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Burning Man 2018

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West New York, New Jersey - 07/18/2018
Need a ride from BRC to Reno Airport, Sep 1st.
San Francisco, California - 07/17/2018

My friend and I (both 29 year old Aussies + BM virgins) will be driving to BRC from SFO on the morning of Monday 27th of August and returning on Sunday 2nd September.

We have 2 spots in our car. Let me know if you'd like to share a ride with us. Send me an email ( or whatsapp (+44 7473 845 261).

Zip: 94116 - 07/06/2018
Pickup truck room for 3-4 riders/gear. I also haul RV’s to and from BRC/SAN FRANCISCO/SACRAMENTO/OTHER CITIES MORTH OF FRESNO/SLO.
Zip: 94607 - 06/30/2018
Oakland to Reno to BRC, Aug 25.

BRC to Reno to Oakland, Sep 3.

Asking $125 for the round trip with some luggage, extra for lots of luggage or bikes.
Zip: 10013 - 06/05/2018
Looking to hitch a ride from BRC to Reno on Wednesday (8/29) or Thursday (8/30). I have to leave earlier than the rest of my camp.
Zip: 97405 - 06/03/2018
Hey there! This would be my very first time to burning man and I have a volunteer commitment at BRTA as a chef! Really need a round trip ride from Eugene OR, won't have too much stuff. Just the basic necessities to survive the experience and some goodies to share. Thanks and blessings
Tempe, Arizona - 05/24/2018
Burning man - black rock city (to and from)
San Francisco, California - 05/20/2018
I'm arriving from France in SF and I'm looking for a ride on the 25 26 or even 27 to BRC.

I'm coming to BM since 1998.

I can also ren a car if I find other people to share the ride.

keep in touch burner !
San Francisco, California - 05/18/2018
Need a ride! Willing to chip in for fuel. Need to take my bike and water with me.
Moscow, Idaho - 05/06/2018
Super chill couple (guy 29, girl 21) driving to BM from Moscow, Idaho. We'll be passing through Boise, Idaho. Driving a 26 foot box truck. Also have room inside for a couple campers if vibes are good (we have a bed and couple couches plus AC).
Huntington Beach, California - 05/06/2018
Two girls needed a ride from la/oc to burning man on the 28. Won’t have any luggage on us since our friends are taking it earlier.

Will pitch in gas money!
Clarksville, Missouri - 05/06/2018
Two girls needed a ride to burning man on the 28. Won’t have any luggage on us since our friends are taking it earlier.

Will pitch in gas money!
Oakland - 05/05/2018
Hi there! Im flying from Europe to Oakland, arriving on the 26th August around 3pm. I would need a ride to BM either later the same day or on Monday the 27th. Anyone around the area or around SF? Please, let me know!
Reno - 04/09/2018
Two easy going guys from Melbourne, Australia needing a ride to Burning Man. Please help.
san fransisco - 04/06/2018
Two Aussie guys, Burning virgins, looking for ride to Burning Man 2018.
Bloomington, Indiana - 04/04/2018
there and returning. living in bloomington, in. free anytime to travel. i want to take in the complete event. can provide Fuel $$$$$.
Raleigh, NC - 03/27/2018
Heading to Burning Man on aug.23- returning sept.6. Extra seats and yurt room for anyone intrested.
Chicago, Illinois - 03/10/2018
I am inquiring if anyone is traveling to Chicago to burning man via vehicle with room for one more.