Burning Man 2015

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San Francisco, California - 05/09/2015
Hey :)

Two girls from the UK going to their first BM!

We are looking to share an RV / Campervan preferably to and from San Fran but open to other options.

We arrive in San Fran on the 27th August.

Please get in touch if you have a couple of spaces for us x
Emilia-Romagna, Italy - 04/30/2015
Hello! I am a solo burner looking for a ride. I live in Ohio, but am willing to drive and meet people. I have a valid drivers licence, so I can contribute by driving and also with gas money (or any other driving expenses). Excited to meet new burners!
Louisville, Kentucky - 04/09/2015
We will have a community container out of Louisville this year. message us early to get space.
Zip: 49007 - 04/02/2015
Hi there, My boyfriend and I are looking for a ride to Burning Man this year. We would also be willing to pitch in for a rental van/rv if a group is interested and has extra space. This will be our 3rd burn and we are looking forward to making some new friends. In previous years we took my boyfriend's car as transportation but it is getting up there in years and mileage and is no longer mechanically sound enough to make the trip from Michigan to Nevada. We are willing to meet people in nearby cities such as detroit, grand rapids, chicago, fort wayne, etc. So just let us know if you'll be close by! We're probably looking to leave around the 23rd??? But that is flexible. We are an openminded, laid back, and light packing couple ready to meet some new burners!