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Beloved Festival 2018

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Ashland, Oregon - 08/15/2018
Looking for a ride from Ashland to SF on Friday 8/17. Can contribute $ + snacks! Text / call me -- 201.892.4440.

Portland, Oregon - 08/10/2018
I need a ride tomorrow Saturday in the morning. Or I can give a ride in exchange for a parking pass. I need to return on Sunday. (503) 449-1187
Portland, Oregon - 08/10/2018
I need a ride tomorrow Saturday in the morning. Or I can give I ride in exchange for a parking pass.
Zip: 97405 - 08/10/2018
Ride needed from Eugene on Saturday! I can pitch in for the parking pass/gas. I have a tent and camping pack.
Surrey, British Columbia - 08/10/2018
Hi there, last minute decision to go. Can leave Friday but would like to return Monday? Can pitch in for gas. This would be my first beloved :)
Zip: 97202 - 08/10/2018

I need a ride Saturday morning, please let me know if you can help.


Beaverton, Oregon - 08/09/2018
My number for an early morning ride on Friday.

Beaverton, Oregon - 08/09/2018
Hello Beloveds.

I have a volunteer shift tomorrow at the festival and I would really like a ride early Friday morning. Is anyone driving out there early? Alternatively I could also leave late tonight. let me know.
Portland, Oregon - 08/09/2018
Hello Beloved friends. I can meet you anywhere in Portland. I get off work at 4:30p today and would love to leave after that. It will be me + a backpack. I can pay for gas. Greatly appreciated!
Santa Clarita, California - 08/09/2018
Yo! I’m leaving from Los Angeles county tomorrow, Friday 8/10 at 3:00pm. I have room for 4 passengers and some trunk space. I want to arrive before 1pm on Saturday if possible so if we could take turns driving that would be great! If not, no worries. Just trying to help some people out and reduce our carbon footprint while making new friends !
Beaverton, Oregon - 08/09/2018
Hello there folks. I get off of work Friday afternoon (2 -3pmish) and I would love a ride out to beloved. It is my first time going and I will be on the media team doing podcast interviews and photography. I am also a DJ, a Gaia Love Warrior and can offer some great tunes to roll in on the right note to such a positive uplifting event. I look forward to riding in with you.
Zip: 97211 - 08/09/2018
I am leaving early afternoon on Friday and am looking for a passenger who can help me with the cost of a parking pass.
Portland - 08/09/2018
I arrive at 5:45 at Portland airport. So can leave around 6:45 PM. Need to get luggage. Have one small bag and one bigger bag. Missed my first flight and therefore my shuttle. Will pay for ride with cash and other gifts in addtion.
Zip: 97202 - 08/09/2018
I am looking for a ride on Friday afternoon any time after 1. Can contribute gas money and snacks!
Portland - 08/09/2018

I am currently seeking a ride into Beloved from Portland Thursday afternoon/evening. If possible leave before 4 pm would be best for me. I am more than happy to help contribute to gas & parking costs. I am working with the Care team so need to be there by Thursday evening. I have a few small bags and small tent so it won't take up much space. Happy to share a story and a smile. Let me know if you have space~ Thank you
Corvallis, Oregon - 08/09/2018
I have room for 2 plus gear, anywhere near corvallis. Leaving Thursday
Portland - 08/08/2018
Hi, I'm planning to leave for Beloved early Friday morning (7am) from SE Portland and have room for one! Let me know if you might be interested. Share gas and offsite parking fee :~) Blessings! ~Aniya
Eugene, Oregon - 08/08/2018
If you have a parking pass, I can drive us. Have a big car so could fit two more . Looking to head out Friday morning.
Eugene 97401 - 08/08/2018
Hi- Looking for a ride on Friday, happy to share with gas. Contact 510.513.3708
Zip: 97202 - 08/08/2018
Hello friends,

I will be leaving from Portland on Saturday morning early enough to get to Beloved around 10 hopefully. I will be leaving eother Sunday night or early Monday morning. I am looking for someone (or people) to share gas costs with and also possible a parking pass/camp pass..let me know if this works for you:)


Portland - 08/08/2018
Hi I arrive at Portland Airport at 9am Friday. I have two bags and small backpack. I can chip in of course and will also contribute stimulating conversation and or easeful silence :)

Looking forward to surprising my girlfriend! Thanks for any help
Portland - 08/08/2018
Hi I arrive at Portland Airport at 9am I have two bags and small backpack. I can chip in of course and will also contribute stimulating conversation and or easeful silence :)

Looking forward to surprising my girlfriend! Thanks for any help
Kings Beach, California - 08/08/2018
Portland, Oregon - 08/07/2018
First time going to beloved and my car broke down. I’m needing a ride to beloved! If anyone could help please feel free to send a message! Thank you :)
Portland, Oregon - 08/07/2018
I would like a ride share to beloved on friday any time after 9am, from Portland. I am happy to share expenses. thank you. meg
Portland, Oregon - 08/07/2018
Hi am arriving in portland thursday and would like a ride share to beloved on friday, I am open to renting a car and driving and having peeps contribute... as I prob need to sleep in the car. best! meg
Seattle, Washington - 08/07/2018
Hi, I'm Jason. Driving to Beloved Thurs am, setting off early. Can pick up in Portland too. Share gas and parking.
Nevada City, California - 08/07/2018
Offering a ride from Nevada City to Beloved and back. Leaving Friday morning and returning Monday evening. Help with gas & driving is appreciated! Blessings, Julie

(510) 379-6185
Zip: 97215 - 08/07/2018
Looking for a RIDE from Portland to Beloved Friday afternoon. I get off of work at 1pm and can be ready by 130pm. I'll be happy to split some gas with you and have a lovely conversation too. I wont have a lot with me. Just a bag of clothes. My camp will already be set up a day before. 4152401742

My name is Heidi
Zip: 97211 - 08/07/2018
Hello Beloved community! I am seeking a ride just to the festival in the afternoon on Friday. I have a ride back on Monday and am hoping to avoid having to drive my car out there.

I can meet you anywhere in town! I will also happily contribute money for gas and a parking pass. I am a passionate high school teacher and can be either talkative or respectfully quiet, whichever you'd prefer :)
Bend, Oregon - 08/07/2018
Hello, all!

Looking forward to this weekend.

I'm having car troubles and now need a ride from the Bend area heading out Thursday and returning Monday.


If car gets repaired in time, I'll be able to transport anyone those same times:)

Portland, Oregon - 08/07/2018
Hello there beloved! We have traveled from Austin, TX to attend this gathering. We arrived to Portland yesterday and are looking for a ride early Friday morning. Will pay for gas and maybe some food too. ;) My name is Audrey and my partner is Austin (like the city.) Open to meeting you (ya'll) this week in the city and adventure together before the event. Let us know!

Peace and love
Oakland, California - 08/07/2018
Hello lovely rideshare, i am leaving Wednesday tomorrow 8 hopefully b4 12noon. I am looking for one person who has little stuff. Good conversation and willing to split gas.
Zip: 94609 - 08/07/2018
Hi There, I'm driving up from Oakland to the Beloved Festival on Thursday morning. I've got room for 1 other person who can fit all their belongings into 1/2 of the back seat area. Must be able to split cost of gas and must be conscious minded, kind and personable to share the journey with. Best, Garrison
British Columbia, Canada - 08/07/2018
Leaving from Salt Spring through the Sidney Ferry at 12:00pm heading to Anacortes in the US, taking the 5 hwy down. I have room for 1 more.
California, United States - 08/07/2018

You'd be riding with a male and a female who are leaving from the East Bay on Thursday morning. We're going to take the Pacific Coastal Highway route to avoid the fire smoke and to enjoy nature. We're planning on crashing somewhere on Thursday night and waking up Friday early morning to get to Beloved!
San Francisco, California - 08/07/2018
Aloha, we have space in our van for 2-3 more people on the way up to beloved. We can fit 1 suitcase and 1 personal item. Also you will need a tent as we will be camping somewhere beautiful . We leave late Tuesday night and need to arrive by Thursday to volunteer

Please text 914 432 2276
San Francisco, California - 08/07/2018
Aloha we are a couple from Hawaii traveling to beloved from SF. We need to get to beloved by Thursday and will be leaving late Tuesday night ( semi flexible) we will stop at a campground on the way up. We are asking $100 pp and have space for 3 people

1 suitcase 1 personal item and 1 tent can fit please text 9144322276
Kelowna, British Columbia - 08/07/2018
Hello! Leaving from Kelowna, going through Vancouver to Portland August 7th then on to Tidewater August 9th. PM me via email: if you are needing a ride :)
Arcata, California - 08/06/2018
Hi! I’m looking forward to meeting you!... On my way to share in the yum in Oregon and looking to share stories, gas, and food with some rad humans along the way, and my parking pass when we get there. If you have room for another, let me know? I travel light ;)
Portland, Oregon - 08/06/2018
Hello Beloveds!

Looking for a ride Friday morning. I live in North Portland, but can meet anywhere. Looking forward to dancing in the woods!

Jeanette Slay
Portland - 08/06/2018
Aloha lovelies, I’m flying into Portland on the 9th and am seeking a ride to beloved I land at 5:30 pm have a place to stay need be till Friday, can someone help a sister out?
Berkeley, California - 08/06/2018
Hi there!

I'm looking for a ride from Portland airport on Friday morning arriving at beloved around noon and then I will be looking for a ride back to Portland airport on Monday morning I need to make a flight that leaves by 1: 30 back to the Bay Area. Please let me know if you might want to carpool together for either of these. I can meet you in Portland area!
Portland, Oregon - 08/05/2018
Hi. Looking for a ride to and from Portland going Thurs am, returning Mon am. Happy to contribute $.
Zip: 97211 - 08/05/2018
Hi loves! Looking for a ride to Beloved on Friday the 10th. I can contribute $$ for gas, snacks, and good vibes. Thank you!
Los Angeles - 08/05/2018
Leaving Monday night or Tuesday morning for beloved fest. Intention is to arrive by Thursday ! Please text for info 808 640 9731

$100.00 and we will be stopping to camp in beautiful places ( 1 couples) seeking 3 passengers
Florence, Tuscany - 08/05/2018
Hello Belovers! I will be riding my camper van solo from Florence to Tidewater on Thursday morning probably. I have room for 2-3 people and their stuff. Will share stories, smiles and coffee! Come along! :)
Portland - 08/05/2018
I will like to travel to Beloved on Thursday morning Aug 9 as early as possible. I am flying in from Las Vegas and part of an art build.
Lincoln City, Oregon - 08/05/2018
I'm riding out to Beloved on Wednesday, August 8, and could drive anyone (2-3 people) who needs a ride from Oregon Coast, anywhere between Lincoln City and Waldport.
Zip: 97402 - 08/02/2018
Hi there! I'm flying into Eugene Airport Thursday at 2pm, and flying out Tuesday morning. I'm actually teaching at the festival so need to be there by Friday at noon.

Happy to contribute $, gas, and food and stories! Thanks!
LA - 08/02/2018
Leaving from LA ( location flexible) room for 3 people in a awesome and super comfy van with AC to beloved festival which is in Tidewater OR
Zip: 97405 - 08/02/2018
Need ride to gathering on Wednesday. I am volunteering with beloved. 20 years old, brother and have gas money and green if need be!
Zip: 97218 - 08/02/2018
Hello, I'm coming to Beloved from the Bay Area. I'm arriving in Portland and I'm looking for a ride from there on thursday or friday. I'm by myself with just one bag, small luggage. I wonder if someone has a space, I'm happy to share the drive and gas.

415 9605669

Thank you so much, see you all there.
Surrey, British Columbia - 07/31/2018
Aloha friends! I'm heading down from Vancouver, BC Canada on Thursday Aug 9th morning for early entry. There is 1 spot in my new Kia and minimal luggage request for you please. We'll split gas and parking pass.
Kelseyville, California - 07/31/2018
Hi lovelies! I have a ride TO Beloved to volunteer on the 8th, but I am looking for a ride from Beloved to Kelseyville, CA, as I sit a Vipassana stating on August 15th. Thank you so kindly! Warm wishes, great gratitude,


Ashland, Oregon - 07/31/2018
Driving up from Ashland/Medford area. Wheels rolling early morning August 10. I can scoop you up if it’s on the way. Plenty of room in the truck for 1 or 2 maybe even 3 passengers and your gear. Let me know!
Springfield, Oregon - 07/31/2018
Hello beautiful people and fellow volunteers! 29 y/o female seeking ride from Eugene area Wednesday--Thursday morning at the latest. Please let me know if you have any questions! LOVE!
Corvallis, Oregon - 07/30/2018
Fellow volunteers?!! 37 y/o female I live in Corvallis and need to be on site Wednesday Thursday at the latest (I can probably make accommodations for that) lots of love, good vibes and $$ for gas. Just don’t want to have to go alone!
Zip: 94601 - 07/29/2018
Hi! I need a ride from Emeryville or Oakland to beloved on the 8th or 9th! If someone has a free space, please contact me!

I'm a chill Colombian woman and a good talker if you don't mind my latino accent!
Portland OR - 07/29/2018
Blessings beloved, I am working the event this year so need to arrive Monday the 6th and currently looking for a ride from Southeast Portland area; thank you so much for reaching out and sharing your abundance. Much love
Portland, Oregon - 07/28/2018
Hey all Beloved people! I'll be flying into PDX on Tuesday the 7th and am hoping to be down there Wednesday the 8th; I am a volunteer.

Anyone else planning on riding down on Wednesday please let me know! Would love to join in on the trip!
Zip: 97218 - 07/28/2018
Getting in to PDX at 10pm on Wed and would like to meet up with Beloved Family and head south at any time after that with the intention of arriving Thursday. Will pay ga$ and have plenty of raw chocolates to share! Traveling light and with lots of Love and Laughter.
Santa Rosa, California - 07/27/2018
Hey beloved goers!

I am a 23 yo male looking for a ride from the Santa Rosa / Sebastopol area up to the festival on the 8th of August! We are volunteering there so early arrival is important. Happy to share travel costs and driving responsibilities. Also happy to leave a day early and camp out of air bnb ahead of time :)

Cheers thanks!
Springfield, Oregon - 07/27/2018
Hi! We’re Esteban and Liam. Two easy going guys visiting from the Bay Area. We’re staying near Autzen Stadium, looking to go to Beloved just on Sunday. I think doors open 11am to 4pm. Anyone else looking to leave and go back around the same time? We can offer gas money, good times
Zip: 97203 - 07/26/2018
Hi! I'm looking for a ride to beloved festival on Friday (and also a ride back) I can contribute gas $ and I don't have much stuff!
Eugene, Oregon - 07/26/2018
Heya, I'm a volunteer and I'll be flying in to the Eugene airport at 2pm on Thursday with 2 bags. I can meet up with you anywhere in Eugene tho and I can bring gas $$ and lunch!
Portland, Oregon - 07/25/2018
Hey beloved family!!

I’m seeking a ride for Thursday morning down to our home in the forest! This will be my third year and I can’t wait to return! I would love to offer gas money, snacks & endless gratitude! I’ll also be seeking a ride home Monday morning.

Much love & see ya’ll soon!

*find me on fb & dm me if you’d like, Sofija olson- always down to meet beloved family!
Corvallis, Oregon - 07/24/2018
hi friends. I am looking for a ride on Thursday Evening any time after 5pm. I will have minimal gear & am happy to pay for all the gas. Please email me if you can help
San Francisco, California - 07/21/2018
Hi there, my name is Shasta. I'm 24, female, and looking for a ride to beloved. I'm 420 friendly, open minded, and the sort!

I'm looking to leave Wednesday late afternoon/evening, driving partial way and staying at an airbnb then finishing up the drive Thursday morning. If you're open to team driving, I'm totally down to help too!

Looking to pack up Monday morning and just busting the whole drive back that day.

Down to splitting gas(+airbnb) cost. Or I'm open for a trade - I do some small laser cutting art/work. Or I also teach artistic rope bondage classes, I'm down for giving you some free passes to that!

Prefer carpool with at least 1 fem identifed, but open to whatever gets me there ultimately! Email me if this works with you:!
Zip: 98115 - 07/20/2018
im a volunteer and need a ride on august 6! i have gas money!
Vashon, Washington - 07/19/2018
Leaving for Beloved early early morning on Thursday 8/9. I have room for 2 more beloveds in my car. I will be returning from Beloved on Monday morning 8/13 at a comfortable time, not super early. Send me a message if you're looking for a ride!
Zip: 97218 - 07/17/2018
Hi There! I'm meeting my brother at Beloved and need a ride from the airport on Friday. My flight gets in at 11am and I'll be ready to go from the airport. I'll only have a large duffel bag with me and am willing to contribute for gas. I live in Berkeley/Oakland and works as a therapist in children's mental health :).

Eugene, Oregon - 07/16/2018
I'm spending a couple weeks traveling (without a car) in the Eugene area looking for a ride to the festival on Thursday, and returning to Eugene (airport) on Monday by 2:30 or so. Thanks! :)
Zip: 97402 - 07/15/2018
I need a ride from eugene airport (or eugene city) Friday night 9:30pm to Beloved and/or a ride from the festival to the airport Sunday late night (2am or earlier). I'm flying from Berkeley, CA. Thanks!
Berkeley, California - 07/12/2018
Looking to arrive on 8/8 with the working crew. Willing to pitch in for gas and drive as well. It’s going to be a beautiful event!
Zip: 94117 - 07/12/2018

I am a yogi and life coach looking for a ride arriving when the fest opens Thursday. Can share gas and some driving (automatic).

I also need a ride to Portland.


Tidewater, Oregon - 07/11/2018
Looking for a ride FROM Beloved back TO Portland on Sunday night pleeeease and thank you! Happy to pay gas
Tidewater, Oregon - 07/11/2018
Zip: 97206 - 07/11/2018
My name is Jon and I am a massage therapist with Oasis. I was not able to purchase a parking pass and either need to find a ride with someone who can also bring my massage table and camping gear. Let me know if that would work for you. I can cover the cost of gas and maybe even a couple shower tokens.

I can even drive if someone has a parking pass but needs a ride.

I need to arrive on Thursday between noon and 2pm and leave anytime on Monday.
Arcata, California - 07/09/2018
Looking for ride from Eureka/Arcata for two Aussie females, Volunteering Pre-fest so need to be on-site Monday 6th!

Couldn't think of a better pair to join your adventure north! Happy to contribute petrol money, good vibes, tunes & some classic Aussie banter :) Help some sisters out!
Garberville, California - 07/07/2018
I would like to get to Portland a little before the event starts maybe the 6th or the 7th. I'm traveling light just a backpack and myself. I have gas money and tons of stories. Big fan of comedy. Excited to gift some homemade chocolates to the wonderful people of beloved. Email me if you can give me a lift. Thanks in advance. You rock.
Portland - 07/06/2018
Hi! I'm arriving from Minnesota at PDX on Friday the 10th at 12:30pm. I'm looking for a ride from someone else who's leaving from Portland in the afternoon Friday... Definitely willing to pay for gas and snacks. Peace and love!!!
St. Augustine, Florida - 07/05/2018
I would love a ride from Portland airport, or anywhere in Portland, on Friday, just not before noon. I can pay for all the gas. Non-smoking car a must. Thanks! :-)
Zip: 97206 - 07/05/2018
Hello hello!

I'll be driving to beloved from Portland around 11am on Thursday and driving back earlyish on Monday. Let me know if you need a ride!

Patagonia, Arizona - 07/04/2018
Hello, I'm volunteering, and I need a from and back to the airport (Wed and Mon)
Portland - 07/03/2018
Hi! I’m volunteering and am looking for one ride there on Wednesday and one ride back on Sunday or Monday! Thank you!
Tidewater, Oregon - 06/26/2018
Hello! i need a ride back to seattle from the festival on monday aug. 13th. can contribute gas $ and lots of laughs!
Mission Viejo, California - 06/23/2018
Hello family! I'll be attending BeLoved and need a ride from SoCal (Mission Viejo). I can also meet up with you somewhere else if that's not near where you'll be departing from :) If you are close to the area and attending the festival please contact me via email and I'll let you know more about myself and what I expect from you. Blessings and love!!
Tacoma, Washington - 06/13/2018

I am driving solo to beloved from Tacoma, Wa. I have space for two or 3 people. I do not have the advance pass for Thur! I also will be hard parked and will not be able to leave till Monday when my car is not blocked in. I would appreciate it if any amount would be offered for gas.
Corvallis, Oregon - 06/13/2018
Minimal gear, flexible departure time coming back Monday
Zip: 28801 - 05/24/2018
Hi. Friendly sober male in his 20s seeking a ride to Beloved. Blessings!