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Kinnection Campout 2018

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Otto, North Carolina - 03/10/2018
Hey,my name is Injoi and I was wondering if anyone was going to kinnection coming up using highway 441 north thru north Carolina.. Thank you..I bow
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - 03/09/2018
Hey! I need a ride to be there Monday for build. I will be in Pittsburgh,pa but can arrange a bus or drop off to meet you along the way. Thanks! I'm Dominick
Atlanta, Georgia - 03/09/2018
Anyone going up from metro ATL? I can get to you anywhere around ATL, if you have room for me & my gear to the CampOut and back. My schedule is flexible, but prefer to attend as much of Kinnection as possible. Thanks! - Special Ed
Georgia, United States - 03/09/2018
Leaving from atl to festival a day before it starts and leaving a day after we have a short bus so we have room for two or three thanks