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Catapult! Showcase 2013

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Zip: 30605 - 05/20/2013
Leaving from Athens around 4 or 5 Friday. Not sure if staying for the Monday dancing or leaving later Monday morning
Atlanta 30345 - 05/10/2013
I'll be staying at the Townplace Suites Atlanta Northlake Hotel. Willing to give a ride to and from Fri thru Monday. I leave Atlanta on Tue morning for a 11 am flight and can give a ride. Plan to leave about 8 that morning. New to Atlanta and want to sightsee Fri morning before the event.
Zip: 34689 - 03/30/2013
I, Sarah, am obviously a contra dancer who is really looking forward to Catapult! I am willing to drive up to an hour and a half away from my own location to meet with other people to drive to Atlanta.
Zip: 33711 - 03/05/2013
Heading up Friday morning at 8am