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Bonnaroo Music Festival 2017

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San Antonio, Texas - 01/20/2017
Volunteering: No
Need a ride to Bonnaroooooo!!!! Me and my friend Kimber have shitty cars....): will split all the expenses....(:
Jersey City, New Jersey - 01/17/2017
Volunteering: No
Looking for a ride/company to Bonnaroo 2017 :) super excited to go but non of my friends plan to this year. Willing to contribute to the trip and awesome experiences.
Jacksonville, Florida - 01/17/2017
Volunteering: No
Have room for 3 more. Trying to cut down on traveling expense.
Lancaster, Pennsylvania - 01/16/2017
Volunteering: No
My boyfriend and I are looking for a ride to Bonnaroo because we currently do not have a car!

We live in Lancaster PA but if you're in the surrounding states of PA we could most likely get a ride to you instead of you picking us up.
St. Louis, Missouri - 01/15/2017
Don't have anyone to go with so I thought it would be cool to meet some new people and go together.
West Monroe, Louisiana - 01/14/2017
My friends backed out on me and I don't want to go alone this will be my first roo
Zip: 10023 - 01/12/2017
Looking for a ride to Bonnaroo 2017!
Newport News, Virginia - 01/12/2017
offering a ride to any Bonnaroovians needing to carpool. i am willing to make a little detour to pick people up along the way. i have a toyota camry i have space for 2.
Edmonton, Alberta - 01/12/2017
Looking for a ride to roo! Can offer gas money and good vibes :)

I'm leaving from Calgary, AB Canada but I can meet you somewhere across the border. Would most likely need a ride back as well :)