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Beloved Festival 2019

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Zip: 94702 - 07/23/2019

We... Dad/Mum/Little Dude(9mths), are seeking a ride to our first Beloved festival and we're excited. But as yet have no way to get there.

The perfect plan would be;

That you're able to leave a little earlier for the adventure. We need to arrive the weds 7th as we have early entry helping with a booth.

We also have a camping/carpass and extra ticket for exchange for help with a booth over the weekend.

We need to go via Mendocino, which would take us up the lovely 101 and of course happy to split fuel costs.

Leaving the festival the following monday and head sth.

If you'd like to combine adventures and have a great rd trip to Beloved, please get in touch.
Trout Lake, Washington - 07/23/2019
Need ride from Trout Lake, WAor Hood River Oregon to festival. Can contribute to gas.

Text is best way to reach me 2067089298
Portland - 07/22/2019
Hi. I can offer a ride for 1-2 people. Leaving Friday morning from SE (Foster-Powell). Suzanne 503-545-7217
Seattle, Washington - 07/22/2019
I am in need of a ride to Beloved! Thank you
Reno, Nevada - 07/22/2019
Hey everyone! I am totally new to the festival life! I am tired of being in my room all the time video gaming! I have always been hella into the grow love movement and would love to catch a ride with someone!!!
Lake Oswego, Oregon - 07/22/2019
My partner and I are flying into Portland from the East Coast for Beloved, and we would love to ride from downtown Portland! I will be a Gallery Artist at Beloved, and I am required to arrive by 1pm on Wednesday the 7th at the latest. Hoping to find a ride leaving early on the 7th. We are happy to contribute to gas money and good vibes!
Portland - 07/22/2019
Looking to arrive into Portland late Thursday and want to head to festival as early as possible (before 10am) on Friday. Would love to join someone's carpool or I'm also thinking of renting a car and buying a parking pass since the shuttle is sold out.
Eugene, Oregon - 07/21/2019
I am driving to Beloved on Friday but need to return on Sunday. Have room for 2-3 people.
Portland, Oregon - 07/21/2019
HI there! I am in need of a ride on Thursday the 8th from Portland to the Festival.... I am happy to rent a car and share costs or jump into someone elses car and share costs. I could also use a ride back to Portland or to SFO post festival... pls get in touch if any of the above seems ok for you! Meg
Beaverton, Oregon - 07/21/2019
Hello my beloved folks! I am part of the volunteer street team and I am in need of a ride from Beaverton,Oregon and back again. I could meet in Portland if I had to. It's my first year and I am solo. First time venturing out to a festival alone, so im a little nervous but really excited!! Would love great company and will help out with gas or whatever you need? Thanks for being so welcoming and much love to the beloved family! I will need to leave friday and be back Monday
Milwaukie, Oregon - 07/20/2019
I have room for one volunteer leaving early wed morning.
Nevada City, California - 07/18/2019
Looking for a ride to and from festival. I live in Nevada City, so looking for anyone leaving from Grass Valley, Nevada City, or even Auburn. I have money to pitch in for gas. I'll have a tent, a clothes bag, a blanket, sleeping bag, and pillow. I'm easy going so whatever kind of companion your looking for, that's me! :-)
Irvine, California - 07/18/2019
Alo Alo! lookin for a ride from the orange county or even los angeles area

:) much love
Zip: 95060 - 07/18/2019
Alo! lookin for a possible ride from the santa cruz or even bay area :0 much love
Port Townsend, Washington - 07/17/2019
Very poor but can share beloved parking fee. It would be nice to have a ride to and from the festival assured, I'm a young girl a bit worried about my safety pertaining to getting to and from the festival
Portland, Oregon - 07/17/2019
First timer to Beloved, new to festivals!

I am looking to ride down with some people on Thursday (early entry), and come back up on Monday am. I do have a car I could drive down, but I'd prefer to get a ride.

Of course, down to throw in on travel expenses.

Decided to try this festival solo so that I can meet new friends! Don't be shy :)
Zip: 97218 - 07/17/2019
I am arriving in PDX on Friday at 1:20pm and looking to share the ride costs with a couple people. I have a rental car and can give a ride to two people to the festival. Or if you have a rental, happy to contribute towards your costs.
Springfield, Oregon - 07/16/2019
I’m offering a ride to the festival. I have room for one. I’d like to leave about 7 am on Friday August 9th. You will need to find a ride from Beloved because I plan on traveling solo along the coast after the festival. Please feel free to message me with any questions or if this is something you are interested in.
Portland, Oregon - 07/14/2019
Kia Ora! I’m arriving in Portland late Tuesday/early Wednesday & am seeking a space to rest my bones. — Also looking for a ride to Tidewater on Wednesday to volunteer! Message me if you have a spot or know someone who does :)
Portland - 07/11/2019
Would be arriving at PDX at 9:30 am on Wednesday. I’m volunteering so I need to be at the venue a day in advance, but there are no shuttles on Wednesday. Looking for someone who has space for one in their car! This is probably the only way I can make it this year so please let me know!
San Ramon, California - 07/11/2019
hi im interested in leaving for beloved from east bay area, looking to potentially stop in nevada city ashland or eugene before the festival to explore. let me know if you have interest to join.
Zip: 91335 - 07/10/2019
Oakland, California - 07/09/2019
Offering a ride for one person to join me and a friend, leaving from Oakland. We are both early arrival, arriving on Wednesday. Let me know if you can join. Thank you!
Zip: 97218 - 07/09/2019
Flight lands at 10pm Aug 8th! Looking for a ride to the festival on Friday (since gates close midnight Thursday).
Ashland, Oregon - 07/09/2019
Heya friends -

We have room for one or two in our van coming from Ashland, Oregon. We are planning on leaving Wednesday night so we can be early in line to Beloved on Thursday - we're thinking of camping nearby for the night. This will be our fourth year at Beloved and we cannot wait!
Yachats, Oregon - 07/09/2019
I need a ride.just me and a tent
Portland - 07/08/2019
Leaving Portland MONDAY the 5th for volunteering and have room to take 2 with me.
Santa Cruz, CA - 07/06/2019
Blessings beautiful family,

Route: Santa Cruz, maybe the Yuba (?), Shasta, Ashland, Tidewater (open to other magical stops on the way)

Timeline: *Thursday Early Arrival*

I'm flexible on departure time from Santa Cruz, as long as I make it to Tidewater around 1pm on Thursday, Splitting the journey up into 2-3 chunks is ideal.

Car and spacial availability: I will solo drive my Toyota Prius, Artemis, and have space to **comfortably** bring 2 others and their gear to Beloved with me. I'm packing a little heavier for a lengthy trip, so the trunk will be mostly full.

Me: I'm a birth doula and community organizer in the Santa Cruz community. This is to be my Soul's pilgrimage - my first *kid free* trip in 3 years.

You: I'm craving chill folks for deep conversation, connection, blackberry hunting pit stops, car dancing & napping, and stopping at Shasta for a headwater fill up. I'd love it if you're family from the SC or NC community. Solo travelers preferred to a pair, then we could all get to know each other!

Energetic Exchange: I will drive you and another care free soul through a multi-day adventure in a safe, freshly tuned up vehicle. In exchange, I would like to come up with a flat fee that feels mutually beneficial.
Nevada City, California - 07/05/2019
i am open to driving another loving human who is interested to share a ride to beloved, potentionally with stops to nevada city, eugene, etc. would love to find someone with parking pass or wants to contribute with gas or other magic things.
California, United States - 07/03/2019
Hey lovely beloved,

I need a ride home Sunday August 12th in order to get back home in time for the first day of school Monday (August 13th). I’m a teacher in need of a ride home Sunday afternoon.
Zip: 97701 - 07/03/2019
Anyone from Bend have room for 1 rider to share costs?
Zip: 95060 - 07/01/2019
I'd prefer to connect with some rad open hearted people for a carpool verses renting a car. Is that you? I arrive at Portland Airport (PDX) at 10pm 8/9 Thursday night with minimal luggage. I'm looking for a carpool to Beloved anytime after that and a ride back to PDX on Monday 8/12 in time to catch a 5:25pm flight. I'm happy to share expenses, stories, laughs, friendship, love......all of it.
Portland, Oregon - 06/28/2019
Delightful Beloved needs ride to Tidewater to arrive Thursday ( could Wednesday too)

Great company on road trips, can help with driving & gas.
Bellingham, WA - 06/27/2019
Hi, Beloveds!

I have space to bring up to 2 others to Beloved with me. I'll be leaving from Bellingham the morning of the 5th!

In exchange for ride, i'd like to split gas money and the parking pass cost.

My car, Arby, is safe and sweet. I like listening to jams when I drive. I always have snacks.

Portland - 06/26/2019
flying into Portland & seeking a ride for myself and my partner, we are traveling light. Will contribute with gas money and conversations. Thank you
Zip: 97218 - 06/21/2019
Hi lovelies, I'm arriving solo at PDX at 10am and could also meet you anywhere MAX accessible. Only have 1 medium size backpack and can share tunes, snacks, driving, gas cost, pixie dust, etc.
Portland, Oregon - 06/20/2019
I'll be leaving from Portland Friday evening (sometime between 4:30-6 depending on my work) and am open to sharing a ride, either driving my car or yours :) In my car I will have four spots available. I plan to return sometime on Monday, but with no particular time in mind.
Portland Oregon - 06/15/2019
Looking to carpool from PDX on Thursday morning. I’v got gas $ and deep conversations for you.
Abbotsford, British Columbia - 06/12/2019
I would like a ride down to beloved but may not need one back... it depends on if I find a ride to my next location. I live in Abbotsford but could meet you somewhere if it is more convenient. I do live 5 minutes away from a boarder crossing.
Zip: 95501 - 06/10/2019
I have room for two people, my car seats 5, ( it’s me, my 2-daughters)!
Eugene, Oregon - 06/01/2019
Hello! Hoping to carpool to beloved from Eugene!!
Portland - 05/18/2019
I arrive in Portland airport at 11:20am! Would love to share a ride up to Beloved. I am travelling solo and light. Could take a bus to meet you somewhere. Friendly, positive and calm vibes. Thank you :)
Zip: 97218 - 05/16/2019
My wife and I will arrive in Portland airport at 8:30 am on Friday August 9th. Could take some public transportation to meet somewhere if needed
Littleton, Colorado - 05/05/2019
I am leaving Tuesday August 6. I bought an early entry ticket so I can go set up Thursday. This is my first year and I would love to camp with someone else or a group of people. I have room for probably 2 other people depending on how much gear everyone has.