, Oregon - 07/23/2019
Hello! I'm Morgan. I'm hailing from Portland's SW hills. I'm looking to ride with other Beloveds on Friday, returning Monday. I can drive if need be. Carpool seems the friendliest way to go! I was looking to camp in True North but I'm happy to go with the flow. I would love to have travel plans in place ahead of time. I'll have my tent, sleeping bag, two backpacks and plenty of good vibes. xo

If you reach out to me please include your name and number. Thank you!
Zip: 94702 - 07/23/2019

We... Dad/Mum/Little Dude(9mths), are seeking a ride to our first Beloved festival and we're excited. But as yet have no way to get there.

The perfect plan would be;

That you're able to leave a little earlier for the adventure. We need to arrive the weds 7th as we have early entry helping with a booth.

We also have a camping/carpass and extra ticket for exchange for help with a booth over the weekend.

We need to go via Mendocino, which would take us up the lovely 101 and of course happy to split fuel costs.

Leaving the festival the following monday and head sth.

If you'd like to combine adventures and have a great rd trip to Beloved, please get in touch.
Trout Lake, Washington - 07/23/2019
Need ride from Trout Lake, WAor Hood River Oregon to festival. Can contribute to gas.

Text is best way to reach me 2067089298
Seattle, Washington - 07/22/2019
I am in need of a ride to Beloved! Thank you
Reno, Nevada - 07/22/2019
Hey everyone! I am totally new to the festival life! I am tired of being in my room all the time video gaming! I have always been hella into the grow love movement and would love to catch a ride with someone!!!
Lake Oswego, Oregon - 07/22/2019
My partner and I are flying into Portland from the East Coast for Beloved, and we would love to ride from downtown Portland! I will be a Gallery Artist at Beloved, and I am required to arrive by 1pm on Wednesday the 7th at the latest. Hoping to find a ride leaving early on the 7th. We are happy to contribute to gas money and good vibes!
Portland, Oregon - 07/21/2019
HI there! I am in need of a ride on Thursday the 8th from Portland to the Festival.... I am happy to rent a car and share costs or jump into someone elses car and share costs. I could also use a ride back to Portland or to SFO post festival... pls get in touch if any of the above seems ok for you! Meg
Beaverton, Oregon - 07/21/2019
Hello my beloved folks! I am part of the volunteer street team and I am in need of a ride from Beaverton,Oregon and back again. I could meet in Portland if I had to. It's my first year and I am solo. First time venturing out to a festival alone, so im a little nervous but really excited!! Would love great company and will help out with gas or whatever you need? Thanks for being so welcoming and much love to the beloved family! I will need to leave friday and be back Monday
Milwaukie, Oregon - 07/20/2019
I have room for one volunteer leaving early wed morning.
Nevada City, California - 07/18/2019
Looking for a ride to and from festival. I live in Nevada City, so looking for anyone leaving from Grass Valley, Nevada City, or even Auburn. I have money to pitch in for gas. I'll have a tent, a clothes bag, a blanket, sleeping bag, and pillow. I'm easy going so whatever kind of companion your looking for, that's me! :-)
Irvine, California - 07/18/2019
Alo Alo! lookin for a ride from the orange county or even los angeles area

:) much love
Zip: 95060 - 07/18/2019
Alo! lookin for a possible ride from the santa cruz or even bay area :0 much love
Port Townsend, Washington - 07/17/2019
Very poor but can share beloved parking fee. It would be nice to have a ride to and from the festival assured, I'm a young girl a bit worried about my safety pertaining to getting to and from the festival
Portland, Oregon - 07/17/2019
First timer to Beloved, new to festivals!

I am looking to ride down with some people on Thursday (early entry), and come back up on Monday am. I do have a car I could drive down, but I'd prefer to get a ride.

Of course, down to throw in on travel expenses.

Decided to try this festival solo so that I can meet new friends! Don't be shy :)
Portland, Oregon - 07/14/2019
Kia Ora! I’m arriving in Portland late Tuesday/early Wednesday & am seeking a space to rest my bones. — Also looking for a ride to Tidewater on Wednesday to volunteer! Message me if you have a spot or know someone who does :)
Portland - 07/11/2019
Would be arriving at PDX at 9:30 am on Wednesday. I’m volunteering so I need to be at the venue a day in advance, but there are no shuttles on Wednesday. Looking for someone who has space for one in their car! This is probably the only way I can make it this year so please let me know!
Zip: 91335 - 07/10/2019
Zip: 97218 - 07/09/2019
Flight lands at 10pm Aug 8th! Looking for a ride to the festival on Friday (since gates close midnight Thursday).
Yachats, Oregon - 07/09/2019
I need a ride.just me and a tent
Portland - 07/08/2019
Leaving Portland MONDAY the 5th for volunteering and have room to take 2 with me.
Santa Cruz, CA - 07/06/2019
Blessings beautiful family,

Route: Santa Cruz, maybe the Yuba (?), Shasta, Ashland, Tidewater (open to other magical stops on the way)

Timeline: *Thursday Early Arrival*

I'm flexible on departure time from Santa Cruz, as long as I make it to Tidewater around 1pm on Thursday, Splitting the journey up into 2-3 chunks is ideal.

Car and spacial availability: I will solo drive my Toyota Prius, Artemis, and have space to **comfortably** bring 2 others and their gear to Beloved with me. I'm packing a little heavier for a lengthy trip, so the trunk will be mostly full.

Me: I'm a birth doula and community organizer in the Santa Cruz community. This is to be my Soul's pilgrimage - my first *kid free* trip in 3 years.

You: I'm craving chill folks for deep conversation, connection, blackberry hunting pit stops, car dancing & napping, and stopping at Shasta for a headwater fill up. I'd love it if you're family from the SC or NC community. Solo travelers preferred to a pair, then we could all get to know each other!

Energetic Exchange: I will drive you and another care free soul through a multi-day adventure in a safe, freshly tuned up vehicle. In exchange, I would like to come up with a flat fee that feels mutually beneficial.
Nevada City, California - 07/05/2019
i am open to driving another loving human who is interested to share a ride to beloved, potentionally with stops to nevada city, eugene, etc. would love to find someone with parking pass or wants to contribute with gas or other magic things.
California, United States - 07/03/2019
Hey lovely beloved,

I need a ride home Sunday August 12th in order to get back home in time for the first day of school Monday (August 13th). I’m a teacher in need of a ride home Sunday afternoon.
Zip: 97701 - 07/03/2019
Anyone from Bend have room for 1 rider to share costs?
Zip: 95060 - 07/01/2019
I'd prefer to connect with some rad open hearted people for a carpool verses renting a car. Is that you? I arrive at Portland Airport (PDX) at 10pm 8/9 Thursday night with minimal luggage. I'm looking for a carpool to Beloved anytime after that and a ride back to PDX on Monday 8/12 in time to catch a 5:25pm flight. I'm happy to share expenses, stories, laughs, friendship, love......all of it.
Bellingham, WA - 06/27/2019
Hi, Beloveds!

I have space to bring up to 2 others to Beloved with me. I'll be leaving from Bellingham the morning of the 5th!

In exchange for ride, i'd like to split gas money and the parking pass cost.

My car, Arby, is safe and sweet. I like listening to jams when I drive. I always have snacks.

Portland - 06/26/2019
flying into Portland & seeking a ride for myself and my partner, we are traveling light. Will contribute with gas money and conversations. Thank you
Zip: 97218 - 06/21/2019
Hi lovelies, I'm arriving solo at PDX at 10am and could also meet you anywhere MAX accessible. Only have 1 medium size backpack and can share tunes, snacks, driving, gas cost, pixie dust, etc.
Abbotsford, British Columbia - 06/12/2019
I would like a ride down to beloved but may not need one back... it depends on if I find a ride to my next location. I live in Abbotsford but could meet you somewhere if it is more convenient. I do live 5 minutes away from a boarder crossing.
Zip: 95501 - 06/10/2019
I have room for two people, my car seats 5, ( it’s me, my 2-daughters)!
Eugene, Oregon - 06/01/2019
Hello! Hoping to carpool to beloved from Eugene!!