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California Tantra Festival 2016

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San Jose, California - 09/14/2016
Leaving San Jose on the 14th morning, have space for 1/2. Ken
Zip: 94117 - 09/14/2016
Hi lovely drivers! Here Sofia from Uruguay, I just arrive from India to the city and I dont have a car or so much friends around to go with. So Im looking for nice people to share the travel to the festival, have a really good time and share stories and lovely experiences. You will not regret for sure to travel with me! Loves . Any day ny time is good for me! Sunny Kisses
Inglewood, California - 09/14/2016
Leaving today Wednesday 11am. It's short notice but who is interested?
Palo Alto, California - 09/12/2016
Hi! Looking for a ride from Palo Alto on the 14th. Text 907-957-6143. Thanks.
Los Angeles, California - 09/12/2016
Looking to share a ride with someone leaving the Culver City Area on Friday early morning or throughout the day. Also can share a ride from LAX. I am only bringing a weekend bag and laptop.
Los Angeles - 09/12/2016

I will be arriving at LAX 13th evening. I am looking for a ride on the 14th or early 15th. See soon!
Zip: 94131 - 09/11/2016
Hi, I would like to head to the festival on Friday late afternoon. I could meet you on any Bart station and would love to get a ride with you. Thanks a lot.
Las Vegas, Nevada - 09/09/2016
I will be ready to leave on the 15th of September.
Los Angeles, California - 09/07/2016
Arriving at LAX on the pm of the 14th. Looking for a carpool/ride from LA to the festival. I won't need to go back to LAX immediately. If noone is coming from LA I'll rent a car, and in that case I can offer rides. Let me know if we can team up! Cheers!
LA - 09/06/2016
I am looking for a ride from Los Angeles or Bhakti Fest (Joshua Tree, CA). I have a backpack and a laptop bag wit me.
California, United States - 08/30/2016

I'm from Montreal and will be at the Esalen institute in California for the love school work shop that ends friday September 16 around 4 o'clock.

So I am looking for a ride, after 4 oclock to go to the Tantra festival.

The nearest town from Esalen is Montery I think?

Someone passing by ?

Big thanks!
Richmond, California - 08/30/2016

My husband and I are looking for a ride from the bay area to the CTF. We are going early to set up. Anyone else doing the same? Happy to help with gas and driving :)
berkeley, ca - 08/29/2016
Hi! Im looking for a ride to the festival from Berkeley or some other mutually convenient spot in the Bay Area. Thanks!
Zip: 43202 - 08/23/2016
Hello! We will be flying to Fresno from Ohio and arriving at noon on Wednesday the 14th. We will be flying out of Fresno on the 19th at noon. We are planning on renting a car if anyone would like to join us. Or if anyone is already a step ahead, we would be happy to join you
Daly City, California - 08/23/2016
Hi friends! Looking for a ride to and from festival. I will be staying in Daly City, CA.

And I am very flexible on time.

Saint Ann, Missouri - 08/21/2016
3 seats available in my car from San Jose airport to the venue on 15th Noon

Return on 18th at 7am
Stoughton, Wisconsin - 08/19/2016
Flying into Fresno, arriving 3pm on the 13th.

Since I'm going to be around until the 20th, thinking I'll rent a car (NO Jeep Wranglers available, so very f'ing sad), and would love to meet other Festival goers IF you're going to be arriving within a couple hours of that on the 13th.