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Full Terror Assault Open Air 2019

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Wichita Falls, Texas - 06/22/2019
Need a ride from Wichita falls Texas to the show. Can help with gas and lodgings.
Spring, Texas - 06/22/2019
I’m in a Honda Civic that gets great gas mileage but doesn’t hold a shit ton of gear. I can probably pick up one person and their stuff on the way.
St. Louis, Missouri - 06/22/2019
I have 1 ticket for sale and 1 spot in my car. Picking up 1 person in Belleville, IL on the way. Leaving Thursday 9/5 around 10am and returning Sunday 9/8 when recombobulated.
Appleton, Wisconsin - 06/07/2019
Ill be leaving early on 9/4 to get a camping spot. Returning on 9/8. Three seats open (comfortably) in my pickup truck. Room for camping gear. I have a car pass to park in the camping spot.
Guelph, Ontario - 06/05/2019
Room for 1 or 2 if you don’t have too much shit. Will pick you up i the way if you’re close to my route just chop in for gas
Cincinnati, Ohio - 06/04/2019
I’ve got room for 3 more people in my car to go to FTA since all my friends are lame and don’t want to camp.
Benton, Kentucky - 06/03/2019
99 Ram
Mineola, Texas - 06/03/2019
Leaving east texas on the 4th of September, I plan on arriving that evening.