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Lightning in a Bottle 2019 - Lightning Team

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Los Angeles, California - 04/17/2019
Can be picked up from anywhere in the valley. Am very chill and can provide gas $$ and the best of vibes
Costa Mesa, California - 04/17/2019
Heading out solo to LIB on 5/9. Driving my Subaru Impreza hatchback. Open to splitting a car camping pass if they are still available, but it's not necessary. Let me know if you want to ride up together! 6082078579
Zip: 94704 - 04/17/2019
Hello! Needing a ride on the 4th from Berkeley (can meet anywhere in the Bay) for my build shift on the morning of the 5th! Willing to provide payment, gas money, and chill vibes :)

Name is Linden and I'm working the Grand Artique build!
Los Angeles - 04/17/2019
Hi! I am looking for a ride from LA, flexible with time and arrangements, and obviously so happy to share on the gas and gooood vibrations! Cheers!
Ashland, Oregon - 04/17/2019
Hi! A long shot but does anyone happen to be making their way down from Oregon?! Or anywhere further north in CA. Would be so happy to contribute for gas and good vibes!
Los Angeles, California - 04/16/2019
Hello! I’m leaving solo to LIB on the 8th around noon. I’m planning on renting a SUV, truck or van (due to my camping gear and festival vibes). I have a car camping pass as well. HMU if you’d like to split the cost and we can work deets. :)

Zip: 90001 - 04/16/2019
I will be flying to LAX on Thursday morning need a ride from airport to event
Las Vegas, Nevada - 04/15/2019
Coming from vegas to work during the fest of 5 days. I was also deciding to fly to LA & just find a ride from there. But posting this just in case anyone else is coming from vegas! I have an abundance of camping supplies & of course will help on gas (:
Zip: 91205 - 04/15/2019
I'm an LTM - Build ops volunteer (pre-fest). Planning to arrive at LIB on 5/4.

I have a volkswagon beetle with 3 seats. happy to take an individual or a group that can pitch for gas. Also willing to scoop you up on the way up. :)
Los Angeles - 04/15/2019
Aloha, looking for a ride from LA to LIB the morning of the 9th. Happy to split gas money.
Los Angeles - 04/14/2019
Going solo so far. I’m heading out from LA area in the morning. I have a car camping pass as well. If you want to split the cost between the pass, & a rental suv or van, contact me so we can work deets out! Good Vibrations please :)
Bakersfield, California - 04/13/2019

I'm scheduled to arrive in Bakersfield via the Greyhound bus at 2:35pm on Sunday May 5th. A ride would sure be appreciated to save me a pricy uber/taxi. Could be anytime between 2:35 and into the evening. Thanks so much,

San Francisco, California - 03/26/2019

I am working on the box office team and my first shift is Monday May 6th at 4pm. Looking for a ride either Sunday or early Monday please :) I can happily provide gas money, positive vibes, and a lot of gratitude!

Thank you,