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Democratic Party of Oregon Platform Convention 2018

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North Bend, Oregon - 02/28/2018

I could ride and/or drive. I am an Alternate Delegate staying a 20 minute walk from the event. I have an extra bed for the right party (female). I am a senior.

Plan to leave Hauser (North Bend) Friday a.m., & leave Sunday p.m. (drive in the light).

Sincerely, Rae Lea Cousens

541-759-3522 or 541-297-1702
Zip: 97202 - 02/09/2018
I have 3 seats available in my car, leaving from the Woodstock neighborhood in Portland. Willing to pick people up from where they are, if necessary. Will not be staying overnight in Salem.
Milwaukie, Oregon - 01/22/2018
Back and forth to the Platform Convention all three days