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Burning Man 2017

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Reno - 08/17/2017
Hey fellow burners- its my 3rd time at BM and again i come all the way from italia ;-) I land monday at 11pm only... Is anyone driving in at that time and can kindly take me and one bag? I am happy to provide snacks and beverages, laughs and smiles !! Grazie
Reno, Nevada - 08/16/2017
I fly in at 8pm mon. Aug 28th and its after the burner expresses are finished for the day! Is anyone driving through reno this night on their way to black rock city?
San Francisco, California - 08/15/2017
hey, I need a ride to burning man on august 31st (after 6pm) or sept 1st in the early morning. have only a small luggage. thank you :)
San Francisco, California - 08/15/2017
Hi! I'm a nice Polish girl looking for a ride to BRC from SF on Thursday, 24th of Aug or Friday, 25th. I have WAP, gas money and a bag.


San Francisco, California - 08/15/2017
Hi! I'm a fun Polish girl going to BRC from SF on Thursday, 24th of Aug to arrive the 25th (around midnight) with early entry. I'm looking for nice people for the journey, to share gas money.


Reno - 08/15/2017
Need a ride to the Playa around 3pm on Tuesday August 29. My flight gets in too late for a shuttle!
Reno, Nevada - 08/14/2017
Seeking a ride from Reno to Burning Man for early entry, either on Wed 8/23, Thurs 8/24, or Friday 8/25.

I am one solo traveler. I will be flying in (awesome if you can pick me up at Reno airport), with 2 big suitcases plus a carry-on. Non-smoker, able to share driving, and happy to contribute toward gas, etc.

I have a parking pass if that helps.

I can also fly to a different nearby city and meet you there instead.
San Francisco, California - 08/14/2017
Hi! Dutch girl in need of a ride to Burning Man on the 25th of August! Have early arrival, money for gas and plenty of entertaining stories. Who can help me out here :)
El Paso, Texas - 08/12/2017

Anyone got an extra seat and goes by el Paso or close? I have a lot of things but will organize according to the car's availability. Willing to share expenses.
Denver, Colorado - 08/11/2017
Do you have an early arrival pass or can we haul your stuff into burning man for you and drop it off at your camp? Looking for two to three experience drivers with valid driver's licenses and contribute to gasoline will be leaving Denver on August 23rd at noon and we plan on returning to Denver on Friday the 8th
Los Angeles - 08/11/2017
I have a 26ft Rv but no license to drive it. Looking for some peeps to share the ride and gas and I'll supply the Rv and make the cocktails. Looking to leave on the Friday or Saturday and come back the Monday or so afterwards. Flexible and easy going, as I know it's a slightly weird situation.

Captain Fun
San Francisco, California - 08/08/2017
Looking for a ride on the 27th of Aug, Sunday from SF to BRC. I will have two middle-sized bags and bike with me, will also need to buy some water on the way.

More than happy to share gas, stories, and good vibes.

Los Angeles - 08/08/2017
First time burner willing to leave with RV on Saturday afternoon, Aug 26.
San Francisco, California - 08/05/2017

I need a ride to BRC on sunday august 26th from San Francisco!

I'd be happy to pay for gas and sign lovely songs during the trip ;)

Fort Worth, Texas - 08/01/2017
My wife and I need a to be at BM by Friday the 25th, we both have early entry. We won't be taking much with us just clothes and food (our camp is hauling our shelter and stuff) we can help pay for food and gas. We would need a ride back as well if possible.
Zip: 89502 - 07/29/2017
Need a ride from the Reno airport (or nearby) to Burning man Tuesday (August 29) evening around 9pm or later. Can fill up your tank. Will have only 1 carry on bag. Also have a parking pass available for sale if needed.
Nevada, United States - 07/28/2017
Looking for someone leaving BM and going to SF before September 4th.
San Antonio, Texas - 07/26/2017
I'm going 2 days early and staying till the end 2104288587 text if you have questions
Los Angeles - 07/10/2017
Late departure needed (~7PM on Sunday, Aug 27). 2 passengers, both of whom are willing to share driving time and costs
Birmingham, Alabama - 07/04/2017
need a ride to burning man this year, will help pay for gas and food. First timer
Las Vegas, Nevada - 07/03/2017

I need a ride to BM departing evening 31st or morning of 1st september

coming back to vegas on morning of 3rd september

just a short stay!

will split gas etc


Zip: 90504 - 07/01/2017
First time burner here :) I am 25 and can provide good vibes, snacks, and gas of course. I am safe and sane, and hope you are too!
San Francisco, California - 06/15/2017
I need a ride from san fran to BRC on either the 22,23,24 or 25 for build week. I will only have a backpack. Happy to pay for gas, help drive etc...
Black Rock, Arkansas - 06/13/2017
Need a ride from Burning Man back to Reno on Thursday Aug 31st. Happy to pay for your gas etc.
Portland, Oregon - 05/09/2017
My boyfriend and I were not able to buy a vehicle pass. We live in Portland and are hoping to get a ride there and back or we could drive our car. We will split all costs and can help drive. We have a shelter that could easily fit a lot of people underneath. Please let me know if you can help or have questions.