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Electric Forest 2016

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Rye, Colorado - 06/16/2019
RIDE NEEDED- Sonic Bloom (Pueblo, Colorado) to Electric Forest (Rothbury Michigan)

Hello all! if you have room for 2 of us, we want to travel to Electric Forest right after Sonic Bloom, let us know if you have room!

Have a wonderful day :) Mario & Tori
Rothbury, Michigan - 05/15/2019
Hi there! NEED RIDE out of Electric Forest on Monday July 1st or Tues 2nd, back to Toronto.

If anyone is doing that trip and can fit me in, let me know! Mario :)
Saint Augustine, Florida - 03/25/2018
big van lots of room good vibes only. gotta share on gas. see ya :)
Florida, United States - 06/28/2017
Need a ride will contribute cash and driving and food to electric forest weekend 2!!
Muskegon, Michigan - 06/24/2017
I am seeking a ride from Muskegon Intermodal on Wednesday June 28 after 6PM..I arrive at 5:45 PM
Grand Rapids, Michigan - 06/24/2017
Rapid Central Station Grand Rapids MI...I need a ride from this location from Indian Trails Bus on June 28th after 4:00 PM...coming in from Marquette
Grand Rapids, Michigan - 06/23/2017
Need,a ride on Wednesday June 28 after 4 pm from Indian Trails bus station
Chicago, Illinois - 06/22/2017
Hey there, I'm a 32 year old male with a 27 gf who want a ride sometime thursday from out of chicago if possible! I can throw down cash for the ride (more than just gas) if you have room for two, thanks!
Dayton, Ohio - 06/22/2017
Need a last minute ride to the forest from Dayton Ohio area. My ride bailed on me at the last second. Willing to pay gas money. Please HELP!
Rochester, New York - 06/19/2017
looking for a ride to and from for 1 person, 2 if possible but not necessary!

we can drive to meet you elsewhere in ny that is closer to you so you won't have to stray from your route too far!

i have yet to be blessed enough to experience electric forest so far and the line up is so good that i want this year to be my first! we are both 20 years old and make sure to make every adventure a fun one!! neither of us will let ya down and of course we would help with driving and gas

feel free to get my number via email to discuss more!
Chicago, Illinois - 06/12/2017
Need a ride to forest... Thursday night
Chicago, Illinois - 06/23/2016
22 y/o female looking for a ride up to Electric Forest Any Time on Friday from Chicago!!
Detroit, Michigan - 06/23/2016
I plenty of gas money
Chicago, Illinois - 06/22/2016
Please help!!

My flight got stuck in Chicago so I won't make it to Detroit in order to drive with my friends to the festival. You'd be my savior if I could ride with you to the festival Thursday morning. I'd pay for gas! I'm 28 and friendly, good vibes all the way!

Thanks for reading!
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma - 06/22/2016
Need a ride to rothbury Michigan for electric forest please help my ride bailed last minute
Cleveland, Ohio - 06/22/2016
Hi there! 21 year old dude, native Clevelander, staying in town for the Cavs parade today (Wednesday). Looking for a ride to Forest either late Wednesday night or early Thursday morning. First time to Forest, but fairly seasoned festival goer.

Of course willing to split gas. Can also provide snacks, good convo and even better tunes. Lemme know what's good fam 216-577-4620 :)
Vermillion, South Dakota - 06/21/2016
im 24 yr old male and have plenty of gas money to throw and can help drive nothing but good vibes and gas to share traveling light please contact me 6052234560 thank you in advance be my first forest!!
South Dakota, United States - 06/21/2016
On the South Dakota iowa nebraska and minnesota border
Portage, Michigan - 06/20/2016
Hey! I am a 22 y/o female looking for a one way ride from Kalamazoo to Electric Forest! I am looking to get a ride on Thursday afternoon/evening. Gas money would be provided of course!
Lexington, Kentucky - 06/20/2016
Coming up from Lexington, Kentucky but stopping overnight in the Saint Louis, MO Metro East (Illinois side) on Wednesday. Arrival expected at EF early-early Thursday morning. Need ONE more to join to avoid that single-camper fee ($70, wtf?!), but don't mind camping on my own if you have a group that you're going to hang out with already. I pack very light, so you'd have almost the entire backseat for your stuff. Would prefer someone who isn't packing party favors. PM me if interested!
Montoursville, Pennsylvania - 06/19/2016
About me:

This is my third electric forest in a row can't wait to have an amazing time with all the friends I haven't met yet! I a 23 year old guy and easy to get along with, good vibes are a must haha!

I'm leaving Erie Pennsylvania at about 1 AM to have enough time to get there at around 8:30 Wednesday morning. This way will hopefully get a spot right next to the entrance but who knows for sure. If you're from Pennsylvania I'm driving from Williamsport to Erie and staying the night with a friend, you could crash as well if I pick you up before Erie. I might not be able to give you a ride back though, I'm not sure yet. I might be visiting a friend in Detroit for a day after the festival. She's a forester that couldn't make it this year so you might be able to come along for the ride if you like. I can ask if you like.


I won't have a lot of extra room in my car but you won't need to bring anything but some food, drinks, cloths, bedding, and personal stuff. The tent I'm taking has two separate tents connected by a tiny hallway, the spare room is all yours. I have a stove for cooking meals, fresh brewed coffee every morning, and cooking utensils. We'll have an easy up canopy and extra camp chairs. You can even get a shower, I'm bringing a 5 gallon solar shower with me. I always come slightly over prepared so I'm ready for anything.

I'll leave you at least enough room for a cooler and a duffel bag or two.

Phoenix, Arizona - 06/18/2016
Looking to join up with someone headed to Rothbury MI for the beautiful and amazing e forest. Spur of the moment thing, really looking to go an flying is crazy expensive. May fly home. Can help with gas an can drive.
Lansing, Michigan - 06/18/2016
Looking for a ride to/from Electric Forest!! 1 guy, don't need much room at all! Looking to leave Tuesday (due to work) and either Sunday night or Monday morning! Let me know, thanks!
Kaunas, Kaunas County - 06/18/2016
Driving from mid PA to Eforest, going to be cutting through OH on Route 80 until I hit Michigan. Looking for someone to share good vibes and gas money. 19 year old male who needs to show up on Tuesday. Earliest I could show up to Eforest is Early Monday.
Toledo, Ohio - 06/17/2016
Hello, I can't figure out how to delete my old post, but I wanted to mention that I will be leaving early Wednesday morning and coming back Monday. I'm a 29 year old female with a reliable and comfy car. I'm going alone and have room for an extra person I would love to split gas or work something else out.

Thank you! :)
Fayetteville, Arkansas - 06/17/2016
Leaving Tuesday with a friend. Can possibly fit 1 or two more
Akron, Ohio - 06/17/2016
I am from the Akron/Canton area. Working Early Pre-Fest. So if someone on their way there could help me out with a ride on Sunday the 19th. I'll be more than happy to help with gas and good vibes. Making it to Electric Forest to experience on my birthday is everything to me.
Milwaukee, Wisconsin - 06/16/2016
Hey me and my friend are looking for a ride to the forest!! Willing to chip in for gas and whatever else we can help with!
Chicago, Illinois - 06/16/2016
25 y/o female from chicago. Trying to make it to the Forest by Thursday morning 6/23 I have gas money and i can drive all the way ,good vibes to offer.
Alexandria, Virginia - 06/14/2016
Looking for someone to ride with to EF from DC/MD/VA area. Will help with travel expenses!
Ann Arbor, Michigan - 06/12/2016
20 y/o male and female (also first time foresters!) in need of a round trip ride! We have minimal baggage, are super flexible with our times, can help pay for gas, and will provide killer music and awesome company :)
Toledo, Ohio - 06/09/2016
Hey there. I'm a 29 year old gal with an extra spot in my comfy and reliable car. Looking to split gas or work something else out. Thank you!

Erika-Dabra :)
Columbia, Missouri - 06/07/2016
Heyo! I'm needing a ride to EF 2016 from Columbia, MO. I'm meeting a group there but they're going up before I am. Ideally I'd like to leave Wednesday the 22nd or Thursday 23rd.
Saddle River, New Jersey - 06/05/2016
Need a ride!! From northern New Jersey and can drive and throw money of course, also great music to be played on the journey!!
Columbus, Ohio - 05/31/2016
19 y/o male from New Jersey looking to catch a ride. Trying to get to the forest by Tuesday 6/21 for volunteering. I pack light. I have gas money and good vibes to offer.
Chicago, Illinois - 05/31/2016
19 y/o male from New Jersey. Trying to make it to the Forest by Tuesday 6/21 for volunteering. I have gas money and good vibes to offer. Would be taking a bus from New York.
Zip: 10001 - 05/31/2016
19 y/o male looking for a ride with groovy people. I try to travel light. Small talk isn't necessary, we can have super real conversations. Need to make it to EF by Tuesday 6/21 for volunteering.
Massachusetts, United States - 05/30/2016
Hey there!

I am looking for two friends to ride with me to Electric Forest and back. I am driving through Albany to get there and would be happy to pick people up!
Saint Louis, Missouri - 05/26/2016
I am looking for people to car pool with the Electric Forest. Last year I went to Wakarusa and wanted to experience something different this year. Ideally the people I go with would want to camp together and maybe go to a few shows together because I will be flying solo. I will obviously give gas money ect.
Lorton, Virginia - 05/25/2016
Will need a ride FROM the DMV/richmond area to electric forest AND BACK, when the festival ends. Will obviously help with gas $$ and driving along with good company!! please let me know