Bonnaroo Music Festival 2016

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Nashville, Tennessee - 05/25/2016
Volunteering: No
Flying in alone from Los Angeles on Friday the 10th.

Looking for a ride or someone to split an Uber/ Taxi with...

Hopefully there is other people arriving Friday.

Good Vibes, if I don't ride with you hopefully I dance with you at Roo!
Nashville International Airport - 05/25/2016
Volunteering: No
My friend and I are looking for a ride to the farm if anyone is willing to scoop us up. We land at Wednesday at 5:30PM. Also would be willing to split an Uber

Zip: 37214 - 05/25/2016
Volunteering: Yes
Arriving Friday, 4:30pm at Nashville, TN Airport (BNA), but I'm flexible.

Looking for a ride to the Roo, maybe even share an Uber with some hippies...

I'm flying in from Los Angeles.
Zip: 60601 - 05/25/2016
Volunteering: No
Hello! Myself and a friend are getting a zipcar and driving to down from Chicago to Bonnaroo. Looking for one or two cool people to split the cost and make friends with! We are leaving Wednesday evening/night and leaving Bonnaroo Monday morning.
Washington, District of Columbia - 05/24/2016
Volunteering: No
Me and 2 friends looking for a ride from DC to bonnaroo
Chattanooga, Tennessee - 05/24/2016
Volunteering: Yes

I'm looking for a ride from Chattanooga. It's just me and not-too-much-stuff. Would be more than happy to chip in with gas or something. West tollbooth, so have to get there before 3pm. Anyone going through that could offer a ride? :)


Naples, Florida - 05/24/2016
Volunteering: No
Hey guys, I'm Matt, I'm 25 years old and this year will be my 5th Roo! I'm originally from Cleveland, OH but live in South Florida now.

The past 2 years I have driven alone up to The Farm from the Naples, FL area to meet my Ohio friends that I camp with, and I will be making the trek again this year. This time I decided I would look for some cool people to join me and keep me from going insane on the long drive. Last year I rented a minivan to use as my ride and my "tent" and will be doing that again, so I should have room for 3-4 people depending on how much stuff you have. It's a straight shot up route 75 for me so I can pick people up along that way and take you back after the festival. Any Floridians who want to meet me in Naples and leave from there are welcome as well.

All I ask is that you don't try to kill me, chip in for gas, and perhaps an extra $20-30 if you would be so kind, to help with the cost of the rental, expenses, and my camping pass. Looking to have a good time, good vibes, and maybe meet some new Roo friends! Happy Roo!
Zip: 57103 - 05/24/2016
Volunteering: No
I'm a 31-year-old guy going to my 4th Bonnaroo, and none of my friends could get time off work. I'll be driving from Sioux Falls, SD to Madison, WI on Tuesday night, then from Madison to Nashville on Wednesday, staying over in a hotel on Wednesday night, and then arriving at Bonnaroo on Thursday morning. I plan to leave early Monday morning. Looking for somebody to share the cost of gas and the camping pass.
Zip: 17603 - 05/24/2016
Volunteering: Yes
I'll be heading to Bonnaroo from Lancaster, PA on Wednesday 6/8 and returning the following Monday.

I have to drop some people off at BWI for a 2 PM flight so my route will most likely be...95 to 495 to 66 to 81.

I'll be driving a Chevy Tahoe and will have a hitch mounted cargo carrier. I should have room for up to three with your gear.

Return plans are flexible.

Message me if you would like a ride.

Akron, Ohio - 05/23/2016

Hello fellow bonnaroovians!

I had some friends that I was supposed to ride with but they can't go anymore! Also I planned on leaving from Texas instead of Ohio, so there's that problem! I'll pitch in for gas and I promise I'm cool! Haha. Email me if anyone can lend a hand!

Akron, Ohio - 05/23/2016
Hello fellow bonnaroovians!

I had some friends that I was supposed to ride with but they can't go anymore! Also I planned on leaving from Texas instead of Ohio, so there's that problem! I'll pitch in for gas and I promise I'm cool! Haha. Email me if anyone can lend a hand!

Zip: 21230 - 05/23/2016
Volunteering: No
Hello! We are 2-3 mid-late 20's guys heading from Baltimore after work Wednesday night. Our group has unfortunately shrunk this year so we are looking for 2 more people to help with driving, gas, etc., as well as new roovian camping friends. We are all Bonnaroo veterans looking forward to another year on the farm!
Zip: 78758 - 05/23/2016
Volunteering: No
13 hour 911 mile drive from Austin to Bonnaroo. My friends are flying to Atlanta then driving Up but I can't afford that I do have a reliable vehicle with less than 20000 miles on it and would like to make the trip with some companions who don't mind sharing a few meals and paying for gas. Im hoping to get two people 60 bucks each way. That's cheaper than a Greyhound.
Chapel Hill, North Carolina - 05/22/2016
Volunteering: No
Hey there fellow NC Roovians! I'm a super, super-stoked first-timer here who unfortunately (but fortunately) is rolling solo-dolo. I don't mind but would really enjoy linking up with some fellow Triangle area/NC Roovians to make that ~7.5 hour drive less boring!!

I request ~$40/person (for gas, hauling gear, etc.) but this is not set in stone and may change depending on volume of interest.

I drive a minivan that is fairly spacious and can hold a lot of gear, but I will only have room for THREE people. We will be throwing the whole backseat down to accommodate gear transport to the maximum. Contact me if interested!
Oakton, Virginia - 05/21/2016
Volunteering: No
Maximum good vibes, minimum cargo. Just bringing 1 small bag, a sleeping bag and 1 person tent, so I can fit into any real crevice. Willing to throw down on gas, or help take some of the driving(I'm insured). I have a way back, so if you can only go there thats fine too.
Aurora, Colorado - 05/21/2016
Volunteering: No

I am re-posting as i misunderstood Volunteering in the original post and added a return option.

We purchased (four of us) an RV pass with a + Vehicle; we anticipated 6-8 riding with us in our Class A RV to Bonnaroo meeting up with a few friends driving down from Maine who will use the vehicle pass. They along with whom joins us will get to set up their tent in our RV parking area on the farm. We will have limited water on board (80+g) to "Camp Shower" and use for cooking.

Return rides for $!00 includes camp site and use of RV..

Aurora to the Farm & back is 2420 miles; @ 5 mpg (Thirsty Girl) & $2.5 per gal it comes out to $1210 in fuel. 8 people divided by $1210 is $151.5 per person. The RV pass cost $250; divided by 8 is $31.5. so..... If you are interested in joining us on this comfortable Road Trip your cost will be $185.

We are leaving after 6 pm Tues Jun 7th, arriving @ the farm wed night about the same time. We will be departing Monday morn about 6 am arriving back by 6 am tues the 14th.

$ Transactions will be via PayPal to cover us both.

Sorry for the long message however hopefully I covered the details. Our co-pilot has been to Bonnaroo consecutively for the last 10 yrs so he is familiar with the situation.

Peace & Enjoy the Festival... Mr. Blue

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Boca Raton, Florida - 05/20/2016
Volunteering: No
It's that time of year 'Roovians!!! This is my 3rd year in a row 1st time going solo. My friends all backed out on me so I'm hoping to find a friend to share the ride with! Have a camping pass too. Lmk if you need a ride!

Indianola, Iowa - 05/19/2016
Volunteering: No
I'm offering a ride to Roo! I will be leaving on Wednesday 6/8 and spending the night in St. Louis. I can also pick someone up in St. Louis on 6/9. Leaving Roo on Monday 6/13.
Saint Paul, Minnesota - 05/18/2016
20 yr old guy looking for ride down to roo! would help cut costs, be enviro-friendly and fun to meet some new people early. Let me know--Zach
New Lenox, Illinois - 05/18/2016
Volunteering: No
I'm planning on leaving from the far south Chicago suburbs early-ish on Wednesday morning with a friend of mine. We're looking to fill one spot in our car. We're planning on visiting Third Man Records in Nashville either on the way there or on the way back, but in general we're pretty flexible on timing. Interested? Let's talk. No party favors.
Nashville Airport - 05/18/2016
A friend and I are looking for 1 or 2 people who would want to share a taxi/Uber from the Nashville Airport to the Roo. Our flight gets in at 7:30pm on Thursday June 9, but we're flexible.
Nashville Airport - 05/18/2016
A friend and I are looking for 1 or 2 people who would want to share a taxi/Uber from the Nashville Airport to the Roo. Our flight gets in at 7:30, but we're flexible.
Englewood, Ohio - 05/18/2016
I have 1-2 spots available.
Zip: 36265 - 05/18/2016
Volunteering: Yes
Hey guys, Melissa here. I'm a 3x Roo vet. And it looks like I'll unfortunately be making the trip solo this year. But I thought I would offer the empty seats to anyone who needs them. I'm not asking for money, but if you want to chip in for gas I won't say no.

I'll be leaving on the 8th & returing on the 13th. I have 2, possibly 3 seats available. I'll be in a full-size truck so there will be plenty of room for gear. I also have a camping pass if you needed a place to stay while at The Farm.
Smithtown, New York - 05/18/2016
Volunteering: No
33 year old female, super friendly, happy to pay for gas, needs ride, round trip if possible, can meet on Long Island or in NYC. :)
Chicago, Illinois - 05/17/2016
Volunteering: No
Looking for someone to head down to Roo with me. I have a car and will be leaving early Thursday morning and heading back Sunday night (after the first couple hours of the Dead set). Would expect to split cost of camping pass/gas. Can talk more about details when you reach out to me. Thanks! David
Minneapolis, Minnesota - 05/17/2016
Volunteering: No
Looking for someone to ride with me down to my third Bonnaroo!! I am picking my friend up in St Louis on the way, but I have no one to ride with me for that first leg of the trip! We are both in our 20s and pretty easy going. Let me know if you're interested or have questions!
Lexington, Massachusetts - 05/17/2016
Volunteering: Yes
Hi! Looking for a ride to Bonnoroo from outside the Boston area. Need to get there on 6/7 to volunteer. Can definitely help pay for gas. May have a second friend who needs a ride to!
Washington, District of Columbia - 05/17/2016
Volunteering: Yes
I am driving from DC on Tuesday 6/7 (must arrive that day to volunteer) and returning to NYC the morning after the show. Can pick up/drop off people in my sedan anywhere along the way. Would consider working out a carpool going both to and from DC or to and from NYC.
Alcoa, Tennessee - 05/16/2016
I have open space for 2 possibly 3 between Knoxville and Bonnaroo. Don't need the money but would enjoy the company.
Clementon, New Jersey - 05/16/2016
Volunteering: No
Hi. My name is Samantha. I'm 26 and looking for a ride to meet my sister at Bonnaroo. Willing to contribute to gas and driving.
Madison, Wisconsin - 05/15/2016
Volunteering: No
Going back to the farm to see some great shows and have a blast! Have room for 1 or 2 new friends to join me. Message me if you need a ride.
Baltimore, Maryland - 05/14/2016
Volunteering: No
Hey my names Will, and my girlfriend and I (ages 18 and 20) are looking for some new friends to catch a ride with down to bonnaroo! i have a parking pass so that would be covered, and if anyone was over 21 and wanted to ride with us, we'd be more than willing to rent an car and split the fair. just looking for a groovy old time
Baltimore, Maryland - 05/14/2016
Volunteering: No
hey fellow bonnaroovians! my boyfriend and i have been on the search for a ride to get to roo. its such a great experience and we cant to share it with people. we would be stoked if someone could help us out with a ride. were down for making great tunes and giving gas money! if anyone is about making an adventure with us, please get back!


lexi jayde
Portland, Oregon - 05/13/2016
Volunteering: No

My name is Jigme, I'm 24, and I've been to Roo the last 5 years, hoping to make this year my 6th, I can honestly say Bonnaroo is my favoirte place on earth!

Looking to catch a ride, or possibly rent a car with some other new friends!

I am happy to contribute gas, money, laughter, and plenty of great past Bonnaroo stories! Thank you very much!


Zip: 28806 - 05/13/2016
Hello beautiful souls! I need a ride on the Thursday before so I can get to work. Will share great laughs, tunes, gas and snacks! Looking forward to a magikal weekend!
Greenwich, Connecticut - 05/13/2016
Volunteering: No
2nd roo but travel plans got all messed up, we are two, sisters, looking for a ride hopefully both ways but will take whatever. Will help with gas costs and can get food for the ride no doubt!
Atlanta - 05/13/2016
Volunteering: Yes
Aussie girl doing the solo travel thing but volunteering, so I am seeking generous souls to give me a ride to Machester to arrive on the 5th.
Framingham, Massachusetts - 05/12/2016
Volunteering: Yes
Looking to pick up somebody on post show clean vibes anywhere on our route to roo! if you arent on post show clean vibes we're asking for some cash to cover gas!
Gainesville, Florida - 05/12/2016
Volunteering: No
Hey! My name is Taylor and this is my 3rd time going to Roo :) My friends bailed on me so I am looking for someone to go with. I haven't bought a camping pass yet, so if you have one that is awesome, but if not then I am willing to split that with whoever :)
Philadelphia - 05/12/2016
Volunteering: No
My friend (21m) and I (24f) are leaving from philly and heading back to that amazing place called Bonnaroo! I drive a Ford Focus and have 2/3 seats! Would leave Wednesday and return Monday night!
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - 05/12/2016
Volunteering: No
My friend and I are leaving from philly and heading back to that amazing place called Bonnaroo! I drive a Ford Focus and have 2/3 seats!
Zip: 27705 - 05/12/2016
Volunteering: No

Looking for a return trip in style in a RV to Bonnaroo? We leave on Wednesday and return Monday morning. Good group of friends. $200.00 round trip. Let me know
Rhode Island, United States - 05/11/2016
Volunteering: No
Looking for a ride to bonnaroo. Coming from rhode island. The flights are way expensive. Will compensate gas money.
Richmond, Virginia - 05/11/2016
Volunteering: Yes
Departing for Bonnaroo from Richmond, VA at 6am wednesday morning. I've got room for 2 more in my car. I expect $50 each upfront to help cover gas and the camping pass.
Lexington, Kentucky - 05/10/2016
Volunteering: No
4x roo vet looking for people to ride with me to help split the cost of gas and the parking pass fee (if you camp with us, we would love to welcome new people). I am meeting my roo crew at our friend's house in Nashville on Wednesday night, so must be able to leave Wednesday. We are a cool group, anybody is welcome!
Rocky Mount, North Carolina - 05/10/2016
I'm leaving from Rocky Mount, NC (Eastern NC) and heading along 40 most of the way to Roo! Happy to pick up along the way. Planning to arrive Tuesday, when I leave depends on if I have other peeps with me. Would love company and help with gas! Shoot me at email!
Nashville, Tennessee - 05/09/2016
I'm Britt and I'll be in Nashville and am looking for a ride to Roo on Friday. My friends don't want to go and I really want to see what its like. If anyone has room in their car I'm pretty awesome :p and will split gas etc
New York, United States - 05/09/2016
Volunteering: No
Me and a buddy (23 and 22) need a ride down to the festival. Would need to leave Wednesday night. Can provide gas money and help out with driving.
Columbus, Georgia - 05/08/2016
Hi, we're Joey and Krystal, two very kind mid-twenties musicians who are trying to make our way From the Columbus, GA/Fort Benning area to the Bonaroo Music Festival that runs from June 9-12 in Manchester, TN (just north of Chattanooga on the I-24.) We can meet you in Atlanta (or anywhere up to 1 hr or so away) so that we're on your way north. We have to be in Manchester by June 7th because we'll be working the festival and we will have two hiking backpacks with us. We don't have much money but can gladly help out with some gas or food, etc. for the ride. We both have driver's licenses so if you'd like to kick back, relax, and enjoy the ride, you can.
Florida, United States - 05/07/2016
Volunteering: No
Hello! Looking to make this my 6th year, but this year I need a ride to the farm! Will help with gas.

Howell, New Jersey - 05/07/2016
Looking for someone that's doing post show clean up!
Zip: 36695 - 05/07/2016
Volunteering: No
Hey everyone. I'm in Mobile looking for a ride to Bonnaroo. If you can stop by Mobile or if you're leaving from here that would be great.
Baltimore, Maryland - 05/06/2016
Great couple looking for a ride to Bonnaroo from Baltimore. Can share driving and will def share expenses.
Zip: 37203 - 05/04/2016
Volunteering: No
Good people of RickyRides, need to hitch a ride to Bonnaroo this year from Nashville that Friday morning (6/10). Flying in from New Orleans the Thursday night prior and staying with a buddy in town, then meeting up with muh mates at the fest on Friday. Lemme know if ya can fit an extra stowaway! I'll bring snacks! Good ones!
Zip: 32605 - 05/03/2016
Volunteering: No
My name is Brittany, this will be my 2nd Roo. I really need to find a buddy to go with because my friend bailed. I can help with gas money and snacks.
Warren, Ohio - 05/03/2016
Volunteering: No
Hey I'm 22 year old male. I'm driving from Youngstown, OH. I'll be driving solo this year. My friends flaked on me so here I am. I'm trying to fill my car up with some awesome people so send me an email!
West Chester, Pennsylvania - 05/02/2016
Volunteering: No
My first bonnaroo I need a ride from PA to TN will chip in $, may not need a ride back but who knows. Let me know if you can help a lady out!
Zip: 80218 - 05/02/2016
Volunteering: No
A friend and I lost our ride (our car) to Bonnaroo and are desperate for someone to get us to Bonnaroo. Can offer gas money, stupid jokes and company!

number is (303)9289120
Winter Garden, Florida - 04/29/2016
Volunteering: No
Driving up to roo and looking for company on the drive! Leaving from Orlando area, likely Thursday morning
Nashville - 04/29/2016
Volunteering: No
My name is Max.....703.587.1871 txt or email me at I'm going in with friends but I have a flight Monday morning. I need to leave with someone Sunday afternoon or evening and get dropped off at a hotel near the airport in nashville. If you can help and take me back Sunday that would be great!!! Please this is going to be weather or not I'm able to go if I can find a ride so please get in touch!!!!
Portland, Oregon - 04/29/2016
Volunteering: No
Me and my lovely girlfriend are looking to carpool it to Bonnaroo. Will gladly chip in costs!
Providence, Rhode Island - 04/28/2016
Volunteering: No
Looking for a ride from Nashville airport to Bonnaroo...I won't get in 'til 9:30-10pm so I'll miss the shuttle so if anyone is around the area and would like some company let me know, I have cash for gas. Let's have some laughs together good peoples
Toronto, Ontario - 04/26/2016
Volunteering: No
Hi there! I am offering a ride down to Bonnaroo again this year, 3rd year in a row! We will be leaving on Tuesday 7th, and returning on Tuesday 14th.

You can camp with us or go to tent only camping, up to you! I can provide you with references from past rideshares.

I look foward to hearing from you!

$180 return trip

Milton, Ontario - 04/26/2016
Volunteering: No
Offering a cozy rv ride! 4 vet roo'ers from Canada will be picking up rv in cinncinati Wednesday June 8th afternoon, then heading due south to bonnaroo. Will have room for tent only campers, plenty of storage for gear in our large rv. $100 one way
Duluth, Minnesota - 04/25/2016
Volunteering: No
hi! i'm a 29 yr old female looking for a ride at 5am on SUNDAY morning (unfortunately i have to leave eary!) for the airport. is anyone else catching a 7am flight that day?
Charlotte, North Carolina - 04/17/2016
24 year old girl looking for a ride to and from Bonnaroo! I live in Charlotte but could meet somewhere close. First time going to this festival and would love to meet people along the way. Super easy going and open to pricing
Nashville Airport - 04/16/2016
Hi all from Seattle! I'm coming out for my first Bonnaroo and will need a ride from the Nashville Airport.

36 yr old male, arrive Wed. the 8th of June, open to a ride on Wed or Thurs and to pitch in on gas.

Dallas, Texas - 04/15/2016
I am going to bonnaroo by myself and would like to offer a ride to anyone wanting to carpool to the roo, i have a 2009 dodge grand caravan, I can easily accommodate 3 more with lots of room to spare, I just would like to save on gas, I am only wanting $60 a person that covers there and back.
Champaign, Illinois - 04/14/2016
Hey ya'll. I'm a student at the university of Illinois and this is my second time going to roo. I am caravaning down to roo with my friends, but need a ride back to Evanston (where I live) or anywhere in Chicago by Monday morning (by 6am) of 6/7 for work. Would of course throw for gas etc. Much appreciated-Email me at if you're interested
Albuquerque, New Mexico - 04/14/2016
My friend and I are college freshman in Albuquerque and it will be our first Roo. In order to afford it we were planning on volunteering for post show cleanup, so preferably you'd be doing the same thing so we can ride there and back together, but if we can only ride there that's fine too. I'm beyond excited and eager to meet you guys!
Fairfax, Virginia - 04/13/2016
Volunteering: No
Hi! I'm Kelsey from Northern Virginia and I am a 19 and this is going to be my second year at Roo! I have a couple of friends coming with me too but we might not be able to fit anyone into one car. If anyone is driving by the NOVa area, please send me an e-mail. Thanks and bonnarooooooo
Lexington, Kentucky - 04/10/2016
Volunteering: No
Hey im a 19 year old female this will be second year attending Roo. Im looking for a ride and people to camp with. Of course I can drive a great portion of it if needed as well as chip in for gas and whatever else we will need. Last year it took us about 4 and a half hours to get there from my place. Give me a text if you are interested (859)536-2577
Chatsworth, Georgia - 04/10/2016
Volunteering: Yes
I am offering a ride from north west georgia, and also looking a caravan for a group spot.. So ready for ROO!!!! only one spot open.
Laconia, New Hampshire - 04/10/2016
Volunteering: No
26/m/NH, three time roo'r. Much like many of you, Bonnaroo is my special place. The lineup is keeping all of my friends from going, and thus I have no ride. If anyone in my neck of the woods is thinking about going solo, or if theres a couple of newbie's that need a crafty veteran, I might be your guy. Good with gear/gas money/driving. If I don't go it won't be the end of world, but I figured I'd give the Roo gods a chance to save me...
Williamsburg, Virginia - 04/07/2016
Volunteering: No
I'm a 22 year old female in Williamsburg Virginia. A friend I was supposed to go with flaked and now I need a ride. I will give you money. Please help me :)
Zip: 02115 - 04/03/2016
Volunteering: No
Looking for a ride from Boston to and from Roo! Just one 21 yr old Male, I can met you anywhere around the city.
Belle Chasse, Louisiana - 04/02/2016
Volunteering: No
My name is Jacob and I'm 20 years old. I'll be leaving out of Belle Chasse (just south of New Orleans) on Wednesday and I'll be able to fit 2-3 people in the car. :^)
Flagstaff, Arizona - 03/31/2016
Volunteering: Yes
Im LeKira, excited for my first adventure at Bonnaroo! Looking for people to ride with, because most likely Ill be driving by myself. I don't have exact details for the trip, but I know I am volunteering so I have to be there early. Driving cross country in my sturdy little Cruze. Im thinking three people (myself included) could fit comfortably on the ride there. Let me know and we could work out a plan. ;)
Buffalo, New York - 03/25/2016
Volunteering: No
Most likely driving down by myself, leaving Wednsday 6/8. Let me know!
Zip: 33020 - 03/25/2016
Volunteering: No
Hi I'm John.Driving up to Bonnaroo, it's my first time solo but second time going, looking for someone to split gas and do a little driving, will pick you up on the way.
Newport News, Virginia - 03/24/2016
Elisha here my first bonnaroo I am so stoked but unfortunate I don't have many friends interested in Bonnaroo so I am going solo I am 19 interested making new buddies to enjoy Bonnaroo with I'll have my own car so I can pick up as long as you guys pitch in
Rockford, Illinois - 03/22/2016
Hey I'm 19 year old male looking for a ride to bonnaroo! Obviously will pitch in for my share of gas! Going solo
Fayetteville, Arkansas - 03/15/2016
Need a ride from Fayetteville, AR! Can pitch in on bad jokes and gas money!
Scottsdale, Arizona - 03/14/2016
Three people in need of a ride! Willing to pay for whatever is needed!
Chicago, Illinois - 03/14/2016
Hi! This is my first time at Bonnaroo and I will be volunteering at hospitality. I am in Chicago but also have family in Detroit if anyone lives near either of MI or IL. I need a ride and am willing to help pay for gas and such. I am coming alone so also looking for some friends too!!
Long Beach, California - 03/10/2016
Going to Bonnaroo solo this year. Haven't gone since I was 16 yrs old in 2010 now I'm 22 and looking for some cool people to ride with n chill enjoy the experience
Boca Raton, Florida - 03/10/2016
Hi all! My name is Bella, and I'm looking for a ride to Bonnaroo. I'm planning on volunteering, so I'd need to arrive there by the 7th. I'd pitch in for gas, but unfortunately, I can't drive. Please let me know if I'd be able to tag along with you!
Shuqualak, Mississippi - 03/10/2016
Hello all! My name is Olivia, and I will be going to Roo solo this year. Last year was my first year and it was the best! I'm a fun and good vibe-y type person. I can pay for whatever I need to including helping with gas. Let me know, happy roo! (-:
Zip: 20016 - 03/09/2016
Hello! My best friend and I are two nice clean 21 year old girls looking for a ride from Washington DC to Bonnaroo.
Indianapolis, IN - 03/09/2016
Volunteering during show with Partner Activities! Looking for fellow volunteers to ride with!
Durham, North Carolina - 03/04/2016
Hi! My friend and I are looking for a ride from the Triangle area to Bonnaroo. We're also hoping to make some friends. It's our first time and we will help pay for gas!
Zip: 33914 - 02/28/2016
Hi my name is Dallas, I will be driving to Roo, maybe with another person. Im willing to pick you up as long as you are somewhere along the way, I drive an Altima with decent room in the trunk we should have plenty of room if we pack well. Hoping to find someone to roadtrip and hang out with there, either way, Happy Roo!
Zip: 35401 - 02/26/2016
I'm Bri and I'll be going to Bonnaroo solo this year and I'm hoping to meet some people along the way and carpooling is good for the environment haha! My car is a camry so I can fit 3 other people comfortably as long as we don't have too much stuff. I can leave from just about anywhere that isn't too far from Tuscaloosa or Mobile, as long as everyone pays their part in gas! Or I'm willing to tag along with someone else if there's already a group going in another vehicle! Just message me if you think we could figure something out.. Happy Roo!
Daphne, Alabama - 02/26/2016
I'm going to Bonnaroo by myself this year and hoping to find some cool people to ride with and maybe hangout.. I can leave from Mobile, Tuscaloosa, Birmingham.. just about anywhere really! Just let me know where you'll be!
West Palm Beach, Florida - 02/26/2016
Hey! Jennie here, posted on the 2016 event page too... Looking for a ride to and from TN, will pay my share of travel cost, can drive to you if you're in FL and a 3 hour radius from West Palm Beach, 2nd time to Roo 1st time going Solo, down for some adventure and new experiences
Zip: 10003 - 02/23/2016
Hey guys!

I'm Presley and I'm 24-- this will be my third Bonnaroo. I'm meeting friends at the festival but they're coming from my home town of Buffalo, NY so I'm stuck rideless in Manhattan. If you have room for one more I can offer great snacks, meaningful conversation, driving relief and gas money.

Let me know!
Bentonville, Arkansas - 02/13/2016
4 door subcompact leaving from northwest AR, with possibly 1 spot open. Travel lightly. Going all 4 days. Terms negotiable.
Spokane, Washington - 02/09/2016
I'm a 24 yo guy looking for a ride to roo - just to, I'll be flying back.
Columbus, Ohio - 02/04/2016
#Bonnaroo2016 I may need a ride for two there and back hone
Boston, Massachusetts - 01/31/2016
Have a spot for 1 extra from Boston (or anywhere along the route) to roo.
new orleans - 01/23/2016
I'm a 19 year-old male offering a ride from Metairie/New Orleans.. it's still too early to know all the traveling details
Zip: 30907 - 01/19/2016
Im looking for a ride all the way to Nashville. Its my first time and will help with gas!
San Francisco, California - 11/13/2015
looking for a ride