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Enchanted Forest Gathering 2017

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Los Angeles, California - 05/27/2017
Hi i'm looking for a ride to Enchanted Forest Gathering 2017. I can provide money for gas, good tunes and good conversation. Please let me know if this works!
Oakland, California - 05/26/2017
Hey Folks :) im looking for a ride to Electric Forest from anywhere in the Bay Area - Oakland - East Bay. I can provide gas and compensation money, as well as lively enterainment and good conversation.

Much thanks and love!
Richmond, California - 05/23/2017
Would love a ride from the east bay on Friday (afternoon would be best) - don't need a ride back! Will bring yummy vegan goods for the ride :)
Boise, ID - 05/23/2017
We are probably going to have room for at least one!
Daly City, California - 05/23/2017
We are driving from SF on Friday...I'm not sure what time exactly ....and I'm not sure from exactly where (out of towners). We can take probably only 1 person...I expensed a ridiculous convertible rental!
Eureka, California - 05/22/2017
Need a ride to enchanted forest by the 8th because I am volunteering. Can contribute gas money! Also need a ride back by the 13th but a ride either way would be appreciated :)
Chico, California - 05/21/2017
Need ride from Chico to enchanted forest around June 7th or 8th
Eureka, California - 05/21/2017
Oakland, California - 05/16/2017
Hello Lovely people! I am looking for a ride to Enchanted Forest leaving Friday evening from the East Bay...? I am very happy to chip in for gas and provide snacks for the ride and good company (or silence if you'd prefer that). Looking forward to journeying with you!
Zip: 93110 - 05/16/2017
Seeking a ride on thursday June 8th, from Santa Barbara or nearest location, to arrive by 8pm. Also seeking return ride anytime sunday,not required but ideally looking for both
Santa Cruz, California - 05/15/2017
Leaving Wednesday morning to drive north from Santa Cruz. Coming back Monday after the festival. I have a van and will have plenty of room for gear. Looking to split gas 50/50
Zip: 94110 - 05/15/2017
My friend and I are looking for a ride from and back to SF (Friday-Sunday). Creative, good energy and ready to forest bathe. I love cooking + baking and will make enough to share.
Reno, Nevada - 05/12/2017
Lookin fer a ride up to Enchanted on friday night or saturday morning and teturn late sunday morning! . May be able to offer a free tocket in exchange for ride!!!
Los Angeles - 05/11/2017
Hey! Looking for a ride up to and back from Enchanted Forest 2017 from Los Angeles/Orange County area. Have money for gas, good conversation, and good tunes to offer. Let me know if this works!
Turner, Oregon - 05/11/2017
Pick up at EF, Drop off in LA

Hope to make it back to LA by Monday night

Gas money, Doobie roller, Good vibes and Fire spinning? :D
san fran - 05/11/2017
Flying into San Fran , I have gas money & good vibes & im smol:)
Zip: 94710 - 05/11/2017
I want to arrive onsite at Enchanted Forest Wednesday and leave Saturday for the Berkeley, Bay area.
Portland, Oregon - 05/11/2017
I'm leaving from Portland Friday morning - no early entry, just regular car camping. I have room for one or two more. I'm 31, also doing Oregon eclipse and imagine orcas island. Give me a shout and let's try and save $! Thanks :) see you soon,
Monterey, California - 05/10/2017
Aloha, looking for a ride from Monterey, California.. can provide yummy snacks, snuggles, and gas money! Blessings
Atascadero, California - 05/10/2017
ISO carpool (possibly for 2) from central coast area. Can compensate with gas money and snacks!!
Zip: 97403 - 05/01/2017
Heading down from Oregon. I'm new to the area, so think I'm just gonna wing it. Down to offer rides for peeps who wanna chill, smoke and leave Friday morning. Car is not huge, so can't pack extremely heavy. I'll pay for gas :)