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Lightning in a Bottle 2018 Lightning Team/Work Exchange

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Zip: 94704 - 04/21/2018
Hello I am looking for a ride to arrive by 12pm on Wednesday 23rd. I am looking for space for 2 people.
Zip: 93401 - 04/21/2018
I'm Kyle - Headed up Wednesday after work or Thursday. Back Sunday or Monday. I have room for a person and a backpack
Oakland - 04/20/2018
Two of us need a ride there on the 23rd, work the 29th-31st, and want to come back June 1st!
San Diego, California - 04/20/2018
Hey everyone,

I’ve got room both directions - would love the company. I need to arrive sometime Thursday in the afternoon (first shift is Friday morning) and plan to leave after my shift ends (8pm) on Monday night. Semi-flexible to make it work for everyone!
Zip: 90006 - 04/19/2018
Hey LiB fam! I can take another person up the late afternoon of the 19th. Me and another volunteer are riding up for our shifts on the 20th, and I have room for one more. I can also take 2 people back the late afternoon on Memorial Day (Monday after the festival)
Watsonville, California - 04/19/2018
Hi beautiful people!! I am working the 14-16 and would love to find a ride down on the 13th or coming back on the 17th. Let me know if you are passing through Santa Cruz either way and have extra seats!
Las Vegas, Nevada - 04/19/2018

I was wondering if anyone is stopping by Vegas on the way to LiB and arriving Wednesday. My first shift is at 2 I think. Thank you in advance, and have a great day :)
Zip: 93401 - 04/18/2018
Leaving Thursday at 6 or 7 and headed back Monday at 4 or 5
Zip: 92037 - 04/18/2018
Hello everyone!

I will be leaving La Jolla on Wednesday (aiming for 10-11am - definitely need to be at the campsite by 7:30pm as my first shift is at 8pm) and coming back to La Jolla Monday afternoon (~3-5pm)

Currently have three spots going to LIB and two spots coming back to San Diego.

I'm open to making it with for all of us - please message me with questions / comments :)

San Luis Obispo - 04/17/2018
Have 3 seats
Los Angeles, California - 04/16/2018

I will be working in the catering department on 05/24 Thursday to 05/27 Sunday from 4-10pm. I am looking for a lift preferably to leave late Wednesday night after work, travel all night or leave Thursday morning super early.

I live in the Inland Empire (Victorville) but I am able to meet you in San Diego, Los Angeles, or any nearby area that we can work out. I am able to help with gas, food, driving and great conversation.

San Diego, California - 04/16/2018
Hola! I will be working in the catering department on 05/24 Thursday to 05/27 Sunday from 4-10pm.

I am looking for a lift preferably to leave late Wednesday night after work & travel at night or leave Thursday morning super early.

I live in the Inland Empire (Victorville) but I am able to meet you in San Diego, Los Angeles, or any nearby area that we can work out. I am able to help with gas, food, driving and great conversation.

Newark, California - 04/14/2018
Hello, I am working LIB and have to check in by the 24th but am available from the 23 on. I have to work until the 28th. I am search of a ride to the event from anywhere in the SF Bay area but am closest to Fremont Bart . Please let me know know if you can help me out.
San Luis Obispo, California - 04/13/2018
Need a ride to LIB Thursday of the festival (5/24) and a ride back on Sunday! Any help is much appreciated :)
San Jose, California - 04/12/2018
My friend, Aimee and I are looking for a ride to LIB from San Jose Airport. We are flying in May 23rd at noon and are available to meet anywhere near there anytime before the festival to catch a ride. We do not have early bird passes but if a potential ride is doing that we are open to it:)

We also are looking for a ride back to the San Jose Airport any time the night of the 28th!

We are two fun girls looking for an adventure with good people.
California, United States - 04/12/2018
Leaving early morning 5/14 for my three days of volunteer shifts. Will be coming back to LA county the night of 5/16. Offering a ride in either direction or both.
San Francisco, California - 04/11/2018
Driving down from SF - should have 3 seats available. Leaving early Thursday morning, coming back probably Monday
Zip: 93401 - 04/11/2018
Enough space for a passenger and a backpack
Zip: 94044 - 04/11/2018
Hi there! I'm volunteering at the box office beginning Wednesday 5/23 evening. Looking to catch a ride to get there by then as the rest of my group isn't going until Thursday! I'll pitch in on gas and am great company :) I can meet anywhere in the bay!
Zip: 93401 - 04/11/2018
Hello! I am doing the work exchange for LIB with my shifts being from Friday 5/25- Monday 5/28! I am looking for a ride from SLO after 4 pm on Friday!
Los Angeles, California - 04/10/2018
Hey there Lightning Crew!

Ill be flying into LAX on the 21st but eager to get to the festival on the 22nd of May! I'm willing to drive wherever it may be on order to guarantee my spot on a ride. I can most definitely contribute to gas and good company:)

Let's do this!!

Victorville, California - 04/10/2018
Hey! I will be working in the catering dept 5/24 Thursday- 5/27 Sunday 4-10pm- looking for a lift.

I am located in the Inland Empire but I am able to meet you in San Diego, Los Angeles, or any nearby area that we can work out. I am able to help with gas, food and great conversation.


Zip: 90302 - 04/10/2018
I'm volunteering for Lib, my shift starts on 5/20. If you are leaving from the LA area around this date(18,19 works), let me know if you'd like to carpool. I can help drive, and pitch on gas. Don't necessarily need a ride back, but can if you need a person going back for gas.
Anaheim, California - 04/09/2018
Hiya! I would love to find some rad people to drive up/camp with. I need to be up there by 4pm on the 23rd so I was thinking of leaving after work the day before. I can pitch in for gas/food!
Rancho Cordova, California - 04/08/2018
Looking for a ride to SLO or straight to LIB. I'll be working pre-event, hopefully on Monday the 21st so either need to be at LIB then or dropped off in San Luis Obispo on the 20th :)
Hayward, California - 04/08/2018
Hey! I'm volunteering with the ArtClave for the first time and need a ride down from East Bay. I can also BART in to SF if that's easier. Can definitely pitch in for gas. We begin from Wednesday the 23rd :) Cheers!
Arvada, Colorado - 04/07/2018
I am Flying into San Jose Airport at 5:30 p.m. on 5/22. Before I rent a car from the airport are there any rides happening around the same time? have plenty of compensation! Also Leaving sunday the 27th around noon if I could get a ride back to San Jose.
Incline Village, Nevada - 04/07/2018
Hey!!! Working LIB for the first time!!! Coming from Lake Tahoe got space for 2 more. Throw down on gas and driving possibly camp buddies. Considering throwing down on car camping pass. Different story. Lets talk!!
American Canyon, California - 04/06/2018
I volunteer the 21-23 and will stay to the 28th.
Zip: 91711 - 04/06/2018
Hello new LIB friends!! I am looking for a ride from the LA area. I can meet you wherever is most convenient. I can provide gas money and delicious homemade baked goods! Preferably leaving pm of Wednesday the 23rd or AM of Thursday the 24th. Thanks :)
Zip: 87111 - 04/06/2018
I have several spots going out on Friday 5/18
San Gabriel, California - 04/05/2018
Hey guys! I am looking for a ride to LiB in time for my shift on Monday the 21st. So probably looking to leave on the 20th which is Sunday. I am located near Pasadena, and willing to chip in for gas!
Zip: 92115 - 04/04/2018
Hi! I’m looking for a ride to and from LIB. I am in the El Cerrito area of San Diego but can meet up anywhere in SD! Will also have gas money :)
San Diego, California - 04/04/2018
I am looking for a ride from San Diego. Please let me know if anyone has room. I live in downtown, SD. Thank you.
San Luis Obispo - 04/03/2018
Have 3 spots to drive on Tuesday 5/22
Zip: 90024 - 04/03/2018
Looking for a ride that'll get to Bradley in time to start my pre-event build shift on Sunday May 20th. I live outside UCLA and am happy to pitch $$ for gas and food!
Zip: 92107 - 04/02/2018
Hi everyone. I'm going to be returning to San Diego after event. If anyone is driving back to SD after the event, let me know!
Zip: 93107 - 04/02/2018
Hi everyone! I am going to be coming from Isla Vista/Santa Barbara, CA area and could use a ride. I will be working during the event May 24-28.
Three Rivers, California - 04/01/2018
I am helping setup the weekend of May 11-13. If anyone needs a ride I will be leaving either the night of Thursday the 10th around 6pm or Friday around 6am, and returning on the 13th, my shift ends at 7:00 and I will come straight back.
Camarillo, California - 04/01/2018
Hey guys!

This is my first time at a festival and I'm super excited! I am looking for a ride to LiB on 05/23 with the intention to arrive before noon (starting my shift around that time). Will offer $ for gas, good company, and some bomb, homemade food. :)

Los Angeles - 03/28/2018
Hi there,

First year working at the festival. Been to other events, PEX fest, burning man x5 years, happily able to contribute to gas, can meet you in LA: Hollywood, Silverlake, Echo Park looking to leave on 5/22
Santa Clarita, California - 03/27/2018
Leaving on May 24 after work and return May 28... whenever.
Fresno, California - 03/26/2018
I'm planning to drive myself from Fresno Thursday 5/24 and returning late Sunday 5/27 or Monday 5/28. I have space for 1 or 2 others who will be picked up from Fresno or somewhere not way out the way.
Tucson, Arizona - 03/26/2018
i am driving from tucson by myself, if anyone rides from tucson, holla at me and i will able to give you ride to LIB.
Zip: 93117 - 03/26/2018
Me and a buddy are looking for 2 spots, we live in Isla Vista (near Santa Barbara right off 101). Will happily pitch for gas, let us know. We were planning on working the weekend right before the festival so a ride that weekend or the weekend of the festival would be much appreciated :)
Los Angeles - 03/26/2018
Hey all! I'm expecting to fly into LAX 5/22. Could definitely use a ride to the festival, trying to get there by 23/24. Just myself and a travelers backpack along with some supplies. Trying to keep it light. Will chip in for gas and/or some bomb ass food for our journey :)
Zip: 90815 - 03/26/2018
Wasss Poppin People!! I will Be driving from Long Beach to slo if anyone needs a ride i wouldnt mind taking a few peeps! Any info in regards to the offer lmk!! -Fin!
Zip: 92107 - 03/26/2018
Hi all! I'm going to be in San Diego before LIB and am looking for a ride from the Ocean/Pacific beach area. I can pay gas money and offer good company. Thanks in advanced!