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Enchanted Forest 2015

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Oakland, California - 08/14/2015
I am leaving around 2pm Saturday from Oakland, have room for 1 maybe 2 (its a pickup truck).
Berkeley, California - 08/14/2015
looking for ride anytime on Saturday from berkeley! (leaving as early as possible). potentially looking for a ride for another homie too, so if you've got space for two that's magic! I can throw on gas and tunes and good vibes! :)
Oakland - 08/14/2015
San Francisco, California - 08/14/2015
Need a ride! I'm arriving into SFO tonight around 5:30ish, only have one suitcase and good vibes, smiles, $$ for gas!
Zip: 94103 - 08/14/2015
Help! I was to leave at 8am but my ride just fell through. I'm READY TO GO with gas fade and fruit to share. Can anyone help me get to the forest? Much love, Danielle
Oakland, California - 08/13/2015
I'm departing from Oakland on Friday afternoon, returning Monday morning, have room to take few others.
Eugene, Oregon - 08/13/2015
Hey, Im coming from Belgium.. Really looking for a ride from Eugene to The gathering either tonight, thursday, or tomorrow morning, friday. Blessing!

Sharing gaz money for sure, and many stories to tell, good playlist to share and big smiles!
Zip: 94703 - 08/13/2015
Leaving from Berkeley in the AM friday, noon at the latest. 4Runner with room for 1or2 with gear. Returning Sunday afternoon if you need a ride then. Would like to split gas n such
Santa Rosa, California - 08/13/2015

I have space for one or two more people in my ride. I have some space for your gear but would need to talk. I 'm willing to stop along the 101 Hghwy heading north but not going far from the freeway. I could also meet you in Santa Rosa.

I'm leaving Friday morning 8 am.



Arcata, California - 08/13/2015
Two female energies looking for a ride from Arcata to Black Oak Ranch! Will provide heaps if love, laughs, good times, flowetry, stationary dance moves while en route. Help us help you!
Eureka, California - 08/13/2015
Going to Enchanted forest tomorrow
Emeryville, California - 08/13/2015
Friday AM departure - 10AMish and back to East Bay on Sunday by 5ish.

Ride is Eurovan with lots of space - can take 1-2 folks.

Carson City, Nevada - 08/13/2015
I will be super happy to find a ride :) it will help us a lot!

I will help with the gas cost of course and will bring good music and yammi chocolate :)
San Mateo, California - 08/13/2015
Gas fades and smiles for days!
Olympic Valley, California - 08/13/2015
I'm volunteering at EF and my ride canceled last minute. Seeking ride to EF. I have gas to contribute. Thanks! Peace and love
San Francisco, California - 08/13/2015
Looking for a ride to Enchanted Forest from SF Friday afternoon after 2pm. Will provide gas money, snacks, story time, or comfortable silence. Minimal stuff. Thank you!
Zip: 97202 - 08/12/2015
Looking to manifest a ride from Portland, OR to Enchanted Forest!! Will provide so much love, hugs, smiles, stationary dance moves while in the car and gas money..
Oakland, California - 08/12/2015
offering a ride for ONE person (possibly two if necessary (i.e., a couple with not too much stuff) -- from Oakland.

Leaving Thursday, around noon, returning Monday afternoon.
Pleasant Hill, California - 08/12/2015
I am one half of the Cocréa workshop presenters at EF this year. My partner will be arriving Friday, so I have space for another Enchanting participant. ;) Love good conversations, open minds, good music, and respectful speech. Leaving Thursday midday with a stop in San Rafael around 2pm to caravan with another friend. You can help pay for gas and parking and I will provide you the safest ride you could ask for. :)

In connection,

Reno, Nevada - 08/12/2015
Making a solo trip from Reno and am happy to help anyone out with a ride! I can stop by North Lake Tahoe, Auburn, Sacramento, Fairfield, etc. I am willing to stop by anywhere as long as it is relatively on the way. I will be coming early Saturday morning, hopefully arriving on the grounds around 9-10am, and leaving Sunday night around 7-8pm. I have to be back at work on Monday so I would ideally like to be back in Reno late Sunday night.

I have a great playlist set up for the drive, lots of good vibes, and smiles for days. I would love to be able to share this adventure with someone.
Santa Clara, California - 08/12/2015
Hi! Miss Dream Team leaving for Enchanted Forest on Saturday the 15th in the morning! I have a 2011 Mitsubishi Lancer with a killer bass system. Leaving from Santa Clara. I can pick anyone up on the way too. Please contact me if interested or more info (: I can fit 2 people.

-message link-

San Francisco, California - 08/12/2015
Amending my previous post since we can't edit posts, how janky is that? So anyway, leaving on FRIDAY morning around 8, or 8:30 depending on who I'm picking up and where. Return Monday about 1pm
Zip: 94110 - 08/12/2015
Hi! I'm leaving SF from the Mission, and looking to bring 2 or 3 (I pack light, hopefully others do too), to share good cheer, music, and gas/parking costs. Departure, definitely on the road by 8, 8:30, and and return time thinking 1pm is a good time to hit the road on Monday.
Zip: 95501 - 08/12/2015
Aloha! I need an Early Entry ride from Eureka, CA for Thursday 8/13. Happy to help with gas and driving! Thank you!!
Alameda, Andalucía - 08/12/2015
need a ride on Friday morning to enchanted forest share gas

Alameda, Andalucía - 08/12/2015
I can offer ride or ride with someone leaving Friday morning to Enchanted forest

share gas

Guerneville, California - 08/12/2015
Hi this is a little last minute, but me and my wife need a ride to the festival. We can offer money for gas and can help setup. Thanks!
Salinas, California - 08/11/2015
We're a couple of flowy youngsters (2) looking for a ride from the Monterey Bay/Santa Cruz area. :) As it's a 5 hour mission, we're looking to leave thursday night and camp out somewhere, or way early fir day morning to get to the festival on time. We can help drive automatic or Stick shift :) can offer gas $$ and good vibez
Zip: 97219 - 08/11/2015
I'm actually coming from Bellingham, WA, but I can easily get to Portland... I'm hoping to get from Portland to the festival in the same day, preferably Thurs but Friday works too. I only need a ride one-way, and I can help with gas costs. Thank you!!
Fort Bragg, California - 08/11/2015

would be very grateful for a lift to the festival on Friday anytime, happy to contribute to fuel, and promise to be a wonderful passenger :)

I'm English and have never been to a festival like this before so am excited to meet some awesome people and see what its all about...

Have been travelling since january and am couchsurfing in FortBragg at the moment but could maybe make my way somewhere else to be picked up if easier...?


Oakland, California - 08/11/2015
Departure early Friday morning. Returning to East Bay Monday morning. If you are in SF and wanting a ride, I can pick you up at a BART station in Oakland-Berkeley. Two spots available. Let me know how much stuff you are bringing (to see if there can potentially be space for 3 people). Gas $ requested.
San Francisco, California - 08/11/2015
I would so love a ride to Enchanted Forest on Friday morning (if I can get one back that would be great too). I can cover all of the gas and promise to be a low-key and fun passenger. Thanks so much!

San Francisco, California - 08/11/2015
Hi! I'm looking for a ride Thursday or Friday from SF. I'm happy to help pay for gas and meet you anywhere for pickup!
San Francisco, California - 08/10/2015
My sister and I are looking for a ride to the festival on thursday or friday. We'te staying in Berkeley.
Zip: 92648 - 08/10/2015
Hi!!! I would love if someone had room for me and a friend to leave the 13th or 14th. Will pay for gas to and from!


Eugene, Oregon - 08/10/2015
Peace Crew Volunteer needs ride from Eugene to be onsite Wednesday and back on Monday. If you have room, please text or respond here....541-554-7869 Keli...and thanks so much!
Vancouver, Washington - 08/09/2015
Heyo! I am leaving the Vancouver/Portland area around 7pm Wednesday night. Staying in Eugene that night and then possibly in Medford Thursday night before heading to the festival. I will have one other person with me, so we'll have space for 2 more comfortably. If you need a ride from anywhere along I-5 between the areas I just mentioned, please let me know! Would love to help someone get to the fest:)
Zip: 94110 - 08/08/2015

Still got a space? Mind stopping in San Francisco? I'm really close to 101 =)

I'm also known to be a good dj, and a good goofball who wants to make everyone laugh. and pay for gas and stuff, ha!
Novato, California - 08/08/2015
I just found out about this a couple days ago. Every cell in my body is saying that I must be there.

I am a gentle polyamourous warrior looking to share my travels. I have a 2 day pass, and plan to be there by 9am on Saturday. (I'd like to leave mid-day on Friday and spend the night somewhere along the way, possibly and a friend's house or wherever). I'm flexible. I do expect that you can find your way to Novato on your own (if you are South of me), and contribute for gas within reason. I have a hatchback with plenty of room. I'm going to travel light, and I'm not sleeping in the car at the forest. Check in with your guide and follow the "yes" wherever life may take you. Peace.
Guerneville, California - 08/08/2015
Hello! I am about 2 hours south of the festival! Traveling light and happy, would love a ride and can help with gas!
Zip: 90210 - 08/08/2015

a friend and i need a ride from los angeles! happy to help out with gas, carrying things, telling jokes, etc.

Zip: 96150 - 08/05/2015
Room for one possible two... we are bringing our 5th wheel trailer hauled by a truck that has limited space in the front. Could possible stuff you in the trailer but the ride is noisy, bumpy and I suppose against the law. But leaving South Lake Tahoe and making our way Thursday through the obvious 'map suggested' route. Hope we can help. Peace.
Zip: 92108 - 08/05/2015
Greetings. Alternative Doc needs ride form San Diego. HAppy to share gas. Would like to leave Thursday and return Monday. Pls advise.
Zip: 93101 - 08/05/2015
Hi, I'm looking for a ride on Thursday for early arrival.

Happy to share fuel and stories.

Zip: 94601 - 08/04/2015
Departing Oakland Friday evening, returning sunday evening.
berkeley, ca - 07/31/2015
Hello! I am a young lady looking for a ride - but with a bit of a scheduling debacle! Looking to leave Friday afternoon but need to fly out of SFO on Sunday! Looking for anyone headed back to the bay early- ish Sunday. Can pay in money, stories, songs, tarot readings :)
Fullerton, California - 07/30/2015
Hello Awesome beings:) I need a ride I am volunteering and I really would appreciate you and be grateful. This event is important to me. please help text me 818-652-7323
Zip: 94702 - 07/30/2015
Friendly young British guy looking for ride from Berkeley. Leaving on Friday and returning on Sunday evening (as I have to be back to work monday morning).

Any help is much appreciated
California, United States - 07/28/2015
Hello Lovelies,

I'll be driving up from LA either thursday or friday (early!) in my little blue toyota yaris. Technically can fit 5 people but we will need room for all our stuff and i'm pretty sure I have a friend coming so lets say I have 1 or 2 seats available!


Fullerton, California - 07/25/2015
Hello Beautiful Beings:) I am Tessa and volunteering at the awesome Festival:) From 13th to the 16th. So Excited!!! I would be truly grateful if anyone could help me out. I can pitch on gas if need be:)
Zip: 97202 - 07/24/2015
Seeking a ride from/to Portland, hoping to arrive to the area Thursday night and camp, and returning to Portland early Monday.
San Francisco, California - 07/23/2015
Another media man here, possibly in need of a ride from SF. I will help with any expenses (gas, food, etc) but unfortunately cannot drive. Appreciate any help here. All the best, and have a great time! :)
Zip: 92108 - 07/22/2015
Writer doing media coverage for the event in need of a ride from San Diego.

Can make it to LA as well.
Trinidad, California - 07/21/2015
I'm a volunteer and I need to be there Wednesday the 12th .I could get to Arcata if that makes it easier.My name is sky and my number is(707)273-7197 I can help with gas if you help with a ride.
Sausalito, California - 07/21/2015
i need a ride !

i'm french carpenter, i arrive the 11 to the airport, or take me if i'm hich hicking along the road