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Dirty 30 2017

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Towanda, Pennsylvania - 06/03/2017
Hey yall I am trying to catch a ride and can meet in another place if it is easier. Thanks
Zip: 80026 - 06/03/2017
12 mile starters for 8-8:30 am arrival to shuttle parking. Can pick up from Lafayette or along way to sobo along 93 to golden.
Zip: 80305 - 06/02/2017
if anyone is looking for a last minute ride hit me up!!

Denver, Colorado - 06/02/2017
We can pick up 1-2 runners at runners high in Golden at 4:30 am tomoro
Zip: 80206 - 06/01/2017
To Dirty Thirty
Denver, Colorado - 06/01/2017
Hi we are 2 50Kers with a 6:00am start time.

we will be traveling from LoHi Downtown Denver to the start, but will be staying the night in black hawk- we will not be able to drive riders back. We can also meet riders in golden or on the way up. Cheers- Mal and Dave!
Zip: 80305 - 06/01/2017
Would love a ride to the shuttle from Boulder!
Boulder, Colorado - 05/30/2017
I'm looking for a ride from South Boulder / 93 for the 7am start. I don't need a ride back from the race. Thanks.
Golden, Colorado - 05/30/2017
Ride for 1 from Reverend's Ridge to the start line for the 6:00am start.
Colorado Springs, Colorado - 05/30/2017
I'm doing the 50k and need a ride from Colorado Springs to the race. I'm happy to meet somewhere along the way as well.
Zip: 80021 - 05/30/2017
50k runner looking for just a ride up, riding home with family. Coming from NW Standley Lake area and happy to meet up anywhere in Westminster / Broomfield / Arvada / Golden.
Englewood, Colorado - 05/30/2017
Need a ride from either the parking lot west of 93 or the Mountain Smith parking lot to the shuttle bus
Gold Hill, Colorado - 05/29/2017
Running the 50K, 7am start. Driving via Peak to Peak.
Colorado, United States - 05/28/2017
would like a ride to dirty30 50k race start
Fort Collins, Colorado - 05/28/2017
12 miler can meet in Loveland or Longmont too
Golden - 05/27/2017
I'm running the 50k, starting at 7:00, but plan to be at the park visitor center between 4:30-4:45 to hopefully park near the start. I have room for 4 passengers and need at least two 50k-ers to be allowed to park at the start (assuming were among the first 75 cars in). Plan to pick folks up somewhere in Golden, TBD, around 04:00.
Idaho Springs, Colorado - 05/27/2017
We're staying in a hotel in Idaho Springs and will drive from there to the race start.
Longmont, Colorado - 05/27/2017
I can leave from anywhere between longmont and golden. I'm running the 50k!
Zip: 80304 - 05/27/2017
7a start - Leaving Boulder at 4:30a, pickup along Broadway or Hwy 93.
Zip: 80206 - 05/27/2017
Hiya! I'm looking for a ride to the 50K please. Happy to walk/ jog somewhere more convenient. Thanks! Claire :)
Golden - 05/26/2017
to Golden Gate Dirty 30 (12 M start - arrive by 8:00 am).
Zip: 80401 - 05/26/2017
Leaving from South Golden. Johnson Rd. Will pick up or meet at Golden Gate Canyon Road pull off.
Black Hawk, Colorado - 05/25/2017
I have room for 2 more riders for the 0600 start. I will be at the Gilpin Fairgrounds, plan on leaving at 0515 to drive to the start.
Boulder, Colorado - 05/25/2017
Looking for a ride for the 7am start time. One way, I do not need a ride home. I'm happy to meet up anywhere in South Boulder/hwy 93 for pick up. Will help with gas $. Thanks.
Denver, Colorado - 05/24/2017
I'm volunteering for packet pick up, gotta be there at 4:30! I'll bring the coffees and can drive to a meeting place, I just don't want to crowd up the parking lot
Boulder, Colorado - 05/22/2017
In Boulder looking to catch a ride with someone. Tammy
Denver, Colorado - 05/19/2017
I am hoping to start the race at 6 am. Any one have room for one more and an early start?
Boulder, Colorado - 05/12/2017
Early start runner so looking to carpool to start


Zip: 80007 - 05/12/2017
12 Mile racer in NW Arvada. I only need a ride up, my family will be at finish and bringing me home. Thanks!
Zip: 80218 - 05/12/2017
In Cap Hill by Chees park. Thank you.

Buffalo, New York - 04/27/2017
I am flexible on a pick up location, and would love to catch a ride!
Black Hawk, Colorado - 04/24/2017
Looking for a third early 50K-er (6:00 AM start) to travel with us to the start. We are happy to pick up anywhere on the route!