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Golden Gate Dirty 30 2022

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Golden, Colorado - 06/02/2022
Two spots in our car for the 6am start
Golden - 06/02/2022
Looking for a ride from the golden area for 6 am start.
Black Hawk, Colorado - 06/01/2022
Hi all, late to the game on this! Does anyone have room for one more for the 6am start, leaving from Blackhawk?
Denver, Colorado - 06/01/2022
Just me. 1 guy looking to start at 6am
Arvada, Colorado - 05/31/2022
6am starter looking for a ride! I’m also willing to meet anywhere in the Golden/Arvada/Denver area to make things easier!
Broomfield, Colorado - 05/28/2022
I’m looking for a carpool to join or I could drive. I have a parks pass. I’m in Broomfield but can meet anywhere between here and Golden.
Zip: 80401 - 05/28/2022
I have 1 more spot left. We will meet and leave from Gateway Trailhead (big lot by 6 & 58 in Golden) early. This is for the 6 a.m. start crew.
Black Hawk, Colorado - 05/27/2022
Meeting the Gilpin County Fairgrounds to depart at 5:15 am for the start/finish line.
Longmont, Colorado - 05/27/2022
I am coming from North of Boulder (off Niwot Rd) and have room for 3 more in my car. Will be driving through Boulder on the way to the race if anybody needs a lift. If we can get the 3 spots filled, can hopefully park at start/finish.
Zip: 80401 - 05/27/2022
I have room for 3 ppl leaving from Golden for 6 a.m. start. (Alternatively, I've also posted for seeking a ride too.)
Zip: 80401 - 05/27/2022
I live in downtown Golden and am seeking a ride. I can drive to meet you for a carpool. Thanks!
Zip: 80305 - 05/25/2022
Looking to carpool (I can drive or ride) from South Boulder for the 7AM start time. Any takers?
Aurora, Colorado - 05/23/2022
Room for two more for 6am start
Hwy 93 and hwy 46 intersection - 05/23/2022
Can meet at this intersection at 5:15am to carpool to the 6:00am start
Littleton, Colorado - 05/23/2022
I can meet anywhere in SE Denver!
Lone Tree, Colorado - 05/23/2022
I am shooting to run between 6:30-7:30 hours (7AM start) at Dirty 30 and can drive 3 others to Golden, or start line, if we have enough folks.
Denver, Colorado - 05/23/2022
Hello - I am a 6:00ish starter and looking for a ride from north Denver on race day. Email or text 440 666 2102. Thank you!
Denver - 05/23/2022
Hi - I live in SW Denver and am a 6 am starter. I have room for 2 more runners in my car.
Englewood, Colorado - 05/23/2022
I live in Centennial but can meet up close to Golden or wherever is needed. Thanks
Zip: 80403 - 05/23/2022
From Golden, Bottom of Golden Gate Canyon RD, to Golden Gate Canyon State Park.
Denver, Colorado - 05/23/2022
4 Runner.
Zip: 80403 - 05/18/2022
Hi - I live north of Golden at 58th Ave and HWY 93, near North Table Mountain. I'm looking to join a carpool for the 6 A.M. start. Getting psyched for the race! Cheers.
Boulder, Colorado - 05/18/2022
Hi, I'm in the Broomfield/Boulder area and looking for a ride for the 6am start. Anyone have room for a slow runner--10:30-11 finish? Thank you! -Bob
Denver, Colorado - 05/17/2022
Ride for 6:00am starters parking at the race start, leaving from Denver. Currently have two in car with room for two more.
Black Hawk, Colorado - 05/17/2022
I am staying near Black Hawk. Looking for a ride for the 6:00 a.m. start for Dirty 30
Lakewood, Colorado - 05/16/2022
We have 2 runners in our car and would like to offer rides to 2 others. The slowest runner is a 10 to 10:30 finish and we are happy to stay longer.
Golden - 05/10/2022
Hi, I’m looking to get in on a car pool for the 6 am start time. Thank you! Zinna
Denver, Colorado - 05/03/2022
Zip: 80401 - 05/02/2022
Need ride to shuttle area for Golden Gate Dirty 30 2022
Zip: 80228 - 04/26/2022