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Beloved Festival - Volunteer Rideshare 2019

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Portland, Oregon - 07/22/2019
Hi there!

My partner and I are flying into Portland from the East Coast for Beloved, and we would love to ride from downtown Portland! I will be a Gallery Artist at Beloved, and I am required to arrive by 1pm on Wednesday the 7th at the latest. Hoping to find a ride leaving early on the 7th. We are happy to contribute to gas money and good vibes!
Zip: 97218 - 07/13/2019
Just a young girl trying to make it to beloved from kauai!! :)
Zip: 95928 - 07/12/2019
I can give 2, possibly 3, people rides to Beloved on Wednesday Aug 7th. I will be leaving in the evening on Tuesday Aug 6th or early morning Wednesday from Chico, CA and will be coming through Redding, Ashland and then heading west to the 101 north of Roseburg.
Portland, Oregon - 07/10/2019
Working AHOD pre-event, leaving from portland on Monday the 4th! Have 2 spots in my 4runner.
Port Townsend, Washington - 07/07/2019
Hi there,

My name is Sam. I'm volunteering with the blissware crew this year and looking for a ride to and from Beloved. I need to be there August 7th. I live in Port Townsend on the peninsula, but I can take public transit to get picked up in Seattle fairly easily. Happy to chip in $ for gas. Looking forward to connecting.
Arcata, California - 07/06/2019
Hey there I can drive or can ride with someone else from Humboldt CA, I have a big 4Runner so we can carry quite a bit gas will just be expensive :( I can totally drive to Oregon to meet some of you if that’s easier driving up on the 7th super early I think
Springfield, Oregon - 07/04/2019
Hello there! I am looking for a ride from Springfield/Eugene, Oregon. I'm a Showtime Volunteer so I am hoping to leave Eugene Wednesday afternoon. I plan to pack fairly light and am happy to kick in for gas/parking expenses. Looking forward to Beloved this year!
Vancouver, British Columbia - 07/02/2019
Hey lovely Beloveds,

I am driving down from Vancouver, Canada starting on Aug 6th, staying a night in my van somewhere then driving the rest of the way to arrive before 10pm on Wednesday Aug 7th. If you’re interested to catch a ride and contribute to the cost of gas that would be greatly appreciated. Let’s have some good convo, yummy snacks, and good road tunes :) Please email me to let me know if you’re interested. I will also be heading back on the 12th sometime.

Tacoma, Washington - 06/29/2019
Hello Beloveds,

Heading down from Tacoma on Wed, probably later in the afternoon. Come join the fun :)
Portland, Oregon - 06/28/2019
I have room for TWO pre-event volunteers in my 4Runner! I will be leaving MONDAY 8/5 !
Zip: 97218 - 06/20/2019
I'm so excited to get to volunteer at Beloved! Now I just need to manifest an amazing carpool from PDX at 6pm on Wed... might be tricky, but that's the earliest I can make it up there so I'm crossing my fingers that someone else going from Portland later on Wed might see this in the next couple days and then I'll really know the universe wants me up there! :D
Zip: 98109 - 06/19/2019
I’m on HQ team & need a lift from Seattle to location on Wednesday. Will split cost of gas, THANKS!
Portland, Oregon - 06/19/2019
Festival greetings! I need a ride to Beloved ( round trip would be ideal)Seasoned Beloved member who needs to arrive Wednesday the 7th anytime & leave on Sunday 11th anytime back to Portland.

I am told I am great on road trips, can be calm, tell stories, sing, dance at rest stops, teach mantras, laugh, help drive & gas.

Let the good times roll
Ashland, Oregon - 06/19/2019
Going to Beloved on Wed 8/7 as a volunteer. Have a Van with 2 extra seats.
Zip: 98112 - 06/18/2019
hello! i need a ride down to the festival on 8/4, im apart of the preevent crew so i gotta get there by the 5th please :)) will chip in on gas$
Zip: 97218 - 06/18/2019
I’m looking for a ride to Beloved this year and I will be volunteering so I’m looking for fellow volunteers that also need to arrive early. I am very easy to get along with and I usually travel light. Thank you!
Zip: 98109 - 06/17/2019
I am coming from Seattle 9/6 leaving early with the intention of getting an AirBnB along the coast that night. I am willing to pick up most anywhere along the way. Clean driving record and experience carpooling to festivals. Sedan 4 door vehicle so plan to pack light (I will too). Room for 2 passengers.
Zip: 97218 - 06/15/2019
A friend and I are volunteering at Beloved and are looking for a kind soul to bring us there. We'll be coming from Portland! Much love and please reach out if you can help!
Zip: 97405 - 06/15/2019
Hi, I'm planning to drive to Beloved from South Eugene. I'm a safe driver with a spotless record, real easy to get along with, and I always pack nice road snacks! I'll be traveling fairly light in a comfy minivan, so there should be plenty of room :)
Zip: 97218 - 06/14/2019
Hey I am volunteering this year at Beloved and wanted to see if I could catch a ride with someone. I live in Northeast Portland I always travel pretty light and I’m very easy to get along with! Thank you!