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ITVFest 2017

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New York, United States - 10/11/2017
I need a ride up to ITVFEST thursday
Vermont, United States - 10/11/2017
Hey! Looking for a ride to Albany on Sunday evening after the reception if anyone is going that way.
Zip: 11106 - 10/07/2017
I'm a writer/actor, looking for a ride up Friday night or early Sat from NYC. Happy to pay for gas, tolls, etc.
Zip: 10024 - 10/07/2017
Looking to head to ITVFest on Thursday morning. I live on 91/broadway on the UWS of Manhattan. I am screening at the festival as an alumni. Let me know if you have space for one extra person. Thanks!
Rhode Island, United States - 10/05/2017
Hi! I have a project in ITV and am looking to arrive to the festival around 11 AM on Thursday. Does anyone have space in their car? I'm happy to split gas and meet you in MA or in CT. Thanks!
New York, United States - 10/04/2017
Looking to go up early Thurs morn and return late evening Friday. Amybody? THANKS!
New York, United States - 09/30/2017
My sister and I are two actresses going to ITVFest. We are hoping to leave the night of the 12th (Thursday) or early morning on the 13th (Friday). Thanks so much!
Zip: 10009 - 09/29/2017
Hey I'm a film student at NYU and will be attending the Independent Television Festival in Manchester. Looking for a ride from the NYC area going to Manchester ideally on the 12th returning the 15th but my dates are flexible. Willing to pay for gas or expenses, thanks so much.
Hoboken, New Jersey - 09/26/2017
RE: Rideshare - from NYC/Jersey(Hoboken) to Manchester, VT

I currently have 3 seats available in a mid-size SUV I rented. If you can contribute gas/tolls/etc., we’d be happy to have you on the drive up.

Date/Time of Departure: Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Time: TBD - approx 3pm/4pm

Location of Departure: New Jersey (Along the PATH - most likely Hoboken stop)

Drive Time: Around 4 hours

Return Date: Monday, October 16, 2017

Time of Departure: TBD (perhaps late morning / early afternoon)

Ping me if you need to reserve a spot - Requiring a deposit to avoid and deter ‘flakey’ commitments.