Bonnaroo Music Festival 2015

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Austin, Texas - 04/20/2015
In need of 1-3 people over 25 to pitch in to rent a van from Austin to Bonnaroo!
South Burlington, Vermont - 04/20/2015
My friend and I have room for 1 or 2 people. We are traveling from Vermont. We will be staying in a hotel in Knoxville on the way there, and a hotel in Virginia on the way back to break up the trip and get some sleep and a shower! If interested, please message me!
New York, United States - 04/20/2015
Hey! Heading down with some friends got all jammed up with camping (camping buddy is volunteering) if someone would like to camp with me that would be awesome! Also the crew we'd be camping next to is an awesome bunch of people so guaranteed great time for all!
London - 04/20/2015
Denver - 04/19/2015
My roomie and I have room for 2 to roo!
Zip: 60605 - 04/19/2015
First Roo here!! Need a ride there and back, and will split gas! Just 1 person
Gulfport, Mississippi - 04/19/2015
Hey! This is my 3rd Bonnaroo and I am in need of some travel companions! Some camping buddies, as well. I have three seats available and room for supplies. You can contact me at 228-223-8300
Austin, Texas - 04/16/2015
This is my second year at Bonnaroo and I am driving . . . I need TWO PASSENGERS!!! I live in San Antonio, but will be going through Austin to go to the festival . . . my brothers live there and I am in the process of moving to Austin so I may be living there by then.

I am a 35 year old male. I look younger and am always smiling. I have a new car, a 2014 Toyota Corolla that has a great sound system and terrific gas mileage.

It would be great to find two people to ride with me cause this would cut the cost significantly.

Let me know.

Guy (that's my name) 830-928-6269
Austin, Texas - 04/16/2015
hey, I'm going to Bonnaroo for the first time this year (solo), and it'd be great to get a spot for a ride there! My name's Bianca, I'm 23 and from Australia but living in Austin. Let me know if anyone has a spot :) (even if you're in San Antonio or Dallas, I can get there too). Thanks!
Nashville - 04/14/2015
Hi guys, I'm looking for a ride for 2 with someone who is arriving early (Tuesday night/ wednesday morning) for volunteer check in. I'll arrive at Nashville Airport at 7 pm and I can pay for gas money! Please let me know if you have any space and email me at

Boston, Massachusetts - 04/14/2015
Hey guys! This year will be my fourth Roo. Looking for a ride there and back. It's just me. I can pack light if needed. I have a tent that I can share with y'all that will fit around 4 people I think. Please let me know!
Miami, FL - 04/14/2015
Hi everyone! I am looking for a ride up to Roo this year! Ideally I would like to ride up with someone who is arriving early for volunteer check-in. Please e-mail me at if you have any space!
Toronto, Ontario - 04/13/2015
Looking for a ride for 2! In Toronto but we're happy to meet you in surrounding cities :)
Zip: 11218 - 04/13/2015
Hi! My Gf and I are looking for a ride from BK to and from Bonnaroo. This will be my 3rd Roo and her first! Let me know if we can tag along down there with you!
Zip: 24060 - 04/12/2015
Hey! Looking for a ride to and from Bonnaroo. Need to be there on the 9th for during show volunteering, and will of course pitch in for gas money!
Long Beach, New York - 04/12/2015
Looking for a ride down to Bonnaroo to meet some friends there! I travel very lightly, let me know if you could squish me in it'd be much appreciated :) PS:You're welcome to camp next to us it should be a killer time
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - 04/09/2015
First time rooer looking for a ride from philly. Traveling solo but meeting friends that are pre-show volunteers once I get to the farm!
Zip: 22101 - 04/08/2015
Hi! I graduated from college last June and this is my first Bonnaroo. I'm meeting up with bunch of my friends at Bonnaroo. One of my friend who was suppose to go with me bailed and i don't want to make the trip by myself. I have a jeep wrangler and have seat for 2-3. Also, I'm a guy.
Zip: 43204 - 04/08/2015
Went to my first Bonnaroo in 2012 and swore I would never miss it again, and I will not let this year be the year I break that promise. My car is not going to make it to Tennessee.

My car can probably safely make it to anywhere in Ohio though, so if you live in Ohio or will be passing through I can certainly meet up and catch a ride with you. I've got money to pay for my fair share of the expenses, of course.

Please, PLEASE, help me make it to Bonnaroo.
Zip: 60661 - 04/07/2015

Firts time in Roo and don´t know how to get there, would be great if someone can share his ride, I can cooperate with gas.

I´m from Mexico and fliying to Nashville is way to expensive so it would be better fly to Chicago, If this doesnpt work I will have to loose my Roo ticket :(
Brownstown, Indiana - 04/05/2015
2 Guys with two open seats. Depart Indiana Wednesday about 4 PM EST - Louisville 5 PM EST - Nashville 7 PM CST - Roo 8 PM CST. Probably returning Saturday Morning.
Zip: 02906 - 04/04/2015
Second-timer to Bonnaroo.. can offer a ride or tag along. Have a tent and various supplies from last year.. Not convinced it will be as great of a time alone.
Biloxi, Mississippi - 04/03/2015
Hi, looking for a ride from the Mississippi Gulf Coast area. I can pitch in for gas and have plenty of extra supplies leftover from last year if you need it. If you are interested contact me at 228-424-9545
Coral Gables, Florida - 04/02/2015
Hi everyone!

I'm Yumi! My friend and I are two college kids looking for a ride to the Roo! Obviously we would help with gas. We're in the Miami area. You can reach me at
Tallahassee, FL - 03/30/2015
Hey everyone! I am highly highly interested in volunteering at 'Roo this summer and I'd love to have a roadtrip buddy and ride with somebody! Gas money obviously provided and I'll make sure to provide some good bonnaroo tunes on the ride :)
Fort Lauderdale, Florida - 03/28/2015
Heyyy, just a girl that needs a ride up to roo this year!

I am great at keeping the driver awake if needed and I am super excited for the festival
Providence, Rhode Island - 03/27/2015
Second-timer to Bonnaroo looking for a full cROO. I have a reliable Jeep Patriot and 2 or 3 extra seats for the journey. I also come with an 8 person- 2 room tent and a bit of know-how. Looking for some new friends to share the driving, gas cost, and camping experience with.
Ann Arbor, Michigan - 03/27/2015
Leaving Ann Arbor early Thursday morning. If anybody in the surrounding areas need a ride, I got 3 seats :)
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - 03/26/2015
leaving the burgh thursday night, leaving roo monday. will be at roo early early on friday morning. split the gas cost/camping pass with me?? have at least 3 spots comfortably
Berkeley Township, New Jersey - 03/25/2015
Hello everyone! Hoping this site will bring my 3 friends and I some luck. Our friend who was driving is now taking on an internship in Orlando , Florida. With none of our cars being available to drive twelve hours we could sure use some help. !
Madison, WI - 03/25/2015
Looking for a groop for Roo. My name is Ty. I'm 22. I have a Toyota 4runner that works great for festivals. I'd be happy to join a caravan too. This will be my third Roo.

I am most looking forward to MMJ, Caribou, and Punch Brothers. Wasn't planning on Roo this summer but I can't resist the lineup.

Send me your info and some bands that you're looking forward to seeing at the farm this summer.

Baltimore, Maryland - 03/23/2015
Looking for a early ride to get there by the 10th for during show volunteering
Zip: 37421 - 03/18/2015
Need a ride from Chattanooga airport to Bonnaroo on the evening of the 11th (Thursday). A nice six pack is in store for you, and gas money (of course), if you can pick me up!
Herndon, Virginia - 03/13/2015
Looking for people in the DMV that are volunteering pre-sho0w and/or during-show to help work out rides. Email me and hopefully we can connect on Facebook to join the event page I made us (and the volunteers FB group if you're not on there yet)
Buffalo, New York - 03/11/2015
Going to bonaroo for the first time. Driving alone from buffalo. Got a sonata and can fit in 3 more people comfortably. Would ideally prefer people from buffalo but can pick folks on the way. cost TBD.
Dallas, Texas - 03/11/2015
Hey all, I am planning on going to Bonnaroo this year and am a first timer, just need like-minded folks who wanna come with, and who have the funds to pitch in for their ends of the gas and other fees at the festival. Hit me up if interested.
Weehawken, New Jersey - 03/08/2015
Looking for a ride down to Bonnaroo. I travel light!
Atlanta, Georgia - 03/02/2015
Hey! My friend and I are looking for a ride to Bonnaroo and back! We can both pitch in for gas money!
Roslyn, New York - 02/22/2015
Me and my friend are going to our first Bonnaroo. Driving a Jeep Liberty, so we have some extra room! Hit us up :)
Tahlequah, Oklahoma - 02/22/2015
I'm a first timer to roo...Looking forward of 4 days of good music and meeting new friends...willing to pitch in for food,gas,etc
Zip: 08831 - 02/20/2015
Looking for a ride to my first Bonaroo. Will pitch money for gas and such.
Cambridge, Massachusetts - 02/11/2015
Looking to tag along to Bonnaroo 2015 from boston. Would pay for gas/food/stay. Just one person. 25 male, let me know.
Mankato, Minnesota - 02/05/2015
First time at Bonnaroo!!! I have an empty car at the moment and would be great to ride with some cool people!!
Dallas, Texas - 02/04/2015
I am going to bonnaroo this year, I just recently bought a minivan so I have tons of extra room, its can comfortably fit 6 people, so its just me that leaves a lot of extra space, so if anyone wants to join me that can pitch in for gas, the more the the merrier,
Saint Paul, Minnesota - 02/03/2015
I am looking for a groop and a ride to Bonnaroo 2015. I may be driving but as of now I need a ride there.
Toronto Ontario - 01/28/2015
Four ladies looking for a ride from Toronto to ROO! Will pitch for gas and whatever else is necessary !
Prairieville, Louisiana - 01/25/2015
Meeting some friends at Roo that live out of state. Looking to catch a ride with a fellow roovian!
Lansing, Michigan - 01/21/2015
i'm looking to roo with you to bonnaroo! i may be able to meet at chicago or somewhere close.
Boulder, CO - 01/20/2015
Driving to Bonnaroo 2015! Looking for people to car pool with!
Oak Park, Illinois - 01/11/2015
First Roo & I'm extremely pumped!! Will be with 1, maybe 2 other 1st time roo'ers and a ride would be dope! P.L.R