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Electric Forest 2015

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Bolingbrook, Illinois - 12/16/2015
Plans didnt go as planned ha. Im still going no matter what though, but no way im spending that extra 30 for a single occupant when i drive up there.

Anyone that needs a ride text me at

Muskegon, Michigan - 06/29/2015
Stranded after electric forest? I can provide rides to muskegon $50,grand Rapids and holland $85 any where else need to negotiate
Muskegon, Michigan - 06/25/2015
I am available to give rides to and from festival. Shoot me an email with destination and I can the quote you a price. I do have my chauffeurs license
Grand Rapids, Michigan - 06/23/2015
In need of a ride monday morning after the festival to the Grand Rapids airport!
Detroit, Michigan - 06/23/2015
I need a ride from the Detroit airport on Thursday. Will give gas money.
Montague, Michigan - 06/22/2015
wife and I need a rise to Grand Rapids Airport on Sunday morning.
Columbus, Ohio - 06/22/2015
Hello all! I'm a female looking for a ride to EF! I'm working the event and my ride bailed. Any help is greatly appreciated! Willing to chip in for gas as well! :D
Zip: 17013 - 06/21/2015
Leaving from Carlisle, PA, Thursday morning. Returning Monday! Looking for a co-pilot or two! Rolling an extended cab (no seat belts in back, but 3 seat bench up front) with a canopy to keep the gear dry on the way up.
Toronto, Ontario - 06/20/2015
I'm looking for a few good co-pilots to ride with me to E Forest from North York, anywhere in the GTA or on the way down is also cool. As of now It's just me, so I have a full car with 4 empty seats. I will be heading back to toronto on Monday, but can accommodate if you need to be back sunday night
Berlin, Maryland - 06/19/2015
i have a jeep wrangler and now i have to be there wed. i can make room for 2
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - 06/18/2015
Hey guys me and my small friend need an awesome ride with awesome fun people to the forest this year!
Chicago, Illinois - 06/18/2015
Fun couple looking for a ride to the forest! We can do either the 24th or the 25th. We can split the cost for gas and whatever else! (=
Chicago, Illinois - 06/18/2015
Hey guys! i really need a ride to rothbury michagan for electric forest! My ride bailed and i would appreciate your help! It would be for two people! We will help with gas and food! Thanks!
Chicago, Illinois - 06/18/2015
Hi My friend and i are flying in to ohare airport from LA and we need a ride to Rothbury for Electric Forest! We will help with gas money! Thank you!
Grand Rapids, Michigan - 06/18/2015
Two girls looking for a ride to electric forest either from the airport or from our hotel that is very close to the airport on the 25th. Will pitch in for gas!!
Chicago, Illinois - 06/18/2015
Two down to Earth friendly couple in need of a ride to the Forest from Chicago. If anyone can help please message me. Its our first time and I dont want to miss out. Much love!
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - 06/17/2015
Hey, me and a friend need a ride to e forest! We would throw you gas money etc. Let me know asap!
Middle Township, New Jersey - 06/17/2015
my friend chloe and I are wanting somepeeps to share this magical forest ride with :) anyone from Tennessee?
Keene, New Hampshire - 06/16/2015
Looking to catch a ride for electric forest. Will share gas and tolls.
Long Beach, California - 06/16/2015
My roommate and I are flying into Grand Rapids airport from California. We land at 9:30am Thursday. We work at the festival for Peace Love Tacos! We will give you gas money and free tacos from our taco stand! Let us know :)
Syracuse, New York - 06/16/2015
Hello! need a ride to the forest and possible back! will pitch money, snacks, happiness, etc. im a 20 year old college student-female
Zip: 44114 - 06/16/2015
Just went to Bonaroo and am now addicted. Must go to another music festival. Not sure how many of my friends can go yet. Maybe none. I have a nice 2011 Nissan Altima that we can cruise in. It's a V6 though and only gets about 28 mpg highway. Would want riders to pitch in for gas. Must be 420 friendly.
Chicago, Illinois - 06/15/2015
I am a veteran working with Electric Forces and need to be there before 8am on Wednesday the 24th.

I am also looking for possible rides back but can't leave till after 2pm on Monday.

I can offer help with gas and or free massages since I'm a massage therapist and I'm bringing my massage chair.

Any help to or from is appreciated.

Much Love and Thanks


(317) 601-5052
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma - 06/13/2015
I will help for gas or whatever is needed. My car is not 100% reliable at the moment and I really want to go to EF for the first time this year. If anyone has space and could let me carpool i would even be willing to drive a little ways to meet if needed. Email me thanks

Mississauga, Ontario - 06/12/2015
Need ride for two in return for gas money and good company. Can meet anywhere in Ontario as well as Buffalo, Detroit or nearby areas.
Zip: 60613 - 06/11/2015
Hi there! I would love to find someone to carpool with to the festival. I am working there so I would need to get there by thursday morning at the latest :)

I have money for gas/food and will give you crystals. :3

thank youuu
Buffalo, New York - 06/10/2015
Just me, looking for a little help getting to EFF 2015...went with my ex last 5 years in a row, she can't of today 6/10/15 :) I'm in the Buffalo NY area. I can meet up within a 100 miles or so. I have a car, but I use it for work, and can't chance it going all the way to Rothbury...drop me a line....please:)


(716) 400-7804,
Vermont, United States - 06/09/2015
Need a ride to Electric Forest need to be there 8 am on the 24th for parking crew or before. I could met in Boston or near by major cities to catch a ride. Got gas, etc.
Chicago, Illinois - 06/08/2015
Hey :) I am flying into the Chicago O'Hare airport on June 25 at 9:30 am and was wondering if I could hitch a ride with anyone to the forest! I will obviously help pay for gas and we can stop by somewhere for lunch on me!!! Please let me know if you can help. You rock!


Portage, Michigan - 06/06/2015
In need of a ride from Portage, Michigan to the forest, about 2 hours away :) I will share awesome psychoactive herbs with you (I want to be an herbalist someday), along with bringing peace, fun and positive vibes :) let me know if you can help me out!!
Berlin, Maryland - 06/04/2015
i have to be there on 6/22 have room for 1 maybe 2 in my jeep wrangler. i have to set up, would love to have some company, i will get prime GA camping and you will too
Zip: 49441 - 06/02/2015
I need a ride after the festival to the Muskegon Airport, ill split gas! If anyone can help me let me know, cant wait to see my forest fam :)
Atlanta, Georgia - 05/29/2015
I drive a Honda Accord. Preferably, I would like to ride with someone else and split gas costs since my car is small, but I am also open to driving with a group who will help pitch for gas equally. I'm in Atlanta, near little 5 points. Let me know if anything about this post interests you! I'm going solo and meeting a bunch of friends there -- I will be camping with my friends so I don't have that much stuff to take with me either. Thanks!
Zip: 43210 - 05/20/2015
Looking for people make the trip with so I don't have to drive all the way by myself. 22yo female, will provide gas money, snacks, and friendship!
Zip: 28202 - 05/18/2015
I'm looking for a few good co-pilots to ride with me to E Forest from Charlotte NC. Good Vibes Only!!!
Zip: 11103 - 05/07/2015
Hey forest fam! i'm heading over with four friends and hoping to get a mini van that fits 7. So that would leave me with 3 rides to offer!
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - 04/27/2015
Hey forest fam! A buddy and I need a ride to the forest from Pittsburgh, PA! Will gladly contribute gas money, road snacks, and good company :)