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Bonnaroo Music Festival 2017

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Santa Fe, New Mexico - 04/27/2017
Volunteering: No
I'm looking for a ride cuz flights are waaaay too expensive. Willing to contribute toward driving expense.
Zip: 11206 - 04/27/2017
Volunteering: No
Hi! I have 1-2 spots available in my car leaving from Brooklyn, NY on Tuesday (also looking to drive back up the following Monday if that interests ya)

This will be my third Roo, but first time driving down solo, so I'd love to have some company and help with gas!

Departure time is flexible so hit me up and we can talk!

Happy Roo!

South Portland, Maine - 04/26/2017
Volunteering: Yes
Going to Bonnaroo Solo! Would love a companion! My parents won't let me go alone lol.
Boston, Massachusetts - 04/23/2017
Hey y'all Im looking for a ride leaving sometime after work Wednesday 5ish or Thursday morning! Im happy to help drive or pay my fair share of gas money!
Gaffney, South Carolina - 04/23/2017
Volunteering: No
Going solo, have room for 1 or two
Brookline, Massachusetts - 04/22/2017
Looking to leave Boston anytime after 4PM (sorry I have work) on Wednesday. If you have an extra spot in your car to spare - I travel light and will contribute to gas! Plus i'll laugh at all your jokes AND drive when you're tired.
Zip: 33029 - 04/22/2017
Volunteering: No
Two spots to bonnaroo, anyone that want to help with gas and expenses
Michigan City, Indiana - 04/21/2017
Volunteering: No
Leaving North West Indiana (I65South, to I24East) to the farm.

Leaving Wednesday early afternoon to, returning Monday morning from.
Ambler, Pennsylvania - 04/20/2017
Volunteering: No
Leaving the Philly Burbs (Ambler) early on 6/8. I have room for a few passengers (depending on how much gear you have).
Indianapolis, Indiana - 04/19/2017
Hoping for a ride from Indianapolis into Roo on Thursday 6/8 afternoon or Friday morning. Will throw in for gas and bring good vibes
Omaha, Nebraska - 04/17/2017
Need a ride to Denver, CO for the 420 festival , would like to leave the 19th, return 21st. Can help drive
Nashville - 04/16/2017
Volunteering: No
Giving rides from Nashville Airport, bus station, megabus, and surrounding areas.

Cost is $65 per person from airport, $75 from bus stations. Other destinations will be figured once I know where you need picked up from. Includes stop at liquor or grocery stores.

Volunteer drop off will be at the High school. Wed and Thursday drop off will be at Waffle House depending on traffic.

All other times will be at East or West tollbooths.

Message me at 615-999-9763 with any questions or to book your ride.
Minneapolis, Minnesota - 04/14/2017
Volunteering: No
Looking to fill my car! This will be my 4th Roo and 3rd time using rickyrides. Picking up a friend in St Louis, but would love to have someone else with me the rest of the ride! Not positive if anyone else from Mpls will be coming down with me yet.
Denver, Colorado - 04/13/2017
Volunteering: No
Seeking a roundtrip non-smoking rideshare to and from Bonnaroo (420 ok). Flexible on departure and arrival dates. Will split gas & car camping fees evenly.
Jackson, Tennessee - 04/12/2017
Volunteering: No
Need a ride to the bonaroo fest, I can be in Nashville if needed
London, Ontario - 04/12/2017
Leaving Monday the 5th early AM to spend a couple nights in Nashville before heading to Roo on Wednesday. Leaving Bonnaroo early morning Monday the 12th and driving back through the Buffalo/Niagara Falls area. One-way rides are welcome too! Space for 2, maybe 3 depending on how much gear we all have.
Miami Fl - 04/12/2017
Volunteering: No
Hey !!! First year going to bonnaroo would love to tag along with anyone going up there from this way willing to pitch in for gas, food and share some driving.
boston - 04/08/2017
I would like to find someone going to this event and want to share the trip.

I don't mind if you don't drive or share the cost, but would rather have company.
Manassas, Virginia - 04/06/2017
Looking for 2 people who will be doing VIP. My girlfriend and I would like to rent an suv and we all ride down together. 2 pair of vip tickets will get us 2 camping spots with one car, so a lot of room to set up.
Gainesville, Florida - 04/04/2017
Volunteering: No
Looking for a ride for 2!
Woodbridge, Connecticut - 04/03/2017
Volunteering: No
New a ride! Can get to any surrounding northeast states, but my old car won't make it all the way to TN. Willing to drive, pitch in for gas/food/booze etc!
Sangerhausen, Saxony-Anhalt - 04/03/2017
Volunteering: No
Am willing to drive, pitch in for gas/food/booze etc!
Nashville Airport - 04/01/2017
Volunteering: No
I will be ready to leave the airport at about 10:30 pm. If anyone thinks they will be passing through or renting a car from the airport I'd really appreciate a ride to the farm!
Rome, New York - 03/26/2017
Need a ride to and from. Can meet you anywhere in New York.
Seattle, Washington - 03/26/2017
A girl And a guy looking for a ride into Roo willing to provide delicious leafy greens and other ride essentials as well as gas money and anything else!
St. Augustine, Florida - 03/24/2017
Denver, Colorado - 03/23/2017
Volunteering: No
Looking for a ride from Denver to Nashville for one! Willing to pitch in gas, food, tunes, vibes etc. :)
Nashville Airport - 03/20/2017
Volunteering: No
Hi, I will be arriving to Nashville around 8 am Thursday and am hoping to find a ride to Manchester for the festival!
Coral Springs, Florida - 03/19/2017
Volunteering: No
Hawthorne, New York - 03/09/2017
Volunteering: No
Heading down from NY

Offering a seat (or 2) for willing driver
Manchester, Tennessee - 03/01/2017
Volunteering: No
Looking for a ride to the airport on Sunday!

I haven't booked a flight yet so timing is flexible.

Alternatively, I am headed to NYC and need to be there sometime Sunday night if anyone is looking for company for the long haul.

Camping with friends but need to leave early.

Can anyone help me out?
Lowell, Massachusetts - 02/26/2017
Volunteering: No
Driving from Lowell, MA (near Boston) to Bonnaroo this June 2017. I have room for two. Must be willing to drive; vehicle is manual transmission.
san Jose - 02/21/2017
Houston, Texas - 02/20/2017
Offering rides from Htown!
Zip: 37214 - 02/07/2017
Volunteering: No
** 2 young girls looking for ride from nashville to bonaroo. **

Friend and I will be flying to nashville from canada prior to the festival! We are looking to get a ride from nashville to canada, and maybe even camp together?! Willing to split half the expenses.
Toronto, Ontario - 02/05/2017
Volunteering: No
Looking for a round trip ride from Toronto for two young women.
Round Rock, Texas - 01/31/2017
Volunteering: No
Meeting up with old friends. Trying to hitch a ride, I'd split the expenses
Zip: 30135 - 01/26/2017
Volunteering: No
Just looking for a fun groop to ride and maybe even camp with??? Doing Roo alone this year and I don't want to be lonely!!!
San Antonio, Texas - 01/20/2017
Volunteering: No
Need a ride to Bonnaroooooo!!!! Me and my friend Kimber have shitty cars....): will split all the expenses....(:
Jersey City, New Jersey - 01/17/2017
Volunteering: No
Looking for a ride/company to Bonnaroo 2017 :) super excited to go but non of my friends plan to this year. Willing to contribute to the trip and awesome experiences.
Jacksonville, Florida - 01/17/2017
Volunteering: No
Have room for 3 more. Trying to cut down on traveling expense.
Lancaster, Pennsylvania - 01/16/2017
Volunteering: No
My boyfriend and I are looking for a ride to Bonnaroo because we currently do not have a car!

We live in Lancaster PA but if you're in the surrounding states of PA we could most likely get a ride to you instead of you picking us up.
St. Louis, Missouri - 01/15/2017
Don't have anyone to go with so I thought it would be cool to meet some new people and go together.
West Monroe, Louisiana - 01/14/2017
My friends backed out on me and I don't want to go alone this will be my first roo
Zip: 10023 - 01/12/2017
Looking for a ride to Bonnaroo 2017!
Newport News, Virginia - 01/12/2017
offering a ride to any Bonnaroovians needing to carpool. i am willing to make a little detour to pick people up along the way. i have a toyota camry i have space for 2.
Edmonton, Alberta - 01/12/2017
Looking for a ride to roo! Can offer gas money and good vibes :)

I'm leaving from Calgary, AB Canada but I can meet you somewhere across the border. Would most likely need a ride back as well :)