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California Roots Festival 2017

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Buena Park, California - 04/24/2017
Driving up to Cali Roots from Thurs-Mon.

I'm driving up alone so i wouldn't mind the company. Let's have a good time.
Paradise, California - 04/24/2017
Hey world! I need a ride to CaliRoots Reggae fest! I'm super chill, and will pitch for gas and good vibes. I need to be there on May 26th.
Chico, California - 04/19/2017
My roomie and I will be leaving Thursday morning from Chico, gonna catch some beach time on the way to Volunteer Orientaton. Any volunteers or anyone who wants to be in the area a day early is welcome to come along.
Watsonville, California - 04/19/2017
Me and my wife are planning to use a uber to this event. We are planning on enjoying a beer or so. We do not want to drive due to this reason. If there are a sober driver that has room for 2 we are willing to pay for gas.
Simi Valley, California - 04/18/2017
Costa Mesa, California - 04/18/2017
my boyfriend and i are going for 3 days. thursday late night coming back monday morning. his car is a camero.
Sacramento, CA - 04/18/2017
If anyone is coming through Sacramento to go to Cali roots, i got you. I have a 2012 altima that can seat 4 comfortably or 5 snuggly.
Simi Valley, California - 04/17/2017
four door dodge Dakota truck
San Diego, California - 03/22/2017
2013 subaru crosstrek 3 seats available, cargo pack on top. Will be leaving Thursday in the afternoon, and coming back Monday. We're 2 ladies in our 20's. Asking for gas and snack donations! 420!
Zip: 91910 - 11/15/2016
Just me and the hubby 3 more fit in car.

From San Diego area.