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Coachella Music Festival 2017 (Weekend 2)

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Pleasanton, California - 02/17/2017
I will be driving to Coachella from Pleasanton around 3am. I can take 2 people with me.

I will be driving back from coachella to Concord (East bay Area) 4/24/17 and can take two people back with me.

We can split cost fairly.
Los Angeles, California - 02/10/2017
Need a ride to Palm Desert around 2pm on Thursday 20th April 2017
Menlo Park, California - 02/10/2017
I will be driving to Coachella from San Jose on 4/20 around 11 AM. I can take 2 additional folks with me.

I will also be driving back to San Jose from Coachella on 4/24 and can take two folks at that time as well.

We will share the cost of gas.