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Global Youth Peace Summit 2019

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Sacramento, California - 06/12/2019
Hi all! My name is Julieta and I am landing in the Sacremento airport at 12am Thursday night. In need of a ride from the Summit from there. Willing to spend the evenning at the airport, let me know if you can lift me asap :).
San Mateo, California - 06/11/2019
Berkeley, California - 06/11/2019
Hello! Looking for a ride from Berkeley on Friday morning!
Oak View, California - 06/11/2019

Greetings from Ojai, looking to ride with someone from Ojai to the Global Peace Summit in California.
Zip: 94128 - 06/05/2019
Hello! I will be landing on Thursday morning at SFO at 7:49 am. Espoir will be landing that same morning at 10:30 am. Is there someone that can bring us from the airport to the summit? Will also be returning to SFO the afternoon of the 22nd. I can provide mediocre copiloting skills as well as snacks :)
Zip: 93101 - 06/05/2019
San Rafael, California - 06/03/2019
277 Bahia Lane, San Rafael
Zip: 94611 - 06/01/2019
Ride to the Summit on the 14th and back to the Bay Area on the 22nd
Sacramento, California - 05/31/2019
Aloha Amala community! I will be flying in on the night of the 13th into Sacramento and I’m looking for a ride up to summit on the 14 or the 13th, whenever someone is going! I’ll be happy to pitch in for gas and any other expenses come up!

Thank you!!

Ukiah, California - 05/30/2019
Hi, I am offering one space available for ride share... write in my email if u need one a long the way...all best till than.

Santa Barbara - 05/29/2019
Hi! Looking to road trip with someone to the summit. I could drive too, or take turns. I could meet you somewhere in Southern California if SB itself is out of the way. Thank you!