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Golden Gate Dirty 30 2013

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Denver - 05/21/2014

We have 2 spots available for the ride to the Dirty30. Let me know if you are interested!

Zip: 80228 - 05/31/2013
I am looking for a ride, or I could drive if there are two others. I would want to meet in west lAkewood or golden around 4:15-4:30.
Zip: 80127 - 05/31/2013
I can take 3 for the 50K. Pickup anywhere along C-470 west of Santa Fe. I live in Ken Caryl
Zip: 81212 - 05/30/2013
I have room for 2-3 people. If you need a ride one way even better. I am camping in the area overnight as I am from out of town. I am willing to meet up somewhere near 93 Crawford Rd. if that works I am needing to do a packet pick so I am guessing we would need to meet around 4:30ish. Thanks, Jim
Zip: 80218 - 05/30/2013
hi. i m still looking for a ride. can meet in golden or if you are coming from denver can meet you here. thanks, jeremy
Zip: 80205 - 05/30/2013
50ker...looking for a couple of folks to join up so we can get in to the close-in parking. I'll be on the slower side...8 hrs if things go well, and if not...:) Thinking, meet at the Mtn Smith lot around 4:15-4:30. Hoping to leave by 4ish.
Zip: 80205 - 05/29/2013
I'm running the 12 miler. Traveling from Denver. Leaving Denver around 6:45a. I would like to catch the 815a bus from Gilpin County Fairgrounds. I'll hopefully be done running before noon then catch the first bus (1pm) back to the fairgrounds. I have room for three adults. Chris
Zip: 80461 - 05/29/2013
I want to camp at the start with my dog but need 2 more runners or volunteers in my vehicle to make it happen. I'm driving from Leadville, Friday night getting to Idaho Springs around 8ish and the park 9ish. Or if anyone can fit me in their car and I can leave my dog at home too.
Zip: 80305 - 05/29/2013
50k runner - I am driving from South Boulder - plan to leave around 4:30 ... have room for 2 - 3 other riders. Plan on heading back to Boulder around 3pm...
Zip: 80461 - 05/29/2013
50k runner in need of a one way ride to the race. I'll be at the Mountainsmith parking lot at 4:30. Thanks!
Zip: 80206 - 05/29/2013
I'll be running about 8 hours on the 50k and would love to find a ride - thanks!!
Zip: 80403 - 05/29/2013
I have room for two more people to the Golden Gate Dirty 30. Please let me know if you are looking for a ride! Am running the 50K - will be slow.
Zip: 80452 - 05/29/2013
Can give rides to 1-2 riders. Will be coming in from Idaho Springs, but can meet in Golden, if needed. (Expect us to be slow on the 50K)
Zip: 80129 - 05/29/2013
If any 50K racers or volunteers need a ride to the race, I could easily take 2-3 more people to fill my car. Many people seem to be meeting at the Mountainsmith parking lot off of Pine Ridge road a block north of Golden Gate Canyon Road. I am thinking of meeting around 4:30am or another time if you have suggestions. Other arrangement ideas are welcome.
Zip: 80228 - 05/28/2013
I am running the 12 mile event and would like to get there fairly early. I am not planning on staying long once I finish but looking to carpool with anyone else if interested. I could meet up in Golden to head up the canyon.
Washington Park, Denver - 05/28/2013
Offering a ride for 1-2 50 K runners ONE way to the start. We can pick up anywhere along the way from Wash Park area to Golden.
Zip: 80129 - 05/28/2013
50K runner offering a ride for 2-3 runners/volunteers ONE way to the race. I can meet somewhere in Golden perhaps the Mountainsmith parking lot around 4:30 am. Thanks!
80124 Highlands Ranch - 05/28/2013
I am a 50k runner who can drive 2-3 runners to the start. Willing to pick up runners who are on the way or meet in Golden. 303-349-0334
Zip: 80304 - 05/27/2013
One 50k runner looking for a ride- can meet anywhere in or or around Boulder. Thanks!! Ben
Zip: 80021 - 05/27/2013
50Ker, wanting to stay all day for post race party and shwag. I can drive, as long as I get 2-3 other people. Or I can be a rider, to help someone else get their car up to the required 3. Keith
Zip: 80209 - 05/26/2013
Am solo 50km runner - looking for a ride to the start. I have a car and could meet up nearby - though I live near Wash Park in Denver.
Golden - 05/26/2013
One 50km runner looking for a ride to the start.I also need to pick up my race packet at the start. Thanks Tim
80128/Littleton - 05/24/2013
Doing the 50k and am solo. Looking for a ride, I live a bit west of Mineral and Sante Fe, in Littleton. I can meet somewhere convenient. Thanks.
Zip: 80303 - 05/22/2013
I can take 3 runners to 50K. Proposing meeting at 4:30 am at parking lot at corner of 93 and Marshall Rd (across from Eldorado Springs Market).
Zip: 80401 - 05/21/2013
I can take two runners from Golden, or from the intersection at 93.
Zip: 80021 - 05/21/2013
Could potentially give a ride for the 12 mile. Live near Standley Lake thinking of it might take 3 hours but might stay until 2 or so for giveaways and food.
Zip: 80209 - 05/20/2013
need ride for two 50 k runners. ONE way only as we have ride home. Can meet in Golden or at intersection of 93
Golden - 05/20/2013
Can pick you up at the Mountain Smith Pkng lot on Hwy 93. We have room for 1-2 more 50K runners. One way to the start only as we're camping in the park Saturday night.
Zip: 80125 - 05/20/2013
Coming from Roxborough (Littleton/Highlands Ranch) area and am doing the 50K. Probably 7-8 h to finish. I have room for 2 more.
Westminster CO 80234 - 05/20/2013
Departing 136th x I-25 area: I am running the 50K, planning for 7-7.5 hours (hope to be home by 2:00 PM) and have room for 4 more runners/volunteers.
Zip: 80302 - 05/20/2013
Departing central Boulder at 4:30a
80002 Arvada - 05/20/2013
Live in Arvada running the 50k planning on 7-7:30 hrs but also want to hang around the post race for a while. I have two, possible three spots this minute.
Zip: 81303 - 05/20/2013
I will be traveling from Moab to the start the day before the race, and camping at the camp ground could fit 3 people in my vehicle.
Zip: 80212 - 05/19/2013
I'm running the 50k and expect to finish in about 6 hours. I'm at 29th and Perry in Denver. Need to be back in Denver soon thereafter. I can drive 3 others or I will meet somewhere for a ride.
Zip: 80305 - 05/18/2013
In Boulder, running the 50K, expected finish by 2 PM. Looking to drive or join carpool. Have minivan.
Zip: 80205 - 05/17/2013
Coming from Denver and I have room for 3 comfortably. Probably meet at Mountainsmith parking lot. Looking to run 730-8h 50K. Thanks.
Zip: 80301 - 05/13/2013
I live in Boulder/Gunbarrel and am looking for a ride. Running the 50k and could also meet in Golden if necessary.
Zip: 80021 - 05/03/2013
Looking to ride or drive from Westminster (near Standley Lake) to/from the 50k. I can also meet at the intersection of 93 and Coal Creek.
Zip: 80516 - 05/01/2013
I need a ride to and from the start. i am running the 50k. I could meet in Golden for pickup. I could also drive if i can get two others.
Aurora, CO - 04/02/2013
hey all, will be in Aurora by way of New York City and looking to carpool with some fellow 50K-ers. I can probably be dropped off at any available ride in the greater denver area that morning. thanks!
Zip: 80125 - 03/31/2013
Flying in from San Antonio, Tx on Friday before the race. Staying with a friend in Littleton in the Roxborough area. Phone 210-421-0514 NEED A RIDE!
Winter Park, CO - 03/27/2013
Need a ride to the race start and maybe back
Zip: 80021 - 02/18/2013
Running the 12 mile. Would like to stay fairly late for giveaways and stuff