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Beloved Festival 2017

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Oakland, CA - 08/12/2017
I have space for riders to Beloved. Leaving the Bay on Saturday. Room for good people, who can share gas $ and driving
Ashland - 08/11/2017
Me and a friend need a ride to Beloved! PLeaase? may it be so.
Zip: 97218 - 08/11/2017
Driving from Portland to Beloved on Saturday afternoon... Then back on Monday afternoon. Happy to share the journey with amazing people! :)
Eugene, Oregon - 08/11/2017
Need a ride from Eugene to beloved this Friday evening. Gas $ yes few small bags
Zip: 97035 - 08/11/2017
Need a ride Friday afternoon one rider not a lot of stuff gas $ yes
Albany, Oregon - 08/11/2017
One rider, can lap beads. Gas $ yes
Portland, Oregon - 08/11/2017
Hey beautiful beloveds!

I am travelling from Portland area. Need a ride Saturday! I am a friendly high vibration young male pilgrim... You can contact at 610 401 8989
Zip: 97218 - 08/11/2017
I need a ride to Beloved from Portland Airport (or downtown) on Saturday. I fly in at 10:30 am and can leave after that. I will help with gas and all too. Thanks!
Portland, Oregon - 08/10/2017
Hello Beloveds! Hailing from Loveland CO I'm looking for a ride from the Portland airport to the event. I arrive Friday morning at 10 am. $$, laughter, blessings and gratitude included in the journey. xo
Zip: 97212 - 08/10/2017
I need a one-way companion for the ride to Beloved Friday afternoon at 4pm. I can drive or I can be the passenger in somebody else's car.
Zip: 97212 - 08/10/2017
1-way ride to Beloved Friday afternoon to leave at 4pm.
Portland - 08/10/2017
I arrive in PDX at 11:54pm tonight - I'm happy to wait until morning before the ride to Beloved any time on Friday!
Zip: 97405 - 08/10/2017
call me ASAP for a ride from Eugene, leaving early in the morning, BLESS!!!

Felton, California - 08/10/2017
Looking for a ride from Santa Cruz or SF bay area. I would like to leave Thursday. I can contribute gas $. You can call me or text at 831-222-0684. Namaste. -Keenan
Oakland - 08/09/2017
Looking for a ride up to beloved festival.
San Rafael, California - 08/09/2017
Hi email me about meeting me in Marin or on route early fri morn to drive to Beloved. May want go 40 m longer and walk 30m or so at through Avenue of Giants redwoods - can camp or hotel on way up arrive Saturday morning beloved arrival (?) or drive straight after fri eve arrival, bc it's a 10 hr drive. 4 door.

Trunk will be full so not much room but backseat for bags etc. no smoking ~
Grass Valley, California - 08/09/2017
Hi beautiful people! I'm looking for a ride for my babie and me ! I'm in GrassValley but I can go around and even take a bus to somewhere like Sacramento or even Norther! I just want to be part of this Festival !!!!!!
Grass Valley, California - 08/09/2017
Hi beautiful people! I'm looking for a ride for my babie and me ! I'm in GrassValley but I can go around and even take a bus to somewhere like Sacramento or even Norther! I just want to be part of this Festival !!!!!!
Zip: 97218 - 08/09/2017
Howdy, Beloved Bliss Buddy. Johnny here wanting to wrangle a ride Friday morning. I'm a mellow fellow arriving at PDX around 10am if you want to scoop me up or I can meet up around town. Happy to gas you up or contribute to parking. Bee Blissful.
Zip: 97215 - 08/09/2017
Room for 1 to beautiful Beloved. Leaving for Beloved on Thursday mid-morning (11-ish) to arrive when the box office opens.
Zip: 97218 - 08/09/2017
Hi Beloveds! I arrive in Portland on Saturday at 2pm and am seeking a ride to the festival... Let me know if you have room for a kind, loving, fun new friend. :) Cora
Tidewater, Oregon - 08/09/2017
Hello lovelies! I'm leaving Beloved on Monday morning, must be on the road by 10am, heading to Seattle via Portland. I'm driving a sweet 1978 AMC Eagle, and I'm happy to give a ride to either one person with lots of stuff, or up to three people with minimal baggage. Looking for contributions for gas!
Waldport, Oregon - 08/09/2017
Hwy 101 around Waldport... Anyone have space for one leaving Friday (Aug 11th) early morning to arrive when or just before the box office opens at 10am?
Waldport, Oregon - 08/08/2017
Looking for a ride from Waldport - Hwy 101 on the coast for the last 10 miles to Beloved.
Tidewater, Oregon - 08/07/2017
Hello beloved ones !!

I am looking for a ride from Beloved to the NorthWest - Seattle/Port Angeles/Victoria on Monday !!! Please and thank you !!

Bless !
Zip: 97218 - 08/07/2017
Looking for a ride from Portland to beloved either Saturday or Sunday. Would love to get a glimpse of beloved before headed to work at eclipse fest.
Portland - 08/07/2017
I'm leaving Montana momentarily and will be passing thru Portland and possibly Eugene on my way to Beloved, I have room for 2 people with minimal gear. I would be stoked to share the ride for a little $ for the festival parking pass. Will be in Portland Wednesday evening. Won't have internet but feel free to call 406 599 4281, peace Blue
Portland, Oregon - 08/07/2017
I am a great passenger! Very polite and generous without being an overtalker. I have very few sma things. I would love to leave Friday morning ideally, but I'm open minded. Sincerely, Michelle
Zip: 97214 - 08/07/2017
Corvallis, OR to Beloved Friday morning (leaving around 730am)

Returning to Corvallis Monday (leaving Beloved around 11ish).
Portland - 08/07/2017
Hi there, my friend and I are looking for a ride from on either Wednesday night or early Thursday morning. We are traveling extremely light and we will happily fill up your gas tank!
Lake Oswego, Oregon - 08/07/2017
Hey all, I am looking for a ride from Portland on Thursday. I am flying out from Wisconsin on Wed and and spending the night with a friend. Volunteering at Beloved and looking for a ride. Thank you. Reid
Ashland, Oregon - 08/06/2017
Hi, I'm looking for a ride from Beloved back to Ashland, Oregon on Sunday evening. If anyone is planning for a Sunday night departure, please let me know!

Happy to contribute for the ride. Thanks so much!
California, United States - 08/06/2017
Will be leaving Thursday morning - driving a corolla with tunes and enjoy open conversations.

Will have room for two passengers, message me if you would like a ride and someone to enjoy the journey.

Light and love,

Tacoma, Washington - 08/06/2017
Looking for a ride to Beloved from Tacoma leaving Thursday morning. Thank you!

Ryan 413-362-9554
Portland, Oregon - 08/06/2017
I'm flying in to Portland, and would love a ride! :) It's my first time.. but I've been meaning to make it for ever, and I'm so excited to go this year.. Would love to help out with gas, and spend time or be quiet together.. :)
Stevenson Ranch, California - 08/06/2017
Ride is going to be smooth, with stops for breaks/stretch & food.
Zip: 97218 - 08/06/2017
I need a pickup from the airport on Friday around 11:30am. I'll have minimal luggage.
Acworth, Georgia - 08/06/2017
I have a parking pass for far mosque and I no longer need it. it cost $75 and I'm open to offers. thanks
Acworth, Georgia - 08/06/2017
I have a parking pass for far mosque. I no longer need it. it cost $75 and I'm open to offers. :)
Portland, Oregon - 08/06/2017
I am a volunteer and driving down Wednesday morning from SE Portland. I have room for 1 more person in my car. No AC so I want to get a relatively early start. If you are volunteer or staff and want to get there Wednesday let me know.
Zip: 97215 - 08/06/2017
Hi there, I'm looking for a ride to leaving any time from Thursday afternoon, coming back whenever. I have money for gas and happy to share the driving. Can travel to meet wherever for departure.
Portland - 08/06/2017
Looking for a ride to Beloved Fest on Friday morning. I'd like to be there before opening ceremony at 2pm. Can contribute towards gas. Peace & thanks!
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - 08/06/2017
Can go either the Chicago or Illinois route across the country from Pittsburgh, PA to Tidewater OR, leaving this Monday the 7th to get there Thursday. I am volunteering there and will definitely be going. I could use a third driver and help with the gas money. We are dropping off a friend in Wyoming who is not coming to the fest. I am fun and sociable, let's get this drive done!
Zip: 97218 - 08/05/2017
Hey I'm searching for a friend who is arriving at 11pm

Thursday night to the airport...

Any leads please contact here

Even leaving Friday morning to Beloved would work too


Tidewater, Oregon - 08/05/2017
I am looking for a ride from tidewater to Bend or Redmond on Monday the 14th.

Can contribute to gas,etc.


Zip: 97218 - 08/05/2017
Hello Beloveds! I'm arriving at Portland airport (PDX) at 2:09pm on Thursday August 11, and seeking a ride to Beloved from there. If anyone has room for 1 more let me know. Thanks!
Santa Rosa, California - 08/05/2017
HI, I'm wanting to leave tuesday the 8. Camp in Shasta with friends and head to Tidewater Oregon to camp night before opening.

I have space for one or two more ( if packing lightly).
Acworth, Georgia - 08/05/2017
Hello my name is Michael. I fly into portland sat at 5PM. hoping to catch a ride if not I'll rent a car and would be willing to take 2 people down to the fest. open to ideas.
Acworth, Georgia - 08/05/2017
Hello my name is Michael. I fly into portland sat at 5PM. hoping to catch a ride if not I'll rent a car and would be willing to take 2 people down to the fest. open to ideas.
san fransisco - 08/04/2017
Hey! I'm Ali. Female traveller needing a ride to beloved. Preferably Thursday or Friday but whatever works best. Can share costs and driving if needed. Chill happy passenger :)
Vancouver, Canada - 08/04/2017
I have an SUV and I am planning on driving down from Vancouver Canada. My vehicle is empty and I am looking for 2 people to join me on this little road trip to Beloved! :) Please let me know if you are looking for a ride :)
British Columbia, Canada - 08/04/2017
I will know by Saturday if I am going with a friend in her car or if I have to take my own.

I am going to Beloved by next Wednesday. I have room for potentially 3 people to share in gas / ferry costs etc. Please email if you are interested in joining this conversation.

Santa Rosa, California - 08/04/2017
Leaving Santa Rosa or North Bay area on Wednesday the 9th returning on Monday evening. Looking for one person with gear to come with me and share some gas $. Message me on FB amity hotchkiss
Portland - 08/04/2017
Aloha this is Cristalle.. Looking for a ride Friday afternoon or evening.
Victoria, BC - 08/03/2017

So me and potentially a lady friend are looking to get down by thurs/Fri. (she may find an alternate route, as she is on the mainland and needs to be there Thur eve, while I am on the island, Salt Spring actually, and needn't be there till. Friday)

That being said i/we can meet up in Vancouver, or wherever

We can split gas and driving. We are lovely peeps:)
Zip: 97206 - 08/03/2017
Need ride for one woman plus two bags. Aloha, Tammy
Victoria, British Columbia - 08/02/2017
Allo, happy to share costs n driving over to our Beloved!!
Anacortes, Washington - 08/02/2017
hey I'm looking for a ride from the Anacortes Ferry Terminal in WA on Thurs Aug 10 (have an early entry pass)

Can share driving duties and gas $

Much love!
Portland - 08/02/2017
Hello i need a ride for one person from PDX to the site on thursday around 5:30 or friday morning!
Ventura, California - 08/02/2017
My little Dolphin(RV) and I will be leaving early next week for Beloved.. The Dolphin is reliable but slow, so I will be leaving early. I will be going to the Eclipse Festival after Beloved, so I can't offer a ride back...
Zip: 95945 - 07/31/2017
Leaving from Grass Valley around the 8th. Open to leaving earlier to enjoy Oregon for a few days! Shoot me a text if you wanna be my copilot. 971-295-7196 (Asking for some gas $ and a little bit of help driving)
Tidewater, Oregon - 07/29/2017
Need a ride from beloved Wednesday 16th

Great road trip company, can help drive & pay for gas .....Portland, Oregon bound.

I am helping with post crew


Sonora, California - 07/28/2017
Two Travellers from the Netherlands, currently spending some time around Sonora, would love to drive with you to Beloved. We can leave Wed or Thursday, and could arrange for transport to Stockton or Sacramento for a pickup.
Portland, Oregon - 07/26/2017
I'm hoping for a ride on thurs around 5pm... I can give lots of cash for gas and I'll even bring some snacks and silly sarcastic comments. Mahalo, josh
Portland, Oregon - 07/25/2017
My best friend and I need a ride to the festival grounds from Portland Oregon on the 11th of August. We can provide gas and great company!
Tidewater, Oregon - 07/24/2017
From beloved to spokane or eastern WA on the 15th. Can help with gas and driving.
Vancouver - 07/24/2017
Hello - i am needing a ride to Portland or Beloved on Thursday August 10th. Please email me if you have one.

Tidewater, Oregon - 07/24/2017
Need a ride from the beloved festival ground, Tidewater Oregon on Wednesday

17th to Portland


Eugene, Oregon - 07/23/2017
Hi Hi! I'm seeking a ride into Beloved from Eugene Oregon Friday morning. I will have one medium sized pack and my human self. I can provide a little gas money and good company. Much love!
Zip: 97218 - 07/21/2017
Hi --two people looking for a ride from Portland Airport to Beloved festival on Thursday afternoon. Will contribute to gas/costs! Thanks!

Portland - 07/20/2017
hello! we are 2 friendly people looking for a ride from portland thursday evening to festival or early friday morning . thanks!
Portland, Oregon - 07/20/2017
My names Kyler I'm traveling alone, just getting off of the PCT will have a large 35 pound pack. Happy to throw some cash toward gas monies or give ya a massage! I'll do laundry and shower beforehand lol. I can also take public transport to Eugene another part of the city or somewhere if your not in Portland. Feel free to call or message me at 808-321-0549
Chico, California - 07/19/2017
I'd love a ride if anyone is passing through Chico!! Available to go up on the 9th or 10th
Portland - 07/19/2017
Seeking ride from Canada to festival.

Can split gas and share wholesome food/conversation/music.
Vancouver - 07/19/2017
Seeking ride from Canada to festival! Can split gas and share wholesome food/conversation/music.
Eugene, Oregon - 07/19/2017
2 travellers looking for a ride from Eugene to Beloved Festival (Aug. 11th). We are travelling from Victoria BC, and are packing light :)
Victoria, British Columbia - 07/18/2017
HEY I got a free ticket for anyone wanting a ride from Victoria who is willing to help drive and share for the ferry. Other than we are leaving Thursday morning, early entry is included and we have camping in the far mosque. It is me a single pregnant mama and my three year old daughter. My friend can't come anymore so we have the ticket up for grabs. No smoking please. Positive vibes please. Coming back day on Monday.
Milwaukie, Oregon - 07/14/2017
I person, 1 large backpack, I daypack, gas money, and good vibes. I'm flying in from the Chicago area and haven't bought my ticket yet. Portland seemed the best airport, and I'm open to other options if it's easier ride wise. 808-633-6309
Portland, Oregon - 07/11/2017
Hey, my name's Allister-- i am looking for a ride on Saturday morning to the festival. my band is playing GreenFest in Boston the friday night, so i will arrive in Portland at 10am on Saturday...

anyone driving in for the weekend, or know anyone that might be able to help?

Portland, Oregon - 07/07/2017
1 staffer, low drama, great personality for road trips looking to arrive at Beloved festival gate on the 10th. Returning to Portland on Monday flexible.
Zip: 95060 - 07/03/2017
Our van will have 5 seats, leaving from Santa Cruz in flow time (depending on your schedule) anytime after 8:30pm on Wed 8/9.

Let's co-create some magic y'all!!
Redlands, California - 06/08/2017
I need a ride from Southern California doesn't matter where from! I'll have just a backpacking backpack
Seattle - 06/08/2017
I could drive and take 3 adults or be a carpooler in a more economical car. I drive a Toyota Highlander 23 MPG.