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Burning Man 2016

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Alachua, Florida - 07/13/2016
Fabulous senior seventh-time burner seeks rideshare to BRC! Offer driving (including all-- YES, RV experience!), share gas, snax, scintillating conversation. Return possible.
Salt Lake City, Utah - 07/12/2016
Need to be in Ogden/ SLC for a wedding and looking for a ride from SLC to BRC on Sunday, August 28th. Can help with any costs and would love to pick up supplies as well.
Peyton, Colorado - 06/01/2016
I am headed to my third Burn where I typically volunteer with ESD. I will be pulling out of Colorado Springs, Colorado, on the 26th of August with a return on the 5th. Headed there alone; so I would love to have someone (or a couple) to share the drive with and perhaps contribute to the fuel. I go out with a Ford F350 dually, pulling a four horse trailer with living quarters. Along the way, I will fill-up two 275 gallon totes with water, so the trailer gets a little heavy.

Looking for someone (or two) who has a relatively clean driving record -- no DWUI's etc. -- so my insurance agent will be happy; experience driving such a truck and trailer rig; non-smoker; not transporting any intoxicants to the Burn; good hygiene; and, a great conversationalist. I would plan to drive straight through, both ways. Departure on the 5th will be about 0400; or whenever the gate rush for Exodus pauses.

I may have access to a full-price ticket (for its face value) and an early entry pass -- otherwise you will need to have one already. Everyone that arrives before the gates open, must have an early entry pass.
San Francisco, California - 04/11/2016
Hi folks ! We are 9 frenchies. We have 2 RV. We'll live San francisco on 26 morning to take the road to BM, shopping, pick up our bikes and camp at lake tahoe. We plan to arrive at BM on sunday morning. If you are interested to share our ride you are welcome especially if you have a vehicule pass. See U !