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Kinnection Campout 2018

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Atlanta - 05/17/2018
Got the ga$!!
Rockville, Maryland - 05/16/2018
I need a ride from the DC area. I'm flexible with timing and can meet near the DC area for pick-up/drop-off. Also happy to provide gas money!
Knoxville, Tennessee - 05/15/2018
Hello! My name is Bryan, people call me Brahma or Fancypants ;) I am in need of a ride from Knoxville to the campgrounds.

Feel free to shoot me a text or add me on FB, I will gladly help out with gas and provide much love
Asheville, North Carolina - 05/15/2018
I need a ride back from Kinnection either Saturday or Sunday or whatever earliest day someone is leaving! I am teaching a mycology workshop at Kinnection on Thursday evening (I already have a ride going from Asheville, NC to Tn) but I need to be back as early as possible for other obligations. Please feel free to contact me directly at (561) 339-6369 to coordinate. I have gas $ / dank trades to compensate!
Zip: 32789 - 05/15/2018
Hello friends:

I am offering a ride leaving from Orlando FL Wednesday night to arrive to the show Thursday but I can pick anyone up on the way if they are not too far off the path. Trying to break up the drive since it is 10.5 hours away for me. Would appreciate someone also willing to drive. Peace love and good vibes!
Mars Hill, North Carolina - 05/14/2018
Driving my van up from Mars Hill (Exit 9 off 26). Room for up to 4. If you need a ride, reach out, perhaps I can help get you there.
Zip: 20010 - 05/13/2018
Hi all- I'm looking for a ride from Washington, DC area. I can travel via metro to a convenient place. I can offer money for gas and anything else needed! Im looking for someone leaving Thursday night or Friday morning. Thank you!
Raleigh, NC - 05/13/2018
Really Laidback, Polite twenty six year old human, massage student looking for ride from Raleigh Thursday evening. My number is 9199313673.
Raleigh, North Carolina - 05/12/2018
Looking to ride with someone but I could possibly drive. I have a pickup truck so its less efficient on gas. Would like to leave Thursday afternoon and be back Sunday night.
Asheville, North Carolina - 05/12/2018
Anyone traveling from Asheville, NC to Kinnection possibly with an extra seat?! I am teaching a Mycology workshop on Thursday evening at Kinnection but my car recently died and currently I have no transportation! I can pitch gas $ / dank trades! Hit a faerie up if you have a seat or suggestions!
Willow Springs, Illinois - 05/11/2018
I'm one of the dance performers for the festival and my car just shit out on me would really love to not have to get a plane ticket this last minute me and one other will be going. Have money and treats :) hit me up
Wilmington, Delaware - 05/11/2018
Looking for a friendly folk or folks to snag a ride with out of Wilmington! Thanks!
Zip: 61554 - 05/11/2018
Me and my boyfirend and possibly one other person need a ride from pekin il! we are great company and we will have treats!!! much love
Gainesville, Florida - 05/09/2018
Hoping to make it out to kinnection, I pack light but also have camping gear if anything extra is needed. Lemme know if we can make this happen!
Black Mountain, North Carolina - 05/09/2018
I will be heading up from Black Mountain, I have room for one, possibly two people if you don't have much stuff.

I am a non drinking/smoking/drug taking vegan!
Marietta, Georgia - 05/08/2018

I am volunteering before and After- So i’m heading up tuesday the 15th until the next tuesday night the 22nd or the 23rd.

So either you are volunteering as well,

or are okay with staying a few days or can find another ride back.
Raleigh, North Carolina - 05/04/2018
Heading to Kinnection Thursday, can make stops anywhere en route! Have a gold Town & Country, currently no passengers. Might need to return Sunday. Will update with time.
Knoxville, Tennessee - 05/03/2018

I’ll be going to Kinnection this year in Sneedville. Though I need some help getting to the venue from the Knoxville Bus Station - 100 E Magnolia Ave, Knoxville, TN, 37917

If you are my savior, please feel free to call me at 530-400-3494. Looking forward to meeting you and having an amazing weekend!

Spokane, Washington - 04/27/2018
Looking for a ride :) I’m a chill but broke musician and dancer and I would love to make it to Kinnection
Wilmington, Delaware - 04/14/2018
Howdy looking for a ride near Delaware if anyone is going please let me know and we split everything gracias
Atlanta - 03/30/2018
1 person, almost no gear (just the essentials) needing a ride from atlanta and back again can provide snacks and gas $$$, can be anywhere in atl even on the outskirts. feel free to email me if you have questions
Otto, North Carolina - 03/10/2018
Hey,my name is Injoi and I was wondering if anyone was going to kinnection coming up using highway 441 north thru north Carolina.. Thank you..I bow
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - 03/09/2018
Hey! I need a ride to be there Monday for build. I will be in Pittsburgh,pa but can arrange a bus or drop off to meet you along the way. Thanks! I'm Dominick
Atlanta, Georgia - 03/09/2018
Anyone going up from metro ATL? I can get to you anywhere around ATL, if you have room for me & my gear to the CampOut and back. My schedule is flexible, but prefer to attend as much of Kinnection as possible. Thanks! - Special Ed
Georgia, United States - 03/09/2018
Leaving from atl to festival a day before it starts and leaving a day after we have a short bus so we have room for two or three thanks