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Full Circle Festival 2018

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Newport Corner, Nova Scotia - 06/23/2018
Hi there - looking to get a ride back from the festival to Wolfville Saturday evening. Will pitch in with gas and good times :)

I'll be hitchhiking to the festival, please pick me up if you see me! I don't bite, but I do yodel occasionally.

Natalie 902-385-7784
Pembroke, Massachusetts - 06/22/2018
Volunteer who needs to hitch a ride either the Friday evening or Saturday daytime. Will give gas money and pleasant company :) Pls text 7808035450
halifax - 06/21/2018
Hi, I'll be leaving for Full Circle early evening, maybe 5 or 6pm. I have 2 spots in my car. Call me or text me at 902-297-0153 if you need a ride.
Halifax, Nova Scotia - 06/21/2018
Heyas, I've got space for 2-3 people leaving from Halifax at 2:30pm on Friday. I'd love a hand with gas funds and am open to trades. Regardless, if you need a ride at that time, text 902-817-3110 !
Montreal - 06/03/2018
3 sears avaliable. Leaving Mtl Friday morning (June 22), traveling towards FC and can pick up people along the way.

Also, returning to Mtl on Monday morning, so can drive people towards Mtl.