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Full Circle Festival 2017

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Avondale, Arizona - 06/23/2017
Room for 4 from Full Circle Festival in Avondale to Halifax Saturday afternoon (between noon and 3pm, exact time TBD)
halifax - 06/23/2017
Room for 4 to Circle Festival in Avondale on Saturday evening 6pm
Halifax, Nova Scotia - 06/23/2017
Room for one from Halifax to Full Circle Festival in Avondale. Leaving Halifax early evening Friday.
Halifax, Nova Scotia - 06/23/2017
me and a friend are looking for a ride before 2 pm! can pitch in for gas and what not
halifax - 06/22/2017
Space available for one from Halifax to Full Circle Festival Friday evening.
Halifax, Nova Scotia - 06/22/2017
HI - anyone have space for one, driving to Full Circle from Halifax, Saturday, mid-morning?
Nova Scotia, Canada - 06/22/2017
We'll be leaving for the Full Circle Music festival Friday between 3:30-4:30. We live on the North end of Halifax. We can arrange to meet up or pick up if needed.

We will also be driving back to Halifax Friday night, then out to the festival Saturday between 3-4pm. We have a dog as well, just a heads up! She's friendly but furry.
Halifax, Nova Scotia - 06/22/2017
Toyota Camry sedan driving to the Full Circle Fedtival from Halifax. 3 spots available
Prince Edward Island, Canada - 06/21/2017
Anyone from the island going to Full Circle? Let's ride together!
Halifax, Nova Scotia - 06/20/2017
Hello everyone! Two of us are looking for a ride from Halifax to the Full Circle Festival and back. We will be glad to pick in gas and share good conversation and cookies :-)
City of Orange, New Jersey - 06/20/2017
Hey there, looking for a ride up Friday morning. I have to be there at noon and the ride that I had lined up previously can't make it for that time. I work late Thursday unfortunately I'm limited in terms of time frame. Can offer lovely company & will pitch for gas. :)
Halifax, Nova Scotia - 06/20/2017
I am in need of a ride for the Friday morning, if there is room for me and my partner that would be delightful. We were contemplating hitching, but I need to be there by at least 3 so I would feel better with a solid ride. Can offer good company for the quick ride :)
halifax - 06/19/2017
Need a ride to the full circle festival and back for Friday and Saturday. Thanks
Halifax, Nova Scotia - 06/19/2017
I am looking for room to ride up THURSDAY as I am supposed to volunteer Friday at 11am. I will have myself and some camping gear. Can offer tasty treat or gas money.
Halifax, Nova Scotia - 06/19/2017
Hello! Looking for a ride leaving Friday after work. I can leave work a little early if needed. Will share gas of course. Thank you in advance!

halifax - 06/12/2017
I'm scheduled to volunteer on Saturday morning however I need a ride to the festival. I work until 10pm on Friday night so I'll need a ride after that or very early Saturday morning.
Halifax, Nova Scotia - 06/12/2017
2 seats in a Rav4, plan on leaving thursday evening. Money for gas appreciated
halifax - 05/26/2017
There are two of us looking for a ride from Halifax to the festival. Let me know if you have room in your vehicle! (We will gladly chip in for gas!) :)