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Electric Forest 2014

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Fayetteville, North Carolina - 06/20/2017
going to forrest either way, can meet someone 100mile from home, I have the GAS money and am sure that we'll have a great trip. I HAVE A RIDE FOR SECOND WEEK AND EXTRA TICKET, if anyone wants to drive i'll get them in,

Grand Rapids, Minnesota - 06/25/2014
Need a ride to electric forest!!

My flight gets In tomorrow 6/26 at 2:30pm anyone passing through to get to Electric forest and have room, I would greatly appreciate it! I have one duffle bag and I'm a small, lol I also have gas money! Please contact me asap!

~~~~good vibes ~~~ hope to see you in the forest!
Grand Rapids, Minnesota - 06/25/2014
Kingston, Ontario - 06/21/2014
Heading from eastern Ontario on Wednesday. Can pickup riders in the Toronto or western Ontario areas, or Detroit area.
State College, Pennsylvania - 06/20/2014
Need a ride for 1 from central PA. I'm volunteering, so I'd like to get there Wednesday.
Knoxville, TN - 06/19/2014
Two Heads looking to carpool from East TN or willing to meet up with anyone traveling along the way that could scoop us up. Have gas money and lots of good vibes, not a lot of bags. We are volunteers so trying to get there Weds. Lmk asap: 931-266-6763
Zip: 48348 - 06/19/2014

We are leaving Wed. morning, attending Pre-party/parties and going to spend night there (camping on lawn); meeting up with Camp TeamNoSleep very early Thurs. am. WE ARE ALSO GOING TO THE MON REHAB EVENT AFTER THE FOREST.
Merced, California - 06/18/2014
I've been considering selling my ticket because plane tickets were too costly, but now I'm considering making the road trip all the way from Cali if I can find some people to hitch a ride with me. I'm open to picking people up along the way too, so mapquest the journey from Fresno, CA to MI and if you're on the route, shoot me a message!

If I can fill up my car I'm going to make the trip. I'm friendly, chill, happy, and a good companion
Lee's Summit, Missouri - 06/16/2014
I'm taking a train to MO but I was hoping to meet new people and help out with gas rather than taking another train to MI. Or if anything find a traveling buddy. You can check me out on IG @dem_stacks_millz I travel extremely light and can fit in anywhere :)
Muskegon, Michigan - 06/14/2014

I am a guy by my self looking for a ride to Electric forest from city of Muskegon, MI.

I will be in Muskegon at 1pm on 6/26/2014 by the bus station near Hwy 31.

If anybody is on the way to EF going thru Muskegon, please let me know...

Muskegon is about 20 miles away from EF...

I will help on gas money...


Chicago, Illinois - 06/12/2014
Hello, I need a ride to Electric forest from Chicago. I am a guy, that`s will be my first year over there. No problem about gas money and anything.
Dearborn, Michigan - 06/10/2014
Hello me and my boyfriend are flying into the Detroit airport. Anyone in the area driving towards the forest and want split gas? Or any fellow fliers want to split a rental car? Days and times are flexible.
Buffalo, New York - 06/06/2014
A buddy and I are riding from Buffalo through the States to Electric Forest. Looking for some good company, new friends, and people to split gas with. Let me know if you need a ride!
Hampshire, Illinois - 05/31/2014
Driving down and around from Chicago. My Instagram is djc2323. Let me know if you want to join me for the festival.
Lexington, Kentucky - 05/28/2014
Hey all! I'm looking to drive up early, as I'm volunteering and have to check in accordingly. Looking for folks to share gas money and entertainment on the long way up!

Two seats available.
Mequon, Wisconsin - 05/28/2014
I'm an experienced festi goer from California but I'll be back in Milwaukee visiting friends and family during E.F. and am looking for a ride to the festival. I can meet anywhere around Milwaukee and will help pay for gas and such. I'm easy to travel with and would just have the basic gear like clothes, tent, and some food.
Colorado - 05/28/2014
I can meet anywhere, I'm living in summit county area. I'm from Michigan and I just moved to colorado. So I hope that I can find someone to ride with, to make it to the forest! I'm super chill and most importantly respectful. I'll have grass, food, supplies, money and stories to pitch in. :)
Grand Rapids, Michigan - 05/23/2014
Hi I'm looking for a ride to Rothbury from the Grand Rapids Airport anytime after 1 pm on Thursday the 26th. I will only have one small bag and can chip in on gas money or whatever you need :)
Woodstock, Illinois - 05/18/2014
me & my buddy need a ride to the forest.. we got you with gas money & anything else you need
Springfield, Missouri - 05/17/2014
Need a ride from the Missouri area to the forest! I have $, gifts, and good vibes to share. Help this sister out :)
Montague, Michigan - 05/16/2014
My two gal's and I need a ride to the forest, we will most likely be staying at a bed and breakfast in Montague until the morning of. We are not ax murderers!
Zip: 60123 - 05/16/2014
My friends bailed, so looking for a fun girl to go with from the Chicago area. Let's chat and take it from there.
Grand Rapids, Michigan - 05/16/2014
Need a ride from the Grand Rapids airport to Electric Forest anytime after June 26 @ 11pm. Gas money and starbursts! Any help is appreciated.
Boston, Massachusetts - 05/16/2014
Ride to electric forest from Mass for me and my brother, anyone free to drive? Can pitch in for gas and good vibes ( :
New York, United States - 05/16/2014
Need a ride for my girl and I from the NYC/NJ region, we'll bring the good vibes and throw down!
New York/ central NJ - 04/29/2014
Thinking of going to the Electric Forest to meet up with some friends there but don't want to drive alone. I have a car but would rather not use it (it's a coupe).
Evergreen Park, Illinois - 02/21/2014
Anyone from the Southside Chicago area have room for one more? I can pitch in for gas.
West Orange, New Jersey - 01/13/2014
Really would like to attend this year! If anyone is leaving from NYC/NNJ def email me! I would be willing to throw in for gas.