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Burning Man 2019

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San Francisco, California - 07/22/2019
Hi guys!! I’m looking for a ride From sf to burning man the 27th of August!

The same for go back to BM to SF the 1st of September

Thank you!!
Reno, Nevada - 07/09/2019
This is the start of my 4 month backpacking trip around the globe. I will be flying into Reno around 6pm on Monday. I want to go buy a bicycle from Walmart. I would love to buy you one if you don’t have one. I’ll be bringing food and water(from Walmart with me) I can also help out on gas. I’m coming solo so anything is greatly appreciated. Thank you. Also I want to run the 50k run the filling morning starting at 5am! Lol. Thanks. Hope to hear from you.
Zip: 47408 - 06/12/2019
burning man 2019 economic hardship scholarship. not too much money for gas, disabled, very peaceful, minimal belongings,

i do not want left out of my fourth burning man, i need roundtrip transport thanks blessing me will be blessed.