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Guitarfish Music Festival 2019

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Davis, California - 07/24/2019
Looking for a ride on Friday any time for one person with a bag. I’ll be meeting friends there who arrived the day before and will have already set up camp, so I won’t have much with me. Happy to help with gas money. Thanks!
Woodland, California - 07/18/2019
I will be driving to Guitarfish Music Fest around noon on Thurs July 25 from the Sacramento area. Have a small car & could fit 1-2 people w/ not too much gear. Small chip in for gas would be appreciated.
Zip: 94611 - 07/17/2019
Hey! I will be driving to Guitarfish Music Fest the morning of Wed July 24 to make a noon shift in the kitchen. If anyone wants to hitch a ride then and can chip in for gas that would be great!
Overland Park, Kansas - 07/13/2019
hey loves, looking for a ride to the festival FROM san francisco on the 22nd of july!