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Beloved Festival 2015

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Portland, Oregon - 08/08/2015
I'm currently at the airport in Portland looking for a way to get to the festival!! I have one bag and a tent with me and money to help pay for gas! Let me know if you are headed my way!! 4802736302
Brick, New Jersey - 08/06/2015
Leaving early Fri morn returning Mon,may follow coast for part of trip,rm for1-2 share gas-driving- lives...peace+ love-ray

Portland, Oregon - 08/05/2015
Leaving Thursday morning, have room for one to Beloved (one way only, sorry :)
Olympia, Washington - 08/05/2015
I am leaving Olympia Thursday afternoon by 1pm; hope to be at festival by 5 or so. Can pick up one rider and stuff on the way. Portland probably most convenient. Sharing of cost of gas would be lovely.
Eugene, Oregon - 08/04/2015
Anyone up to sharing cost of taxi?

Eugene, Oregon - 08/04/2015
Need ride to festival on Weds. Can help with expenses.


Portland, Oregon - 08/04/2015
Leaving both from Hillsboro and SE Portland, OR to Beloved between 6 and 7 am on Friday the 7th. Room for two people!
Portland, Oregon - 08/04/2015
Leaving both from Hillsboro and SE Portland OR between 6-7 am on Friday August 7th for Beloved!
Williams, Oregon - 08/04/2015
Room for two, leaving Williams Thursday morning!
Portland, Oregon - 08/03/2015
Need a ride leaving either Thur after 9pm or early Fri am for myself and my son. Will have one storage bin and a cooler as well as gas money. My first shift is Fri at 3pm.
Rutherford, California - 08/03/2015
Hello friends!! Planning on leaving Thursday from Santa Rosa Sonoma County area. Looking for 1-2 people to ride with me or I am also willing to ride up with someone else. Can also offer a ride back. Looking to split gas. Blessings
Portland - 08/03/2015
Seeking ride Thurs. morning. Share gas $,snacks and conversation.Have space for camping gear,etc. Thanks
Battle Ground, Washington - 08/03/2015
I can take 2 people and stuff to Beloved only (not home) on Friday the 7th, leaving first thing. Be in touch if you can find an alternate way home. :-)
Eugene, Oregon - 08/02/2015
Two girls seeking a ride on Thursday from Eugene! We can meet you anywhere, and happily provide gas money and lots of hugs. Love, love, love!!
Emeryville, California - 08/02/2015
I am driving to Beloved festival from San Francisco Bay Area and I have room for two. Leaving on Thursday August 6, 2015. Gas contribution is welcome!

Returning to the Bay on late Monday August 10, or Tuesday August 11, 2015 during the day.

Thank you,
Denver, Colorado - 08/02/2015
Hello! I need a ride AFTER Beloved to Colorado (Boulder or Denver) on Monday 10 August. I am coming from Australia and traveling across America on a solo adventure - I can split gas, bring nourishing snacks, great conversation, road trip soundtracks and quiet time. So excited to see the beautiful Mid West from a car window and connect with a beautiful soul. Get in touch if you are driving to Colorado after Beloved! Thanks, Andjelka
Portland, Oregon - 08/01/2015
Need ride preferably Thursday morning for volunteer shift (Could swing Wednesday night but would prefer more time). I live near 39th and Burnside, can throw in some gas pitch :)
Portland - 08/01/2015
Need on ride on Wednesday to the Festival! (Volunteering so arriving early). Please let me know if you have room! Can bring snacks, gas money, and cheer!
Seattle - 07/31/2015
Seeking a ride from Seattle to Oregon on Monday Aug 3! Can provide gas money, snacks, and cheer!
Eugene, Oregon - 07/31/2015
Hey there Tribe-

I am volunteering and need to be onsite by Sunday at 5pm, I currently have arranged a rideshare to Eugene, for Saturday. Is anyone else arriving that early and has room for me? I can pitch for gas and drive...!
Bellingham, Washington - 07/30/2015
Need a ride Thursday am, Returning Monday am.
PDX AIRPORT - 07/27/2015
Looking for a ride for 2 people! We are flying in PDX on wed. Volunteering so we would like to be on site Wednesday afternoon. Gas money and lovin! Mahalo!
Eugene, Oregon - 07/27/2015
I'll have a small new rental car and room for 1 person. I have already paid for parking through the website. I'll be leaving Eugene on Friday, August 7th at 8AM. Buy me a cafe' and we're even.
Bellingham, Washington - 07/27/2015
Volunteers (Arriving Wednesday Aug 5).
Eugene, Oregon - 07/26/2015
**Looking to leave anytime on Friday (8/7) a.m. and return Monday (8/10) --
Eugene, Oregon - 07/26/2015
Looking to accompany anyone traveling through or from the Eugene area! Gas monies a given! Loving and easy going :] can also drive if needbe.e
Zip: 94102 - 07/26/2015
Looking for a ride for two from the Bay Area (can meet anywhere!). We need to be on site by Wednesday (8/5) @ 9am for our first shift (site ops) so we're happy to leave any day before then. We bring good vibes, snacks, lots of tunes and can def pitch on gas! :)
Portland, Oregon - 07/24/2015
Looking for some kittens to ride with from the Portland airport on Friday (8/7), perhaps Thursday (8/6). I have gas money and snacks/rocks to share (-:
Portland, Oregon - 07/24/2015
Can take 2 people. Leaving Thursday morning, return Monday.
Portland, Oregon - 07/24/2015
I have a car Subaru Forester stick shift, want someone to drive it from Portland or Eugene to the festival. I have some recent vision issues and need the help. Have to be on site Wednesday AM.
Portland - 07/24/2015
Need ride from Portland to the festival on Wednesday or Thursday! Happy to help pay for gas, bring snacks, and split drive time
Zip: 94563 - 07/24/2015
Need a ride from the festival to the Bay Area! Happy to contribute to gas costs, provide snacks, split driving time, and generally provide relaxation and entertainment.
Vancouver, BC - 07/23/2015
Need a ride to an back from beloved festival. I can share costs and bring snacks :)
Los Angeles, California - 07/23/2015
Hi, i'm looking to share a ride from la or southern ca. Other options I may be looking for are a ride from the SF bay area, or from Eugene airport. I can share in gas costs and driving


Los Angeles - 07/23/2015
Hi, i'm looking to share a ride from la or southern ca. Other options I may be looking for are a ride from the SF bay area, or from portland airport. I can share in gas costs and driving


Zip: 97206 - 07/23/2015
Coming from SE PDX on Wednesday and leaving on Monday. We're two people (if possible) for the ride in and we're going to separate for the ride out.

Food, music, gas/$ contributions provided! *huggles* to you all!
Vancouver, British Columbia - 07/22/2015
Hi, I need a ride from Vancouver, B.C. and need to arrive there at the latest on the 6th afternoon or from Portland to the festival if I take the bus
Portland, Oregon - 07/22/2015
Need to rideshare to Beloved festival wed aug. 5 with arrival in the afternoon/ early eve. Tidewater OR. I am volunteer staff this year. I'm a fun spirit to go on a road trip and have gas$ plus drive- I'm looking to return to Portland Oregon on Monday August 10. Open to going to the beach and taking out time to drive back is fine:)
Seaside, California - 07/22/2015
I'm looking for a ride from Monterey, Salinas, or Santa Cruz, CA on Tuesday 7/4 or earlier.

I'm also looking for a ride to Enchanted Forest after.
Zip: 97402 - 07/20/2015
Ok, that last post had the wrong zipcode...I am traveling from Eugene OR on Wed early evening. I will be returning Sunday night. I am happy to carpool up to 6 people in my van. Gas donations are appreciated.
Zip: 97402 - 07/20/2015
Hi. I'm looking for a ride from Eugene, preferably on Friday, but I'm willing to go Thursday evening if need be. I'll have a tent, one big and one small suitcase. I'm more than happy to share driving and certainly expect to share fuel costs.
Eugene, Oregon - 07/16/2015
Greetings Beloved Tribe! I am teaching this year at Beloved and am flying through Eugene airport. I arrive Thursday morning, Aug. 6th @ 10:30am and depart Eugene airport Monday, Aug. 10th at 7:15pm. I am looking for a ride in either direction or both ways. Willing to share gas! Thank you! Blessings
Seattle, Washington - 07/10/2015
Can anyone pick up at Albany or Eugene, OR? I'm coming from Seattle, WA so if you are traveling from Seattle that would be even better. Thank you! :)

Portland, Oregon - 07/10/2015
Greetings beloved friends! I am flying into Portland from Ontario on the evening of the 6th and am hoping to secure a ride with a fellow attendee for the morning of the 7th. I would be more than happy to offer money towards gas and can assure you will be accompanied by nourishing treats, laughter and conversation. I appreciate any support or offers and look forward to getting sharing in this incredible experience. With gratitude and love, Jess
Zip: 97238 - 07/09/2015
Hi! I'm on the volunteer team for the Beloved festival, flying in to PDX on August 4th, due to arrive at the site on Wednesday August 5th. Have gas money, kind vibes, and even spontaneous songs to share and uplift. Let's roll together!