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Beloved Festival 2016

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Zip: 95945 - 08/15/2016
Need a ride from Beloved to Nevada City!! Will happily pitch in for gas. Please give me a call at 971 295 7196
Zip: 97402 - 08/12/2016
Hi beauties! If anyone is looking for a last minute ride, I'm leaving around 11am this morning (Friday). Would love to have company for the car ride! Give me a call.

Sarah 5036868893
Portland Airport - 08/12/2016
From Portland airport to tidewater leaving now. Help with rental asking 30. We will offer rides back on Monday room for two.
Zip: 97402 - 08/11/2016
Need a ride to the festival from Eugene! Just me and my pack... I can pitch in gas money.

-Ben 717-405-7674
Seattle, Washington - 08/11/2016
One back pack,and me i have gas comp. Tnx 425 791 4922
Zip: 95060 - 08/11/2016
Hi. My friend hurt her back and is going to turn around... anyone have space for some person and her stuff?
Aloha, Oregon - 08/11/2016
7:00 am departure Friday AM. can pick u up at 170th park and ride. Have RV and can't do inner city pick
Portland - 08/11/2016
Heya:) I'm looking for a ride to beloved leaving Portland Friday morning! Lots of love, good vibes and gas $$ to share!
Portland, Oregon - 08/10/2016
Thursday prefer or early Friday. Will help w gas.
Zip: 95959 - 08/10/2016
Headed up, Honda civic 4 door. How much gas can you pitch in?
Portland, Oregon - 08/10/2016
Aloha seeking to contribute $

For transportation to tidewater for beloved

I am at PDX now and may be here offer night until I find a ride

Thank you so much! !
Hilo, Hawaii - 08/10/2016

I am seeking to help offer $ contributions to transport myself to tidewater for beloved

I am at PDX now,

Staying here until I manage transportation
Zip: 94609 - 08/10/2016
Leaving from Oakland tomorrow, Thursday the 11th

707 315 1093

98501 - 08/10/2016
I can offer a ride to/from Olympia WA to Beloved. I am leaving Olympia Thursday morning by 10:00am and return on Sunday, probably departing by noon that day
Santa Cruz - 08/09/2016

I am leaving from Santa Cruz either WEd evening or Thursday morning. Have one spot available. Flexible on return day

Zip: 94610 - 08/09/2016
Hi. leaving From Oakland. I can offer gas$.

2nd beloved
Zip: 94610 - 08/09/2016
Hi. Do you want to join me? Comfy sedan.. leaving From Oakland. We can enjoy music, talks, podcasts, whatever. Open to discuss Wednesday or Thursday.

2nd beloved!
Zip: 97211 - 08/09/2016
Leaving Friday early evening from Portland, returning Sunday.
Portland, Oregon - 08/09/2016
I'm leaving Wednesday at 9am to get to Beloved for my afternoon volunteer shift. I have a truck with room for 3 other riders and lots of gear. - Tyler
Damascus, Oregon - 08/09/2016
leaving friday morning from se of portland and planning on coming back sunday night most likely after closing ceremony. I have a roof box that can store gear so i will have room for 2-3 people in my subaru, just asking for some gas money and possibly some money to help the parking pass. Also i only have back speakers in my car so that kinda stinks. one love
Emeryville, California - 08/09/2016
Greetings I am looking for a ride to Beloved festival from San Francisco Bay Area Leaving on Thursday August 11, 2016 if possible. I will be happy to provide Gas contribution!

Happy Beloved Festival!

Portland, Oregon - 08/09/2016
Greetings I'm passing through Portland on Friday around 11am heading to Beloved! I have room for 3 people as of 8/9/16... would enjoy carpooling and meeting fellow Beloveds on the way up. Good Vibez and a bit of gas money would be also much appreciated. Let me know if you want to carpool!
Spokane, Washington - 08/09/2016
Greetings I am heading through Portland on the way to Beloved, on Friday around noon. Heading back on Monday. I have room for 3 people to join me, to and from. Some gas money and good vibez would be awesome. Let me know if you are still looking for a ride (posted on Tuesday the 9th)
Spokane, Washington - 08/09/2016
Headed to Beloved for pre-fest set up. Leaving today.
Boise, Idaho - 08/09/2016
can offer a ride anywhere along the route to tidewater...gas $ appreciated

leaving boise 11am
Mendocino, California - 08/09/2016
My name is Oshadagea looking for a lift up there, can help with gas and happy uplifting energy. Might be able to meet closer to you if need be.

Tacoma, Washington - 08/08/2016
Bound for Beloved! Seeking a ride from Tacoma, WA on Thursday night or Friday morning. I'm happy to pitch in for gas and help with driving. Om shanti!
Eugene, Oregon - 08/08/2016
Beloved conscious ones!! I would appreciate a ride to Beloved on Thursday, Aug. 11 and a return ride on Monday, Aug. 15th. I can help pay for gas and offer my parking pass in the far mosque!! Sweet ease...
Tidewater, Oregon - 08/08/2016
We would love to drive you home on Sunday night from the festival to SE Portland. We will leave around 8:30pm. Let us know if you would like to join us in our comfy and spacious SUV! Contact us ASAP!
Tidewater, Oregon - 08/08/2016
We would love to drive you home on Sunday night from the festival to SE Portland. We will leave around 8:30pm. Let us know if you would like to join us in our comfy and spacious SUV! Contact us ASAP!
PDX - 08/07/2016
Hello! We are renting a car and will be departing PDX around 4pm on Friday the 12th. If any fellow late arrivals would like to chip in and share our magical journey, please message me
Zip: 97206 - 08/07/2016
greetings! looking for ride to beloved on friday and return to pdx on sunday! not much gear~ happy to pay $20-30 each way and chip in towards parking pass... big love! ~jonafari
Zip: 98115 - 08/06/2016
Driving down early Wednesday 8/10 from Seattle. have room for 1 more w/- minimal gear
Zip: 97202 - 08/06/2016
Hi there Beloved Festival-goer(s)! We would love to share our SUV with you! We are headed to the festival on Friday morning at 9:30, leaving from SE. We would meet you at the Aladdin Theater or right near the Max station there (which is super-central.) To cover gas and the parking pass, we would welcome $15 to contribute... and of course good vibes as well. Let us know if you'd like to drive with us! Thanks :) -Toby Joy
Cottage Grove, Oregon - 08/05/2016
Need a ride early Friday morning from Cottage Grove, OR. I have a parking pass and can help with gas.
Portland, Oregon - 08/05/2016
Greetings, Beloved Travelers!

ISO of a roundtrip ride from Portland, leaving Friday morning, returning Monday. I'm small & delightfully natured. Do you have room for me & my camping gear? Will share gas. Cheers!
Zip: 97212 - 08/05/2016
leaving Thursday from Portland, ride is one way and for one Beloved person. flexible on time but thinking around noonish, let's start the adventure with intention!
Port Townsend, Washington - 08/04/2016
Going to Beloved in Tidewater,Oregon. If you're along the way and need a ride let's see if we can coordinate it. Need to Arrive by 3pm Tuesday.
Port Townsend, Washington - 08/04/2016
Going to Beloved in Tidewater,Oregon. If you're along the way and need a ride let's see if we can coordinate it. Need to Arrive by 3pm Tuesday.
Zip: 97404 - 08/04/2016
Hidey ho Beloveds. Driving to Tidewater on Wednesday, returning later in the day on Monday after I work a shift. I have a pickup with a canopy and might be able to squeeze a third smaller person in the little extended cab seat. Cheers.
Moab, Utah - 08/04/2016
Hey, I'm in Moab Utah trying to get to Beloved. Need to get there Wednesday to volunteer. Planning to hitchhike starting Saturday the 6th but if anyone has other ideas let me know :)
Portland, Oregon - 08/04/2016
I'm flying solo, I'm in the process of a nasty divorce not my wish, and I spent New Years with beloved and it couldn't of came at a better time . I would love to free myself of the negative and join in the festivities .
Portland, Oregon - 08/04/2016
Seeking a ride to Beloved for one thursday night around 8pm. gas money + ukelele jams offered!
Portland Airport - 08/04/2016
I am flying into Portland on the 11th and 11:59pm! Looking to cocreate on a journey down to the festival with some amazing humans. I would be happy to help with gas and anything I can offer.

Beaming excitement,

Zip: 95945 - 08/03/2016
Am riding motorcycle... would love to caravan!
Portland, Oregon - 08/03/2016
Need a lift for 1 phenomenal human. Obviously have gas $. Can leave Thursday evening, but prefer Friday.
Zip: 97206 - 08/03/2016
Hi. I am looking for a ride from SE PDX to beloved mid friday.

I can share gas expenses and help create a easy smooth ride down to the festival. I travel light and will have 1 big bag, small cooler, and a few small personal items.

Lets connect,

Zip: 94621 - 08/03/2016
Leaving Thursday the 11th around 10-11pm from San Francisco. I have room for 1 other that can help my bf and I drive through the night to Beloved and share gas costs!!
Zip: 97215 - 08/03/2016
Hello! I'm leaving Portland on the morning of 8/11 for early entry access, and returning on Sunday. I have room for 2 adults and your camping gear. Send me a note, tell me a bit about yourself and let's see if we can enjoy a fun ride to Beloved!
Nevada City, California - 08/03/2016
I need a ride for 1 adult and 2 children from Nevada City or anywhere nearby there... Thanks!
Dallas, Oregon - 08/02/2016
Leaving thursday to early entry from salem oregon. Going back to salem Sunday night/monday possibly.
Surrey, British Columbia - 08/02/2016
I'm Volunteering and driving down on the 9th. I have room for two rideshares in my truck.

Eugene, Oregon - 08/02/2016
Lady in a Suby. Heading out friday morning, returning Monday morning.
Zip: 98201 - 08/02/2016
Leaving Wed Aug 10 from Everett, WA/Seattle, WA by noonish. Right now have 3 empty spots, room for a large bag and cooler or equivalent per person. Returning Monday
Spokane, Washington - 08/02/2016
Volunteering!!! Camping in volunteer camp. Leaving from Spokane, looking to offer a ride and split gas expenses. Would also ride with you and split gas, whatever works.
Salt Lake City, Utah - 07/31/2016
Looking for car from Salt lake city, Utah. Am on media team for event and have to get there some how! : D Will pitch gas and will rent a car if it comes down to it
Zip: 97211 - 07/30/2016
I have a friend who is flying in for Beloved! I will already be there for set up.

She needs a ride Friday morning. Do you have an extra seat? She is LOVELY and respectful.
Redway, California - 07/30/2016
have space for 2 passengers with minimal gear .. no smokers, no contraband, driving help a plus
Vancouver - 07/30/2016
Hey lovely folks, I'm heading down to beloved after Shambhala and need a ride for my minimal stuff and my bike :-)

Happy to share costs and bring good vibes and share stories.

Much love

Portland, Oregon - 07/27/2016
Ride for two need to be there by wensday morning at 10 am
Eugene, Oregon - 07/26/2016
Beloved conscious ones!! I would appreciate a ride to Beloved on Thursday, Aug. 11 and a return ride on Monday, Aug. 15th. I can help pay for gas and offer my parking pass in the far mosque!! Sweet ease...

Olympia, Washington - 07/26/2016
Beloveds! Looking forward to journeying with you :) I am seeking a ride from Olympia WA on the 10th or 11th to make it for early entry. I would be happy to split the cost of gas, and offer to help with driving as well as good convo and some sunshine.
Zip: 95959 - 07/25/2016
Looking for a ride from Nevada City on Wednesday for volunteering!
Santa Rosa, California - 07/24/2016
Hi there! I am 1 traveler looking for a ride Friday night or early Saturday morning. If you are passing through Santa Rosa I would be so grateful to hop in your car and give you some gas money.
Zip: 98225 - 07/24/2016
Will be leaving early Thursday morning (11th) to take full advantage of my early entry pass. 29f, first time attending Beloved.
Toronto, Ontario - 07/24/2016
Looking for a ride for two from Toronto (or anywhere in Ontario/North Eastern United States) Will offer gas money! :)
Portland, Oregon - 07/22/2016
Hello! I'm a traveling fire spinner/yoga teacher and I'll be flying into Portland on a one way ticket. I need to be at Beloved August 10! Please let me know :) I can be texted at 720-900-1071 Thank you!
Vancouver - 07/17/2016
I need a ride the 11th to the festival :) im volunteering! In you are on the way I can get in Seattle or even Portland
Dothan, Alabama - 07/16/2016
Need ride Sunday night from festival to PDX. Must be at airport by 8:25pm. Thanks

Will pay
Portland, Oregon - 07/14/2016
Hello friends :)

We are looking for a ride for 2 people to Beloved Festival, leaving the morning of Friday August 12th.

We will be staying with friends at OneDoorLand Community in Portland the night before the festival, so we could either meet there, or at a central location in Portland.

Much Gratitude & Many Blessings!

Prema Gaia & Ilian :)
Portland Airport - 07/14/2016
Arriving PDX August 11th. 10:55 am. Need tide to festival . Will help out
Loveland, Colorado - 07/13/2016
I am looking to ride to Beloved with someone. I have gas money and so much excitement for this journey. May it be blessed
Zip: 97405 - 07/13/2016
hello , I live in Eugene , friendly st. neighborhood...looking for rideshare
Portland, Oregon - 07/12/2016
Hey I need a ride to the fest. It's just me and 1 suitcase. I'm open to leaving on Thursday or Friday and of course I'll compensate for gas and what not. Thanks :)
Ojai, California - 07/11/2016
Hello I need a ride from LA area (also available to get to a different location on the way) to the festival. Open to share driving and gas. Thank you
Vancouver, British Columbia - 07/07/2016
We need a ride for gear only. We are two who will be riding motorcycles from Vancouver, BC and are looking for transport for...

* festival adornment bin - outfits, camp beautification

* cooler - containing dry good and a few camp supplies

We'd need to be able to drop the bin & cooler off to someone in the Vancouver area prior to August 6 and meet up on-site to get our things on the Thursday of the event AND connect at the end of the event for our things to get a ride back to Vancouver. We'd pick up our bin/cooler after Aug 21.

Portland, Oregon - 07/05/2016
Room for 2 - most likely Departing Aug. 11th. Thurs. To the Beloved sacred art& music festival.
Portland - 07/04/2016
Hi there! I'll be flying into Portland airport either 8/11 at 11 p.m. or 8/12 at noon and hoping to hitch a ride from there to festival as early as possible on Friday. Of course would pitch in on gas, etc. Thanks much!

Zip: 97218 - 06/14/2016
Friends! I will be arriving at PDX at 3:05 and would love to carpool to Beloved. I would be more than happy to share the cost of gas, car camping, rental car, whatever it may be! I will also share endless smiles and great conversation. I look forward to meeting you and sharing a wonderful experience! Namaste
Saratoga, California - 06/02/2016
Hello dear friends! I am 1(possibly 2) travelers seeking a ride from (and hopefully back to) the South Bay Area (Saratoga.). Am happy to pitch in for gas money.

Love and light,

Flagstaff, Arizona - 03/09/2016
Adventure to Beloved Festival in Oregon! August 2016

Will pitch in for gas and car camping