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FF Leadership Retreat 2020

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Royalton, Vermont - 02/24/2020
Can someone pick me up on I-89 near Exit 2? I'm in the town next to Bethel and it is on the way. My car is in the shop. Happy to go up on Friday early evening if you are doing early arrival.
Zip: 02145 - 02/24/2020
This is Dan and I'm looking for a ride from anywhere greater somervilleford (I live in Winter Hill Somerville).
Massachusetts, United States - 02/24/2020
Want to green your Leadership Summit ride? I have 5 open seats in a Tesla. (May need to down-rate slightly to allow for luggage.)
Cambridge, Massachusetts - 02/24/2020
Hello, Mike (Magneato) here. I need a ride to the retreat. I'm happy to split gas money and do any amount of the driving that you'd like.
Brookline, Massachusetts - 02/23/2020
Hi all,

This is Bex and I would love a ride if possible to and from the conference in VT. I live in Brookline but can get other places on the T to meet someone.

Medford, Massachusetts - 02/20/2020
Rae needs a ride to the leadership summit,

she should have already dun'it.

I live in Medford and can meet you anywhere,

Anytime is good for me as long as we get there.

This is the end,

I hope I have not offended you.
Zip: 02143 - 02/06/2020
This is Nate, nickname Zieve. I usually bike everywhere but this looks a little too far.

I will only have one bag. I live near Forge Baking Company in Somerville and that's the most convenient place for me to be picked up, but I can travel a bit to an easier pickup spot for you. I'm flexible on when I leave and when I get back, but would prefer to not miss any part of the event. For long drives I like chatting or podcasts!
Cambridge, Massachusetts - 02/06/2020
Friendly neighborhood Firefly Communications Doobie (Stever/Ranger Scooter) seek ride to the Leadership Retreat. I'm in Porter Square. My schedule is pretty flexible and I can meet you anywhere that's T-accessible.