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Enchanted Forest Gathering 2016

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San Francisco, California - 07/20/2016
2 ladies need a ride to enchanted. We will each have 1 backpack plus a bag of food & sleeping bag.

We are hosting a workshop on Friday @ 5pm, so wish to arrive before that.

Las Vegas, NV - 07/15/2016
Heading from Las Vegas on Friday morning 7/22 for Enchanted Forest with 3 empty seat. Will stop in LA and SF. Returning early monday but flexible.
San Francisco, California - 07/08/2016
ISO a ride from San Fran to EFG Friday night and back Sunday night ... Or I am selling a two day pass for $100
Portland, Oregon - 06/22/2016
Sharing is Caring! Lol

Festival tribe & family;

Are you passing thru Portlandia going mobile Thursday June 23 or 24th? On the way to glorious San Francisco with a creative musician & comedian magical-mystical unicorn


Please email me immediately for a fantastic road trip experience

Corvallis, Oregon - 06/14/2016
Need a ride to Enchanted Forest Gathering! Just me and a backpack, can pitch in for gas and share lots of good energy and stories :) much love and light!